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Eire Arm



Don "Major Deej" Finger

12 May 2019



Crystal McConough (relationship-unknown, and link is only known by being identified in a particular picture)




In the 2010s, the nation of Ireland, thanks to European Unionization and trade disputes, became a second rate country, causing economic upheaval and massive unemployment.  The people attempted to rebel on several occasions as a result of that, only to be told by their government and the European Union (EU) to stand down, to which they reluctantly did - until HE showed up: The Taoiseach.


This mysterious Irishman (whom to this day hasn't once stated his real name) over the last several years, has built up a massive army of Irish followers, influencing them to help their fellow Irish and to stand against the control and oppression that Great Britain and the EU are said to have 'gutted' Ireland with. With the growing dissolution of basic things such as food, housing and money, coupled with a boiling anger against existing authority, the 'Taoiseach' started a small uprising. This uprising, however, was different; this uprising had access to not only machine guns and small arms, but tanks, missile launchers and most unique of all...killer robots.


The Taoiseach, using powers he doesn't publicly talk about, is an 'influencer'; a person who has the ability to twist, bend or manipulate a mind's thought processes to align with his (Taoiseach's) own.  He does this without effort and as a result can take a disillusions crown of people and easily turn them into an active rioting mob if he so chooses to do so. As such he has also manipulated the minds of several powerful super-powered and/or highly skilled Irish individuals that are now putting their powers and skills to work as part of Taoiseach's new "Eire Arm" or Irish Army. His new Eire Arm is primarily made up of disillusioned, angry young Irish men and women, as well as ex-Irish Republic Army (IRA) fighters and backed by an unknown, yet wealthy contributor capable of moving black market weapons and munitions without the rest of the world seeing it.

From 2015 to 2018, the Eire Arm acted more like terrorists than freedom fighters. They attacked English businesses in Ireland, stole money from British banks in Ireland and raided several warehouses and shipping docks, stealing millions in Pounds of food and supplies. Some of these things found their way back to the poor of Ireland, but not even a fraction of that which the Eire Arm stole or took from the British.  Still, the Irish citizenry were delighted by the Eire Arm, calling them freedom fighters and liberators.  As their popularity grew, so did the Eire Arm's ranks and number of raids and attacks.


​Finally, on 25 May 2018 at Killeen, Ireland, Taoiseach and the Eire Arm set up a massive ambush disguised as a simple raid. An English Duties Station on the Irish border was attacked by a dozen Eire Arm troops, resulting in the planned killing of several British workers there. In response, a band of European heroes called the Commonwealth, showed up to quell the situation. After Taoiseach sprung the trap on the Commonwealth's superheroes, pitting the Eire Arm's new super-powered, magical and highly skilled specialists against them, several Commonwealth superheroes were severely injured and hospitalized, leaving the Eire Arm without a single casualty.  It was a massive victory for the Eire Arm and a wake-up call for the rest of the world.


The Eire Arm was now considered a super-powered terrorist organization.


In a strange turn of events, the Commonwealth's British diplomatic attaches were told by the Commonwealth's heroes that they (The Commonwealth super-team) would no longer enact against the citizens of Ireland nor against those 'protecting' them, including the Eire Arm. As such, the Commonwealth, even against the Queen of England's demands, refused to be involved in any conflict in Ireland and unanimously voted to only involve themselves in Ireland should only Ireland itself request the Commonwealth's aid in any Irish humanitarian or natural disaster relief efforts, thus negating any military or political actions against the Eire Arm or the Irish nation. For Taoiseach, this was a massive victory for the Eire Arm, thus ensuring the only local superhero team that could potentially defeat the Eire Arm was not longer a direct threat to his plans.  Ireland's government, as it stood, were soon forced to have Taoiseach be allowed a voice in the Irish government much to the chagrin of Great Britain and the United Kingdom. Since then, Taoiseach has published his own "Taoiseach Manifesto" stating in detail about the rot of government and world influence on Ireland and the necessary ascendancy of the Irish people to become a new world power, of course, under Taoiseach's leadership.


