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Black MagicJaymes Young
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Carey Duffy/Glinti




mid 20s








Dark Shamrock

Eire Arm



Don "Major Deej" Finger

5 Nov 2019


  • Moira Duffy (Mother, deceased)

  • Fergus Duffy (Father)

  • Kevin Duffy (Brother)




An old cursed magical Celtic tiara hidden by Irish father in a lockbox in the family's basement was found by Carey Duffy as a young teenage girl. Without realizing its powers, she placed it on her head amongst her school friends. The dark soul that resided in the tiara, Glinti (as the dark soul was once called over 1000 years ago), took control of the weak Carey's mind, killing her school friends outright so as to absorb their essences. Carey's mother tried to help stop Carey/Glinti and died in the process.  Carey/Glinti escaped and hid amidst the ruins of an ancient castle the Glinti had once resided in a millennia ago. During that time Glinti got Carey to divulge when they were and give up the secrets of the era and a simple overview of Irish and world history since Glinti's defeat a millennia ago.

Over the next few days, Carey's father, Fergus, an angry Conglomerate Druidic mage that barely survived the Soltan Star Empire's invasion of Earth in 2000, took a few of his Druidic friends and hunted for Carey/Glinti.

In an epic battle, Carey/Glinti won, placing Carey's father into a coma and killed Carey's father's friends in the battle. As a result of the battle, a pair of other ancient Irish beings were released from the magical energies that damaged sections of the ruined castle that had been holding the other two beings in stasis; they were Donal the Damned and Clurichaun Tom.  Both of the newly released beings (Donal being a spirit) attempted to combat Carey/Glinti with each losing (ok, Tom just tried to run away using his Clurichan powers to escape, but he was still stopped). As such, Carey/Glinti placed a spell on them to bind their will to hers.  With that the trio left the ruined castle and recent battle site and made their way to a small berg where they invaded a family's home and started living there, making the home owner and his family submit (via Glinti's dark magics) to their will.

For the next few days, the trio were well fed and got rested up, as well as learned about the new century they were in. Through a spell, Carey/Glinti was able to work a verbal/hearing translation spell so all could understand modern Irish, Gaelic and English languages.  The trio soon decided to walk about the berg and learn more (more to the point learn that this new era was 'soft, weak and worthless') and quickly turned on the town, trying to take over the entire town.  That's when they encountered the Taoiseach.

The Taoiseach was a man building an army calling itself the Eire Arm, merely a kilometer down the road. Taoiseach tried to reason with Carey/Glinti, nicknaming her a 'Black Shamrock' rather than stating either of their names, and told them to submit to him and the Eire Arm and join his revolution. Of course, the trio attacked Taoiseach only to discover his will and mental powers were greater than 'Black Shamrock's'. Taoiseach took mental control of Donal and Tom and used them to fight Black Shamrock instead. Seconds later, the fight was done, with Taoiseach the victor. Glinti, as Black Shamrock, was furious in being beaten, but thanks to Taoiseach's 'influential' power, he actually influenced Glinti to instead happily join him and the Eire Arm, which the trio all did.

Since then, Black Shamrock has learned more about her powers than she ever did a millennia ago.  Although she and the others in the Eire Arm are still under Taoiseach's 'influence', she has independent thoughts, control and reactions, however, all to whatever Taoiseach wants her (and the others) to do.

Today, Black Shamrock continues to fight with the Eire Arm under the 'influence' of Taoiseach.  She is a mean, angry sorceress and can be quite cruel and malevolent.  She is also in charge of Carey Duffy's body still and has yet to relinquish any form of control back to Carey...ever.




Power Origin: Magic (Arcane, Druidic Schools of Magic)

  • Magical Abilities

    • Arcane Bolts (Arcane: Glinti's power)

      • Excellent magical damage at a range of 200 feet at a rate of once every 15 seconds​

    • Magical Shields/Defenses (Arcane: Glinti's power)

      • Can create either shields or aura around herself providing the following protection:​

        • Remarkable magical and radiation protection​

        • Excellent energy, temperate protection

        • Good physical, toxic/toxin protection

    • Plant Control (Druidic: Carey's power)

      • Excellent ability to manipulate, hyper-grow and psionically control all forms of plants, brush, vine, tree, and fungus within a 200 square foot area about herself

      • Can empower plants to have a good hold, immobilization and/or toxic (fungus attacks) strength against targets

      • Can grow at 100,000% rate (10 feet = 10 seconds) to a max strength/size of only 2,000% of original plant life's size/volume

    • Animal Control (Druidic: Carey's power)

      • Good ability to control animals within a 100 yard range; 200 yards with focus​

      • Can only control up to 10 animals max at a time; more than 10 requires sustained focus

    • Dark Blast (Death/Dark: Glinti's power)

