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Sister of Nature

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Poma Pinto Pinche




~480 years old









Arcane Sisterhood



Don "Major Deej" Finger

21 Feb 2021



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Poma Pinto Pinche, an Incan high priestess 450 years ago, exceeded her station and was imprisoned and abused by nearly all the men in the region for her crime.  After an earthquake occurred, her prison walls fell and was able to escape. Poma travelled deep into the jungle, finding a nearly extinct Mesoamerican civilization...and its secrets of combining arcane, druidic and alteration magics.

For several years, Poma learned their ways and was taught by the last of their few elderly male masters. Eventually, the elders decided it was time for Poma to 'rejuvenate' their civilization's ancestral line (aka birthing the elders' children). Upon being told this, Poma, after the trauma Poma underwent with the Incans, exploded in anger and disgust, killing everyone that was left of that now extinct sect. From there, she continued her own self-taught training in the dilapidated ruins in the jungle...until a particular 'god' arrived.


Sensing her energies, a Mesoamerican 'god' calling himself Tezcatlipoca, appeared before her. For the next few months, they kept each other company. He was impressed with her magics, but was also wanting to mate with her. After Texcatlipoca was told by Poma of her traumas, Tezcatlipoca left her and went on to become to a different destiny in Mexico (see Tezcatlipoca for more details!). Poma, however, discovered something else the next day: Spanish Conquistadors.


The Spanish Conquistadors that had discovered Poma were vile, greedy men. Upon finding Poma and her empty temple village with no real riches in it, they knocked Poma out, bound her and took her back to their ship on the Caribbean Sea shores. When she awoke, she was already on the ship, sailing at sea. Frightened (since she'd never being on the water or on a ship before), she initially tried to use her powers to escape, but quickly realized the fragility of the ship...and the fact that she herself didn't know how to swim should the ship get destroyed.  Realizing this, Poma summitted to the Spaniards' orders and demands.  After seeing her powers, the expedition's leader demanded she be brought back to Spain as a treasure. The crew, however, considered her a witch, and wanted nothing of her, stating she was bad luck for their voyage home, demanding she should instead be 'cast over the side' and left to drown. The expedition leader, infuriated with their defiance, whipped the ship's first mate; an action the rest of the crew didn't approve of.


The crew of the ship mutinied against the expedition leader and his soldiers. It the fight, a freak accident caused gunpower to spill and ignite, setting off the ship's magazine, destroying the ship and killing nearly all of the crew. Poma was able to find debris from the ship to pull herself up onto and stay out of the water. The few surviving sailors and soldiers chose not to share the debris with her and instead deigned to drown rather than share the floating debris that Poma was on.


For days, Poma drifted until she was finally rescued by a passing Portuguese merchant. Due to the language barrier, Poma was unable to get the captain to take her back to Central America. Instead, the captain laid in a course for his original destination: the Canary Islands. The Captain treated her with respect, but the crew eyed her like a whore the whole trip. A lot of disciplining had to be done on that trip, however, thanks to Poma remaining mostly hidden in her cabin, the ship was able to make port and 'unload' her to a local church without a full blown mutiny happening.


Once Poma was taken to the church by nuns, she felt a strange energy about the place that she'd never felt before (it was old Holy magical energy; energy that puts out enough magical energy to saturate one's magical senses, almost like the smell of flowers in a flower shop, except this flavor felt more like "GO AWAY!". As such, Poma bolted from the nuns and hid in the jungle. Over the next few weeks, she lived by catching her own food and living off the land. During that time she overheard stories from locals she was eavesdropping on (trying to learn their language). One such story, told by a Spaniard on the island, mentioned a myth of cursed magical beings living on an island adjacent to this one. Thinking these might be her kind, she needed to find a way to see if they did exist over there. Sadly, she also overheard that the nuns had now classified Poma a 'witch' (thanks to one of the surviving Spanish ships' crew who'd made his way to the Canary Islands as well, telling his story about Poma) and that the islanders were now hunting Poma. With no options left, Poma turned herself into a water snake and made her way across the rough ocean waters to the island only known as 'The Aerie'.