Today, the Taoiseach is the leader of the Eire Arm and has a seat in the Irish government's Parliament, even though the Taoiseach will only attend the meetings of Parliament via video chat systems and never in person. He is a cold, calculating man with an even temper and disposition.  He is calm and rarely gets rattled.  If things go VERY bad for him, he is known to 'shoot the messenger', but then follow up with an dignified, formal and calm response or plan of action. He listens to his advisors, however, he is quick to tell them that fear is not an excuse for inaction.  He cites the stories and quotes of famous Irish leaders, military men and poets, and enjoys the company of women, who seemingly throw themselves at him, almost every night. On several occasions, Taoiseach has 'disappeared' from his room or location, appearing from somewhere else (sometimes half a world away) days later. It is believed he has access to some form of powerful teleportation portal, however, no one has ever seen him use one or talk about one.

Taoiseach has a 'running contract' with the international mercenary guild called "Death Legion", opting to use them on occasion to take out any threats. He also has ties to Oceania, but no one knows to what degree. He obviously has ties to CANIS and its underground black market system, however, he's also been seen with the Maritime Marauders, who seem to also help with the Eire Arm's port and pier raids.

Thanks to Taoiseach, the Eire Arm has established itself across a 100 square miles region of  Ireland and Northern Ireland making himself Ireland's new rebel leader and the leader of Ireland's freedom fighters; freedom fighters that, to this day, still have yet to help any more than 4-5% of the poor, starving and/or downtrodden people of Ireland.

What is Taoiseach's master plan? Who IS this unnamed person and how long will it be before the nation's people makes him Ireland's true 'Taoiseach'?




Power Origin: mix of Technology, Magic (Arcane) and Science

  • Mind Control/Influencing Power (Science)

    • Provided courtesy of Zenith Labs for a pre-paid amount of money (he doesn't have to 'work off the bill' with them)

    • Provides excellent mind control/influencing of up to 10 minds in his 100 foot span of range, allowing him to control and/or change the thinking of said targets

    • Targets that are forced to enact against their base instincts (killing, jumping off of a cliff, etc.) get one opportunity to counter with their psyche, but if failed, the target will carry out the forced, requested action by Taoiseach and/or his controlled minions.

    • Can focus powers to operate one level higher to those within 1 foot of his position.

    • Effects will continue to stay in effect on the targets until something that either enacts against their basic instincts or a year's time have occurred, whichever occurs first.

  • Arcane Magical Powers (Magic: Arcane)

    • Arcane Bolts

      • Can fire arcane bolts of magical energy at good rank for up to 100 yards range

      • Requires about 15 seconds to recharge for firing each bolt

      • Can only be fired from hands

    • Arcane Shields

      • Can form a personal arcane shield around himself providing good magical protection​

      • Shield can last for 1 minute before it has to be recast

      • Cannot be projected onto others

    • Invisibility

      • Can magically make himself invisible to all forms of visual and audible detection at a good level​

      • Effect lasts for only 1 minute before it has to be recast



  • Suit Protection

    • Suit and clothes are lined with Kevlar and dynamic insulators providing the following protections when worn:

      • Good physical protection

      • Excellent energy, temperate protection

      • Remarkable radiation, toxic/toxin protection

  • Handguns (2)

    • Desert Eagle Mark XIX handguns

      • Each does good shooting damage and each has a modified magazine to accommodate 12 rounds (12 single shots or 3 bursts if in semi-auto mode)

      • Incredible level material

  • Knives (6)

    • Incredible composite, non-metallic, non-ferrous material; razor sharp with serrated back edge

  • Magical Items (Magic: Arcane/Druidic)

    • Wards of Protection (Arcane Magic)

      • Wards worn in his clothing and under his skin provide him with the following forms of protection:

        • Good physical and toxic/toxin protection

        • Excellent magical, mental/psionic and radiation protection

        • Typical energy and temperate protection 

      • Wards require recharge once a month (takes 6-12 hours to do enchantment to recharge all wards)

    • Anti-Detection Relic (Druidic Necklace)

      • Druidic relic worn to provide:

        • Amazing prevention of detection from all forms of sensors (tech, magic, sensory, psionic, etc)

      • Never requires recharge

      • LIMITATION: He has to be removed during full moon phase each (aprox. 29.5 days) or instead of anti-detection, it amplifies its location at an amazing level showing ANY form of sensor where he is. He does this by once a month, retiring for a day in a lead-lined bunker under his Eire Arm Warehouse base that provides incredible levels of anti-detection while he's in there. If the necklace is not work during the full moon phase, the necklace is inert and doesn't broadcast its location.

