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Family Tree(?)

Susanoo-no-Mikoto, Susanowo

Kaha Koa



Don "Major Deej" Finger

2 Feb 2014




Susanoo is an ancient multifaceted Asian deity portrayed in various stories. One such storyline is him as a wild, impetuous god associated with the sea and storms who eventually killed a celestial 'cow' or 'bull' and was punished and banished by the gods for doing so.  Another storyline has him labeled as a heroic figure who killed a monstrous serpent, while yet another had him associated as a Western Japanese deity linked with harvest and agriculture. According to Susanoo himself, all three are correct.

Born prior to 520 AD, Susanoo is identified to have been born of two known gods, however, Susanoo doesn't know that was the truth or not. Instead, Susanoo's first memories were working at a farm as a young boy in Japan in the Imuzo prefecture, harvesting grain. He remembered that when the weather wasn't good, they'd ask him to 'help fix the weather', which all he had to do was think about it and he did. After 200 years of doing (and only then looking to be about 16 years of age by then), he was considered a god and worshipped. Shrines were erected and Susanoo was sequestered away to hidden locations to prevent others from trying to control him and his godlike powers. He'd often sneak into the shrines and hear the worshipers' requests for rain or to stop the bad weather or whatnot, to which Susanoo listened to and acted upon as best he could. Sadly, he was discovered in one of his hidden locations in 750 AD and had to go to the Korean Peninsula to hide.

In Korea, Susanoo did the same thing there as he did in Japan - he helped 'influence' the weather to help the crops and keep people happy, however, he himself was not happy. Even after he'd killed a powerful sea monster (a descendant of Mamilus' family's line of dimensional magical creatures), Susanoo was still basically homesick. He also wanted a find a mate, but to find the woman he wanted, he had to go back home to Japan...which he wanted more than anything...and eventually, finally he did just that and returned home to Japan.


By 900 AD, Susanoo returned to his old Imuzo prefecture, wherein most in the region had long forgotten about Susanoo. It seems after Susanoo left, the weather did what the weather was supposed to do in the prefecture, leaving nearly half of the harvests short on food or plagued with insects, disease or simply local warfare amongst warlords. To that degree, when Susanoo returned, he was laughed at when Susanoo told them who he was. To prove himself, Susanoo created a mighty storm with heavy winds; winds strong enough to actually knock off the roof of a recently built home to the prefect's warlord...a warlord who didn't care if Susanoo was a god or not.  Immediately after Susanoo reigned in the storm he'd created, the local warlord dared to confront him.  Susanoo didn't want a fight but also wasn't about to brook some warlord's heavy-handed attempts at slighting Susanoo either. As such, the two fought, with Susanoo impaling the warlord to the entry sign of an old shrine made for Susanoo a few hundred years before.  The locals bowed to him as a god, to which, again, Susanoo attempted to dissuade them from doing so, but sadly, the populace wouldn't allow such familiarity. They adorned him, his shrines and anything associated or desired by Susanoo with great religious pomp and ceremony, making every single request seem like a theater production. In time Susanoo not only grew to like this; he eventually expected it from what he now deemed as his 'supplicants'.


Eventually, Susanoo asked for a woman of unquestionable character, strong in heart, dedicated to her family and husband and most importantly a woman who would sire children that may be gods themselves.  The locals went into a massive effort to cull the right women from the chaff and eventually found the woman of Susanoo's dreams. As such, they were wed and had children, all of which, none exhibited his powers.

After Susanoo's legend grew, so did attacks from other warlords wanting to 'slay a god'. The prefecture instead created its own army and was led by the prefecture's great warriors, all of whom fought in the stead of Susanoo, who was 'not allowed' to fight 'mortals in mortal affairs'. To that, Susanoo continued in providing the best weather when needed (for agriculture) or the worst (against invading forces or Navies).  Eventually Susanoo's children and wife grew old and died, to which Susanoo was provided yet another highly scrutinized wife again and again, with each succeeding child also never gaining powers. Susanoo himself seemed to even slow in his aging process, such that by 1500, he only looked to be a man in his late 20s. That, eventually, didn't come to matter when the western civilization and a magical society known as 'The Conglomerate' came to call, changing Susanoo's world permanently.

