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DuckyBert Kaempfert
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Drake Mulvaney

Unknown to all

United States/Vigilante


Unknown (90-100?)

Believed Single









  • Bartholomew Mulvaney (father, deceased (hunting accident))

  • Caroline Mulvaney (mother, deceased (suicide))


The Trodden



Don "Major Deej" Finger

2 Oct 2016




Very little is known of Duckey (as he calls himself, but with an 'ey' at the end, which he'll be happy to state to you). Unknown to everyone (including himself), Duckey is actually a missing millionaire's son, Drake Mulvaney (with an 'ey' at the end) born in the 1920s. The father took his son out duck hunting one day and died from his own rifle's backfire explosion; the son, Drake, went into catatonic shock seeing his father's disintegrated face and blood and completely shutdown his mental faculties. To this day, he does not remember a single thing about who was was up to and including the accident, nor does anyone else knows who Duckey actually is.


Duckey is a large, sever-foot, eight-inch giant mongoloid of a man how actually seems to have a recessed mutant gene that has surfaced. Each of the team's characters interacted with Duckey at one point or another prior to them forming the team.  Up until the team's creation, Duckey kept to himself and his own make-shift tent he used for shelter.  On occasion, when attacked or harassed, he'll beat the attackers and/or harassers enough to send them to the hospital. Although Duckey has been arrested a few times, there are no files of his fingerprints in any police or government database, and has simply been classified by the police as "Duckey NLN" (No Last Name).  In all occasions of his arrests, he was quickly found innocent and was always cleared for simply 'defending' himself.

A few years ago, the vagrant hero, Homeless Archerand a band of homeless heroes, including Duckey , saved several homeless peoples' lives through their courage and actions.  Duckey aided the Homeless Archer in this endeavor and quickly became good friends with him.  Together, with other homeless heroes, they formed "The Trodden" hero group.

Although Duckey doesn't talk much, some of his actions and words are listened to when he does enact.  Most of the time Duckey will only sit and listen, not integrating himself into any conversation, however, when asked a direct question, most of the time Duckey will reply with simple one-word responses or short sentences.  He does, however, have one tick...

When Duckey gets agitated, provoked or ready to fight, he responds by putting on his magical mask (that he says he's had for a 'long' time now) which he found in the rubble from an old superhero battle, and will then start responding to questions and conversations with a simple "quack". Notably, whenever Duckey starts saying "quack" is also the time when he goes on the attack.


In combat, with his mask on, Duckey is relentless and will not stop until his opponent(s) is (are) disabled, calls for "Mercy" or "Uncle" or becomes unconscious.  Duckey does not kill, but should the opponent(s) attempt to feign injury or dares to attack Duckey again or others again, usually Duckey will pound and beat the opponent until they are practically wishing death.

Today, Duckey goes about to various homeless shelters and camps and helps them out with physical work and/or protection, for which he asks for food in return. He is VERY good at finding food and usually getting the food he actually does go out and search for.  Due to his intimidating size, most shop owners and restaurateurs leave Duckey with quite a large stack of left-over food for him and his fellow homeless friends to eat, which Duckey readily shares with his fellow homeless.  He is very loyal to his friends and especially to those he considers to be family. He considers those in the Trodden team as his 'family'.

As a side note, understandably, Duckey does NOT like guns (after the trauma he witnessed from his father's weapon mishap). As such he gets very sensitive to people using or waving around guns.




Power Origin: Mutant

  • Mongoloid Strength

    • His excellent strength allows him to lift over 600 lbs easily

    • When agitated, or in loss of reason, he has been known to exceed his strength's limits and boost high enough to have remarkable strength, but only for maybe 12-18 seconds at a time.

  • Bio-Armor

    • Allows for excellent regeneration rate (+20% health over time)

    • Provides remarkable resistance to toxins/toxic attacks

    • Provides good physical resistance to damage

    • Provides poor energy, temperature resistance to damage

    • Provides incredible radiation resistance to damage



  • Leather Jacket/Vest

    • Provide him with an additional feeble amount of protection versus physical, temperate, radiation and energy damage

  • Duckey's Mask (Arcane magic)

    • Duckey has retained this mask for a long time, from what is most likely several decades of time (his actual age is unknown, but believed to be between 90 to 100)

    • The mask, when worn, provides the bearer with the following:

      • Increases bearer's strength by one level (remarkable to incredible (for several seconds) strength for Duckey)

      • Provides excellent protection from all forms of attack

      • ​Ability to see into the astral plane as well as nigh vision

      • Resurrects bearer if bearer dies with half of his/her health intact and all wounds mended

      • Provides unlimited immortality (wont age a single day)

      • NOTE: Drops a bearer's reason by 1 level while worn (Feeble for Duckey)



  • Street Life (Master)

  • Finding Food (Master)

  • Homeless Shelters/Support (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Fist Fighting (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Proficient)

    • Spanish (Barely Proficient)

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