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MAX 111-11-X

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Don "Major Deej" Finger

16 June 2018



"Di" (Limited AI Transport Di-Spherical Module) (co-dependent)



Not too long ago, Matt Maxwell, a robotics genius devised a robot capable of using Frequency Wave Ergavator Radiation (FreWER) to alter a target's DNA, biochemistry and neural activity.  It was a massive achievement, however, science moralists considered it an invasion to human and animal primacy.  As such, he was ostracized from the science community.

Years later, he perfected the design and gave it a mentality and visage of his favorite character form the 1980s known as "Max Headroom". Programmed to be helpful and not hurtful, "Max Setting" was created and sent out into the superhero community to 'make a difference' with its FreWEr Device.


With a Di-spherical Module that is powered and flies via neutron power and mini-anti-gravity generators (all devised by an acquaintance of his named Simius) called "Di", coupled with Max Setting's FreWER device and holographic representation, Max Setting was now capable of flying about and projecting himself anywhere within 200 yards of the Di sphere using the holographic projectors. As such, he initially called their conjoined named as "Di/Max". In the event the "Max" portion of the programming ever failed for some reason or another, "Di" was able to be recalled and/or controlled by Simius who had setup a backup controller allowing himself to either verbally control the sphere or use a hand held control device, whichever is needed most).


In the first several attempts of Di and Max Setting attempting to 'do good' in Oakland, California's street gang neighborhoods, they both nearly got destroyed each time, forcing the police to intervene and tell Di/Max Setting to 'stay out of Oakland'.  After that, Max attempted to perform several humanitarian missions like helping to get a cat out of a tree, only for the cat to freak out and jump in front of a moving van, squashing the cat.  Nonetheless to say, Max's logical programming wasn't adding up, leading it to the conclusion that its actions were 'dangerous' rather than helpful.  Minutes before Max was going to shut himself down for good, Di/Max saw a live TV broadcast of a superhero named "Protechtor" who was trying to stop a band of villains, mercenaries and thugs from doing damage to San Francisco. With that, Di/Max flew to the scene to help the hero.


Once at the scene, several other heroes showed up to help Protechtor. One of them was Di's and Max's acquaintance, Simius, who was happy to see Di and Max there. Together, these heroes all beat the attackers at the site of the Protectors' HQ in mere minutes. Sadly, a few dozen other villains, mercs and thugs got a away, however, a bloodied and beaten Protechtor still found the strength to lead these other heroes (and Di/Max) to help the police in stopping any more evil acts that night. 12 hours later, the task was done, with the police, Protechtor, the other heroes and Di/Max Setting all lauded as heroes.


Not long after that, Max Setting (now no longer using "Di" in the naming association, and instead almost always showing up in public as a holographic image thererafter) and the other heroes were awarded the key to the city and proclaimed as part of "Protectors Day" by the Mayor of San Francisco.  Days later, Max Setting officially joined Protechtor as a new "Protector" and moved into the legendary Protectors HQ.

Today, Max Setting is a valuable member of the team. It is learning the ways of humans, civilization and morality and as such has been an excellent hero in the making. Although Max is usually seen in the labs or operations center (since it doesn't sleep), he continues to go on missions with the team as often as possible.

On a side note, "Di" has started to show a little independent action itself. It has been seen shadowing Simius, helping Simius more readily than even Max. One would think Di was in love with Simius...but it's only a Di-spherical Module, primarily controlled by Max Setting...right?



Power Origin: Technology

All of Max Setting's powers are based on equipment (see below).



Di-Spherical Module

  • Limited Independent Artificial Intelligence (LIAI) programmed module of incredible reason and intellect (programmed by Simius)

  • Contains mini-anti-gravity generators, allowing it to hover in place or fly at a max speed of 4,000 mph (in atmosphere) or 200,000 mph (in space)

  • Protected by fantastically strong composite material armoring

  • Contains a several holographic emitters linked to an internal miniature holographic generator and controller (see Holographic Imager below)

  • Holographic Imager

    • Creates incredible 3D-quality holographic projections that can be displayed up to a maximum range of 200 yards in a 360 degree radius from Di​

    • Casts the "Max Setting" holographic projection when the Max Setting Program is running

    • Can be used to make Di visually invisible at an incredible level, but will still be able to be tracked via sonar/radar or heightened senses regarding spatial displacement

    • Max Setting program

      • ​A related image close to "Max Headroom" character look, but different
      • Can be cast in normal size (6' tall), small size (3" size projected on people's shoulders, tables etc.) or large size (30' tall)
  • Frequency Wave Ergavator Radiation (FreWER) Device

    • Remarkable energy and illusion-based functions:​

      • Create illusions as 3D images to include people, places, locations, text, make others with a perception or intuition of remarkable or less ​to believe the images in front of them are real.

      • Siphons power (15% every several seconds) from alternate resources and discharges, redistributes or retains said siphoned energy, including health

      • Can stimulate a human body's adrenal glands to become 20% faster for 20 seconds each

      • Can create an excellent force field in and around Di up to 20 yards in radius against all forms of attack except psionic and magic

      • Combining force fields and illusion control, it can create BASIC shapes with force fields and overlay 3D holographics over them to 'create' solid representations of the illusions, which are very helpful with radar/sonar. Combined though, the 3D holographics and force fields are only typical in strength and perception

      • Can transfer and/or convert energy to other people and/or objects (10% transfer allotment/several seconds)

      • Audio amplifier (increased sound transmissions to speakers at 400% (no greater than typical level sonic effect), allowing for audible messages to boom for over 4 miles in standard atmosphere.


  • Computers (Doctorate)

  • Engineering (Master)

  • Mathematics (Master)

  • Communications (Master)

  • Geo-spatial Engineering (Master)

  • Tactical Combat (Master)

  • Aerial Combat (Master)

  • Academia (Doctorate) (access to trillions of items of data via internet/digital resources)

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