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Solomon Wagner

Relatively Unknown














'Whacko Solomon'; Zepelkos




Don "Major Deej" Finger

27 Jan 2020




Solomon Wagner is a noted mental patient and homeless man from Chicago's streets. Any detailed information about his life before he obtained his magical "axe" are unavailable since they've since been 'stolen'. As such, Solomon's story begins with his encounter with the 'axe'.

'Whacko Solomon', as he was called by the locals, was a mental hospital out-patient and a homeless man who lived in cardboard boxes in Chicago's alleyways. For the most part, Solomon wasn't particularly violent, however, he told others he'd 'seen things' others had not; things like 'vampires', aliens and dog-men (which most likely were troopers from the CANIS black marketer criminal organization, since their helmets 'kinda' look like a dog's head), to which Whacko Solomon told others that it was his job to 'kill' to make things safer for others.


On a cold Chicago night, Solomon was looking for a warm place to sleep and went over to a nearby abandoned power plant's steam tunnel; a steam tunnel that still had an old, active steam line running through it, but not used/made in the abandoned plant. The tunnel corridor that had the active steam pipe was condoned off with a chain link fence due to the area being still under repair from the Soltan Invasion that had occurred decades before. If was obvious that a majority of the tunnel had caved in...except around the pipelines, which were still properly supported in that portion of the tunnel's unaffected overhead ceiling. According to Solomon he climbed atop the dirt from the side of the collapsed tunnel and slipped. When he righted himself, he looked down to see the skeleton of a man amidst the dirt. The skeleton couldn't have been more than a decade or two buried. As such, Solomon, figuring the skeleton's body might have some better boots or clothes than what Solomon himself was wearing, dug down to try and find something of value from the skeleton. Instead, he cut his hand on something sharp.

That's when everything went black to Solomon. As such, basically, Solomon died...

...but then he was awakened by 'the big red eye in the sky'.

According to Solomon, after everything went dark, he awoke to a sky with red 'swirleys' in a strange sky above him, with a huge red eye peering down on him, pointedly talking to him in some strange language. Solomon told the 'red eye' that all he wanted was peace and to 'grab things from the dead man here that he don't need no more', to which, according to Solomon's account, the 'floating red eye put itself onto my (Solomon's) forehead and decided to stick around'. Solomon took some the clothing from the skeletal remains to wrap his cut hand in and that's when he found 'the axe'.  Once again, ccording to Solomon, the axe was "really cool-looking...all black with two big, sharp blades on it, with red glowy stange words written on it and in the center of the axe was that big red eye again, this time looking up at me...while at the same time, I was looking down on it. It is...was...'trippy'...". From all understandings, when Solomon cut himself on the axe, he provided it with a 'blood sacrifice', bonding the axe's spirit to Solomon mentally and mystically. As such, it seems that the spirit of what it calls itself as the 'Revenant Slayer' seems intent on destroying anything made, created or controlled by dark, black and/or death magic, all the while protecting long as Solomon continues to wield it...alive.

That night, Solomon fell asleep with the axe wrapped in his arms. The next morning he awoke in what he described as a 'blanket of dark, floaty stuff' that had kept him warm and protected that night. Several dead rats littered the ground around Solomon; dead rats that weren't there when Solomon fell asleep. For Solomon, those rats made for a hearty breakfast for him.

Over the next few days, Solomon told the axe about the 'vampires, aliens and dog-men' to which the axe seemed particularly interested in vampires (the axe vibrated and shook, with the 'red eye' in the axe getting 'wide' when Solomon mentioned 'vampires').  Solomon spent the next few days talking to the axe, all the while homelessly sleeping in boxes in alleyways as usual, until one night, he was set upon by four vampires, all looking to make a meal out of Solomon. Instead, when they got close to the sleeping Solomon the axe's eye (and the new '3rd eye' on Solomon's head) opened and immediately cloaked Solomon in the same 'shadowy blanket', this time, alerting Solomon to 'strike' and 'kill' (as voices in Solomon's head). When Solomon stood and drew the axe, the vampires became enshrouded in a cloak of fear, causing the vampires to freeze in their tracks, allowing Solomon to 'chop each of their vampire heads off'. The headless vampire bodies (and heads) disintegrated moments later.

For the next few months, Solomon felt compelled by the axe to go on patrol every other night looking for vampires. When he did find them, the vampires would attempt to attack him (and the axe) and, as always, fall to the cloak of fear and then get destroyed by Solomon (and the axe).  After a few dozen vampire slayings, the regional branch of Chicago's vampire gang called "The Crimson" but out a 'vampire hit' on Whacko Solomon. Nonetheless to say, Solomon and the axe wiped out nearly two-thirds of Chicago's vampires over the next few months. The battles were tough, but thanks to the healing and protective properties provided by the axe (and Solomon's unstable, crazy antics and mindset), Solomon got through each encounter alive, emboldening him to believe he was now a new 'chosen slayer of vampires', which he later created his own costume for so as to 'look the part'.

A few years ago, after a particular intense vampire battle, Solomon encountered a man calling himself "Sloan" (the Slayer). Sloan quickly realized Solomon wasn't 'right in the head', but also realized the axe was a powerful, magical weapon...a weapon that was perfect for slaying vampires, but was 100% bonded to Solomon.  As such, Sloan mentioned that he and his 'friends' were also vampire hunters and killers and asked for Solomon to come join them. Solomon agreed, but only if they paid for him to have 'pizza' every Friday night and provide a nice, cozy place to go sleep at when it was 'sleepy time', to which Sloan whole-heartedly agreed to.

