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Donal The Damned

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Donal MacGregor

Not readily know



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Eire Arm



Don "Major Deej" Finger

11 May 2019


Maeve MacGregor (wife, deceased)

Anish MacGregor (son, deceased)

Tam MacGregor (son, deceased)

Carine MacGregor (daughter, deceased)




Donal MacGregor was an 11th century Irish leader and warrior bent on pushing out anyone who was not of Irish/Gaelic descent in and about his clan's lands. He was brutal and blood-thirsty in his actions, mostly against the Vikings. He had a wife, Maeve, two sons (Anish and Tam) and a newborn daughter Carine by the time Donal was considered a dedicated enough warrior to warrant the interest of one of Ireland's soon-to-be High Kings.


Brian Boru had made his way up the chain of leadership, fighting off the invading Norsemen from Irish lands in the late 990s and into the 1000s. After each major campaign, Boru achieved another new higher position in Irish hierarchy, placing him in line to become the Irish High King. To cement this title, Boru engaged the invaders and all of Boru's enemies in the Battle of Clontarf in 1014. There, all of Boru's progeny and next in line for the kingship were killed in the battle, leaving no heir for Boru now that he was High King.  To that extent, Boru decided to appoint one of his most powerful and dedicated warriors, Donal MacGregor, to carry on the High Kingship of Ireland once Boru eventually died. Donal was honored to be able to carry on Boru's rule and as such, the next day, Boru set into motion the paper-trail and authorizations necessary for setting forth one of his first formal decrees as who was to be the next High King. Before the document could be written, High King Boru was killed praying in his tent at Clontarf by the Viking mercenary Brodir.


Because there was no formal decree written before Boru's death, Donal was never made High King. Brian Boru was succeeded by Máel Sechnaill (Malachy Mór). A particular individual, Flaithbertach, who had a checkered history, had been making puppets of Brian Boru, Boru's leaders and Máel Sechnaill., but not Donal; Donal knew that Flaithbertach was a conniving backstabber and did all he could to stay out of Flaithbertach's sphere of influence. Flaithbertach knew Donal was to have been made the next High King and as such, set forth a plan to make Donal 'go  away'Using a powerful Druidic Witch that made potions, spells and curses, Faithbreach had Donal grabbed up the night before Máel Sechnaill's coronation, and quietly imprisoned Donal in the dungeon of a damaged castle won during the Battle of ClontarfDonal was furious and outraged, fighting mad at his abduction and Flaithbertach's treachery. As such, Donal was only too happy to taunt and piss off the witch, hoping he'd find a way to break free and kill Flaithbertach once and for all.

While imprisoned, Donal spat at and cursed at the Druidic Witch, telling her all the evil ways he was going to gut her and leave her hanging for days out in the open for the birds to pick at her live flesh. The witch, tired of Donal's threats, used a spell of binding on him, magically dragging him from his cell to a ceremonial platform where s was going to use in a sacrificial ceremony aimed at magically empowering Faithbreach further so that he (Faithbreach) could then take down Máel Sechnaill and become the new High King. The Druidic witch was instead stabbed by Donal with a sharp broken end of a human leg bone that Donal found in his cell and kept hidden to use to attack the witch with at the first opportunity. The witch, moments before her death at the hands of Donal, chanted a spell; a spell that was to make her rise again from the dead, but instead, thanks to her slurred thoughts and words, coupled with Donal standing in the middle of the ceremonial platform at the time of the chant, instead turned into a curse of immortality upon Donal, immediately turning him into a spirit, killing his human body.  With not enough psyche to stay in a coherent form, Donal was drawn into the very arcane stone walls that made up the castle.  Donal's spirit resided in those same stone walls for centuries thereafter, undisturbed even as the sands of time caused the castle about him to crumble and become nothing more than an ancient pile of old rocks where once stood a castle; a pile of old rocks that was about to enter the 21st century.

In 2000, the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth. As such, they tried to drain the magical energies that made up all of Earth and its spark of life. Thanks to the armies and heroes of the world, the Soltans were not only driven off of Earth, but all of Earth's magic (and then some!) came cascading back to Earth at over 400% of it's existing charge of magic.  As such, anything that was empowered by magic, was now 400% stronger, including the arcane imprisonment of Donal in the diminished Irish castle stones; stones that would soon see a mystical fight that would change Donal's fate once and for all.

Not long after the Soltans retreated, an evil magical spirit named Glinti had been released from her imprisonment and had taken over the living body of a young Irish woman.  The Irish woman's father, a mage amidst the hidden magical society known as the Conglomerate, rallied a few of his friends and went to track down Glinti and get the Irish woman's body and mind back form Glinti.  During the epic battle at the grounds of the castle we'd been mentioning all along, several magical bolts caused enough disruption to the castle's old enchanted stone walls as to free Donal's spirit from its centuries-old imprisonment. Not only was Donal released, but so was that of a mystical being called a Clurichaun.  Both Donal and Taume (The Clurichaun) attempted to flee the area they'd both been imprisoned in for the last few centuries, however, Glinti used her magical powers to control both Donal and Taume mere seconds after they'd gained their freedom. As such, Glinti used Donal and Taume to help defeat the father (and the father's friends) who were fighting to get back Glinti's host body of the girl she'd possessed. With a victory under her belt, Glinti took Donal and Taume with her to a nearby town where she used them as part of her new slaves to do her bidding as she (Glinti) was to figure out how to take over the world of the 21st century; a century she was thoroughly unaccustomed to.

