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Captain Muerto

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Bartholomew Albert Bassett 

Known, but disbelieved



late 40s (at death); 410

Believed single







Captain Bart, Black Bart

Maritime Marauders



Don "Major Deej" Finger

29 Apr 2017



Scott Sunderland AKA Captain Akula (distant relative, relationship is unknown to Sunderland)




Born in 1610, Bartholemew Albert Bassett grew up in the London's East End slums where, as a child, you learned to grow up fast or 'got dead faster'.  At age 14, he ran away from his impoverished family. Lying about his age, he signed up as a deck hand and became a sailor on a highly nefarious slaving ship.  Years later, after learning ship handling, combat and navigation, he made his way to Rhode Island and Providence Plantations in the New World and bought his own ship. To add to his career, he was able to become a 'Privateer' for England and aided Britain is keeping the Spanish, Dutch, Germans and Portuguese from ruling the seas in the new world. His raids were barbarous and cruel, killing half the crew just to get the other half to bend their will to his.  In time, he commanded ten vessels, his own fleet.  Eventually, Britain's needs drew him to the Caribbean.

While in the Caribbean Sea, Captain 'Black' Bart, as he became known as, worked with other pirates, sailing the Caribbean, Tortuga, Port Royale and Hispaniola. In short time, he became a famous pirate...until a competitor in the pirate trade lied saying he'd killed and tortured hundreds of the King's colonists in a raid.  This news discredited Bart in Britain and placed a hefty bounty on him and his ships and crew. Hunted, he fought and took out 6 Spanish and British warships in an epic battle, losing only 3 of his own. While making headway in a running battle, Bart ordered his ships into a hurricane to try to get away from the pursuing fleet.


The rest of Black Bart's fleet sank in the storm, including Bart's flagship. As a last ditch plan to save the crew, Black Bart invoked a powerful death-magic talisman he'd once stolen, using it to save himself and his crew.  He did, but not the way he'd expected.


Captain Black Bart's crew and himself were turned into ghost-like zombies, bound to the talisman, which was now buried beneath the sunken ship, to which Black Bart and said crew were now equidistantly associated to as ethereal ghosts bound to a sunken ship.


For centuries, he and his crew of ghostly zombies haunted the remnants of the decaying ship underwater.  With nowhere to go and no way to reach, touch or extract the talisman that was buried under the ship's wreckage, they remained there alone...until the 21st century.


In 2005, a Caribbean Salvage Team discovered Black Bart's ships and began looting them for their massive treasure. When they came upon Bart's ship, he intended to use his ghostly abilities to the fullest, making whispered suggestions to the lead salvagers as to the 'great treasure' buried under the wreck, describing the most valuable item (which was the talisman) as the crown of the treasure.  Keeping his ghostly crew hidden and non-interactive, Captain Bart did a wonderful job of enticing the treasure hunters to do as he asked. Eventually, the Talisman was found and brought to the surface. As the treasure hunters cheered and celebrated their find on the deck of their large salvage ship, Captain Bart and his crew emerged from the water (and for the first time since the hurricane, become solid again) still in their zombie-like bodies.  Once above water, they were able to be change from a solid, translucent and/or intangible (even invisible) state at will, including Captain Bart. Captain Bart 'commandeered' the salvage vessel in the name of Captain Black Bart and his ghostly crew. As with Bart's standards, once the ship was his, he killed half the crew and ordered the other half to serve him, which they did readily under penalty of death. Each new crew member was able to be 'enchanted' to become one of the ghost-like zombies as the rest of the old crew, all at the crew members' utterance of the magical statement "I am yours to serve forevermore" in Latin with the Talisman in contact with their skin.  Each crew member turned also fell under the control of Black Bart's will, since Black Bart was now the bearer of the Talisman now that the Talisman was finally able to be held and utilized by Captain Bart.  As such, Bart's crew were now bound to him and the talisman as one.


Over the next few years, Captain Bart collected more ships, and pressed more abducted sailors and ship crews from pirated and pillaged ships in and about the Caribbean, quickly building a small pirate fleet, all of which could be made ghost-like and intangible at the captain's whim.  His legend grew and grew. Eventually, Captain Muerto (as the media and his newly pressed crewmen now called him, much to Bart's enjoyment of said title) shipped back up to Rhode Island and the Long Island Sound where he learned the full potential of his powers. Taking over an old sailing ship that had been refurbished in the Mystic Seaport, He and his ghostly crew learned they could arm the ship with cannons and make them fire ethereal shot and cannonballs causing magical damage as well as physical damage to ships, even so much as having the effects amplified with searing magically heated shot/cannonballs, adding fire damage to their effects. Even the US Navy with its now thinly armored ships were no match for these spectral pirates, to which any weapons fired at Captain Muerto or his ships would simply 'pass through' and never damage a thing.


