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Clurichaun Tom

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The ClurichaunMichele Mclaughlin
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Tom McClurichaun

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Eire Arm



Don "Major Deej" Finger

14 Feb 2020


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More than 3000 years ago, Fairies were magically created in and about all of Europe. By 1000 B.C., most Fairies were either enslaved, killed of died in captivity.  Several offshoots of Fairies were said to have found their way out of man's control out into remote regions or islands. Amongst these offshoots were Leprechauns and Clurichaun, both of which found their way to the pre-civilized lands of the British Isles.

By 500A.D., Leprechauns became the dominant species of the Fairy folk in the northern part of the British Isles, while the Druidic magic-based flying/winged Fairies resided more to the center of the isles; the Clurichaun took to the southern end of the island and paid for their choice of real estate in blood.

Between 300 and 1000 A.D., Clurichauns, with a population of no more than several hundred in numbers ever at their largest boom, were hunted thanks to their association with their northern brethren, the Leprechauns. It seems the Leprechauns had worked out a deal with the humans to help them repair and make shoes for them so long as they didn't hunt and kill the Leprechauns. It was common that the good folk of the north (primarily where Ireland is today) were kind enough to leave precious metals or tokens for the Leprechauns, to which the Leprechauns, with no real need for such baubles, instead stored them up, placing them in iron pots and burying them. When a human one day remarked about finding a Leprechaun's gold stash at the end of a rainbow, word travelled fast. With humans now hunting Leprechauns to get them to tell the humans where they'd hidden their gold and precious metals, the Leprechauns decided to go into hiding, coming out only at night.


During those nights, the Leprechauns attempted to dissuade the humans from hunting them for gold and instead continued repairing shoes for people overnight, hoping to get on the good side of the humans. When that didn't work, the Leprechauns would pull pranks and do weird things to people and their property (turn sheep's wool to the color of red, nail things up on a person's ceiling and, at times, tie people's feet to table legs and watch them fall when they got up. As such the Leprechauns eventually found a witty way to still stay on the human's good side, although they still had to least they didn't get hunted and killed as much as the Clurichauns to the south.


The Clurichauns, in the southern British Isles, after the word got out of Leprechaun gold, were hunted by humans and tortured to reveal where the Clurichauns had hidden their which the Clurichauns told the humans that they (the Clurichauns) never collected gold...ever.


As such, the Clurichauns were slaughtered by the hundreds for their believed 'lies'.


In the spring, as with all fairies, new fairy folk were born amidst the blooming flowers, plants and trees; the Clurichaun pro-created the same way, however, in the south, there was far less plant life and far greater disease and pestilence, causing any newly born Clurichauns to die 'on the vine', so to speak. The Clurichauns also did as the Leprechauns did and hid during the day, however, at night, to alleviate the pain in their for the losses of their fellow Clurichauns, they'd go to the wine cellars of the humans...and drink...and drink...and drink. The Clurichauns drank so much, that before sunrise, most Clurichauns were seven sheets to the wind, barely able to muster the magic they needed to 'disappear' to their hiding places.  As such, most Clurichauns remained in the wine cellars, drunk...and angry, hiding on occasion in the shadows, but most of the time, out in the open, downing a pint atop a table or cask in the cellar.  Whenever they were found by humans life this, the Clurichauns became violent and mean to the humans, daring to do dastardly things to the human's families or their property if they didn't allow he/them (the Clurichaun) to continue to drink and/or stay in their wine cellar. 


Household servants were the ones who usually found the slogged Clurichauns in the basements and were reluctant to tell their lords or masters of such a being in the wine cellar, for fear of being blamed for the loss of the alcohol and/or wine (which in those days, could be considered a capital offense!). As such, Clurichauns soon begat a way of surviving by drinking a house's wine and alcohol and threatening the servants or master of the household with harm and ruin if they (the Clurichauns) weren't waited on, fed properly or treated with respect.


Most Clurichauns were very BAD drunks. They were mean and besmirched the humans with foul attitudes. Any time a servant of master denied a Clurichaun a stay, the Clurichaun, other than cast curses on family members, kill cattle with disease, and/or sour their cow's milk, would threaten to 'haunt' them for all eternity, even after the house's master had gotten old and died, the Clurichauns said they'd stay and threaten their children...even if they up and moved somewhere else, they'd follow them and pester them anon. Thanks to their new learned ability to 'disappear' again, this time, while drunk (something that took them over 100 years to learn to master), by 500 A.D., the Clurichaun had basically established a system with the humans that, at that time, prevented the Clurichaun from becoming extinct.

