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Andrew Brown

Relatively Unknown












Bartholomew Brown (Ebony Knight I) (descendant, deceased)

Brian Brown (Ebony Knight XXXVII)(father, deceased)

Beatrice 'Bea' Brown (mother)

Sir Brown; Ebony Knight XXXVIII




Don "Major Deej" Finger

26 Jan 2020




Andrew Brown is the son of Brian and Beatrice "Bea" Brown...and is the heir to his family's historical legacy of fighting and killing vampires.

Ever since the 1600s, the Brown family has had a unique place in British society. Originally, Bartholomew Brown volunteered to leave his family's millennia-old secret and hidden magical society called 'The Conglomerate' as part of a pact with the elders of the Conglomerate to hunt down and kill the exponentially growing number of black magic creatures throughout Europe, primarily, Vampires.  As such, Bartholomew, equipped with nigh-indestructible armor and a magically infused sword and shield, went forth and did just as the elders requested. He slaughtered thousands of vampires in the British isles and throughout Western Europe. Along the way, he fell in love with as common non-Conglomerate London woman who bore him twins. Upon his return to the Conglomerate, decades later, his wife and children were 'disallowed' to join him in the Conglomerate's secret society. Bartholomew, enraged, decided to take his family and go back to London to start their own life amongst the 'common folke'.  At that time, the Conglomerate wasn't able to hide Bartholomew's exit from their magical society, and as such, his story wasn't 'banished' as was required unto others who attempted the same self-extraction from the folds of their secretive society. He remained in their stories, history books and legends...but, as far as the Conglomerate's stories go, his story ended truth, his legend had just begun.

Over the next few generations, the Brown family continued in its legacy-based duty in ridding the world of any dark magic creatures, monsters and of course, primarily, vampires. Tales emerged of secretive vampire hunters based on the Brown family. In truth, one Brown family member actually saved England's King James I from 'revenants, incubi and succubi' that had attacked the British monarchy. As such, a secretive, legacy-based honor title of 'knight' was proclaimed from King James I to "all male descendants of the Brown line, from hereon forward, regardless of future station, so long as the line lives in the service of the Lord our God and England". That decree is sealed in the royal vaults to this day.

Each Brown family thereafter bore at least one male heir which was trained and prepared for the duties and title of the 'Ebony Knight', as each new male in the family line became known as.  For most of the centuries, the Browns lived in a decent manor with lands and titles. The 'knight' in each family was always identified as a member of the royal order, that is, until the Royal Titles Act of 1876, wherein their 'special' royal order status was considered null and void. They still retained their obtained wealth, their manor and lands, but no ties to the royal order. Although the Brown legacy of males was still authorized to carry on the secretive title of 'knight', they were now instead considered 'subjects'.

The Brown lineage continued in its 'God-entrusted' duties, all the while, the Conglomerate's Alteration School 'unofficially' aided the Browns as needed (The weaponsmith and armorsmith of London's Alteration Schools are actually related to the Browns. They are relatives that took it upon themselves to enchant the armor, sword and shield to 'transport' to their aligned Alteration School forges should they need repair, and once done, teleported back to its owner, an enchantment that is, to this day, still honored and performed). If the armor was damaged, mysteriously, within 24 to 48 hours, once the bearer awoke from his slumber, it would reappear fixed, mended and even polished.


During World War II in the 1940s, the Brown family men had all been drafted into military service. As such, the Browns weren't able to perform their 'knightly' duties during that time (they'd left the armor, shield and sword safe and hidden at home), however after the war, the eldest son picked up the armor, shield and sword and once again carried on the family traditional duties that, by this time, had now translated to performing only 'vampire killing' vice 'dark magic creature hunting and killing'.  Sadly, in 1948, deep in the Romanian forest, while hunting a massive gang of vampires, that particular Ebony Knight lost his magical shield in the battle, of which, to this day, has yet to be found.

In 2000, when the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth, the Brown lineage came within a hair's breath from being culled. The last of the adult male Browns died in the first wave of Soltan attacks on Great Britain, destroying the Brown's centuries old manor and lands, leaving a widowed wife and a 16-year old son behind; a son who'd only received rudimentary training (and education on the Brown line's 'vampire hunting' duties and responsibilities) from his father before the father's death in the Soltan assault. It wasn't until 2002 when a then 18-year old Brian Brown had the sword and armor 'magically' appear overnight beside Brian at his bedside. By that time, the destitute Brian and his mother took to living with a travelling Renaissance Faire in Britain. There, Brian learned from the best swordsmasters and 'Renaissance Faire Knights' on how to properly fight with the sword in battle.  Brian also learned how to box, wrestle, joust and do archery. During this time, he took a liking to a 'Renaissance Bar Wench' drink server named Beatrice ('Bea').  The two flirted with each other over months of time, all during which, in the evenings, Brian would embark on his new nightly patrols for vampires, killing an average of four vampires a week in the immediate area of wherever his Renaissance Faire wound up at that time.  Brian sneaking out at night made Beatrice believe he had another woman on the side and as such, began to taunt him about it, throwing herself at customers and patrons, trying to get Brian jealous. One day, it worked.

