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Terrell K. Lamont

Codename: "Air"

(wish I Could Fly Like) SupermanThe Kinks
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Lamont was an US Air Force (USAF) fighter pilot, commanding officer and eventually the senior most position in the USAF, US Air Force Chief of Staff. With 35 years of experience in combat, operations, command and politics, General Lamont was a highly respected leader and warrior. His only issue: he had incredible new ideas for planes, aerial combat and what he deemed as "Skyports" (autonomous, self-powered, perpetual flying airfields for aircraft to land and refuel on). To some, the ideas were futuristic; to most, they were out of touch with reality.

In 2000, After severe budget cuts to the USAF, General Lamont was 'requested' to step down and retire to make way for another general who known to be a notorious 'bean counter' and a political 'yes man'.  With great exception, he retired, but didn't stay that way for long.  That's when the alien Soltan Empire Invasion occurred. Lamont was back in action with the Air Force. Thanks to his direct actions, teh US Air Force was able to perform in incredibly dangerous conditions, yet make incredible powerful impacts and damage to the SOltans throughout the invasion.  After the Soltans were forced off Earth, General Lamont was awarded a Congressional Medal of Honor for his efforts.  Sadly, right after that, he was replaced and forced to retire.

G.U.A.R.D.'s then-Director Hart invited Lamont to join up with them and help out in Operations Division. There, he saw the need to create an 'air force' subdivision in GUARD, and help create AEROGUARD. Through AEROGUARD, Lamont was finally able to push some of his ideas and designs (which also happened to have a similar thinker in Aaron Armstrong of SAR Inc, who'd recently joined GUARD).

Within three years, AEROGUARD became the bastion of aerial power in the world.  Equipped with some of the most sophisticated and dynamic aircraft ever built, AEROGUARD quickly became the leader in aviation technology and designs for the future.  To top that off, Lamont got one of his biggest wishes with help from Aaron Armstrong: the creation of nearly 50 "Skyports" worldwide.  With their self-replicating power supplies, composite material construction, and advanced Vertical/Short Take-Off and Landing (V/STOL) platforms, the Skyports became the rave of the world...and the bane of rogue nations and villains.

Over time, other nations, criminal organizations, unscrupulous businesses and super-villains wanted AEROGAURD's technology and equipment and attempted to commandeer any Skyports for their own bases of operation.  For every threat to AEROGUARD or GUARD in general, Lamont and his forces repelled them in spades.  Lamont's forces were indeed a force to be reckoned with.  That's when the super-villains decided to start working together to take down GUARD and AEROGUARD.

As a direct result of super-powered raids on the Skyports, Aaron Armstrong created his own super-powered (and super-talented)  "Aeroguardians" group that worked with GUARD.  Lamont wanted more than anything to be part of the Aeroguardians, particularly leading them, but due to his age and health, he was medically prevented from joined their team.  Nonetheless, Lamont was in charge of AEROGUARD.

Today Lamont is heading up one of the most powerful and influential air forces in all the world. Between policing the skies, AEROGUARD and the Aeroguardians have provided Search and Rescue (SAR) aerial support, making them a high demand commodity in aviation.  As such, Aaron Armstrong received a Nobel Prize for his efforts in saving lives; Lamont, on the on the hand, wishes he was 20 years younger.

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