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Sister of the Sky

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Spirit in the SkyNorman Greenbaum
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~450+ years old









Arcane Sisterhood



Don "Major Deej" Finger

21 Fev 2021



Sko (Father, deceased)

Mav (Mother, deceased)



Skei is a magically-altered being from a nearly extinct Avian race born in the 15th century in the Aerie, a secret city located in the Azore Islands in the Atlantic Ocean.


Skei's parents, Sko and Mav, were newly elected elders to the Avian Council of their Aerie nation in the 15th century AD. As a teenager, Skei was more than a handful. Ignored by her parents (since they were more concerned with their new positions of power in the Aerie), she hung out with the 'bad birds' down in the lower sea levels of the Aerie's city.  As such, she got into a lot of trouble and learned a lot of things she wasn't supposed to...including magic.

The Avians only allowed their own kind to learn magic if they were part of the military arm or as the high council's senior elders. Skei's bad bird friends had stolen books of magic from an elder's office, but none of them knew how to read. Skei, having a formal education, was not only able to read the books, but was able to practice the spells (after watching her parents practice in order to become elders).  Sadly, after Skei had created several 'cool' spells, she created one unstable spell that caused a rock column to collapse, causing an entire Avian housing unit to collapse, causing the death of several Avians.  As such Skei was brought before the elders and tried in a tribunal within the hour. She was banished to the beaches (an area of exile) of the Aerie forever for her actions; violation of this meant death. Of course, Skei's parents immediately lost their new positions and blamed Skei for this, projecting vile and hurtful words at her as she was escorted from the Aerie.

After a few days or surviving on the beach in her exile, Skei encountered a stranger on their shores; her name was Poma Pinto Pinche of the Incan civilization.

Skei and Poma quickly took a liking to each other and helped take care of each other. Poma was able to help Skei find food and Skei helped to teach Poma their Avian language as well as Portuguese. Together, they helped each other and told each other their stories. Poma wanted more than anything to learn more about magics, but thanks to their laws, Poma, as a stranger, would be killed if she dared to enter the Aerie proper. As a idea, Skei thought she might be able to magically rebuild her wings using a spell from that spellbook (which she kept). Skei's spells went wrong and instead transmuted Skei's wings into energy instead of her original feathered ones. Although her old wings were changed, with her new energy wings, Skei was able to fly better, faster and further than any other Avians on the island. Skei tried to make the same type of magical wings for Poma, but Poma's innate magics prevented it.


Skei's used her new high-speed wings in performing aerial performances around the Aerie, taunting male military Avians, outmaneuvering them and making them look like fools. Since female Avians were treated like 2nd class citizens, young teenage Avians wanted Skei's energy wings so they too could fly better and faster than the alpha male Avians on the island. As such, Skei got quite a cult female following. To add to that, other young Avians saw Poma's unique magics and wanted to learn her ways as well. As such, both Skei and Poma were creating their own cult followings; that's of course when everything started to go wrong.

After one of Skei's 'energy wing' transformations for one of their new cult converts went wrong, killing the Avian girl, the Avian elders no longer tolerated Skei's presence on the island. They told Skei, Poma and the new Avian 'cult' followers of Skei and Poma to leave the island forever or they'd be executed in a day's time.


Skei and her friends all left the Avian island. Poma, by this time, had learned to change into a bird and was able to fly away with Skei and their cult of female followers.

After exhaustive hours of flying, Skei's and Poma's rouge band of 'sisters' alighted in Italy's mountains.  There, they set up their own village in a hard to reach, yet well fertilized and beautiful plateau high up in the mountains. Skei learned more air magic powers while Poma took care of the rest of the cultists. Over the next few years, they all discovered other Italians wanting to join 'the sisterhood of nature and the sky' and train in their magics. They all lived in relative peace until they were eventually discovered by man yet again. Skei's self-taught learnings aided her in becoming a true witch in manipulating the air and as such exceeded the magical trainings of any of her Avian ancestors ever, including how to remain young and not age nearly as much.

In 1530, a band of Italian land barons and mountaineers discovered Skei's and Poma's veiled mountainous valley in the high mountains. Lush with freshwater, perfect farming soil and a view to die for, this band knew the value of this land was worthy of a king's ransom. They also met the 'Sisters of the Sky' and the 'Sisters of Nature'. Quickly realizing they were all 'witches' the land baron begged the sisters' forgiveness and made their way back down the mountain. Months later, armed with muskets, mini-cannons and an army of mercenaries, the land baron tried to take the land from them. The mercenaries were expert marksmen and took down the Sisters of the Sky, shooting them in flight, while other mercenaries tackled and stabbed dozens of the Sisters of Nature to death. Luckily for the Sisters of the Sky and Nature, a woman who called herself Malconna came to their rescue. Malconna jumped into the fray like a warrior, murdering and mutilated the mercenaries with an almost psychotic fervor. The land baron called for a retreat and left to get more troops, however, the damage was done. Barely a dozen of the sisters survived, Skei and Poma being among the living. Malconna offered a deal for them to come join HER 'Arcane Sisterhood' and be 'protected'. With little choice (and each of them harboring a new commonality of their hatred of men) the Sisters of the Sky and the Sisters of Nature joined Malconna and travelled with her to central Europe. Unfortunately for all of them, a new fervor had taken over the lands of Europe...a fervor to hunt down and kill 'witches'.