On one such battle, a certain "Captain Akula" and his piratical marauders came into battle with Captain Muerto. Muerto soon realized that he was physically incapable of attacking the ship's captain, Captain Akula. He'd then remembered that part of the Talisman's curse was that they'd never be allowed to attack kin while under the influence of the Talisman.  As such, he knew that Captain Akula and he were distant relations to one another; to what degree, no one knew (records of pirates and their relations weren't quite worthy of bookmakers of the time).  As such, both Captain Akula and Captain Muerto struck an accord to work with each other, but with Captain Akula as the overall leader of their piratical band of marauders (since, according to Akula, he knew more about the times and the tech than Muerto would ever conceive of understanding), to which both agreed upon.


Today, Captain Muerto still serves Captain Akula and the Maritime MaraudersCaptain Muerto (and interestingly enough, most of his crew) are happy if not content to live the pirate life.  Most enjoy the relishes of being immortal, however, with Captain Muerto in charge of the talisman still (which he wears on his belt), he seems to be able to influence his crew's mood and overall actions almost like an extension of his own will. Very few have been able to stop him or defeat him (and his crew), seeing as each time Captain Muerto is defeated, they just turn intangible and escape into the ether, existing to maraud another day. 

He's back!




Power Origin: Natural, however, while in possession of the Talisman of Polaza, he will have Magic (Death) powers (listed with the Talisman)

All his powers are related to the Talisman of Polaza (see Equipment below); should he break the curse of the Talisman (or have control of the Talisman taken from him), he would become as he once was back in the 1600s; a 40ish year old man with no powers or magical abilities.




Talisman of Polaza

Unearthly powerful Death-Magic totem that provides the following powers (once agreed to be bound to it):

  • Bonding Catalyst

    • In order to access the powers of the talisman, the person must stab the talisman into one's body and draw blood while stating in Latin "To the dark gods of Polaza, I give you my soul to project your power and influence across this realm as well as those that fall under my command and control, until the next bearer bests me to be your next harbinger of death, unless they be kin. I commit myself and my people to you forever more in death's grace".

    • Once performed (and there is not counter magic blocking or subverting the spell), the powers of the Talisman will be unlocked and become a lifetime curse to the bearer and those under the command of the bearer, so long as the Talisman is within physical contact/proximity to the bearer (no greater than 10 feet of distance, or separation between ethereal and physical states which only leaves the bearer in his previously chosen state, yet still bound to the Talisman's range of less than 4 miles distance; as such, if the talisman were physical and the bearer intangible, the bearer could not control it fully other than be bound to its last ordered/controlled state/power tasking).

  • Powers of the Bound Talisman

    • Immortality
      • Bearer and any selected people (or animals) under the bearer's control will have immortality.​

      • Bearer cannot be killed outright except through the destruction of the Talisman.

      • Bearer will adhere to the automatic Body Transformations associated with the immortality, however, once 'relieved' of the curse, can return back to the age/body once had at the time of becoming the bearer/controlled person or animal.

      • Physical bodies regenerate at an unearthly rate.

    • Body Transformation
      • Once bound to the Talisman, the bearer and the souls of those under the bearer's command are physically transformed due to the required incredible energies and conditions placed upon the bodies for the powers of the Talisman to operate through them.​

      • Skin will turn varying shades of either grey, white, yellow or black and become 'dead skin', looking shriveled, leathery or dry

      • Hair will turn grey or white or dissolve from the bodies

      • Bodies will no longer require oxygen to breath, nor food or water to be sustained

      • Body composition will not change if left in water or in the ground too long

      • Those bound to the Talisman bearer will function at a reduced level of fighting, agility, strength and endurance against typical capabilities (these reduced functions do not apply to the bearer).

      • Body does not have blood anymore; vital organs do not function; body is operated through a powerful magical state

      • Souls are still attached to the bodies, but controlled by the bearer

      • Bearer retains his own soul (well, except for that part that can be 'influenced and controlled' by the dark gods of Polaza...should they ever choose to actually control a bearer for the first time in nearly over 2 millennia).