Today, Solomon Wagner continues to team with Sloan's "Daybreakers" vampire killer gang; a gang that goes around the world killing vampires, most of the time, for money and as part of their own gang-run 'vampire protection racquet'. Solomon is mostly happy being his 'friends'. The axe continues to 'talk' to Solomon, although it's usually to discuss their dislike for vampires, dark magical creatures and ''pineapple on pizzas'.  Solomon has no problem killing anyone that is 'evil, dark or a vampire' or 'deserves to be killed'. He has killed dozens of people who've done Solomon or others 'wrong' or 'who deserved it', and has no remorse. He is insane and does strange, weird things like suddenly dancing, shouting about 'something' on his mind, or going on about stories from several hundred years ago, as if he was right there reliving them (probably through his contact with the axe's spirit).

Solomon is a dangerous person. He is insane and the only person that seems to be able to control him is Sloan (the Slayer).  Get Solomon riled up or upset and you are taking your life into your own hands. You're 100% doomed if you are a being of dark, black or death magic; Solomon will go 'off the rails' to try and get to kill you...especially if you are a vampire!




Power Origins: Natural

He has no powers.



  • Revenant Axe

    • Made of unearthly level magical, unknown material; non-magnetic​

    • Weighs 250 lbs to anyone who hasn't been bonded to it

    • Bonding

      • To engage/operate the magical properties of the axe (other than to use as a typical axe that would weigh 250 lbs.), the one to which the axe bonds to must cut themselves with the axe's blade and draw blood in order to bond with it

      • Axe must not already have a 'living' host attached/bonded to it for a new bonding to occur

      • Once the blood bonding has occurred:

        • The human host's soul is merged with the axe's 2500 year old spirit (named "Zepelkos") at an excellent level

          • If the human soul's psyche fails in the merging, the body is 100% taken over by the axe's spirit

          • If the human soul psyche doesn't fail nor dominates, the human soul and the axe's soul merge and work together (sometimes allowing one to influence the other)

          • If the human soul's psyche dominates the merging, it suppresses the axe's spirit 100% and takes control of all of the axe's magical capabilities (also able to use 'Soul Drain' power now as well)

            • Soul Drain:​

              • If bonded soul overpowers the axe's soul, the bonded soul, when using the axe, can perform the following:​

                • Swipe axe in an arc in front of target/targets within 200 foot range and effect remarkable soul drain, drawing down each target's psyche/willpower at excellent levels for over 200 minutes​

                • If the axe comes in direct contact with target/targets, can drain the target/targets soul at remarkable levels, affecting the target/targets for up to 300 minutes

        • The bonding process creates a magical '3rd eye' to appear above and center of the human host's eyes.

          • The eye allows the magical eye (on the axe) to actually see (in one's mind's eye) from the host's 3rd eye point of view/perspective, and vice versa

        • The bonding allows a telepathic communication between the host and the axe with a range of up to 3 miles

      • Powers available to the axe and host once bonded

        • Dark Aura​

          • Provides remarkable protection aura around host from all forms of attack and damage, except holy magic​

          • Looks like a translucent shadowy, inky outline around the host's body

        • Dark/Black, Death Magic Negation​

          • Any dark/black magic, dark energy, undead magic and/or death magic, when within 300 yards of the host and axe are negated; undead don't just 'disintegrate in the negation field, but no longer have ​the dark/black or death magic protections or effects against the axe/host (like necromancy; they'd be zombies no longer under control, left to independent thought, or vampires, unable to use their powers, heal or have any supernatural protections).

        • Dark/Black Magic Wave/Arc Attack

          • In swinging the axe's blade in a relative arc, a wave of excellent dark/black magic can be emitted across an arced path up to 200 feet from the axe's point of attack​

          • Can do this once every 30 seconds

        • Dark/Black Magic Impact Attack

          • If the host strikes the ground with the axe or axe handle, it can emit a good wave of energy in all directions outward (360 degrees), with adjacent area damage ensuing as well​

          • Can do this once every 30 seconds

        • Cloak of Fear

          • When activated, it Imbues all dark/black, death magic beings, creatures and undead with a remarkable level of fear, affecting all with a 30 yard range

          • When activated, it Imbues all other non-dark/black, death magic beings, creatures (i.e, normal living folk) with a good level of fear, affecting all within a 10 yard range

        • Healing

          • Provides the axe and the host with excellent death magic healing over time

        • Bonded Combined Psyche

          • If the host's psyche and the axe's spirit merge successfully, the two's psyches get added together to create a new, higher level psyche (i.e., good (host) psyche + remarkable (axe) psyche = incredible combined psyche between them)

        • Vision

          • Can see into normal, astral, dark (blackness/night vision) vision spectrum​​​​​​​​​



  • Solomon:

    • Street/homeless living (professional)

    • Mental/Psyche Ward Patient (professional)

    • Survival (proficient)

    • Languages:

      • English (proficient)​

      • Spanish (barely proficient)

  • Zepelkos (these talents merge in with Solomon's, so long as Solomon remains the axe's host):

    • Ancient European cultures (professional)

    • Dark/Black Magic (Master)

    • Death Magic (Professional)

    • Soul/Spirit Magic (Proficient)

    • Survival (Proficient)

    • Vampires (Professional)

    • Stealth (Proficient)

    • European Magical relics, artifacts, tomes (professional)

    • Martial Arts: Melee Fighting (Professional)

    • Martial Arts: Block/Guard (Proficient)

    • Martial Arts: + Intuition (Proficient)

    • Languages:

      • Several dozen 'dead' European languages, including Latin (Professional)​

      • Spanish/Italian/Portuguese (barely proficient)

      • English (barely proficient)

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