After some time ensorcelled in her control spell, Glinti decided to go to a neighboring town and take it over as one of her first town takeovers. There, Glinti encountered the leader of the rogue army calling itself the Eire Arm; the leader's name was Taoiseach. Glinti and Taoiseach both fought valiantly against each other, however, Taoiseach was able to undo the control Glinti had over Donal and Taume. As such, he took control of Donal and Taume and 'influenced' them to defeat Glinti, which they readily and happily did.  With Glinti defeated, Donal was still under the influence of Taoiseach, still unable, for the most part, to even form a viewable generation of his body, only a ghostly outline with lots of fog and mist about the outline. Using his passive influence powers, Taoiseach was able to 'convince' Donal to serve with the Eire Arm with Taoiseach as his leader. When Donal asked if the term "Taoiseach" still meant leader in old gaelic, the Taoiseach nodded. As per Donal's dedicated duty, he was willing to once again do as he had done before - fight for his king, until such time that he himself, could become king...if that was even possible with him being in the ghostly state he was currently the 21st century.

Donal instead had become a powerful fighting 'spirit', if you will, for the Eire Arm.  His battle cries, courage and manly demeanor has helped created a high morale amidst the troops and has empowered the Eire Arm to believe that if an ancient Irish warrior spirit is willing to be led by Taoiseach, then so should they.

Today, Donal 'The Damned' as he's been accustomed to saying about himself, continues to fight with the Eire Arm under the orders of Taoiseach. Donal is a hard fighting, hard drinking spirit (who can't really drink, but still likes going through the motions still) who operates just shy of being a barbarian on the battlefield.  He has an unwavering loyalty to Taoiseach. He hates Glinti (now calling herself "Black Shamrock"), but will still fight alongside her as a teammate in battle.  He and Taume seem to create a bit of rabble-rousing, however, Donal loves to sing old sad Irish lyrics and songs after battle. Most of the troops know these songs, however, they get pretty depressed listening to them after an hour and usually turn on their own tunes, to which Donal tolerates. Donal considered anyone else that is not a native son or daughter of Ireland as an 'outsider'; an outsider than should be cast out...or killed.


Although Donal the Damned should have once become an Irish High King in the early 1400s, he is now a warrior's spirit in the 21st century, fighting once again for the honor of Ireland and it's leader king, to which Donal believes is the man calling himself 'Taoiseach'.





Power Origin: Magical (Spirit)

  • Spirit Body

    • As a ghost, Donal is a disembodied soul that can interact with the physical world

    • Unearthly protection against all forms of damage, except Magic

    • Fantastic protection against magic attacks

  • Invisibility

    • Can remain invisible to an unearthly level, except for the following:

    • When he moves, attacks, talks or hovers, his spirit energy creates a drop in local ambient temperature by over 50 degrees F; as such, the air can fog up, create vapor-clouds around his body/form, basically making him between feeble to poor in visibility, pending on exertion of energy by Donal

  • Ethereal Attacks

    • Can physically/magically effect anything that he want to interact with (touch, using sword, slap, etc.)

  • Spirit Vision

    • Can see in normal, night and spirit/astral sight

  • Spirit Movement

    • Can move in bursts up to remarkable speed for a several second jaunt, done only once every 30 seconds; usually leaves a misty trail​

    • Can hover up to 20-30 feet above the ground; however at 10 mph max; usually creates a foggy like trail

    • With minimal movement, can remain relatively invisible

  • Spirit Talk/Senses​

    • Can talk to a dead person's spirit or souls that haven't left Earth Or are stuck/present on Earth) within 1/2 mile range​

    • Can sense dead souls within 1/2 mile range



  • Axe of the Damned

    • Maintains the same powers/state as Donal

    • No one else can wield this axe; will disappear into ethereal plane if Donal is disarmed from his axe

    • Does excellent edged/blunt physical/magical damage

  • Donal's Sword

    • Maintains the same powers/state as Donal

    • No one else can wield this sword; will disappear into ethereal plane if Donal is disarmed from his sword

    • Does excellent edged/blunt physical/magical damage



  • Swordsmanship/Axe Combatant (Professional)

  • Acrobatics (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Hold/Block (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Escape/Dodge (Professional)

  • Leadership (Proficient)

  • Tactical Combat: + Intuition, Initiative, Fighting

  • Farming (Proficient)

  • Cattle/Butcher (Proficient)

  • Ancient Melee Weapons (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • Gaelic/Irish (Professional)

    • English (Proficient)

    • Anglo-Saxon (Proficient)

    • Latin (Barely Proficient)

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