    • Intangibility
      • Has the incredible ability to make one's body (and/or allow the bound crew's bodies) to become 100% intangible or partial intangible.​

      • In such a state, the body cannot be harmed except by another bearer of death magic that is intangible too.

    • Ethereal Control
      • Has the incredible ability to make any physical object, once touched by  bearer, ethereal or linked to another object's/being's ethereal state (i.e., Captain Muerto's pistols turn ethereal when he does; the ship's new cannons (created in 1967) turn ethereal with the ship that are linked to.

      • Ethereal properties are those related to "Intangibility" (described above).

      • FEAT: Captain Muerto can touch a nemesis' weapon and turn it ethereal right from the hand of the nemesis and take said weapon from him once Captain Muerto shifts to an ethereal state and takes the weapon, which can now be used with an additional equivocal yet not compounded 'magical' damage capability. Can also to this to cars, ships, etc.  

    • Death Magic Manipulation
      • Has the incredible ability to manipulate death magic and associated spells to perform the following (except against kin):​

        • Inanimate object control​
          • Can lift or manipulate inanimate objects up to incredible levels of weight within a 40 yard range (ropes, swords, cannons, etc.)​

          • Can only affect 4 large items (cars, small boats, large cannons), 10 mid sized (crate-sized) objects or 20 small objects (rope, gun shot/bullets, cloth, etc)

        • Life Energy Transference
          • Can transfer up to 40% of a target's health and stamina for 40 minutes to his own powers, health and/or crews' healthCan only do this 4 times a day or suffer a 40% chance of being able to use the power for an additional day

        • Invoke Curse​
          • Can ​impose a  remarkable magical 'state' on a target that can last up to 30 days:

            • Life Drain​

              • Keeps target below 30% health, stamina and psyche each day for duration​

              • Requires daily endurance check to ensure target doesn't take a 'turn for the worse'

            • Ethereal State Change​

              • Keeps target either in a solid, physical state or an ethereal state (usually ethereal)

              • While in this state, target is not under Talisman's or bearer's control​

              • Target will not die in this state or become hungry, famished

            • Geographically Bound to Fixed Location​

              • Cannot move more than 30 yards from a fixed geophysical location​

              • Target is still susceptible to oxygen, food, water, etc to survive and can DIE if not resolved

            • Body Transformation​

              • Target's body is transformed into that of a Talisman's affected body, but not under the control of the Talisman​

              • Body will not require oxygen, food, water etc., but will also be weakened as per Body Transformation for crew listed in entry.

              • Body CAN die; it is not immortal in this state (Seeing as it can't eat, drink etc, that is the most likely outcome of this curse, usually occurs within a week of the curse's embodiment)

    • Magical Bolts
      • Can shoot excellent level magical bolts from his hands, but usually from his pistols instead​

      • Range 200 yards

    • Soul Conversion/Control
      • Amazing dark magic soul control power

      • Can control up to 400 people/animals/beings

      • Bearer can add to his 'crew' control by touching the talisman to the skin of a person/being and having said person/being say in Latin "I am yours to serve forevermore"​

        • Each affected soul will no longer be accessible to anyone else but Talisman bearer and/or Dark Gods of Polazo (should they invoke their will over the bearer)​

        • Once a soul is under the bearer's control, the bearer controls the general thoughts, moods and actions of the soul and its associated body, usually evoking a command/obey manipulation

        • Can be done with animals and beings of poor or feeble or less intelligence/reason just by touching the talisman to the animal/being​

    • Ghostly Flight (Hovering)
      • Can hover/fly at a max speed of 10 mph to an altitude of over 1,000 feet (never tested beyond that)​

      • Can be done in physical or ethereal state

    • Voodoo-Enchanted Pistols​ (2)
      • Enchanted by a Haitian voodoo hogan, the pistols can effect good magical damage at a range of 200 yards

      • Never needs reloading

    • Dark Enchanted Cutlass (2)​

      • Empowered with unearthly magics, making the swords unbreakable

      • Can fire off dark energy blast once every 30 seconds for each sword

      • Can fire dark energy blast through the sword on contact or shot out to a 10 yard range as good dark energy damage



  • Piracy (Master)

  • Theft/Looting/Pillaging/Raiding/Boarding Ships (Master)

  • Leadership (Professional)

  • Nautical Warfare/Tactics (Professional)

  • Maritime Engineering/Wooden Shipbuilding (Professional)

  • Sailing Ships (Master)

  • Stealth (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Seamanship (Master)

  • Navigation (Master)

  • 1600s history (Proficient)

  • Privateer (Professional)

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