A band of drunken Scots customers to the Faire, already being quite belligerent, took a liking to their 'bar wench' (Bea). Bea quickly realized these men wanted more than a 'kiss' and that they were trying to sexually assault her. Within a dozen seconds of calling for help, Brian Brown came out of nowhere like a hero and beat the Scots silly. It didn't take long after that for Brian and Bea to get married and have a son, Andrew, by 2004.

By 2016, Brian taught Andrew everything he knew about being the Ebony KnightAndrew became an expert swordsman at age 12 for his age group, earning national youth awards as a result. Andrew was also quite popular at the Faire, being the youngest swordsman to display his youthful skills to the crowds...and girls. Bea, now knowing about Brian's legacy, was unhappy with the marriage and the direction it was going. She wanted to have fun and continued to be the 'bar wench' at the Faire, while Brian continued to also play his part as the Faire's 'Black Knight' character, doing swordsmanship exhibits, training others (for money), and of course doing jousting and a slew of money-earning ventures. All during this time, Brian was also teaching Andrew and still going out nightly performing 'vampire hunting' patrols and duties, taking out a few vampires each week. Thanks to social media, however, people started associating the Faire's 'Black Knight' to a 'Sword-Wielding Shadowy figure' seen lurking the Faire's town streets at 2-3 AM in the morning, calling upon Brian's potential association. Brian was able to shrug off such associations as 'fanboys' and/or 'publicity stunts'. Eventually, Andrew wanted to go out with his father on his first 'vampire hunt' in 2018. Unfortunately, it would also be Brian's last hunt.

The Ebony Knight armor magically allows itself to fit to the frame of its wearer; as such, when Andrew puts the armor on, it form-fits to him without issue. For their first father-son vampire killing patrol together, Andrew's father remained in civilian clothes, following along with Andrew, wearing the armor and wielding the sword. Brian provided his son with his sage guidance as Andrew slew his first five vampires he'd ever killed. It was a glorious father-son moment for them; memorable and victorious...that is, until on their way back to the Faire, one last vampire from a gang of vampires called "The Crimson" attacked Brian, tearing Brian's body literally in half right in front of AndrewAndrew attacked the vampire that had just killed his father, but the vampire easily evaded Andrew and ran off taunting, 'little knight, little knight, come find me when you are ready to really fight!', never to be seen again.

After the funeral, Andrew threw the armor and sword into a dumpster, believing he was a failure in allowing his father's death. Days later, the armor and sword mysteriously appeared at Andrew's bedside when he awoke, all cleaned and polished. Andrew threw out the armor again. It returned the next morning, again. He threw it out three more times, yet, each following morning, the armor and sword would be back at his bedside, as always, cleaned and polished. Not knowing of the Alteration School's ties (as far as Andrew knew, the armor just 'magically' teleports itself to fix itself and then magically reappears repaired and pretty when he wakes up a day or two later), he instead decided, after the Faire moved to a new town, to do one last patrol in the armor...and then he was going to take it to a town incinerator and melt it down for good.

That last night on patrol became his first night of Andrew truly becoming the new "Ebony Knight".

While on patrol, with no vampires detected anywhere, Andrew  started making his way back towards the Faire's grounds to end his career,  when suddenly, a scream came from a nearby parking lot. Gunshots followed shortly thereafter. Andrew raced to the lot to see a man dressed in black wearing a fedora hat, fighting against several vampires. Andrew jumped into the fray and aided the man in black, both quickly defeating the remaining vampires. After introducing himself as "Sloan" (the Slayer), the man in black took Andrew to a nearby hidden underground base; a base for Sloan's hidden band of vigilante vampire hunters that called  themselves the 'Daybreakers'. This band of vampire killers had a racquet going for 'vampire protection services' while also unequivocally going out on patrols all over the world and killing vampires without mercy. Sloan showed Andrew a few magical tomes he'd seen and read up on, regarding the legend of the Ebony Knight, showing Andrew old centuries-old, hand-drawn images of the exact same armor Andrew (and his dad) wore. As such, Andrew felt this gang would give him a better chance to follow his family's legacy (and maybe get more answers), and  as such, joined the Daybreakers that night.

Andrew has recently discovered that he is the 38th generation of the Ebony Knight legacy since Bartholomew Brown.

