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Golden Dragons



Don "Major Deej" Finger

5 Jan 2014



An unknown and unmasked martial arts warrior of extraordinary skills and swordsmanship.


Dragonmaster (I) let it slip once that she was his granddaughter, however, since no one even knew he had children, no one even has a clue as to who she is nonetheless. She is a stalwart lieutenant to the Golden Dragons leader. When she is sent to any competitors' or aggressors' homebase, she is usually the herald of any or all of the Golden Dragons' demands.  Should the competitors or aggressors give a negative response, Gilded Dragon would be sent back within 24 hours to assassinate the competition's/aggressor's leader, their immediate family and any who attempt to protect said leaders and families.  She is notorious for her tracking and hunting skills.

Thusfar, Gilded Dragon has a 70% rate of gaining positive responses; the other 30% died, causing the competition/aggressor's remaining leadership to usually submit to the Golden Dragons demands.

Gilded Dragon is a swift and well practiced warrior.  She carries a powerful golden-colored sword that thusfar has proven unbreakable even against unearthly punishment.  She is a highly adept at many forms of martial arts, as well as a few ninja skills.

In combat, Gilded Dragon is silent and deadly.  She is quick to deliver her attacks, aggressive and loves to come from the shadows.  On several occasions, she has been noted to have enhanced abilities, most likely due to a temporary power infusion that Dragonmaster (I and/or II) performs on not only her, but others. 

Today, Gilded Dragon is still a member of the Golden Dragons. Since Dragonmaster (I) has retired recently, she is now under the control of Dragonmaster (II). She seems not to care for the change, however, of late, she has become increasingly agitated with the competition between her and fellow teammate Tsoo Mei, who has recently received more praise for her efforts that Gilded Dragon has...praise from both Dragonmaster I AND II.



Power Origin: Magic/Natural (Presumed Spirit magic)

  • Magically-Enhanced Capabilities

    • Enhanced fighting of an excellent level

    • Enhanced agility of a remarkable level

    • Enhanced strength to a good level

    • Enhanced endurance to an excellent level

  • Environmental Awareness

    • Has a 'danger sense' that allows her remarkable intuition and perception, as well as being able to detect invisible and/or stealth or camouflaged combatants to the same level

    • Allows for a master level of initiative in combat

    • Range of awareness is at least 300 yards, but with focus, she can sense up to 3,000 yards

  • Regeneration

    • Capable of magically healing at an excellent rate (20% per hour)

    • Can regenerate all body parts except head; head removed from body=death

  • Durable Skin

    • Her skin provides for her own typical level of protection against all forms of damage.

  • Environmental Sustainability

    • Due to the increased oxygen creation/capacity of her regeneration powers, she is also capable of surviving and/or operating in extreme conditions and/or environments, such as underwater (for up to 10 minutes), in the vacuum of space (for <5 minutes), or excellent levels of heat/cold (~20 minutes).


  • Body Armor

    • Typical protection against physical, energy and temperate damage

    • Good protection against radiation damage

  • Sword of the Dragonmaster

    • Ancient 3000 year old Chinese sword with mystical properties

    • Made of unknown unbreakable mystical material

    • Can slice through anything up to a level above her own strength

    • Perfectly balanced

    • Can disrupt and/or dispel any magical spells, wards, illusions and/or protective fields up to an amazing level

    • Hilt lined with gold

    • If the sword is heated-up with a good heat source or a typical or better fire/flame, the sword will ignite and stay aflame for up to 2 minutes or until extinguished (water, lack of oxygen, etc.), adding additional typical heat/fire damage to the sword's attack damage

  • Facemask of Kon-Chi

    • Provides excellent physical, energy and temperate protection

    • Provides incredible psionic, magical and radiation protection

    • Prevents any form of mental control, confusion or mental attacks up to an incredible level

    • Allows for night, ultraviolet and astral image viewing

  • Flash Pellets (4)

    • Creates smoke clouds in target area, reducing visibility for a factor of 4 and adjacent areas by a factor of 2


  • Stealth (Master)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Swordfighting (Master)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Hand/Foot Fighting (Master)

  • Martial Arts: Thrown Weapons (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Professional) (when applied, this compounds with her environmental awareness power)

  • Martial Arts: Pain Tolerance (Professional) (Can block pain for all attacks up to typical levels)

  • Martial Arts: Healing Meditation (Proficient) (Can be used in conjunction with Regeneration)

  • Acrobatics (Master)

  • Tumbling (Professional)

  • Chinese Lore (Professional)

  • Golden Dragons Lore (Master)

  • Crime/Theft/Burglary (Professional)

  • Leadership (Proficient)

  • Underworld of Crime (Proficient)

  • Triad (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • Chinese (Master)

    • English (Professional)

    • Japanese (Professional)

    • Korean (Professional)

    • Tagalog (Proficient)

    • Vietnamese (Proficient)

    • French (Professional)

    • Spanish (professional)