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Huang Yingmin (黄英敏)















Agent Y11

The Trodden



Don "Major Deej" Finger

10 May 2009




Born as Huang Yingmin (黄英敏), the woman who would eventually become Youxia has had a long and painful history...and she's only in her mid 30s.

Within weeks after her birth as an illegal 3rd child (China outlawed more than 2 children in those days), Chinese state officials came and took her away from her parents. Very little has been said of what happened to these 'illegal babies', however in Huang Yingmin's case, she was indoctrinated into professional services, predominantly, traditional sword fighting and military training.

When she was old enough to pick up a blade, Huang Yingmin did just that. With no idea of any other life, she took well to her training and rose to be the top of her class even by age 9, earning her an agent title of "Y11".  As such, she was taught martial arts, combat skills uncommon in modern combat as well as older, traditional Kung Fu training and equivocal disciplines. She took to the training like a duck to water.  By age 10, she'd already performed her first kill. By age 12, she was the youngest addition to China's super-team, the Champions of China. In 1999 though, it seems Agent Y11 learned something her Chinese taskmasters didn't teach her - humanity.

One of her instructors saw that Agent Y11 was being made into a weapon rather than a warrior.  As such, the instructor took Agent Y11 off to the side on odd occasions and taught her about world civilization, sociology, the arts and the humanities. Agent Y11 was overwhelmed with the beauty in the world and the true kindness and compassion of people outside of the walls she was being trained in. She'd learned about art. She'd learned about pacifism. She learned about compassion. She wept over these new learnings and yearned to be part of that world instead.  Sadly, the Chinese government had opposing plans for her.

One night, Huang Yingmin escaped her captivity. Her instructor died helping her escape. He gave her a satchel of momentos and a book about following 'the path of the hero'. She hid from the authorities for weeks, barely surviving on worms and trash. During that time, she read the book she'd been given. In the book, she read about a Chinese adventurer hero who roamed the lands of China helping those in need and being the hero when required to be.  The character, 'Youxia' is what Huang Yingmin/Agent Y11 now considered herself to now be, and as such, took the Youxia name/title as her own.


Youxia began to wander about the northern provinces where she put her new name/title and skills to the test, helping innocents against aggressors, saving children in danger and of course standing up to oppression...including local government authorities. As such, she quickly became a folk hero and legend overnight. One family fashioned her a beautiful purple and gold costume, which she lovingly wore.  For the next year, she actually started making a difference in challenging the communist regime, with the local populace secretly helping her out along the way...that is until October of 1999.

In October of 1999, a trap was set by the Chinese government's most malicious internal anti-terrorism leader, Agent X5. He was known to be cruel in his tactics and in hunting and trapping Youxia, he proved his cruelty tenfold.  As Youxia was returning to a township that had been caring for her for the last month, she realized no one was outside their homes. When she went to their homes to check on them, they were all dead. Brutually murdered. Men. Women. Children. Elderly.


The entire town of 413.




Youxia tried to find the culprits who'd committed these murders only to be surrounded by over 200 Chinese special forces troops that encircled her and eventually shot her down, with Youxia body riddled with over 20 bullets.


Surprisingly, Youxia lived.


Youxia was incarcerated and brought back to health in one of the most remote prisons in China. In January of 2000, however, things changed quickly.

The Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth in January of 2000. They did not attack the prison Youxia was in, but major Chinese cities and military installations were targeted and destroyed, leaving the nation in complete disarray. During that time, a Chinese prison doctor took it upon himself to help heal and rehabilitate Youxia in the expectation that the aliens would eventually make their way to the prison and that they'd need all the best combatants available in order to survive. Incredibly, as mentioned, the prison was never invaded by the Soltans, and by August 2000, the Soltans were beaten and forced off-planet by Earth's own forces. The doctor, who took a liking to Youxia, 'pronounced her dead' and 'disposed of the body by incineration', when in all actuality, he snuck her out of prison and set her free.

Still trying to recover from her wounds, Youxia hobbled about like a Chinese vagrant in the back alleys trying to find food and survive. Mistaken as a bum, she wasn't given much more concern than a stray dog. After the invasion, the Chinese government doubled down on their control of the people and made it near impossible to attempt to be the 'hero' Youxia wanted to be for the people. Instead, thanks to Christian practitioners, she was able to be smuggled out of China and to the United States, where she eventually arrived in San Francisco, California.

Youxia was now truly a stranger in a strange world.