For the next millennia, the Leprechauns, Clurichauns and Druidic Fairy folk struggled to live, but once the Anglo-Saxons took root in the isles, the fairy numbers once again began to dwindle, thanks to the more fierce Anglo-Saxon warrior ways. Civilization and industry eventually killed off the fairy's ability to pro-create as they once did. Coupled by hunting, encroaching humans and filthy smokestacks and smog, the Fairies health dwindled more each decade.


By the year 2000, there were barely 100 of each fairy specie left...and most of them that were alive, remained in permanent hiding...or had been magically ensorcelled, embedded or stored away in some magical or magically-charged object, relic or structure, as was the ways that arcane mages of the first 1500 years after Christ (A.D.) would deal with the Fairy folk (primarily because the arcane mages of the time couldn't kill the Fairy folk with their magics, no matter how deadly the spell was). Whenever a magical relic, device or structure that held a Fairy in it lost its magical properties, any Fairy folk attached to said item would 'pop' back into the real world, unaware of anything that had happened over time.  Usually, most 'returning' Fairies through this manner found the magics left coursing through Earth by that time was too little, making the Fairies sick or deathly ill.  Thanks to Earth's magical energy being at an all time low by 1999, most all Fairies that had returned chose not to 'stick around' and instead either allowed themselves to die or 'recast' themselves into whatever it was they'd been magically freed from and instead stay 'locked up' until the hope that one day, Earth's magical energies would be stronger and more sustainable for them to live.

In January 2000, the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth. The Soltans, who used magical energies to power some of their powerful unique weapons, decided to drain all the magical energy from Earth and use said magics to empower their weapons. As such, by August 2000, the magical energies that gave life to almost everything on Earth were within seconds from being ripped from Earth's core permanently when instead a wordwide consortium of powerful, heroic bands of soldiers, warriors and superheroes (and even some super villains) stopped the Soltans and rechanneled the Earth's stolen magic (and a LOT of other stored magical energy residing in the Soltan ships) back to Earth in a massive wash that repowered Earth's magical energy level to nearly 400% of what is once was. As such, MANY magical creatures, relics, objects and prisons were directly effected, such as the prison of our character here, Clurichaun Tom AKA Taume.

Taume was a standard Clurichaun from the 1400s who'd migrated to Ireland to get away from being hunted in the south of the isles. There, he found a perfect home in a castle; a castle that was eventually assaulted by a wizard.  The wizard and his followers, in an attempt to take over the castle, fought Taume, who felt obliged to fight for a place that had such a wonderful wine cellar ("The best 'o the isles, it is"). As such, even though Taume used his magical powers like never before, he was still captured by the wizard. The wizards attempted to kill Taume with his spells and magic, but wasn't able to.  As such, the wizard instead engrained Taume's magical being/spirit into the castle ground level right above the wine cellar. The wizard did that so that Taume would 'ne're be able to drink that which would basically be at arm's length' from his new prison'.

Thus, Taume was entrapped in the castle's walls for the next 500-600 years.

Not long after the the Soltan's failed invasion of Earth, another magical caster of the evil side, Glinti, had merged into the body of an Irish woman and came back to life, becoming "Black Shamrock". In a magical battle against Black Shamrock, the possessed girl's father and his friends waged a pitched battle against Glinti/Black Shamrock at the same located as where Taume had been entrapped.  Thanks to flying magical bolts, Taume, and another unexpected spirit called 'Donal the Damned' were released from their magical prisons. Before either could assess where they were and what was going on, Black Shamrock, who'd beaten her opponents, subdued Taume and Donal, realizing their magical nature and that the two of them had been imprisoned in the castle for centuries. Using her magical spells, she was able to control both Donal and Taume and use them as minions; magically-powered minions that were now forced to do what she told them to do, much to the disdain of Taume and Donal.

After Black Shamrock possessed an nearly Irish family in their home, forcing them to feed and care for the trio (not that Donal, a spirit, needed much care). To wit, it didn't take long for Taume to discover the world's vast supply of 21st century alcohol and wine and its availability. As such, Taume quickly got drunk...and basically stayed in that state until the trio's encounter with a man calling himself Taoiseach in a town about a kilometer away from the residence.

