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Teflon Don Solano

Il PadrinoTrabant 33
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Donald Benito Solano












The Teflon Don

Solano Family



Don "Major Deej" Finger

13 July 2011




Don Solano was originally the head of the respected Solano crime family - until recent events changed everything.

Since the 1930s, the Solanos have slowly moved up in power. Recently, to cement two crime family bonds, a marriage of two of the prominant crime family's kids was done. It quickly led to the Solanos destruction. 

Don Solano and his guards were caught in a vicious crossfire, with the Don being hit over a dozen times.  Miraculously, he didn't die.  The rival family instead took the Don out to sea to drown him. Even after they trussed him up with weights and threw him into Long Island Sound, the Don didn't die. When the rival family's boat came back after dumping the don in the Sound, dozens of Solano's men ambushed the rival gang on the docks and killed most of their leadership on the spot. Sadly, the Solano crime family believed their boss, Don Solano, to be dead.

Again, Don Solano survived.


Hours later, Don Solano was seen walking out from the waters of Long Island Sound onto the beach, barely alive...but still...alive. Again, he didn't die. When asked how he got out of it, the Don only said 'I had some divine intervention'.  It's said he found something while dying in his watery grave that freed him and got him to shore, however to this day, folks still don't know what it was and how he stays alive, regardless of the bullets, falls, cuts, death blows and or bombings that keep occurring to the Don.

As the Don recovered, he had his 'wise guys' and a handful of super-powered mercenaries and hitmen from the assassins guild Death Legion massacre all the other crime bosses involved in the Solano takedown.  NONE of the Solano rivals were left alive except a handful of Marcone family members...all of whom have a 'blood oath' going to destroy the Solanos once and for all.

Today, operating from New York City and New Jersey, "Teflon" Don Solano is rebuilding his empire.  He is admired by many crime families and has become powerful enough to now extend his reach overseas.  Of course this has caught the attention of the authorities...and the superhero community now...




Power Origin: Natural/Tech/Magic

All of his abilities come from tech and/or magical items he wears or has on/with him.



  • Invulnerability Gem (Unknown magic)

    • The Don removed this from the dead body of the missing superhero known as the 'Harlem Hero'.

    • The gem, once touched by a human (or more to the point, a being with a soul), gets absorbed into the person. That person/being then takes on the following traits:

      • Invulnerability against all forms of damage up to amazing levels

      • Remarkable level of tissue, skin and body part regeneration

      • Increases endurance to remarkable levels

      • Increases perception/intuition to remarkable levels

      • Provides psychic protection up to amazing levels

      • Slows aging such that he now ages one year for every 5 years of actual time (as such, the Don won't tell others his actual age)

    • The stone will separate itself from the host body/being once the host/being dies

LIMITATION: The gem doesn't stop the body/being's basic needs from being 'provided for'; if the body needs oxygen, it doesn't provide that, ergo, the person/being with the gem in them can still drown...though it might take time, most likely days, of experience drowning before the body finally fails...even with the regeneration powers (side note, even the brain needs oxygenated blood to stay active and alive).  This also relates to exposure in space; the person/being might be able to survive for a few hours at most, but will experience the effects, pain and torture of extreme cold the entire time

  • Force Blasters (2)

    • Also removed from the dead body of the missing superhero known as the 'Harlem Hero'.

    • Provides excellent force (physical) blasts at a rate of one shot per several seconds at a range of 200 yards.

    • As a stunt, he's used these force blasts to propel himself up into the air, diminish effects of jumping down a big distance, and even propelling himself through water.

    • Never needs a recharge. Believed to be alien technology, possibly Soltan.

  • Vest

    • Provides good protection against physical, energy, temperate, radiation and toxic/toxin damage.

  • Cape

    • Provides excellent temperate/fire/heat/cold protection

  • Glasses

    • Provides night vision

    • Provides good flash protection

  • Machine Pistols (2)

  • Can perform good burst shooting damage to area of effect (AoE) targets

  • Can fire 6 bursts per magazine

  • Belt

    • Carries 6 magazines of ammunition for his machine pistols

    • Carries a tracer and reader (5 mile range) used to track things

    • Lockpick Set

    • Knife made of amazing non-ferrous, composite material

    • Carries at least $10,000 of cash on him at any time

    • Emergency alert beacon (used to alert his crime family when he needs help; beacon is tracked by his 'wise guys' to his location)

  • Flash-bang Smoke Grenade (1)

    • Produces feeble sonic damage, typical flash effect and drops visibility by a factor of 3 for 300 seconds



  • Financier (Professional)

  • Accountant (Professional)

  • Mobster organization (Master)

  • Leadership (Master)

  • Stealth (Proficient)

  • Crime (Professional)

  • Crime Families (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Criminology (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Boxing (+ Fighting) (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Italian (Professional)​

    • English (Professional)

    • Portuguese (Proficient)

    • Spanish (Proficient)

    • French (Proficient)

    • German/Slavic (Proficient)

    • Chinese (Barely proficient)

    • Russian (Barely proficient)

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