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Auric BOLT

Oceania Champions Champion of Oceania Ba
Danger! High VoltageElectric Six
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Samantha Smith













Champions of Oceania



Don "Major Deej" Finger

21 Aug 2010



Cullen Smith (father, deceased)




The militant socialist isle nation of Oceania is well known for its highly advanced weaponry and equipment, such that many black marketeers have diligently gone after their technology at great risk of death. Very few robberies have ever been successful from Oceania, however, one particular one leads us to the tangled involvement with several gangs and villain groups as well as an audacious ex-CANIS Omega named Samantha Smith.


A few years ago, a worker from Oceania's unique weapons manufacturing plant, named ECM-235, wanted to sell one of the highly sought after (yet untested) electrical generation suits.  Donning the suit, the ECM-235 used it to fly into the sky on a stormy night, attempting to shake his alerted pursuers, the Champions of Oceania and the well-armed Oceania Air Patrol's Skynights.  for the first five minutes into the escape, the ECMflew an erratic, evasive course towards the African coastline.  After 10 miles from Oceania, the Skyknights had to turn back or be fired upon by any of the several United Nations fleet vessels blockading the island.  The Champions of Oceania, however, let go one final salvo at the 10-mile marker, hitting the ECM-235's electrical generation pack and causing it to start shorting out.  Several miles from the African coastline, the suit finally gave out, sending the escaping ECM-235 crashing into the ocean.  An international rescue team was sent out for the primary purpose of retrieving the suit, and if lucky, the worker, alive.  Sadly, after a week of searching, the international rescue team wasn't able to find the suit or ECM-235Oceania put out an excessive reward across the globe for salvagers to find and return the suit in fair or better condition;the better the condition, the better the reward.  As such, the hunt was on, with every single villainous group and gang, as well as CIA, MI-6 and several other international spy and militant agencies (Legacy Corporation, for example) to go out looking for it. 

Over the next few weeks, it was a true free-for-all in the waters between Oceania and the African coast.  Heroes fighting villains, opposing nations attacking and sabotaging the others search efforts, mercenaries killing salvagers - it was chaos.  Amidst the chaos, one of the crime groups know as CANIS sent out two teams, one from its Hyena Pack and the other from its Jackal Pack


One of the Jackal Pack Omegas (trooper) actually found the suit; that Omega was Samantha Smith


The suit was found under a ledge in the ocean with half of ECM-235's dead body still strapped in; the other half was eaten by fish. 

Once CANIS' Omega Smith brought the suit up from the depths sans the remnants of the workers body, a fight immediately broke out, with other CANIS troops, legates, and initiates all attempting to claim the suit.  In the confusion, Samantha spirited away the suit and took it to a repair shop in the bowels of the CANIS ship they were on.  There, she ordered a mechanic to find out what was wrong with the suit and fix it on the spot, all the while Samantha fended off others who attempted to take the suit from her and the mechanic.  After killing five CANIS members, the suit was finally repaired.  She shot the mechanic, opened a cargo hatch in the maintenance bay that lead outside the ship and flew off in the new electrical generation suit under heavy fire.  She made her way to shore, but not before a band of Golden Dragons super-powered membeers tried to steal the suit from her.  Those same thugs learned the extent of the suit's electrical generation powers and abilities much to their 3rd degree electrical burns and hospitalization.

Weeks later, still being chased by everyone originally hunting for the suit, she was surprised by the Champion of Oceania's Doctor Goodthink who'd dominated Samantha's mind and brought her back to Oceania.


A year later, 'Auric Bolt' was introduced as the newest member of the Champions of Oceania.  Although the person in the suit was Samantha Smith, she was no longer that same person.  She had been completely mind-wiped and retrained to be a combatant for the Champions of Oceania.  She can operate independently and believes that she has 'always' been Auric Bolt from Oceania.


Today, "Auric Bolt" continues to work as a 'doubleplusgood' citizen in the Champions of Oceania, and considers herself a life-long Oceania citizen, fighting for Governor Goldstein and Oceania!



Power origin: Natural

Samantha Smith does not have any super powers.




Electrical Generation Suit

  • Electrical Generation

    • Can generate remarkably powered electrical field from suit

  • Electrical Blast

    • Can generate an excellent electrical energy blast from hands

    • Range - 200 yards

    • Can fire off a blast every several seconds

    • If grounded, can't fire anything over feeble blast rank

  • EM Spectrum Sight (with special contact lenses)

    • Can see into electro-magnetic spectrum (see EM waves) at an excellent level

    • Need special contact lenses to allow detailed EM field viewing

  • Electrical Flight

    • Can generate an electrical field allowing flight at a speed of 200 mph for unlimited range at a max altitude of 2,000 feet above ground level (AGL).

  • Electrical Aura

    • Can create a remarkably powerful deflective field around her body versus physical, magnetic, energy, electrical, temperate and toxic/toxin attacks.

  • Electrical Stasis

    • Can use charged elements in the air to 'cage' an individual or multiple (up to 6) targets in a good ranked electrical stasis field.​

    • Max range is 200 yards

  • Electrical Chain Attack

    • Can emit a stringed attack through up to 10 un-grounded targets within 100 yards, conducting good electrical damage per several seconds.

    • Can only last for a maximum of 30 seconds.

    • Can only be performed once every 5 minutes.

  • Slight Magnetic Field

    • Can create poor magnetic field around self, extending 4 yards

  • Electric Dynamo Blast

    • Can create a once-a-day incredible electrical blast using all the stored electrical energy in the suit.

    • Affects anyone/everything within a 400 yard range.

    • Suit's host must checked against an equivocal stamina/endurance effort to not get stunned/slammed or both as a result of the blast.

    • Can effect damage upon the suit



  • Electricity (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Increased fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Increased Evasion/Holds/Wrestling (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Aerial Combat (Proficient)

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