      • Can inflict good magical/dark/negative energy damage

      • Range: 200 feet

      • Can blast at a rate of 1 shot every several seconds

    • Dark Tentacle Patch (Death/Dark: Glinti's power)

      • Excellent hold/immobilization dark energy tentacles (max of 20) emanating form a path that can be summoned 200 feet away from her

      • Each tentacle has good strength

      • Patch lasts for 2 minutes before it dissipates or is recast

    • Black Shamrock Magical Sensors (Death/Dark: Glinti's power)

      • Can create a small cluster of 20 black shamrocks that will magically communicate movement, magical energy use (of poor or better), large weather/temperature variations and psionic imagery of anything occurring within 200 yards of the small set of black shamrocks

      • Information is sent psionically (through the tiara) to her, up to a max range of 200 miles

      • Can create up to 20 sets/patches of these clusters of black shamrocks​​​​​​​

    • Arcane Sight​/Hearing

      • Can see and hear into normal, magical and astral plane at an excellent level​



  • Black Clover Tiara

    • Arcane magic artifact that can channel, direct and store arcane magical, mental and/or psychic/psionic powers and/or stored being's spirits

    • Tiara is over 1500 years old

    • Magical/Psionic Storage

      • Spirit/Soul Storage

        • Can store up to 20 spirits and/or souls​

        • Can be used to infuse spirits of a being/person with a person wielding the tiara in their hands, so long as the wielder has the Arcane skills of remarkable of better to do so or have psionic/mental powers of excellent of greater level

        • Can only infuse the target's spirit/soul if the target by placing it on the target's brow/head for at least 30 seconds

          • Body of the target, once the spirit/soul is infused  into the Tiara, will continue to live, but as a mental vegetable (no mental actions other than basic life sustaining responses (breathing, heartbeat, etc.)​

      • Can store up to 5000 units of magical energy max​

      • Tiara can magically recharge itself when it is within 50 miles of a magical energy source (i.e., Ley line, etc.) at a rate associative to 1/4 of the power source's rank over an hour's time (i.e., if magical source is a good level, it will recharge at a feeble rate over an hour's time)
  • Black Wand of Aspiros
    • Unearthly magical material wand with equal strength/build​
    • 3000 years old
    • Stores 300 units of dark/death magical energy
    • Draining Life
      • Can be used to drain health from a target at a 10% rate every several seconds (takes 10 turns to take healthy person to dead)
        • Health drained from target can be used to recharge wand or wand bearer him/herself to equal amount​
    • Magical Enhancer
      • Channels and enhances any magical power by one additional level when death/dark magic is used through it
    • Use of wand for levels over typical will allow the wand to be detected; greater the power use, greater the detection
    • Wand is hidden from sight in a pocket dimension within proximity to hand; can pull wand basically 'out of thin air'
    • Spirit Divining Rod
      • Allows user to detect spirits and astral plane entities/beings within 200 yards at an excellent rank​
    • Translator
      • Can translate psionically all languages in the world up to 1850 AD​
      • New languages are being added daily, adding 10% new words/languages/meanings per each 1 hour of being exposed to the voices/languages
  • Belt of Iluri
    • Amazing magical material that has a green glow to it
    • Stores 500 units of magical energy that can be used to fuel the wearer's magical powers/spells​
      • The more magical energy is stored in the belt, the brighter the green glow is (highest glow level=feeble light rank)​
    • One-shot short-range personal Teleporter
      • When activate, it burns all of the belt's stored magical energy units to do so
      • When teleporting, a bright green light builds up to an excellent flash when finally teleported​
      • Takes several seconds for the teleporter to warm up and operate
      • When activated, wearer cannot perform any other action during the several seconds it takes to use the one-shot short-range teleporter​
      • Ultimate destination is 100% random within a 300 mile range
  • Earrings of Derixa
    • Prevents others from detecting the wearer's magical presence or use of powers up to a specific power rank (see next line)​
    • One earring= excellent rank; Two earrings =remarkable rank
    • Range is 200 feet and 300 feet respectively



  • Carey:

    • Druidic Magic (Proficient)

    • Computers (Proficient)

    • Environmentalism (Proficient)

    • Social Media (Proficient)​

    • Charity Work (Proficient)

    • Irish History (Proficient)

    • Botany (Proficient)

    • Languages:

      • English (Professional)​

      • Gaelic Irish (Professional)

      • Welsh (proficient)

  • Glinti:​

    • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

    • Arcane Magic (Professional)

    • Alteration magic (barely proficient)

    • Irish History/Lore (Professional)

    • Magical Artifacts (Proficient)

    • Alchemy (Professional)

    • Herbs/Plants (Professional)

    • Languages:

      • English (Professional)​

      • Gaelic Irish (Professional)

      • Welsh (proficient)

      • Latin (Professional)

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