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APE 1-001

Not publicly known















Don "Major Deej" Finger

1970s; 30 July 2009






At 0120 on 1 January 2000, Augmented Primate Experiment (A.P.E.) 1-001 was born in the secret lab of Professor Kranan and his fellow scientists.  Ever since then, Professor Kranan's expectations of this new animal/human hybrid has not only been exceeded, but have also become his well as a wondrous benefit to society. 

Created and DNA-coded to by a hybrid of a gorilla and a human, Professor Kranan was to make APE 1-001 the first in his 'APE' line of controlled hybrid warriors in his army.  Due to the resources needed to do this (and several other APE variants he was working on), he'd taken up in an old abandoned lab in San Francisco, California. From there, he expected for he and his fellow scientists to have a new army of APEs by mid April and then ship them off to his main facility he built back in Sweden.

The first APE, APE 1-001, was meticulously designed, seeing as its DNA sequencing was critical for the other variants in the line. Scientists worked day and night under Professor Kranan's brutal leadership to get the first variant born as 'millennial' achievement by being born exactly at the first minute of the 21st century.  One of the scientists, overworked and mentally exhausted, forgot to add a key sequence in with APE 1-001: the control sequence.  This was usually placed in all of Professor Kranan's animal army's DNA sequencing, ensuring an innate fear and compulsion towards worshiping Professor Kranan as part of the Professor's plan for dominance and control of all that he created.

APE 1-001 did NOT get this controlling DNA sequence added to its genetic makeup.

Thanks to additional delays (through which Professor Kranan happily killed two human scientists as a result thereof), APE 1-001 was born 1 hour and 19 minutes later than intended. To say the least, Kranan was disappointed, but still, he considered his new 'first APE' a 'millennial' achievement in his plan for a new world.

14 days later, the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth and obliterated half of San Francisco in the process, including Professor Kranan's lab.  At that time, Kranan had left the day before to check on another new patch of hybrid cloned experiments at his main lab in Sweden. When the invasion occurred, Kranan was more concerned with evacuating his main lab, ordering instead, for his scientists in the other remote lab locations, such as in San Francisco, to 'pack up all data and vital equipment' and evacuate to one of three continental 'safe labs' he'd established. Before the San Francisco scientists even had a minute to act, the lab was destroyed by the Soltans.  Only five survived the onslaught; 4 scientists and APE 1-001, who escaped the lab as the walls came tumbling down.

With the Bay Area nearly destroyed, APE 1-001 foraged for food and shelter for the next few weeks. Thanks to Kranan's rapid growth stimuli, which brings each experimental body to the peak of adult life in just 6 months, APE 1-001 had to eat. A lot.  Going from tree to tree, street to street, town to town, APE 1-001 foraged for his food, all the while realizing that it was becoming smarter by the day. It's DNA sequencing was designed to make it as smart if not smarter than any standard human; in this case, APE 1-001 was VERY smart.

One day, APE 1-001 came across the San Francisco Zoo, a place that was not devastated by the alien attacks. There, he found ample food in the trees and flora in and about the zoo. He also learned about all the other animal species that made up the zoo...and quickly realized most animals in the zoo were starving to death.  As such, APE 1-001 showed true empathy and began 'caring' for the other animals, innately figuring out what type of food each animal needed, and provided for them as best possible.  Animals that had died had their carcasses feed to the carnivore animals. This went on for weeks, with APE 1-001 becoming a bit of a zoo keeper unto itself. APE 1-001 showed and retained empathy when it saw other animals die, and ensuing cried or was saddened as a result. It wasn't more than a month later that APE 1-001 encountered humans up close.

APE 1-001 had seen humans scattered about in his foraging early on, but they all seemed scared of him and instead ran away from him. At the zoo, a band of teenage humans attempted to try and release the animals in the zoo in the expectation that they'd be better off 'in the wild' rather than locked up to die. Much to the teens' surprise, the animals were healthy and fed. Moments later, they encountered APE 1-001, who, by this time, was quite an impressive size in stature and build.  Initially scared of the 'ape', they tried to attack him, but APE 1-001 simply took their weapons away or 'long armed' them when they tried a melee attack. Finally, the teens, in a stand-off with APE 1-001, said 'we're leaving!', to which APE 1-001 repeated vocally. The teens were in shock. This 'ape' spoke.  With visions and discussions of "Planet of the Apes" movie scenarios swirling about them, one teen girl stepped forward and attempted to communicate with APE 1-001.  Within minutes, they were able to determine there was a ton of food in the zoo for humans as well as animals.  As such, a new friendship burgeoned between all of them.