The Aerie was considered a cursed, fog-enshrouded island of devils and demons; instead, it was actually a civilization of magical winged people called Avians that had lived on the island for centuries. As such, using her powers, she made her way to the island where she discovered just that. The first person she ran into, however, was Skei, a rogue Avian who was banished to the beaches of The Aerie for practicing 'foul' magics.  Skei and Poma quickly took a liking to each other and helped take care of each other. At one point, one of Skei's spells went wrong, transmuting Skei's wings into energy instead of feathered. As a result, Skei was able to fly better, faster and farther than any other Avians on the island. Skei tried to make magical wings for Poma, but Poma's innate magics prevented it. Skei's aerial performances and taunting of other Avians across the island incurred a unique response; rather than angry Avians, she instead had young female Avians wanted her energy wings so they too could fly better and faster than the alpha male Avians on the island. As such, Skei got quite a cult female following. To add to that, other young Avians saw Poma's unique magics and wanted to learn her ways as well. As such, both Skei and Poma were creating their own cult followings; that's of course when everything started to go wrong.

After one of Skei's 'energy wing' transformations for one of their new cult converts went wrong, killing the girl, the Avian elders no longer tolerated Skei's presence on the island. They told Skei (and Poma) to leave forever and never return.


They left the Avian island. Poma, by this time, had learned to change into a bird and was able to fly away with Skei and their cult of female followers.

After exhaustive hours of flying, Skei's and Poma's rouge band of 'sisters' alighted in Italy's mountains.  There, they set up their own village in a hard to reach, yet well fertilized and beautiful plateau high up in the mountains. Poma's nature powers aided in the building of the structures and dwellings, as well as hunting for their food.  Over the next few years, they all discovered other Italians wanting to join 'the sisterhood of nature and the sky' and train in their magics. They all lived in relative peace until they were eventually discovered by man yet again.

In 1530, a band of Italian land barons and mountaineers discovered the veiled mountainous valley in the high mountains. Lush with freshwater, perfect farming soil and a view to die for, this band knew the value of this land was worthy of a king's ransom. They also met the 'Sisters of the Sky' and the 'Sisters of Nature'. Quickly realizing they were all 'witches' the land baron begged the sisters' forgiveness and made their way back down the mountain. Months later, armed with muskets, mini-cannons and an army of mercenaries, the land baron tried to take the land from them. The mercenaries were expert marksmen and took down the Sisters of the Sky, shooting them in flight, while other mercenaries tackled and stabbed dozens of the Sisters of Nature to death. Luckily for the Sisters of the Sky and Nature, a woman who called herself Malconna came to their rescue. Malconna jumped into the fray like a warrior, murdering and mutilated the mercenaries with an almost psychotic fervor. The land baron called for a retreat and left to get more troops, however, the damage was done. Barely a dozen of the sisters survived, Skei and Poma being among the living. Malconna offered a deal for them to come join HER 'Arcane Sisterhood' and be 'protected'. With little choice (and each of them harboring a commonality of their hatred of men) the Sisters of the Sky and the Sisters of Nature joined Malconna and travelled with her to central Europe. Unfortunately for all of them, a new fervor had taken over the lands of Europe...a fervor to hunt down and kill 'witches'.

Poma and her Sisters of Nature actually grew to about nearly one hundred in number in the few years they'd since been in Europe. Skei's only grew by another 30 or so, but both 'sub-sisterhoods', as Malconna called them, were helping build an army that, if need be, could be used against man and his new incessant desire to hunt witches. It wasn't long before the witch hunters started killing the sisterhood as 'witches'. To add to that, the sisters were also now hunted by a secretive magical sect called 'The Consortium' and its military wing, the Knights Arcanus. Sadly, one by one, the sisters were all killed or 'transformed' into inanimate objects by the Knights Arcanus; inanimate objects such as rocks or trees, entrapping them in these states for eternity...or, in the case of Poma and a few of their fellow sisters, only a few hundred years.