In an attempt to 'take over the town', Black Shamrock dragged her controlled minions, Donal and Taume, with her to a nearby town, expecting to be made a 'queen' overnight. Sadly for her, she encountered Taoiseach. He was the leader of an Irish terrorist group called the "Eire Arm" which demanded Irish independence...with Taoiseach as its new leader. Black Shamrock fight Taoiseach and in so doing lost control of her minions thanks to Taoiseach's powerful mental abilities of persuasion and influence. Black Shamrock eventually fell under Taoiseach's control, ending the battle, as did Donal and Taume, but this time, Taume was able to invoke a tad bit more 'free will', rather than be a slave as he was to Black Shamrock. As such, Taume bided his time until he could figure out a way to escape and be free once again...that is, until he saw the MASSIVE alcohol warehouse the Eire Arm had...and their own dark ale brewery.

Taume was in heaven.

Taume no longer wished to escape, especially when he, for the first time in forever, was actually treated with respect by Taoiseach. As such, Taume decided that he'd not only stay of his own free will with the Eire Arm, but would fight with and for them too, so long as Taoiseach was in charge...and the wine and alcohol supply didn't stop. Taume hated Black Shamrock and to this day, continues to pull pranks, curses and whatever trickery he can against her (it's almost a running joke at this point). As such, Black Shamrock does the same to Taume, thus creating an endless cycle of tit-for-tat magical tricks against each other in what seems to be an endless cycle. In combat or conflict, both Black Shamrock and Taume will work together, but, as always, not without some small jab or barb, either verbally or magically, to ensure their hate for each other is known. They won't jeopardize missions, but there is a HIGH potential that its bound to occur sooner than later. Nonetheless, Taume listens and accepts orders from Taoiseach, so long as there is respect and LOTS of alcohol.

Today, going by the name "Clurichaun Tom" (and a new made-up name he's able to use to get credit cards and order online for even more alcohol and wine), Taume (AKA Tom McClurichaun) continues to work with the Eire Arm.  He is happy to dole out punishment to others 'trying to hurt his friends and take his wine', which is basically everyone else NOT in Eire Arm.  He is a malicious, cranky Fairy with a mean streak and a penchant for dark pranks on those he dislikes. He is dedicated to the Eire Arm. When it comes to drinking, at times he'll be happy to imbibe casks of whiskey while spinning a long yarn of a tale from Taume's past, but he is most happy when he is drinking alone, brooding, usually in a bar, wine cellar or alcohol warehouse.  He gets mean if you interrupt his 'quiet time' while he is drinking.  Other than that, he has learned how to use his powers better than ever before, thanks to the internet and learning tricks here and there from Black Shamrock (not that she's teaching him; Taume simply realizes, after getting hurt by one of Black Shamrock's 'barbed' magical pranks, he'd learn about said prank and teach himself how to do that same magic).

On a side note, Taume recently learned that as far as Clurichauns go, no one has seen a living Clurichaun in over 300 years. He is most likely the last of his kind...or is he? With the potential that some of his kind had recast themselves into their magical prisons prior to 2000, there may be more of his kind hidden and/or imprisoned out there.  As per Taume, the pro-creation spells that, in the past, 'bloomed Clurichaun' every spring seems to have been dispelled. No new Clurichaun have been found 'born', even after Earth's massive magical energy recharge. As such, Taume himself has sadly assured himself that Clurichaun pro-creation isn't happening in the isles...but then again, he hasn't really travelled far from the isles...




Power Origin: Magic (a mix of Alteration, Arcane, Charm, Nature and Dark Schools of Magic)

Taume's magical powers are a wide mix of different schools of magic, thanks to the nature of Fairies overall (none of them got formal training in their powers; it was all self-learned, except for Taume in recent years, who's applying learned spells and curses from other magical beings and practicing to do the same spells and curses all by himself).