Over the next few months, APE 1-001, now called "Simius" by the teens (but was initially given the name 'Cutlass' as a short term name by one of the teens), taught Simius how to speak English...which he picked up in record time.  They also showed him how to operate the zoo's equipment, access equipment, operate computers, fuel the zoo's emergency generators, operate a computer, read, and research everything. Since Simius only required 2 hours of sleep a day, he was VERY active and thanks to what now seemed to be a form of hyper-intelligence being stimulated (which was expected in 5% of Professor Kranan's experiments), Simius quickly learned the ways of modern man (or what was left of civilization at that point).  On several occasions, Soltan troop patrols came across the zoo, attempting to do 'target practice' on the caged and contained animals in the zoo...for fun. Simius not only stopped them but beat them severely, placed the Soltans in a cage, nursed them back to health, and attempted to educated them on Earth's rules. Interestingly enough, those captured Soltans were 'won over' by Simius, and as such, defected from the Soltan Empire, providing critical intel needed in helping to take down the Soltans in the Bay Area (those Soltans are, today, a part of a handful of other expatriates that help GUARD and the United Nations in working out diplomatic solutions for future Soltan encounters).

Finally, in August 2000 Earth liberated itself from the Soltans, sending the Soltans to the far side of Mars, where they've been since. In the invasion's aftermath, human society began to rebuild, and with Simius' hyper-intelligence, he was more than happy to learn what he could do to help the nice humans who helped him throughout the invasion.

An organization sprang from an office at the University of California, Berkeley, by a team of scientists, engineers and academicians who all rallied together to put together plans and ideas to help the Bay Area rebuild. Much to their surprise, Simius was brought in by his teenage friends and introduced to the team. Some were initially put-off by an 'ape' being part of their think tank, but as it turned out, they all learned from one another, with everyone changing their views of Simius for the better. Simius continued to learn at his incredible rate, obtaining the equivalent of 4 masters degrees within 4 year's time, all while also providing vital help in the rebuilding of San Francisco.


In time the city of San Francisco soon took in Simius to be one of their own, and garnered him with United States and California citizenship, as well as officially 'earning' those four degrees, becoming the first non-human 'professor' in the world...that is, except for Professor Kranan who was a human professor before he became a monster; a fact that several newspapers told of...eventually informing the long lost Professor Kranan, who'd since been hiding out in his remote Swedish labs in the frozen northlands.  When Kranan read the news of "Simius" in 2007, he knew what SImius really was: APE 1-001.

By 2007, Simius was a celebrity. His modest yet resilient mannerisms towards hope, a positive future and how to be the best person one could strive to be, were all signs of his likability and his successful integration in human society.  A few held out that an 'ape' didn't belong in human society, but those few were drowned out by the millions that adored Simius. By this time, Simius had created a small, floating sphere that ran on a limited AI, powered by a low-yield Neutron generator using mini-anti-gravity propulsors to fly with.  It had holographic tech integrated into it so as to provide visual integrations with video feeds and/or videophones, as well as mini-cameras to record everything Simius did (except for simple things like trips to the bathroom, sleep and of course any 'dating' he may have been doing), all considered to now be "Di-Spherical" technology, Simius simply called his new autonomous personal assistant "Di".   As such, wherever Simius went, so did Di.

On 1 January 2008, Simius was scheduled for a 'professional interaction' with a Professor Nakran visiting from Sweden regarding biological norms between animals and humans.  After 'checking out' Professor Nakran's credentials as a legitimate professor from the Stockholm Institute of Animal Sciences, Simius agreed to the meeting only to discover Professor Nakran was actually Professor Kranan, who, by that time, had created a dark science community known as "The Catalysts", which was 100% disavowed by every scientific community and the world in general.  Before Simius could take Kranan in to be arrested, Simius was accosted by dozens of his fellow experimental hybrid brethren in the form of lions, bears, snakes, birds and even his fellow APEs (looking much like Simius, just younger).  Kranan immediately (as always) went into a villainous monologue about who Simius was and his origins, and that Kranan thought APE 1-001 (Simius) had been destroyed, only to discover him alive and integrated into the 'disgusting' world of the humans.  As such, Kranan 'recreated' the APE DNA sequencing and now, intended for Simius to lead his band of animal warriors into San Francisco and, with his vast knowledge of the humans, take over the military bases, national guard bases and the police stations and bring the city to its knees, all in demand of $500 million for ransom (money that Kranan needed on the black market to get some new vital equipment he wanted). As such, Kranan stated that since Simius was his to control and that Simius would now lead said troops to do his bidding.

Simius instead knocked out Professor Kranan with a Sunday Punch that shot Kranan through two walls, leaving Kranan a broken, unconscious mess. The other animals, unsure of what to do now that they were leaderless, instead took Kranan's body and tried to make off with it, but Simius stopped them from doing so.  In the end, over 50 hybrid creatures were captured and jailed, Kranan was given to the World Court for prosecution, and Simius became a superhero overnight after the entire incident, thanks to Di's recordings of the entire event, which were copied and given to the police and the media.