Westerners had been slowly finding their way into Japan and the region, opening up trade routes, cultural and informational exchanges and of course, the push of the Christian religion unto the 'heathen' masses of Asia.  A magical society, called the Conglomerate, based out of Great Britain, sent a contingent or mages and ambassadors that sailed to Japan in an attempt to actually contact Susanoo and discover who or what he was. This contingent also included a Minotaur from Crete named "Celestius" whom was as ill-tempered as he was curious about all things magic in nature. The contingent was led by one of the Conglomerate's top soul mages who was also being used as a 'scout' to determine if Susanoo was magical and if so, to 'bring him over to the Conglomerate's ways'. This exceptional thinking led to what would be considered a 'irrecoverable failure' in today's tactical terminology.


Once the Conglomerate's contingent made their way to the Imuzo prefecture, they came upon the shrines made to worship Susanoo. One such shrine they entered was literally a few hundred yards from Susanoo's palace gate. While the Conglomerate's contingent was inquiring about Susanoo in the shrine (and still unable to speak Japanese), the Minotaur broke several antique relics in the shrine. This action infuriated the shrine's monks who then 'shooed' the Conglomerate contingency out onto the town's streets. Once there, the villagers were aghast at the strange people before them, especially the Minotaur, who no one in Japan had ever seen before, calling it a 'godlike cow from the heavens'.  When the town's militia showed up, that's when things began to go south.

The Minotaur snorted and stomped its feet at the troops, enraging the village populace even further. the townsfolks began through vegetables and boiled roots at the strangers, demanding for them to depart. That's when the militia decided to shoot the Minotaur. After being shot with several arrows, the Minotaur attacked the villagers. Try as they might, the rest of the Conglomerate contingent couldn't calm the crowd or the Minotaur down (language barriers were key in this). This resulted in an ensuring battle between the Conglomerate's contingent, the Minotaur the townsfolk and Susanoo who finally arrived at the site of the commotion.


Susanoo quickly demanded (in Japanese and Korean) for the Conglomerate's contingent to depart the town. Sadly, the Conglomerate didn't understand and the militia kept shooting arrows, enraging the Minotaur even further. In the Minotaur's fury, it charged at the militia, taking out a building behind them - a building that one of Susanoo's children was watching from. Susanoo's son died from Celestius charged attack (as did several others in the building). When Susanoo went to see his dead son amidst the debris, before anyone from the Conglomerate could understand who it was that had died, Susanoo's anger explode with an untold storm-induced fury. Susanoo flew up into the air, storm winds and clouds thickening the sky with lightning and thunder crashing down everywhere about them. Susanoo swore vengeance against the Conglomerate and their world, as well as their families and friends, even if it took to 'the end of time' for him to do so. The Conglomerate contingent knew that this fight was now not only a fight for their own lives, but a fight to save the Conglomerate, England and their own families and friends. Susanoo, whom the contingent intended to recruit him to 'their world', would instead now have to kill Susanoo to actually save the Conglomerate and all they held dear.


After 15 minutes of battle, the town was flooded and obliterated with only a few peasants surviving the fury Susanoo unleashed. The Minotaur Celestius was killed and 'flayed' by Susanoo. Not long thereafter, the rest of the Conglomerate's contingent were finally able to subdue Susanoo.  The Soul Mage of the group attempted several techniques to bind Susanoo, however, Susanoo's rage, powers and psyche were almost impossible to keep in check. Sadly, the mage had no choice; he had to transfer Susanoo's soul into an inanimate object wherein Susanoo would have no way of being able to use his body, powers or psyche. In a complex ceremony (witnessed by some of the town's survivors), Susanoo's feet, hands and mouth were bound with magical binds while the Soul Mage worked his magic.

Susanoo's soul did NOT go willingly.


