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Charles Coddly

Relatively Unknown











Crimson Crab

UCE Enforcers



Don "Major Deej" Finger

26 Nov 2008


Mention of alcoholic parents and non-dwarfish brothers and sisters (not seen since age 16)




As a young boy being raised in an Inuit Indian (First People) Reserve in upper Manitoba, Canada, Charles Coddly was constantly harassed and picked-on for his dwarfism.  Being only 4 1/2 feet tall, he was constantly the butt of all jokes and pranks from the local school kids and sometimes even their parents.  As a teenager, he learned how to fight and became quite the scrapper.  His actions eventually got him expelled from school at age 16.  His parents, both alcoholics and living off the state welfare dollar, licked him out of the house days later.  Even his non-dwarfish brothers and sisters derided him right up until he was physically tossed out the from door by their dad.  Alone, poor and suicidal, Charles walked down the snowy roads, sleeping in alleys, in people's garages and basements without permission as well as in dumpsters.  He found a few odd jobs along the way as a short order cook, a janitor and a trash collection man, but none lasted longer than several days once his co-workers or customers made fun of his size...resulting in them being hospitalized thereafter courtesy of Charles.

One particular job put Charles on a commercial fishing ship, where he was brought on as crew for engineering to 'shove Charles into places normal people couldn't fit into'. As such, he became quite the 'bilge crab', being able to crawl behind and under things inaccessible to others. Sadly, that job only lasted for 2 weeks when the ship was attacked by the Atlantic Kingdom.

At the time of the Atlantic Kingdom's attack on the ship, Charles was underneath the high pressure air cylinder band fixing a small leak there. The ship, once attacked, sank quickly. Most of the crew died in the attack, however, Charles was stuck trying to get out. As the engine room flooded, Charles thought quick and loosened an air valve's bolts, allowing the high pressure air to leak out slowly. Charles used this air to breathe underwater, however, that didn't matter for long. The ship plummeted to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in over 4000 feet of water...that's over 1600 psi of water pressure pressing against Charles body. Charles eventually blacked out as the surrounding water pressure crushed him.

Days later, awoke in a lab. A water-filled lab. A VERY high tech lab. A lab where he was on a table with dozens of tubes, wires and chunks of metal sticking out of him.  He was alive...but what had now happened to him?  He passed out when he saw his answer in the reflection of a metal surface: he looked like a crab monster.

When Charles awoke again, strange digital-like readouts were scrolling past his eyes, with his vision now only seeing red and no other colors. When he raised his hands, huge claw-like appendages instead appeared.  He'd been severely altered.

After a few days of being calmed down by 'fish people', Charles soon realized he was an experiment; an experiment done on him by the Atlantic Kingdom.  Before he was able to do anything or get any answers, he was transported away to what seemed a metal tube.

Hours later, Charles' 'metal tube' was shot through the water , landing ashore in Halifax, Nova Scotia. As Charles exited the tube, his 'digital-like readouts that had scrolled past his eyes were now changing into tactical maps. Before Charles could move, a blinking red light engaged in the helmet and Charles was no longer had control of his actions. The armor he was encased in was now being remotely whom, he had no idea, but controlled it was.

Charles armor started running fast, leaping and blasting and cutting at any and all authorities, policemen, military men and even some civilians that were in the armor's way.  The armor made its way to a naval base there and cut through a corvette ship's hull and sunk the ship within minutes. All while this was happening, Charles was trying to figure a way out of the armor or to stop it. The armor was finally stopped by not by Charles, but instead, Canada's superhero, Commander Canada.

Commander Canada fought Charles' armor, beating it until finally, whatever remote control antennae was being used, broke. Commander Canada ripped off the armor's helmet to uncover Charles' body in the armor. Instead of ripping it off further, Commander Canada stated that it looked like the armor was fused to whomever this was wearing it. Charles went into shock.

Days later, Charles realized he was back in control of his body, but in a VERY strong and heavily armored prison cell. After a day of talking to authorities, Charles was told he was a liar and that he'd obviously 'volunteered' to help the Atlantic Kingdom, since all of Charles 'character references' from his family and hometown called him a loser and a traitor.

Charles was furious. He did NOT allow any of this to happened to just KEPT happening to him.  With no one believing him and after getting his day in court to instead be sentenced to 45 years in prison, Charles began to hate humanity...and of course the Atlantic Kingdom.

In discussions with several other inmates at the maximum security prison, Charles was told that one night, he was going to have one shot at escaping with several other "true Canadians" in a prison break.  That night, the prison break happened and thanks to Charles and his remarkable crab-like grafted armor, they were all able to escape.  The people who pulled off the escape: The United Canadian Empire (UCE), a terrorist organization bent on unifying Canada and the Untied States making a 'New Canada' that was fair, strong and for the people. With nowhere else to go, Charles went with them.

Once at the UCE's Wolfe Island facility, Charles quickly realized no one treated him as a freak wile he was there. They actually TALKED to him normally; they called him by his name, Charles, and treated him like an equal. He'd never had that happen to him before in his life.  As such, after meeting the UCE's leader, Emperor North and other super-powered people in their UCE Enforcers team, Charles decided the UCE was for him and joined them.

Since then, Charles has worked side by side with the UCE.  He's not a big fan of their politics, but it is the only place he feels like he belongs.  The UCE continues to treat Charles with respect and thanks to the resident UCE's genius, Doctor Phlebotinum, Charles armor was significantly upgraded, creating the walking weapon that he that goes by the name of "Canadian Crab".

Today, the Canadian Crab aids the UCE and the UCE Enforcers in all forms of operations. He is dedicated to his UCE family and will fight hard to stop anyone considered an enemy. He hates killing, but if he has to, he will. He is still a wanted escaped convict in the United States and Canada.




Power Origin: Natural/Technology

Powers are derived from his grafted battle suit.



  • Canadian Crab Battle Suit

    • Cyborg Enhancements

      • Allows for remarkable fighting, agility, strength and endurance

    • Armoring 

      • Provides remarkable physical and psionic protection

      • Provides incredible energy protection

      • Provides amazing temperate protection

      • Provides spectacular radiation protection

    • Titanium Blade/Claw Gauntlets

      • Can rend any material up to remarkable strength

      • Can hold objects with remarkable power/strength like a vice grip

      • Blade is razor sharp and can slide through any material excellent or less

    • Crab Pack

      • Six arms that are loaded with:

      • 2 good energy cannons

      • 2 flamethrowers that do good heat/flame damage

      • 1 poisonous gas emitters, sending out excellent knockout gas (lasts 10 minute for effect)

      • 1 Grenade Launcher of excellent explosive grenades (stores up to 10)

    • Helmet

      • Same protection as armoring

      • Contains full communications, internet and video transceiver systems, fully encrypted to UCE network

      • Range is unlimited

    • Visor

      • Provides night vision, infra red vision, tactical and navigation display and electronic/heat tracing imagery

      • Also has facial recognition software/tools

      • Provides excellent flash protection

    • Leaping​

      • Can leap 300 feet across, 220 feet up, 410 feet down​

    • Hyper Running/Swimming​

      • Can swim and/or ​run at excellent speeds (45 mph or 40 knots)



  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Survival (Proficient)

  • Street Living (Proficient)

  • Shipboard Mechanical Engineering (Barely proficient)

  • Cooking (Proficient)

  • Janitor (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Professional)

    • French (Professional)

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