From then on until 2017, Simius continued to be a academic benefit to the Bay Area, coming up with positive, environmentally-friendly solutions to local power problems, affordable housing, new system of refuse collection and processing, food distribution, and more importantly, financial solutions for local mayors and businesses, thus allowing San Francisco to thrive more than ever.  On occasion, Simius even volunteered to help the police, investigations, and even the military in several issues needing his expertise of physical involvement. Now a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, he also taught at least one course a semester, earning his keep at the university.  He also ran into a unique holographic program that was entwined with was called "FreWER" tech, all of which made up the digital being called "Max Setting". Thanks to Simius, Max Setting was integrated into Di's systems, allowing Di to become the new 'vessel' for Max to operate out of.  Simius reached a point when Di's immediate presence was becoming more of a nuisance (being nearly everywhere he was) than a help, and believed Di's integration to Max Setting to be a better solution for all.  Now with a new level of mobility and interaction, Max Setting became a bit of a 'student of humanity' to Simius, learning all that it could on how to integrate better with humans, which, to this day, has been beneficial for all invloved.

A few years ago, an incident occurred wherein a new hero in the city named "Protechtor" was being assaulted (and outnumbered 7 to 1) at the old Protectors superhero HQ (which was in the process of being shutdown upon the death of its last hero member).  Simius and Max Setting (with Di, of course) took off and helped Protechtor. 12 hours later, after helping round up and defeated several dozen more super-villains, thugs and mercenaries that were threatening the city, Protechtor, Simius, Max Setting and the other heroes, as well as the police, were all lauded as heroes to the city.  Weeks later, Simius received a key to the city for being part of what was now being called the "Protectors Day" event. Shortly after that, Simius (as well as Max Setting) were asked to join as the newest members of the legendary Protectors super group, to which each agreed and joined.

Today, Simius is still a member of the Protectors and has offices in their HQ as well as his academic office at UC Berkeley, where he still attempts to teach at least one course a semester (which is usually the most sought after course on campus).  He has created and provided over 420 copyrighted inventions and has directly provided over 1,400 operations, functional systems and/or solutions to make the Bay Area a modern and safe city for any and all who wish to call it home. He's been asked to run for mayor of San Francisco several times, but, according to Simius, 'even I cannot unravel the String Theory that is politics'.  He is a respected member of the scientific community, a loved superhero and a true citizen to the people of the United States, California and the world.



Power Origin: Science

  • Innate APE DNA Sequenced Abilities

    • Super Strength

      • Can lift up to incredible weight (over 4 tons)

    • Amazing Endurance

      • Body's density provides overall poor protection against physical, energy, electrical and temperate damage

      • Body's density provides overall typical protection against toxic, acidic and radiation damage

      • Heals at an excellent rate (45%/day)

      • Only requires two hours of sleep (unless healing, then standard sleep)

    • Incredible Agility

      • Incredible environmental awareness

      • Capable of performing two action-based feats at a time without issue with equal attention and agility

    • Enhanced Senses

      • Remarkable hearing and smell; vision, however, is barely typical

  • Intellectual Stimulation​

    • When focused, he can align his excellent reason and knowledge to increase to incredible levels (on rare occasions, amazing levels), however, in doing so, he must be 100% focused (no fighting, distractions or being 'psyched out')​; lack of focus draws him back down to his base reasoning, thus requiring him to refocus incrementally over time again.


  • Earwig

    • Communications transceiver with a 25 mile range

    • Excellent material

  • Suit

    • Provides feeble protection against physical and temperate damage

  • Kit-Bashing Utility Belt (on occasion)​

    • Contains a variety of tools, materials and unique items (nothing above a remarkable level) used to do any 'kit-bashing' tech development while out and about. He does not normally wear this; only wears when needed.​


  • Acrobatics (Master)

  • Martial Arts: Melee (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Ranged (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Initiative (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Evasion (Professional)

  • Focused Attenuation (+ Psyche when focused) (Proficient)

  • Academia (Doctorate)

  • Engineering (Doctorate)

  • Power/Energy Systems (Master)

  • Nuclear Power (Professional)

  • Physics (Quantum & Spatial) (Master)

  • Earth Sciences (Master)

  • Medical Sciences (Doctorate)

  • Invention/Patents (Professional)

  • Manufacturing (Professional)

  • Systems Analysis/Troubleshooting (Master)

  • Computer Engineering/Sciences (Professional)

  • Psychology (Proficient)

  • Social Sciences (Professional)

  • Zoology (Proficient)

  • Xenology (Proficient)

  • Government Operations (Proficient)

  • Pilot (certified single-engine & multi-engine, both prop & jet instrument & passenger; qualified flight instructor & check-pilot) (Professional)

  • Maritime Captain (proficient, certified)

  • Astrophysics (Astronavigation) (Proficient)

  • Astronomy (Proficient)

  • Art (Master)

  • World Literature (Master)

  • Entertainment Industries (Proficient)

  • Finances (Professional)

  • Botany (Proficient)

  • Farming (Proficient)

  • Bartending (Proficient)

  • Arcane Knowledge (Proficient)

  • Mythology (Proficient)

  • Superhero History/Lore (Proficient)

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