The Soul Mage had to fight a major spiritual battle against Susanoo, barely winning. Eventually though, the Soul Mage was able to entomb Susanoo's soul in a large, carved marble totem located at the Susanoo shrine's site. Even after being entombed, Susanoo's soul was still fighting to get out.  The Soul Mage determined he'd have to ensure soul binding wards were recharged every several to ten years to ensure that Susanoo's soul could not work its way out and inhabit another's body. The Soul Mage made a decision to stay in Japan in the prefecture, dedicating the rest of his life to maintaining and recharging the tomb's wards, as well as passing down the teaching of how to do so to others so they too could continue to ensure Susanoo was never allowed to be released into the world of the living again.


The Soul Mage bid his fellow Conglomerate contingent adieu, wherein said contingent eventually made their way back to the Conglomerate with the tale (and warnings) of their adventures and encounters. As such, no one from the Conglomerate returned to Japan until 1920 when it was found that Susanoo's marble totem/soul tomb had long since been buried 30 feet below the ground where it once was, along with the carcass of the Minotaur Celestius, thus ensuring that no one knew about either of them. The soul mage had married a local woman and had raised and trained his progeny how to recharge the soul binding wards every several years. A small support sect also was created to aid in this, and from it, the first 'soul magic school' was created; a school that taught not only Conglomerate soul magic, but Asian soul magic as well. The school initially was erected on the same site as the Susanoo tomb, however, the tomb's grounds instead became the property of the progeny of the soul mage. This prevented unwitting folks from 'messing with the tomb or the wards'. The mage eventually died at the ripe old age of 111, but up to this point of this story, his progeny and school maintained the recharging of the wards and the watchful eye upon where Susanoo was entombed. Of course...nothing lasts forever.

In 2000, the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth. In doing so, the Soltans obliterated the Japanese soul magic school...and the home and property of the soul mage's descendants.  As such, the last of the soul mage's direct descendants were killed by the Soltans...leaving the property (and the tomb) unmanaged. By 2014, the Japanese government (and the prefecture) decided to seize the property and sell it for commercial development. During the clearing of the land for a new shopping plaza, an excavator uncovered Susanoo's tomb.  When they tried lifting the tomb out, it broke in two, releasing Susanoo's soul from its imprisonment.

Susanoo's bodiless soul automatically streaked through the skies and grounds of Japan, hunting for his bloodline's kin much like a bloodhound tracking a kill. Susanoo's soul finally found one such descendent - a 30 year old Japanese High School teacher. Once found, Susanoo's soul recklessly took over and obliterated the body host's soul, sending it violently to the underworld (which a certain death god of Polynesia was able to detect). Upon entering his descendent teacher's body, his entry was able to unlocked that body's blocked DNA, thus activating Susanoo's descendant's body's inherent albeit unused powers hidden within the teacher's body. In so doing, not only was Susanoo now in control of the body of one of his descendants, he was also now able to use his powers (to which degree will be discussed shortly hereafter). That's when the newly resurrected Susanoo realized he was not in the 1500s anymore.

Susanoo immediately attempted to communicate with the teacher's students, but was unable to understand the new variants of his own language. He instead assaulted another teacher and flew the teacher (and himself) to a nearby hillside where Susanoo was able to get some basic information from the teacher such as where, who, when and what was going on. After several minutes of information, Susanoo quickly realized he was WAY out of his element and that mankind had grown beyond him. As he attempted to take to the air again, her realized he wasn't as powerful as he once was. After talking with the same teacher about this, the teacher conjectured that maybe after the centuries of blood dilution from his original self that any of this body's inactivated powers might be 'lessened' from what they once were. Unhappy with that answer, Susanoo killed the teacher with a lightning bolt. He then flew off to go to his old home -  the Imuzo prefecture.

Upon landing at the area that was once his home, Susanoo saw construction equipment, the broken marble tomb and the slack-eyed workers...workers that wouldn't bow or pay proper respect to him...even after he announced himself to them who he was. Instead Susanoo was 'shooed' off the worksite, much like the Conglomerate contingent once was centuries before. Susanoo, using his newly gained powers, destroyed the construction site and killed several workers and onlookers. When the police showed up, they shot Susanoo several times, but the bullets had no real effect other than skin welts. Susanoo, concerned over these weapons' effects, took one from the policeman and shot the policeman with it to see what it would do to humans. Realizing these 'future' people were still just as human' and frail, Susanoo once again used his powers to kill the police. From there, he flew off, traversing across Japan, taking in the modern lights, city sights and the massive amount of people therein, all in complete awe.