Skei and her Sisters of the Sky grew by an additional 30 members (for a total of 40). Malconna ordered Skei to 'get more' adepts so as to build up 'Malconna's Aerial Army'. Skei despised her sisterhood to be considered 'Malconna's' or 'an army', and as such Skei began to dislike Malconna more over time. To top this off, the witch hunters found Malconna and the sisterhoods (only after Malconna taunted the hunters daring them to 'come to their deaths'). Rather than the human hunters though, a secretive magical sect called 'The Consortium' and its military wing, the Knights Arcanus, instead were sent in to take down the witches. Sadly, one by one, the sisters were all killed or 'transformed' into inanimate objects by the Knights Arcanus; inanimate objects such as rocks or trees, entrapping them in these states for eternity...or, in the case of Skei and a few of her fellow sisters, including Poma, only a few hundred years.

In the 2010s, Malconna resurfaced from her own transformation and freed Skei and Poma and a few remaining sisters of the sisterhood from their inanimate prisons. Furious with men, the Conglomerate and especially with the Knights Arcanus, Malconna started rebuilding the Arcane Sisterhood for the 21st century. Much to Skei's own surprise, she'd come to realized that she wanted to discover what had happened to her Avian home after seeing no information about her race (even from the internet). Malconna insisted that Skei and her sisterhood 'owed her' for saving them and as such had to stay and follow Malconna along with the rest of t sisterhood so as to get their proper vengeance. Skei had other plans.

Malconna one day set into motion a battle plan to travel to New York City and attack and kill the modern era's Knights Arcanus. Skei warned Malconna that it was too soon and an ill-planned attempt. Nonetheless, she demanded all their participation in the attack. Skei, knowing this would end badly, ordered her fellow Sisters of the Air to disobey Malconna and to 'fly back to the Aerie' and ascertain if they were still considered exiled after all these centuries. All but three took off to the Azores, while Skei and three Sisters of the Sky followed Malconna to New York City. When they arrived on Halloween 2016, Malconna quickly realized the missing Sisters of the Sky. Skei lied and said they must have gotten lost flying across the ocean and that there was no way she'd be able to track them and find them.  Malconna bellowed her 'inconvenience' about this, and order the Arcane Sisterhood to attack the Knights Arcanus...only for the sisterhood to be viciously decimated by one of the Knights Arcanus' pets, a man-eating plant called "Manny".

Skei lost her three sisters to Manny. While fighting the creature, Skei was spat on with acid from the creature, severely hurting Skei. Skei's wounds were so severe that their her own magics still to this day cannot heal.

With Malconna killed during the battle, Skei, upon healing up enough, intended to leave and go find her fellow sisters in the Azores and find out the status of The Aerie, her home.  Sadly, Malconna didn't die. She resurrected. Malconna ordered her remaining sisters to remain with her so that they could invoke their vengeance once again, thus, anchoring Skei to the Arcane Sisterhood once again.


Today, Skei (and Poma) are still with the Arcane Sisterhood. Skei has received no word about her fellow Sisters of the Sky that she sent to the Aerie to determine its status, thus leaving a mystery of the status of those sisters...or for that matter the existence of The Aerie. Skei despised Malconna, but know that to leave her is certain death. Her friend Poma is the only reason to stay with the sisterhood, ensuring Poma's safety. Skei has to wait until the time it right...or when Malconna dies, in order to break away and find her Sisters of the Sky and hopefully, possibly save Poma from harm...and return home to her Avian race of people...if they still exist...


  • Arcane Sisterhood Inherent State

    • As a result of being transmuted into an inanimate object for hundreds of years, their physical bodies are disfigures, patched with dead/damaged skin, have magical energy tears in their skin and unhealable skin discolorations.

    • Side effects of this transmutation makes each sister have the following:

      • Excellent prevention of magical detection

      • Poor physical body armor versus magical, physical, energy, toxic/toxin, temperate and radiation damage

      • Radiant energy 'tears' in their skin that glow a feeble glow

      • Reduced physical attributes (movement, agility, fighting) due to new inherent body state

      • Nigh vision at good level

  • Arcane Bolts (Arcane)

    • Can emit good magical bolts up to 100 yards in distance

  • Magical Energy Wings (Alteration)

    • Can fly up to remarkable speeds​

    • Provides excellent agility and maneuverability

    • Can be turned off or on as desired

    • Follow the user's thoughts for actions (like a natural extension of her body)

  • Air Manipulation/Control (Nature)

    • Good ability to control and/or manipulate air within a 100 yard radius to perform any of the following:​

      • Wind battering ram for good physical damage​

      • Lowering air temperature, causing feeble temperate damage

      • Whip a target/object about with good force, unbalancing the target

      • Provide typical level lift of air to support or allow things to by lifted into the air

      • Wind burst that does typical damage to an area within range


  • Arcane Sisterhood Staff

    • Made of spectacular level magical wooden material

    • Can be pulled out of magical portal to access/use with but a thought

    • Made specifically for this person; no one else can use it

    • Provides an additional level of magic focus, agility and stores an additional 20% more magical energy (mana) that the staff's owner can access/store (mana), but only so long as the staff is held in the bearer's hand

  • Body Armor (Chestplate, boots, glaives, skirt)

    • Provides good protection versus magical and mental/psyche attacks

    • Provides typical protection versus physical, energy, temperate and/or toxic/toxin attacks

    • Provides remarkable radiation protection

    • Provides protection from magical sensors/sensing up to a remarkable level

    • Negates magical wards and their functionality up to remarkable levels


  • Arcane Magic (Proficient)

  • Alteration Magic (Proficient)

  • Nature-Air Magic (Proficient)

  • Witchcraft (Proficient)

  • Avian History (proficient)

  • Leadership (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Stealth (Proficient)

  • Aerial Combat (+Agility, +Fighting) (Professional)

  • Aerodynamics (Proficient)

  • Natural Biology (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • Avian (Professional)

    • Latin (Proficient)

    • Portuguese (Proficient)

    • English (Professional)

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