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Donald 'Donnie' Sloan














Angela Sloan (wife, deceased)

Corey Sloan (son, deceased)

Collin Sloan (son, deceased)

Detective Sloan




Don "Major Deej" Finger

4 Aug 2013



Donnie Sloan was once a New York City Policeman who heralded from Harlem. He made quite an impression with the police force and was quickly moved to homicide as a Detective 3rd Class.  Once there, Donnie saw the horrors of what evil can do onto humans...including the dozens of mutilated bodies from vampire attacks done by what was later revealed to be from The Crimson: a vampire gang/coven. In an auspicious and well planned raid on The Crimson, Donnie and his fellow police arrested hundreds of vampires, some even as far away as Providence, Rhode Island. Donnie was lauded with being the mastermind behind the raid. He became the top story of the week and was even trended in YaGo!


The next week, Donnie's entire family, parents, friends, teachers and mentors, were found dead and mutilated from multiple vampire attacks all over the nation.


Donnie went berserk.

Donnie quit the police force and went vigilante, taking over a small protections racket gang that called themselves the "Blood Bolts" by stabbing the leader through the heart with a blessed, wooden stack, showing the rest of the gang their leader was indeed a vampire. The rest of the 100+ gang members immediately chose Sloan as their new leader. Donnie then renamed the gang as the "Daybreakers".


Donnie trained, armed and refocused the gang to become vampire hunters; the gang and, in turn, the gang taught Donnie about running a protection racket. With that, Donnie got the idea to fuse the two ideas together - use the gang to kill vampires, but make others pay to have the gang kill said vampires. It was a system that soon became a great necessity in Harlem.


After Donnie's killing of the Blood Bolt's vampiric leader, The Crimson gang put out a 'hit' on Donnie. As such, killings done by vampires were on the rise in New York and Harlem and Donnie's new gang was actively going about collecting 'protection' money to help 'protect' the neighborhoods from the evil vampires.


And that they did.


Over the next few months, Donnie, now picking up the new moniker of 'Sloan the Slayer', wiped out over half of the vampire population in Harlem and made a huge dent in New York City's Crimson gang vampire membership. The Crimson attempted to hunt Sloan and the Daybreakers down, but Sloan was too smart for them, setting traps, lures to more traps, ambushes and of course good old fashioned 'wait-until-its-daylight-and-kill-the-vampires-in- their-coffins' attack. When The Crimson attempted to parlay for a truce with the Daybreakers, Sloan instead recruited more vampire hunters from around the world and upped the ante by killing even twice as many vampires per week.


Thanks to Sloan and the Daybreakers, a majority of The Crimson's New York operations were shutdown and boarded up, while also making millions in protection money from businesses, churches, millionaires and of course local and state governments along the way. Even G.U.A.R.D. attempted to recruit them, but Sloan (unkindly) told them where to take their offer (asking GUARD's director, Neal Norton, 'what was GUARD doing about vampires before his (Sloan's) family was killed'...and getting no answer from Norton in response). As such, Sloan, now with international vampire killers subcontracted and joining the team, decided it was time to take his operation worldwide...and he did just that.


Connecting to other famous and/or notorious vampire killers around the world, Sloan was able to get them to join his Daybreakers, which seems (even to this day) to be the only group that is even attempting to track, trap and/or kill vampires in the world (a few businesses like Legacy Corp gets odd jobs, but interestingly enough, Legacy Corp would rather subcontract the Daybreakers instead).


Over the years, the Daybreakers have amassed quite a collection of dark and death magic relics, tomes, artifacts and weapons. Sloan keeps these locked up in various vaults around the world, safe from being found and used by anyone else. He doesn't necessarily use them, but he has a few in his bags of tricks when he goes out on his vampire kills.


Today, the Daybreakers, now numbering at about 200-250 hunters and warriors, travel the globe performing 'protection' services to their paying clientele that have (or had) vampire problems. Sloan, personally, has no issue doing the jobs for free, but he's not about to lose money saying that; that's bad for business. Although Sloan still grieves for his lost friends and family, it seems that Sloan has instead found a new calling; a calling to rid the world of vampires. Besides...what has Sloan got to lose when he's already lost everything?


Sloan is a smart, tactical detective and a ruffian. He's tough as nails, despises know-it-alls (who don't know anything) and really hates lip service. Instead, he goes out on vampire killing missions and assignments just like any of his 'primaries' (basically, his gang's lieutenants) and his 'gangsters' do.  He doesn't say a lot, but when he does, he's usually dead-on with the answer. When he's challenged, he'll respond in kind, yet aggressively. He will do everything he can to evade capture. He respects the police and the military, however, if they get in his way, he will perform non-lethal actions against them, usually apologizing to them after he's beaten and/or evaded them. He's REALLY good at escapes.




Power Origins: Natural

He has no powers.



  • Armored Vest/Suit

    • Provides typical protection against physical, temperate, radiation and toxic/toxin damage

  • Hat

    • Provides good psionic/mental protection

    • Masks mental presence up to 100 yards away

    • Requires electrical recharge every 6 hours

  • 0.50 caliber Handguns (4)

    • Good shooting damage; incredible material

  • Ammunition

    • Carries a variety of standard and unique ammunition

    • Magazine of standard bullets (good physical shooting damage) (10)

    • Magazine of Silver bullets (1)

    • Magazine of Garlic-treated bullets (1)

    • Magazines of Blessed bullets (1)

  • Vampire Repulsion Ward (4)

    • When activated (strike 3 times), it magically repels any vampire to remarkable levels, keeping them at least 30 feet away (vs. vampiric psyche)

    • Requires magical recharge once every month

  • Knives (6)

    • Incredible material, sharp-edged blades (balanced)

  • Blessed Switchblade Knife (1)

    • Amazing material with retractable sharp-edged blade

    • Family 'heirloom' given to him by his ex-gangster uncle

  • Garrote (Blessed) (2)

    • Remarkable wire material strength

  • Brass Knuckles (Blessed) (1)

    • Remarkable material

    • increases melee damage by 1/2 level difference

  • Holy Water/Garlic Traps (5)

    • Incredible damage to any and all vampires that get caught in the traps

    • Can be manually timed traps or remotely activated

    • Good material strength

  • Garlic Grenade (2)

    • Excellent damage vs. Vampires in AoE

    • Poor stink otherwise with2x loss of visibility for 1 minute

  • Crucifix Gloves (1 pair)

    • Imbedded blessed holy crucifixes installed into his gloves

    • When he touches a vampire with them, inflicts typical damage to vampires

  • Radio/Earwig Comms System

    • Has a powerful multi-band radio transciever with police and fire department frequencies

    • Range: 25 miles

    • Also used for communicating with gang members; remarkable encryption

  • BodyCam

    • Has a built in body camera on jacket lapel

    • Electronically records 2 hours of events; once done, transmits data to remote server network for storage or dissemination

    • 4K imagery with audio

  • 'Nightshades'

    • Provides typical sunlight/glare/flash protection

    • Provides nigh vision




  • Detective (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Police/Law Enforcement (Professional)

  • Car Operations (Professional)

  • Gang Operations (Professional)

  • Motorcycle Operations (Proficient)

  • Vampire History, Lore & Knowledge (Master)

  • Dark/Death Magic (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (professional)

  • Martial Arts: Melee; +Fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Proficient)

  • Stealth (Proficient)

  • New York City region (Professional)

  • Explosives (Professional)

  • Religion (Proficient)

  • Handguns/Pistol Weapons (Professional)

  • Communications (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Professional)

    • Spanish/Italian (Proficient)

    • Chinese (barely proficient)

    • Arabic (barely proficient)

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