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2 Feb 2014




Yiara is considered to be a mythical magical creature (Yara) based on Brazilian, Tupi and Guaraní mythology. In the MDU, she is a mystical 'being' created by humans from the Alterations school. Supposedly, she is over 1000 years old, but most likely, she is a spawn of another being called a Yara, since this being retains a natural light green skin, unlike recorded history's description of her, instead, calling her a water nymph, a siren, or a beautiful mermaid.

Yiara has learned to change into the form of a normal, beautiful woman to seductively lure men into her control. Using her Alteration Enchantment magics, coupled with powerful pheromones, Yiara can control men to do her bidding with remarkable success. Once controlled, Yiara will bite deep into the sides of the controlled man's neck to infuse a magical 'water-breathing' capability (called her 'water-breathing bite') on her victim. From there, she takes him to her undersea caverns off the coast of Ecuador and/or Chili where her controlled man joins thousands of other controller men in one of many slave roles; consort/lover, builder, soldier, farmer or recorder (scribe).

These men will remain under Yiara's control until their own psyches are able to take over their own minds. As such, the men are treated to special salves and alchemy to become the same skin color as her and capable of swimming about more effectively.

It was only recently, in the last couple years, that Yiara came into contact with super-powered humans. In that encounter, she had several of her slaves taken away after losing a fight; supposedly, her 'stolen' slaves regained their original thoughts and control of their minds. She's also encountered another powerful being called Milu, who says he wishes to ally with her and her forces to take over the human world.  Although she isn't interested in that, she instead has agreed to 'engage' with his other fellow 'Kaha Koa' super-powered warlords...more to determine if she could control them as easily as she can control humans...

Today, Yiara continues to operate in seclusion along the Pacific South American coastline, targeting about 3 men a week and bringing them to her domain to make as slaves.  She is smart and intuitive. She can read a person like a book, but cannot fathom ideology or ideological drives. She does not believe in love, but does believe in a non-monogamy lifestyle with multiple partners at any time (those she selects as her 'consorts').  She is well disciplined in combat and hates to leave a fight until it is won, however, if Yiara sees that she would be overwhelmed by one or more combatants, she will ferociously fight to get back to her caverns, where she considers herself to be a 'warlord' therein.




Power Origin: Magic (Alteration)

  • Body Alteration

    • Normally, her body is a light green with large black eyes and green hair​

    • Can amazingly turn into any type of woman of any color, but the size must be close in body construction (no missing legs, no fat belly, etc.)

    • Can hold that form for up to 50 hours without issue; can reapply the form again, but takes several to ten minutes to do so, wherein she'll have to revert to her normal form first

    • The only thing she cannot alter is her body smell; it is sweet like coconuts, and try as she might, she cannot change her sent

    • She cannot turn into an animal, however, she can merge her legs to become a long tailfin (like a mermaid)

  • Enchantment

    • Has the remarkable power to enchant and override and control a being's psyche and reason indefinitely.​

    • She uses seduction to make the target compliant and when their psyche is at its lowest ebb, she uses her enchanting powers (coupled sometimes with her phermones to gain control of a target

    • Works on men and women alike

  • Pheromones

    • Has an excellent phermone excretion system that tantalizes and lures men to her.​

    • Can affect a person/being 2 feet away or 20 feet away; her choice

    • Can act in conjunction with her enchantment powers, providing twice means of controlling her target

    • Once Yiara turns off her phermones, the target, within a minute's time, will begin to regain control of his mind

    • Doesn't work on females/women

  • 'Water-breathing Bite'

    • When she bites a person/being on the neck (careful not to cut the blood vessels), she can infuse a saliva-based magical transmutation that allows the target to breath above and below water without issue​

    • The bite eventually turns into what looks like 'gills'

  • Enhanced Physiology

    • She has excellent physical capabilities across the board​

    • She has typical body protection from all forms of damage except psionic/mental

  • Swimming

    • Can swim up to excellent speeds (20+ knots)​

  • Leaping

    • Can leap with excellent ability, allowing to jump up 150 feet, across 200 feet and down 350 feet​

  • Water Breathing

    • Can naturally shift to breathing either water or air​

  • Vision

    • Has normal vision, but also has nigh vision to see in the dark​



  • Belt Skull

    • Remarkably prevents her or her powers from being magically traced, tracked or identified remotely or up to within 300 yards from the belt's skull.

    • Always on; doesn't need recharging

    • Made of amazing magical material



  • Seduction (Master)

  • Sexuality (Master)

  • Mind Control (Master)

  • Male Domination (Professional)

  • Leadership (Professional)

  • Waterway, ocean navigation (Professional)

  • Acrobatics (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: + Fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Underwater combat (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • Spanish (Master)

    • English (Professional)

    • Portuguese (Master)

    • Mesoamerican Indian languages (Professional)

    • French (Proficient)

    • German (Proficient)

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