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Deep WatersJeremy Soule
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Donald "Donny" W. Martin




Mid 20s










Marisa Moore (ex-girlfriend; mother to his son)

Noah Moore (son)

Donny the Diver Killer

Maritime Marauders



Don "Major Deej" Finger

29 April 2017




Donald "Donny" W. Martin  is an M.I.T. engineering graduate who focused at his energy into creating a self-contained diving suit to be able to fulfill his dream of going deep enough, without a support team, to collect sunken treasure and pillage shipwrecks all on his own.


Donny, although a brilliant engineer and innovator, also had a psychotic streak in him.  His competitors at MIT usually found themselves hurt from sudden failures of their own equipment and designs, as well as professors 'disappearing' after Donny was given a dissatisfying grade for certain particular courses.  Following his MIT years, Donny stated his rich parents mysteriously left the country wherein Donny was placed in charge of their finances and estate while they 'explored Greenland'. It didn't take but a couple of years before the estate was sold off and his family fortune was drained. Thanks to lawsuits and copyright infringements Donny had against him in the design of his revolutionary self-contained Deepwater dive suit, he was also sued after a 'test diver' died while testing one of Donny's suits (Test Diver's wife sued Donny for millions of dollars).


With no money and a destroyed reputation, Donny instead went back to his MIT alma mater and stole armor designs and energy field equations from the head of the Energy Research Lab at MIT,  Professor John Q. Hamilton (AKA Captain Battleship). It didn't take long for "Captain Battleship" to become involved, therein landing Donny in jail for his theft.

While in prison, Donny promised a departing jailbird, a man known as "Rivermaster" that he'd get him millions of dollars in sunken treasure IF he'd help Donny break out of prison and get him access to his own experimental Deepwater dive suit he'd completed just before he was jailed.  Rivermaster reluctantly agreed and a few weeks later, had a gang of pirate thugs help break Donny out of jail.  True to his word, Donny used the suit (without even knowing if it was going to work) and dove down to an old Spanish Galleon shipwreck and brought up millions of dollars in gold, jewelry and many soon-to-be-made Black Market treasures. 

Donny was later introduced to a Captain Akula who led the Maritime Marauders, a band of high tech water-going pirates, all of whom loved robbing, pillaging and looting from others. Now surrounded by like-minded folks, Donny happily joined the Maritime Marauders.


Today, "Deepwater" as he is now known, is still with the Maritime Marauders and is using an upgraded Mark I version of his Deepwater Dive Suit that now has weapons and devices on it to use if ever in a fight with any superheroes looking to bar him from looting his sunken treasures. As part of his agreement with the Maritime Marauders, he is allowed to keep his equal share of whatever sunken treasure he finds, however, Donny gets to chose at least 5 items in the first pick of the treasure's items for his own reasons (he usually finds the most sought-after treasure items (some of which might be priceless) and retains or sells them, gaining a significant personal profit on such items vice having to share the profits with the rest of the Marauders (a situation some Marauders still aren't too happy about)).


Deepwater is an aggressive psychotic who would rather kill you than argue with you. He has respect for his fellow super-powered Marauders and Captain Akula, but if he can find even a 1% chance to get one over on them, he will (an unsavory pirate, if you will). He is always tinkering with his Deepwater suit, making modifications and updates all the time, while also using said suit to go treasure hunting at every opportunity (sometimes lying about not finding treasure in certain shipwrecks/sites).  His 'family estate' and fortune have since been discovered to have been misappropriated and pillaged by Donny and a formal police and FBI investigation is ongoing into finding out what happened to his parents and Donny's whereabouts.


An an additional note, three years ago, Donny got involved with a dusky female bartender in Ireland named Marisa Moore. This girlfriend of his gave birth to their son, NoahMarisa doesn't want to have anything to do with Donny, however, Donny is smitten with the idea of being a father, believing he'd have a chance to invoke an ideal childhood for his son; an ideal childhood that an emotionally-abused Donny never had with his own parents.  As such, Donny is now hunting Marisa. Marisa knows of Donny's Deepwater identity (and his psychotic nature) and has gone into hiding. She is currently believed to be traipsing around Europe with their now 2-year old son, working from bar to bar to get by. 


Also, as another added note, Donny has faced-off against Captain Battleship several times since initially being arrested by him.  Donny considers Captain Battleship to be his official 'nemesis'.




Power Origin: Natural/Technology

All of his powers come from his technology: Undersea Deepwater Armor (see Equipment below)




Undersea Deepwater Armor Mk I

  • Protection

    • Armor provides incredible protection against physical, energy, temperate and toxic/toxin damage​

    • Armor provides spectacular protection against radiation

    • Allows armor wearer to traverse depths down to 3000 feet (<1500 psi) as operational depth limit.

