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Oceania AIr Patrol Flight Officer Badge.
Oceania Air Patrol Flight Sergeant Badge
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To alleviate the cost of fuel for a constant Combat Air Patrol (CAP) around Oceania, Minipax has created an Oceania Air Patrol (OAP) of troops with high-powered folding-wing solar energized flight packs and weapons called "Skyknights" that patrol the skies in and around Oceania.

These Skyknights are well trained, acrobatic fighters that can engage ground units as easily as fending off enemy aircraft (or other flying persons/crafts). Each Skyknight has a built-in radio system, tracking and targeting system, and either an high-tech assault rifle or a pair of high-powered gauntlet energy blasters.  Skyknights can carry a variety of equipment on their belts to include grenades (smoke, flash, fragmentation, gas, etc.), electronic jammers (for comms, radar and tracking signals), signal flares, emergency beacons, food and medical supplies.

Skyknights have also used handheld Plasma Cannons to 'disintegrate' mobs or protesters.

Several higher ranking Skyknights have access to high-velocity heat-seeking and Infra-red explosive missiles and can adapt to higher altitudes (Stratospheric, possibly even Exospheric).

Each year, a competition in the OAP occurs to find the 'best of the best' Skyknight, a battle that sometimes results in deaths.  That winner of that competition goes on to become the "Skymaster" of the OAP and is indoctrinated into the Champions of Oceania.

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