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Rupert "Rupe" Reinhold

Executive Director
Codename: "Mr. Ed"

One Thing Leads to AnotherThe Fixx
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Recently promoted as GUARD's Executive Director, 'Rupe' was once the Northern Hemisphere Executive Commander (NHEC), codenamed "Nick", during the Soltan invasion from a couple decades ago. He has been with GUARD for over 24 years. He is considered one of the best in coordinating operations and missions worldwide.  His list of contacts is incomparable.  His fellow guardsmen and women know him to be a hard-charger and brilliant tactician, however, he loves to put on a bit of a 'show of firepower' when the situation warrants.

An ex-German Luftwaffe general, he rose to become the Defense Director for the European Union, until a series of unjustified scandals ended his career, charging him with the theft and black market sale of secret military equipment and aircraft.

Ex-GUARD Director Hart discovered that several criminal groups, including CANIS and Crimewave, had set-up Reinhold to take the fall in a series of military thefts the crime groups had concocted. Director Hart sent in his best men to investigate and stop the thefts, only to find that Reinhold himself was already in motion, working the same angle.  The GUARD investigators quickly learned Reinhold had set up a sting operation himself and had been collecting evidence to prevent the crime groups from getting away with anything.  In the end, 120 crime group lieutenants, bosses and minions were caught, prosecuted and charged with dozens of state, federal and international crimes. All the stolen property was returned without a scratch on them.  It was one of the greatest victories against organized crime ever, and Reinhold was clearly the one who made everything go like clockwork.  The GUARD investigators themselves noted in their reports that they'd never seen such an incredible display of multi-tasking, coordination and attention to detail in their combined professional experiences. Director Hart was impressed with Reinhold.


Sadly, the European Union was 'uncomfortable' with bringing Reinhold back into his former position in the EU.  Instead, Director Hart invited "Rupe' to work for GUARD.  Rupe agreed, and started off as a Tactical Vice Commander for the Southern Hemisphere. Within a few years, he was promoted to become the NHEC.

That's when he became famous for his operations during the alien Soltan invasion.

In an unprecedented move, he was able to coordinate thousands of operations with nations, military forces and superheroes across the Northern Hemisphere, all the while aiding the Southern Hemisphere as needed.  His actions were critical in driving off the alien invasion.

Recently, Neal Norton, was promoted to GUARD's Director, leaving the Executive Director stop open.  Rupe was promoted to Executive Director without even a second's thought by Norton.

Since then, Rupe has easily transitioned into the role of having control of ALL facets of GUARD, and as such, is considered the best Executive Director ever in the history of GUARD, according to current GUARD Director Norton.

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