  • Physical Enhancements

    • +1 Fighting (Max: Excellent)

    • +1 Agility (Max: Excellent)

    • +2 Strength (Max: Remarkable)

    • +3 Endurance (Max: Incredible)

  • Armor Temperature Modulator

    • Armor's surface area temperature is diffused to make the armored surface the same temperature as ambient water of air medium that Deepwater is in, thus making no heat signature readable except by technology of incredible of greater detection/scanning capabilities.​

  • Armor's Nitrogen Pressure Diffuser System

    • Allows for Deepwater to traverse easily from shallow to deep depths and vice versa by equalizing the suit's pressure with a Nitrogen-Oxygen mix to prevent the bends and/or nitrogen psychosis.​

    • Allows armor wearer to traverse down to 3000 foot depths without physical defects/pressure effects

  • Helmet

    • Made of same material listed under Protection (above)

    • Electronics & Communications Suite

      • Provides encrypted communications transceiver with range of 2500 feet depth in water and 2.5 miles above water​

      • If in range of towers/satellites, 1Gb data streaming available for network/computer access

      • Provides incredible electronics suppression system and scrambler (if needed), range: 2 miles

      • Detects radio (radar)/sonar waves and direction/bearing up to 10 miles away

    • Radar/Sonar

      • Remarkably sensitive Passive Sonar system used to 'listen' to ambient sea noises up to 5 miles away​

      • Excellent powerful Active Sonar that can project sonic waves to find/detect vessels and objects in water up to 5 miles away

      • When above the surface of the water, radar systems provides excellent weather and object detection and tracking up to 20 miles away

    • Visor

      • Contains visual Heads-Up Display (HUD)​ for tactical and easy viewing

      • Voice interface for computer aide and assist

      • Flash protection versus excellent bright lights/flare

      • Night vision, thermal vision, normal vision, radar/sonar vision modes available

  • Oxygen Pack/Rocket Assist

    • Oxygen Pack provides 10 hours of oxygen (and nitrogen) air​

    • Rocket Assist Pack provides an additional 200 mph boost while in air, or a 50 knot boost while in water for 5 minutes

    • Rocket fuel requires to be replaced once used up

  • Gauntlet (1 pair)

    • Made of amazing level material

    • Each gauntlet is charged to a maximum pool of 2000 energy units (unless aided upon by an additional external power source)

    • Energy Blasters

      • Can fire off good energy damage normally at 1 shot/7 seconds or​

      • Can fire off excellent energy damage at 1 shot/20 seconds or

      • Can fire off remarkable energy blast at 1 shot/minute

    • Energy Melee (augmented physical enhancement dependent; cannot punch with suit's strength AND use Energy Melee; use one of the other)

      • Can hit with excellent energy damage normally at 1 hit/7 seconds (per gauntlet) or​

      • Can hit with remarkable energy damage at 1 hit/20 seconds(per gauntlet) or

      • Can hit with incredible energy blast at 1 hit/minute (per gauntlet)

    • Hydro-propulsion/Rocket Boots (1 Pair)

      • Allows for 80 knot underwater speed​ when hydro-propulsion boots features are used

      • Hydro-propulsion Boots can run indefinitely (turbo-generators built in)

      • Allows for 600 mph air speed when rockets are used

      • Rockets allows for only 10 minutes of flight time

  • Belt

    • Depth Charges (6)

      • Remarkable explosive area damage ​

    • Smoke/Ink Screen (1)

      • Reduces visibility in center and adjacent areas by factor of 3​

    • Emergency Beacon (2)

      • Shoulder-mounted items made of spectacular composite non-ferrous materials

      • When intentionally ejected (activated), the beacon becomes buoyant and rises to the surface of the water.

      • When the ejected beacon comes in contact with air (only does this when intentionally ejected), it initiates an automatic distress call that can be picked up by satellites and/or cell towers that can relay the signal to the Maritime Marauders' monitored beacon frequency station(s) around the world

      • Beacon can last 5 days​ on its battery charge

    • Lock-pick Set (1)

      • Remarkable non-ferrous materials​

    • Electronic Lock Scrambler/Decoder (1)

      • Excellent lock scrambler/decoder to access electronic locks (10 uses)​

  • Titanium Blade (1)

    • Spectacular material 1.5 ft. knife/blade with serrated edge​

    • Stored in hidden location in base of Oxygen/Rocket Assist Pack



  • Naval Engineer (Professional)

  • Deepwater Diving Suit Engineering (Professional)

  • Mathematics (Professional)

  • Engineering (Professional)

  • Energy Conversion/Control (Professional)

  • Underwater Medicine (Professional)

  • Physics (Professional)

  • Finances (Proficient)

  • Prison/Jail Systems (Proficient)

  • Sunken Wrecks/Treasure Sites/Shipwreck Dynamics (Professional)

  • Lock-Picking (Proficient)

  • Underwater Dodging (Agility)/Maneuvers (Proficient)

  • Stealth (Proficient)

  • Navigation (Proficient)

  • Salvage Rights/Laws (Proficient)

  • International Pirate Policies/Laws (Proficient)

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