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Zeta Adams
















Don "Major Deej" Finger

11 March 2017


Gabriel Adams (grandfather)

April (Johnson) Adams (grandmother)

Joseph Adams (uncle, deceased)

Jeremiah Adams (uncle)

Teresa Adams (aunt)

Monique (Marques) Adams AKA Conflagration (mother)

Derek Adams AKA Firebird (father)

Frenel Adams AKA Fireblaze (brother)

Venus Adams AKA Venusfire (twin sister)

Fiera Adams AKA Fyrette (sister)

Ronald "Ron"/"Ronny" (Reese) Adams AKA Gunfire (adopted brother)



Zeta Adams and her twin sister, Venus Adams, were born 1 minute apart (Zeta being the 'oldest').  Both developed white hair and my the age of 10, both had started developing their mutant-based, fire-like powers. While Venus' powers were more heat based, Zeta's powers were ionically-charge based, more to the effect of electricity.

Born into a superhero family business named 'The Firebirds' that is internationally renown for their selfless dedication to saving lives, Zeta became quite the 'charged-up' child in the family.  She was always running about, learning about things her own way and always kept her parents (and her big brother) on their toes as she grew up.  Zeta and her sister Venus both wanted to be a part of the the awesomeness of being heroes and even before they developed their powers, both were on the fast track to becoming amazingly selfless girls.  Zeta enjoyed the thrill of the save, while Venus was more emotionally guided towards helping others. Zeta seemed to always have no fear when it came to being heroic, however, that, on several occasions, almost cost lives.  She learned, thanks to her older brother and her parents, how to focus and hone her skills and patience, and eventually her powers, to become a perfect example of a hero.

As her brother once did, Zeta (and Venus as well) successfully certified for an 'age exemption' status under the Superhero Registration Act (SRA) at age 14, allowing her (and Venus) to use her (their)  powers and (each) enact as a superhero.  Together, twin teenage sister siblings able to use their powers and save people and be considered a was a dream come true. The fame, the attention...and of course, the overpowering force that is the media and the paparazzi.

Today, Zeta continues in her family of Firebirds under the codename "Firebolt". She is certified to operate and drive any and all vehicles and equipment used by the Firebirds. She also has her drivers license, however, she is still working on her official pilot's license (needs to be 16 years of age to get that license).  She is a gracious person, smart and very sociable and active. She loves boys, talking about boys and dreaming of teen boy hunks (bo-hunks).  She's never gotten too far in a relationship, but she is definitely ready, if she finds the right guy.  Zeta loves her parents, but is currently realizing they are 'holding her back' on things, especially in regards to whom she should be allowed to hang out with and where to go (standard teenage daughter issues).  Only time will tell if her teenage hormones will begin to override her sense of family...or her ability to think and operate rationally.



Power Origins: Mutant

  • Fire Control

    • Excellent ability to control fire (but not create it) within a 200 foot range of her location.

    • Can control intensity, extinguishability and thermal/heat effects up to an excellent level

    • Can move fire from its location, such as drawing the fire up into the air, or lifting it up and dousing it in a pond of water, etc.

    • Cannot emit or shoot fire from her body/hands, but can 'move' existing fires within range

    • Is known at times and when necessary to use an igniter (see equipment) to catch things on fire so as to use her powers)

  • Shock Therapy

    • Using her fire control thermal effects, she can also create ionized electrical charges at a good level.

    • Can fire electrical blasts at a good level over 100 yards

    • Can electrify or create an EMP effect at a good level, capable of disrupting communications and/or aerial frequencies and wavelengths

    • Creates an electrically charged field around her wherein anyone or thing that has direct contact with her will get zapped with a typical electrical charge (even over time).

    • A trick she's mastered is to use her electrical powers to 'zap' someone's heart and either bring them back from a timely death or straighten out a person's irregular and/or distressed heart beat or rate, all at any level up to good levels).

    • Can create electrical wall-like barriers/cages of typical ranked power and only within 6 yards of her location

  • Resistances

    • Remarkable radiation, electrical, energy and magnetic resistance

    • Good toxic/toxin and psionic protection

    • Poor physical protection

  • Thermal Flight

    • Can fly up to 120 mph max at a max altitude of 1200 feet AGL

    • Loses 1/4 of her speed and altitude for each additional 30 lbs of weight she carries

  • Thermal Vision

    • Can see into normal, thermal, nigh vision and 'electrical routing/tracing' pathing with good senses

UNIQUE ABILITY: Has a feeble psychic link to her sister Venus. Can 'feel' her within a 4 mile range. She'd also perceived that something might be wrong with Venus if Venus took more than 1/2 health hit and/or a major psychic attack (perceived by Zeta from Venus anywhere around the world).




  • Full Body Protective Suit

    • Provides good protection against physical, chemical and toxic/toxin attacks

    • Provides excellent energy protection

    • Provides incredible thermal protection

    • Provides amazing radiation protection

    • Rapid Cooling Function

      • Suit has a High Exponential BTU (HEBTU) system that rapidly drops the suit's temp to ambient in aprox. 5-7 seconds​


  • Fire Suppression Grenades

    • Remarkable fire-suppressant foam grenades that can put out remarkable-level fires in a 30 foot radius.

    • Creates foam that can fill a volume of 60-feet wide x 20-feet high

    • These grenades have also been useful in combating fire-creatures/villains, suppressing oxygen to their fires and depowering said creatures/villains.

    • Igniter device (1) used to light things on fire (allowing her to use her Fire Control powers); 200 charges


  • Electronics Suite

    • When opened, can provide encrypted visual digital audio/video two-way transmissions to aligned/configured tower, WiFi and/or satellite networks

    • Inset audio communications web transceiver with 25 mile range without tower/satellite access; unlimited with configured access​​

    • Has a Firebirds equivocal of "Siri" or "Cortana" to verbally give commands to for performing mediocre and remote operations for any and all Firebirds equipment, comms, recording, video and sensor diagnostics.​

    • Provides close-in holographic, see-through imagery that can be projected within inches out in front of user's eyes for tactical, diagnostic and video visual interfaces

    • Short range (300 yards) sensors for diagnosing a person's vital signs, and environmental temperature, energy analysis, trace pathing/detection for many forms of wavelengths/frequencies and geolocational/GPS tracking and navigation

    • Headgear has incredible physical protection and amazing thermal/temperate/energy and EMP protection

    • Emergency Beacon that when activated, can transmit to a unique frequency to satellite monitors for geolocation; lasts for 3 days on battery


  • US Law (Proficient)

  • Acrobatics (Proficient)

  • Tumbling/Gymnastics (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Aerial Combat (Proficient)

  • Pilot (only for Firebirds craft) (Proficient)

  • Driver (Proficient)

  • Emergency Services (Proficient)

  • Life-Saving Techniques/Skills (Professional)

  • Navigation (Proficient)

  • Social Media (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Professional)

    • Spanish (Proficient)

    • French (Proficient)

    • Cajun (barely proficient)

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