    • Diminutive Size

      • Clurichauns only stand about 2 feet high max and are three times harder to attack due to their size

    • Physical Enhancements

      • Clurichaun are naturally agile, with excellent agility

      • Although small, they still have typical strength compared to a standard human

      • Thanks to centuries of survival, their endurance is remarkable in nature

    • Resistances

      • These resistances are tied to a Fairy's normal exposure to ambient magical energy. So long as there is even .0001% of magical energy in the area, Clurichauns (and Fairies) will retain their resistances, however, if no ambient magical energy (<.0001%) is in the area, the following resistances will be null and void:

        • Good physical, energy, temperate and radioactive attacks

        • NO resistances to toxins/toxic attacks

        • Unearthly magical resistance to all spells that cause lethal results

        • For all other non-deadly magical resistance, it has excellent protections against all other magical damage/effects

    • Longevity

      • As with the exposure guidelines for Resistances (above), so long as there is even .0001% magical energy in a Clurichaun's area, he will be immortal.

    • Basic Magical Abilities

      • Stealth (Invisible Jaunt)

        • Although they like to say they can be 'invisible', they instead are able to move fast enough to make it look like they are invisible

        • They have a remarkable stealth ability thanks to their quick, incredibly fast short bursts of speed of over 400

        • When using this power, they are extremely agile (amazingly so) and can stop on a dime and not affect sound or substance (such as dust) in doing so.

        • They can do this multiple times, but they have to rest for 20-30 seconds after the first several bursts of 'stealth'.  During this 20-30 seconds, most Clurichaun will usually do pranks, verbal jabs, throw things at their chaser, or act goofy (but mostly pissed-off) to kill the time to do another stealthy jaunt

      • Magical Detection

        • All Clurichauns have a good ability to detect magical items, objects and any ensorcelled beings, prisons or artifacts.

      • Magical Conduit/Control

        • Using spells, curses and other types of crafted magic, a Clurichaun can be an ideal conduit for magical energies to flow through them (like a conduit); they don't amplify magic but if a connection or 'reading' is needed, Clurichauns are perfect for channeling


  • Can effect over 40 different spells, enchantments and curses, all at excellent levels (unless otherwise stated) against others. These can include such things as:

    • Disease (warts, sickness, acne, hunger, etc)

    • Extreme Probability Fields (Luck/Bad Luck)

    • Illusions (limited to target's psyche only)

    • Physical control (can make a target lose use of his legs, sight, etc.)

    • Create floating baubles/trails of light

    • Magically 'store' things is a magical pocket void (NOT dimensional)

    • Throw voice (ventriloquism)

    • Float/Hover (Good level/speed)

    • Arcane Bolt (Good level)



  • Ironwood Short Staff

    • When using his short staff (which he keeps away in magical storage until needed), Taume can amplify any of his magical powers by an entire level of effect, range and duration, so long as the wand was used to effect the magical power and that the staff remains unstored and in Taume's hands.

    • No one else can use Taume's Ironwood Short Staff; magically aligned to only Clurichauns

    • Made on unearthly magical material, making it virtually unbreakable

    • Acts as a magical divining rod, enhancing magical detection two-fold

  • Enchanted Endless Wine Bottle

    • Provides an endless supply of wine to the bearer​

    • Induces the same effects as drinking wine (getting drunk (pissed)) except for any actual liquid 'volume' building up in the body

    • The drink dissipates into nothingness seconds after it finds its way to the stomach, ergo, you'll still be thirsty...and not have a full belly after consuming lots of wine from the bottle...or having to pee from any form of wine consumption from this bottle.

    • Taume likes this bottle only if he can't get at any other 'real' source of alcohol/wine

    • Taume WILL NOT SHARE this bottle with others except Taoiseach, who only asked to drink from it once just to see what it was like and has since never asked again



  • Geo-navigation (Master)

  • Astronomy (Professional)

  • Magic (Master)

  • Clurichauns (Doctorate)

  • Wine/Alcohol (Doctorate)

  • Celtic/Irish/English/Anglo-Saxon Lore (Master)

  • Fairy Lore (Master)

  • Fairy Physiology (Master)

  • Jokes/Pranks (Master)

  • Riddles/Puzzles (Master)

  • Stealth (Master)

  • Marksmanship (Master)

  • Mental Protection (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: +Initiative (Master)

  • Tumbling/Acrobatics (Professional)

  • Languages:

  • English (Master)

    • Celtic/Gaelic (Master)

    • All forms of Irish languages and dialects (Master)

    • Fairy (Doctorate)

    • Latin (Master)

    • Saxon (Master)

    • Norse (Master)

    • German (Professional)

    • French (Professional)

    • Spanish (Professional)

    • Portuguese (Professional)

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