  • Teleportation Device (Technology)

    • Can teleport self up to 2500 miles in a single jaunt, using Oceania's geolocational satellites located in geosynchronous orbit around Earth.

    • Tech takes 1 hour to recharge for each jaunt

    • Jaunt creates a massive negative energy spike at his locations that is easily detectable with any good or better negative energy sensor equipment that is in range of his initial teleportation location (not his final destination).

    • Tech is in a rectangular device he keeps in his jacket's inside breast pocket

    • Device is made of amazing material strength for protection against all forms of damage

  • Belt

    • Carries the following:

      • Smoke Grenade (1)

        • When activated, drops visibility by a factor of 3 for up to 1 minute's time in immediate area of grenade's activation

      • Flash-Bang Device (1)

        • Produces, when activated, a good level flash and poor sonic 'bang' to immediate area where device is

        • Can be set with a delayed 30 second timer or manual activation

      • Garotte

        • Remarkable material strength

        • 3 feet long wire with good wooden handles

      • Gun Magazines (4)

        • Standard ammo for Handguns

      • Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) (1)

        • Uses special Eire Arm frequency

        • Lasts 2 days

        • Transmitted to Oceania satellites or within 10 mile range

      • Lockpick Set (1)

      • Spare Earwigs (2)

      • Compact Nose/Mouth Gas Filter(1)

        • Can stop up to remarkable level gas attacks; filters for 2 hours max

      • Anti-Gas/Pepper Spray Eye Solvent (1)

        • Bottle that, when drops are placed in eyes, provides 2 hours of excellent protection from all forms of toxic/toxin, visual acuity attacks

        • Bottle provides 40 doses total (1 dose=both eyes)

      • Glasses (Normal and Arcane Magic)

        • Provides polarized lens filtering (vs typical light intensity)

        • Provides good flash protection

        • Remarkable material

        • Fitted with special arcane frames that allow the seer through the glasses to detect and see the shape/outline/path of magical items, people, energy, barriers, power use, etc at typical or higher magical use levels)

  • Personal Item

  • Worn, creased picture of a woman and 3 children

    • A detailed (good-excellent intuitive/arcane/druidic knowledge-based) investigation of the picture can identify some/all of the following:

      • Potentially from late 1990s (picture paper style)

      • All are wearing some form of arcane/druidic clothes (for those who know the Conglomerate, this is a hybrid style of clothing)

      • Shown in what looks like an open market (location is actually within the Conglomerate's Bazaar location)

      • For those with excellent druidic knowledge will know the woman as Crystal McConough, a Druidic student from Newgrange's school of Druidic magic)

      • The children in the picture are un-identifiable but seem to be 1, 3 and 5 years of age

Personal Item


  • Military (Professional)

  • Leadership (Professional)

  • Military Guerilla Tactics (Professional)

  • Strategic/Tactical Warfare (Proficient)

  • Military Weapons (Professional)

  • Military Vehicles (Professional)

  • Navigation (Professional)

  • Engineering (Proficient)

  • Logistics (Proficient)

  • Finances (Professional)

  • Business (Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Combat (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Blocking/Charging (Proficient)

  • Tumbling/Balance/Acrobatics (Proficient)

  • Government (Proficient)

  • Irish Literary History/Quotes (Professional)

  • Irish Military History/Quotes (Professional)

  • Irish Poetry (Professional)

  • Influencer (+ Psyche) (professional)

  • Computers (Proficient)

  • Communications (Proficient)

  • Internet Networking (Proficient)

  • Satellite communications/operations (Proficient)

  • Computer Hacking/Dark Web (Proficient)

  • Pilot (single and multi-engine, prop and jet) (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Professional)

    • Gaelic Irish (Master)

    • Other forms of Irish Dialect (Professional) (90% of dialects; other 10%-Proficient)

    • French (proficient)

    • Latin (proficient)

    • Italian/Spanish (Proficient)

    • German (Proficient)

    • Norse/Scandinavian (Barely proficient)

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