Today, the new, young Ebony Knight continues to team with the Daybreakers gang, taking down vampires on a routine basis, travelling the world in doing so. The gang's wealth has allowed any of their family members to be afforded a decent, safe home, such as Andrew's mother, Bea, who now has her own flat, paid for by Andrew's share of the gang's income. His mother still works with the Renaissance Faire on occasion, still playing the role as the bar wench, however, in her advancing years, she's become more inclined to instead play online fantasy games rather than routinely serve steins of beer to belligerent LARPers and brats. Whenever Andrew's armor or sword get damaged, as has been the case, within 24 to 48 hours, the armor and sword still continue to reappear at Andrew's bedside, fixed and polished like new. Andrew is in the best shape of his entire life. As a teenager, he's still got a lot to learn, especially about fighting vampires, life...and of course, women.

Andrew is a stand-up type of guy. He's not shallow or overbearing, nor is he bereft of direction or decision making. He doesn't follow a knight's tenants (nor does he even know what they are), but he does know his lineage has awarded him the British legacy role of that of a knight and a title of 'Sir'. He is a tad socially awkward and at times can get quite a bit cocky in combat, however, he is one who doesn't quit. He'll never run away from a fight nor shirk his family's legacy duty to kill vampires. He's learning, through his teammates, how to live on twopence vice a pound and has definitely begun learning many new languages and customs. To this day, Andrew still searches for his father's killer that had taunted him; still he has yet to find him.




Power Origins: Natural

He has no powers.



  • Magical Ebony Knight Armor & Helmet

    • Provides excellent protection against physical, temperate, and toxic/toxin damage

    • Provides remarkable protection against energy, magic, psionic/mental and radiation damage/attacks

    • When worn, the helmet provides an 'aura'-like image of vampires that are within the helmet wearer's line of sight, even if they are hidden behind things (except magical shields, wards or protections of remarkable of better magical power)

    • If the armor is damaged, after it has been removed and the armor's owner has fallen asleep, the armor will magically teleport to a London Alteration School's armorsmith, who is a relative blood-bound to perform prioritized repair on the 'family armor'. The armorsmith then fixes, cleans and polishes the armor, where, upon completion, it will magically teleport to the bearer's bedside whilst the bearer is still asleep. The armor will not teleport unless the bearer is fully asleep, no matter how long the bearer tries to keep awake or feign sleep.

    • The armor magically form-fits to the wearer's frame when applied to the wearer's body like an thinly armored 'second skin', which can easily be worn under regular clothes.

      • The helmet and shoulder section also adjust to the wearer's frame to relatively form-fit, but are far bulkier and are not thin, but instead bulky. As such, these armor items cannot be worn 'under' clothes and either need to be carried or stored in such cases, wherein the wearer must manually place on.

      • The armor does not 'magically' appear on the wearer when summoned/called upon.

    • The armor's black surface, as night, provides a full degree of stealth in darkness or night time.

  • The Revanant Sword

    • Magical sword, imbued and made with arcane and death magics millennia ago

    • Unearthly material strength

    • Can cleave only up to bearer's strength against cleaved material

    • If the bade cuts a vampire or dark/death/black magic creature or being, it'll inflict incredible edged damage to them/it

    • The blade has a remarkable ability to sense vampires or dark/death/black magic creatures or beings up to 300 yards away, vibrating when they are within range, and acting as a divining rod (aids in pointing direction) for where it/they are sensed

    • Does not sense dark/death/black magic relics, tomes, objects or other inanimate magical items on this category

    • If the sword is damaged, after it has been sheathed and the sword's owner has fallen asleep, the sword (and sheath) will magically teleport to a London Alteration School's weaponsmith, who is a relative blood-bound to perform prioritized repair on the 'family sword'. The weaponsmith then fixes, sharpens, cleans and polishes the sword, where, upon completion, it will magically teleport to the bearer's bedside whilst the bearer is still asleep. The sword will not teleport unless the bearer is fully asleep, no matter how long the bearer tries to keep awake or feign sleep.

  • Radio/Earwig Comms System

    • Has a powerful multi-band radio transceiver with police and fire department frequencies

    • Range: 25 miles

    • Also used for communicating with gang members; remarkable encryption

  • BodyCam

    • Has a built in body camera in the shoulder harness

    • Electronically records 2 hours of events; once done, transmits data to remote server network for storage or dissemination

    • 4K imagery with audio




  • Renaissance Fair Operations (Professional)

  • Gang/Vigilante Operations (Proficient)

  • Swordsman (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Fighting (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Vampire Lore/History (Proficient)

  • Hunting (Proficient)

  • Stealth (Barely Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Professional)

    • French (Proficient)

    • German (Barely Proficient)

    • Spanish (Barely Proficient)

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