As Agent Y11, Youxia had been taught English as part of her military training, however the 'slang' and 'accents' made her inclusion all the harder. She did, however, quickly learn of the benevolence of the American people. The homeless shelters, the food pantries and the free health and dental checks, all provided without ever having to pay with money or services. She was utterly amazed at the prosperity and the equivocal level of charity the Westerners had in them...the complete opposite of what she was told in her training.


Youxia now realized she'd been lied to by her Chinese government.


With now guidance or direction, Youxia fell into a depression and then a malaise as she soon learned that hard liquor helped her get through her day. She was no longer a hero; no longer had a purpose. She didn't even have a home anymore, since she was considered 'dead' in China, and even if she did return, she'd be immediately arrested and instead rot in a remote northern prison for the rest of her life.


To get through all this, Youxia remained homeless, drinking herself into oblivion every night.  The only reason she didn't end her own life was because of what her instructor once told her, "you have a purpose. You must find that purpose, whether it be that of a hero or otherwise...that is completely up to you, but choose a path that will prop your soul up like the peak of a mountain and that mountain. Most of all, stand up...and stand up for what that purpose is you've chosen and don't stop doing that thing until you can't anymore".  That is what kept her going.  She wanted to figure out what that 'purpose' was.

One night, the homeless shelter was attacked by a band of ruffian teens wanting to 'kick hobos' as part of some social media challenge. Youxia initially didn't respond to the teens' attacks until they tried to attack her...emphasis on 'tried'.  She countered their attacks while still lying on her cot, kicking and hitting them while all the while reclined. She fought and obliterated the attackers while never once leaving her cot. The teens eventually got the message and ran off, all to thee applause of her fellow homeless, all thanking her for taking care of the ruffians. For the first time since she'd realized she'd been lied to by her own Chinese government, Youxia actually felt good.

The next night, the same teens came back with more friends to record the beatings live, this time with a dozen more beefier friends.  Youxia took out everyone of them all by herself. Five of them required an ambulance. Again, she was cheered and revered for her actions. Over the next few weeks, Youxia gave up the alcohol and started getting back in shape, even starting a martial arts aerobics class for some of her fellow homeless to help them get into shape as well.  Within months, Youxia began doing nightly patrols, covering the homeless shelters and locations, ensuring the homeless' safety.  During this time, she encountered several other like-minded homeless protectors and actually teamed-up on several occasions with them to help stop other major crimes being done against the homeless community. This group eventually called themselves 'The Trodden'.

Today, Youxia, although older and in rougher shape, is still a professional martial arts fighter who protects the innocent and enacts as the hero as required. She does not use swords or knives, although she does carry one knife with her as a last resort. She has since befriended a white wolf that she'd freed from an animal abuser's caged menagerie of rare animals used in animal fights. She has name her wolf 'Bingo'.


Youxia is a highly discipled and dangerous warrior, however, she is also the most conscientious warrior most likely on the entire west coast.  She cares deeply for the people and despises the rich, government people of anyone who dares act against the innocent of helpless, mostly, the homeless.  She will fight the 'crazies' in the homeless community without issue, but will also do what she can to help them get mental help of the proper medications or care they need as well.  She doesn't go about doing acts of kindness every hour or every day, but she will do what she deems necessary to help...and ensure that not one 'gets out of not helping others'. 


Just don't cross Youxia...that might be a deadly mistake.




Power Origin: Natural

She has no powers.



  • Satchel

    • amazing material knife

    • small books

    • flashlight

    • personal momentos

    • food/water

    • candy for kids

    • extra layers of clothes to wear as needed

  • 'Bingo' - White Wolf (Rare breed)

    • Trained Fight dog​

    • Considers Youxia her master

    • Good bite, claws, strength



  • Swordsmanship (Professional)

  • Archery (Professional)

  • Acrobatics (Professional)

  • Tumbling (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Thrown Weapons (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Wrestling/Holds/Escapes (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Professional)

  • Archery manufacturing (Professional)

  • Spying/Spycraft (Proficient)

  • Survival (Professional)

  • Homeless Operations (Proficient)

  • Charitable Organizations (Proficient)

  • Stealth (Professional)

  • Chinese History/Lore (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Chinese (all dialects) (Professional)

    • Manchurian (Professional)

    • English (Professional)

    • Spanish (Professional)

    • German (Professional)

    • French (Professional)

    • Korean (Professional)

    • Japanese (Proficient)

    • Russian/Cyrillic (Professional)

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