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Andrew James Alistair




early 40s









Mr. A, Doctor Alistair

The Allied Fighters

The New Allied Fighters Issue # 2 (MDU Comics)

Mar 2012

Andrew Finger

21 Jan 2007


Phillip Alistair
(grandfather, deceased)

Aston H. Alistair

(father, deceased)

Christine Alistair


Robert Alistair

(brother, deceased (2-month old))






Andrew's story starts with his father, Aston H. Alistair; a well-respected surgeon in Ontario, Canada between the 70s and 90s. One day, when Andrew was about 15, his dad was discovered by others in the hospital staff to have a limited mutant capability to heal others.  His medical license was revoked and was fired from his job, all the while his family was persecuted for Andrew's father's "apparent" cheating at being a true doctor.  Andrew's mother, Christine, left them in disgust and shame, never to return.  The father, destitute and depressed, attempted suicide.  When Andrew found him near death, Andrew discovered his own healing powers, and saved his dad from death. His dad was eventually admitted to a mental hospital.  Within a year of his hospitalization, Andrew's father died from a will to live.  He did, however, leave Andrew an inheritance of over $15 million dollars, setting up Andrew for life.

In 1995, while Andrew was attending a medical school under a false name, Major Invader of the Allied Fighters SG showed up and offered Andrew a chance to be trained as a healing superhero.  When Andrew asked why he should care, Major Invader told Andrew the story of his grandfather's actions during WWII and his father's heroism and kindness during the Vietnam war.


Andrew's grandfather, Phillip Alistair, was the only one to save the young Irish Fighter from near death (using an equivalent mutant healing power, but far less powerful). Andrew's father, during the Vietnam War, saved Major Invader's life twice; once when Andrew's father revived Major Invader using standard medical skills and the second time when Andrew's father used his healing powers to bring Major Invader back from the dead.


Major Invader wanted to be able to 'pay it forward' in his debt to his father and grandfather by giving Andrew a chance at being more than just a normal doctor, but heroes like his father and grandfather were.


Andrew thought long and hard about it and agreed so long as he was able to finish his medical schooling and get his doctor's degree. 


Major Invader agreed and life continued...until the Earth was invaded.

In 2000, while performing his residency college requirements in Canada, Andrew experienced the global invasion of the warlike Soltan Star Empire.  Major Invader contacted Andrew and picked him up in the parking lot of his hospital residency and flew off with a hastily made up group of 'new' Allied Fighters that Major Invader had intended to train, but had not had the opportunity up to that point. Nonetheless to say, the team was not prepared for the battle to come.

In the first week of the invasion, Andrew, who was given the codename "Doc Alleviation", healed nearly 400 injured soldiers and heroes.  At one point, the Soltans dropped a particle bomb on a band of the new Allied Fighters; five of which were critically injured and dying, along with over two dozen seriously injured soldiers. Ramping up his power to new levels he'd never accessed before, Doc Alleviation brought three of the team's heroes back to from the brink of death, while also healing all the other soldiers. As a result of overtaxing his powers, however, Doc Alleviation collapsed into a coma. His powers depleted and gone.

The rest of Earth's heroes and military forces fought back the invasion, but at a high cost. For the 'new' Allied Fighters, only two of them survived the invasion: Doc Alleviation, who was in a coma for the next year and Major Invader who was so severely wounded, it took years of healing and rehabilitation for him just to be able to walk again.

A year later after the invasion, Andrew awoke from his coma.  As a result of his battlefield experiences, Andrew had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from the invasion, coupled with nightmares and sleepless nights.  For the next few years, he went through therapy and eventually gained control of his life.  He did however decide to never again take up the mantle of a superhero...ever.  He went back to college and finished his medical degree, becoming a volunteer doctor at several hospitals in the area.  He never attempted to use his powers again...until recently.

Recently, Andrew was contacted by Major Invader again.  Although no one knows how he did it, the Major talked Andrew to come back to the Allied Fighters and help restart a new team. 

Will the doctor be able to handle combat again with his PTSD?  Will Doc Alleviation continue to have the confidence he needs to help heal others after the trauma he experienced from the Soltan Invasion?

Time will tell...but time may not heal the Doc's wounds...



Power Origin: Mutant

  • Hyper-Expedient Regenerative Organic Healing (HEROH) Power

    • Amazing mutant ability to heal an organic plant, being or cellular construct to include such examples as broken bones, arterial damage, flesh/cellular wounds, flesh trauma, lung/respiratory and cardiopulmonary related injuries, all the while deprecating the nerve endings of said person/being so they do not feel pain while being healed (the person/being WILL be sore the next day though).

    • Can heal a person/being over a distance of 25 feet; greater than that requires intense concentration and a significant decrease in healing power level

    • Can heal up to 4 people at the same time without effort; more than that is a highly difficult feat.

    • When in direct contact with a patient, he can impose full healing without any effort or concentration

    • He has the ability to transfer pain and damage to himself to lessen a patient's pain/injuries, however, his psyche is at risk each time he attempts this due to his PTSD.

    • In a rare situation, he can 'deaden' a patient's nerve impulses to allow the patient to feel no pain for up to 50 seconds.  This was used on one of his teammates so as to 'tank' his way through a mob of Soltans soldiers.  Highly difficult feat.

    • He has the fantastic ability to bring back people from the veil of death, but only within 5 minutes of the stopping or that person's/being's heart (or equivocal).

    • If he attempts to revive more than five near-death bodies at a time, his body would shutdown and go into a coma-like state for up to a year (4d +1 power feat fail)

    • Healing limitations identified thusfar:

      • eye injuries or mutilation

      • highly concentrated active toxic poisons

      • lost body parts/limbs (he cannot regrow a finger, leg or hand on a patient, but can heal the organic material that is there)

      • severe or permanent brain trauma


  • Airwave/sat comms/broadband/narrowband/military channel communications suite

    • range - 25 miles for transmitting; receipt - depends on signal strength from source

    • contains filtering system to automatically clean up atmospheric conditions and frequency alterations

    • contains links to the group's Alpha-1 system

  • Face Shield/Mask

    • Polarized lens protection against excellent levels of high-intensity lighting, flares or flashes.

    • Rebreather adapter can be activated to provide up to 2 hours of oxygen and filters out CO and CO2

    • Gas mask to 0.1 microns (He always has this on if in costume).

    • Face shield also displays internet and Alpha-1 link imagery and data for medical schematics, procedures, diagrams and images on the inside of the face shield (like a Heads-Up Display (HUD)).

  • Shoulder Units

    • Doc can activate the shoulder unit's flashing red emergency light  (good intensity) thus allows others to know where he is during a battle or for triage purposes, much like an ambulance's emergency lights.

    • Contain a self contained cooling block in each pad for storage of temperature-sensitive drugs and needles (mission dependent), allowing for 4 vials and 6 needles in each unit.

  • Belt

    • Storage for medical equipment, additional oxygen, medication, medical tools, and a large variety of remedies, salves, ointments and bandages.


  • Trauma/Emergency Medicine Medical Doctor (Master)

  • Field Medicine/Surgery (Master)

  • Medical Surgeon (Professional)

  • Pharmacist (Professional)

  • Psychiatrist (Proficient)

  • Military Operations/Tactics (Proficient)

  • Secret/Covert Operations (Proficient)

  • Pilot (Proficient)

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