In the 2010s, Malconna resurfaced from her own transformation and went looking for her fellow sisterhood, eventually finding Poma and several of her fellow Sisters of Nature. Malconna freed them from their inanimate prisons and, along with Skei and dozens of her fellow surviving followers, rejoined Malconna is rebuilding the Arcane Sisterhood for the 21st century. Much to Poma's own surprise, she'd come to realized that she wanted to be back in her native ex-Incan jungles, only to be told by Malconna that Poma's 'pipe dream' was unworthy of her and that she needed to aid her 'sisters' rather than 'gallivant around in the jungles'.

Poma, today, is the last of her Sisters of Nature, after losing them to a battle with the modern Knights Arcanus' pet creature, "Manny" who ate her sisters and severely wounded Poma in that battle.  She hates the Knights Arcanus and men, but is also getting tired of being told what to do my Malconna.  She'll follow her still, but that ex-Incan jungle continues to call to her darkened soul...


  • Arcane Sisterhood Inherent State

    • As a result of being transmuted into an inanimate object for hundreds of years, their physical bodies are disfigures, patched with dead/damaged skin, have magical energy tears in their skin and unhealable skin discolorations.

    • Side effects of this transmutation makes each sister have the following:

      • Excellent prevention of magical detection

      • Poor physical body armor versus magical, physical, energy, toxic/toxin, temperate and radiation damage

      • Radiant energy 'tears' in their skin that glow a feeble glow

      • Reduced physical attributes (movement, agility, fighting) due to new inherent body state

      • Nigh vision at good level

  • Arcane Bolts (Arcane)

    • Can emit good magical bolts up to 100 yards in distance

  • Physical Animal Transformation (Alteration)

    • Excellent change into animals and/or mammals within 50% body mass in size/volume​

    • Can only transform into animals that she had studied (so far only two dozen)

    • Picks up the attributes or physical capabilities of the animal/mammal changed into

    • Retains own knowledge and mind while transformed

    • Can maintain for up to 20 minutes before she has to attempt to re-establish the spell

    • NOTE: Cannot transform metals or non-biological based clothes worn at time of animal transformation (i.e., she looses her armor and clothes when she transforms)

  • Plant Control (Druidic)

    • Excellent ability to manipulate and control plants and non-soul based plant life.​

    • Range: 200 yards

  • Animal Control​ (Druidic)

    • Has good ability to control up to 10 animals of lesser psyche within a 100 yard range.​

    • Can emote/control the animals actions and thoughts, using the animals innate abilities.

    • Can only control them for 10 minutes at a time before having to restore contact with them.

    • Animals have no knowledge of being controlled

    • With concentration, she can see through a single selected animal's eyes and hear through the same animal's ears


  • Arcane Sisterhood Staff

    • Made of spectacular level magical wooden material

    • Can be pulled out of magical portal to access/use with but a thought

    • Made specifically for this person; no one else can use it

    • Provides an additional level of magic focus, agility and stores an additional 20% more magical energy (mana) that the staff's owner can access/store (mana), but only so long as the staff is held in the bearer's hand

  • Body Armor (Chestplate, boots, glaives, skirt)

    • Provides good protection versus magical and mental/psyche attacks

    • Provides typical protection versus physical, energy, temperate and/or toxic/toxin attacks

    • Provides remarkable radiation protection

    • Provides protection from magical sensors/sensing up to a remarkable level

    • Negates magical wards and their functionality up to remarkable levels


  • Arcane Magic (Proficient)

  • Nature Magic (Professional)

  • Alteration Magic (Professional)

  • Druidic Magic (Professional)

  • Witchcraft (Professional)

  • European History (Professional)

  • Mesoamerican History (proficient)

  • Leadership (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (proficient)

  • Stealth (Proficient)

  • Animals/Mammals (Professional)

  • Natural Biology (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • All European languages (Professional)

    • English (Professional)

    • Mesoamerican Native Languages (Professional)

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