Susanoo checked out several cities and was attacked each time. Eventually, he encountered another 'god' during this time; his name was Milu, the Polynesian god of the underworld (the same one who'd 'sensed' him earlier). After a long discussion on a remote fog-enshrouded island, Milu and Susanoo basically told each other their stories. Milu, seeing an opportunity to recruit Susanoo to his side, did so, asking Susanoo to become the 'new' Japanese warlord and to help 'put the humans in their place' and help him regain their divine right to rule over them, starting with the subjugation of his lands, the Hawaiian Islands.  Susanoo agreed to this so long as Milu would aid him in destroying the Conglomerate, which Milu was only too happy to agree to.

In 2015, Milu and Susanoo, along with nearly a dozen other regional warlords attacked and invaded Hawaii and its islands. For weeks they ruled over the islands until the combined might of the US military, its allies and the magically-empowered Pacific League human heroes beat Milu's forces, driving them back to a single Hawaiian Island called Niihau.  There, a truce was arranged between the humans and Milu, but in so doing, the other warlords lost confidence in Milu, as did Susanoo, and left Milu. The other warlords, their resources and armies in shambles, went back to their own regions to lick their wounds and potentially restart their own plans to rebuild and retake their own respective regions again.

Susanoo went back to the fog-enshrouded island off the northern coast of Japan and established his new home there. After discovering the 'internet' and getting others to help him understand how to use it, he began recruiting modern-day Susanoo followers (yes, some still worshipped Susanoo even centuries later). Those followers numbered in the hundreds. Some of them were ex-military...and ex-Yakuza...professionally trained killers. As such, Susanoo's followers began stealing and purchasing weapons to once again create an army for Susanoo to command (and protect). Over the last few years, Susanoo has discovered a few of the soul magic schools in and about the Japanese region and ensuingly destroyed each one of them, killing men, women and children in the process, while also leaving a challenge to the Conglomerate to 'come receive his vengeance'. After several encounters with other super-powered heroes as well as several Conglomerate mages who answered Susanoo's challenge, Susanoo, although surviving the encounters, realized that he might not be as powerful to back up his boastful vengeance as he'd predicted. To that degree, he bides his time by continuing to build up his army, his followers, his resources and his weapons so that he'll soon be able to take over Japan and become its truly divine warlord that is deserves.

Today, Susanoo is still amassing his army and resources. He continues to battles and encounters with the heroes and the Conglomerate, but has managed to escape and/or prevent his own capture.  As such, he's realized that Milu's warlords might indeed still be an option he may have to turn to in order to take Japan as his. As such, he has started sending message to Milu identifying his need for Milu and his warlords, again, offering to join Milu's newly designated "Kaha Koa" when the time was right. Susanoo continues to 'catch up' on his world and Japanese history, however, he is having issues understanding modern culture and why most of Japan won't worship or adore him.  This makes him mad at the Japanese people; an anger he intends to use to 'persuade' their adulation and acceptance whether they desire him...or not.




Power Origin: Unknown.

Believed magic, but at this time, this is not necessarily the belief.

  • Weather Control

    • Has the amazing ability to control atmospheric effects to include wind, rain, clouds, hail, lightning, thunder, snow, tornadoes, hurricanes (more like tropical depressions)

    • Can control weather within 500 yard range, but ensuingly, affects up to 1000 yards to a lesser (feeble effect)

      • Controlled weather actually affects localized conditions, thus, he may control weather up to 1000 yards away, but most likely can directly affect weather outward of 5 mile radius

  • Partial Immortality

    • Ages at 1 year for each actual 25 year

    • When he dies, the body regenerates over a week's time to 1/2 health to which he'll simply come alive

    • Doesn't require food or water and doesn't need to breath air, however, he LIKES consuming food and drinks

    • He can survive in the vacuum of space, however, he's never tested that

  • Enhanced Physiology

    • Armored skin/Body

      • Excellent physical, magical protection

      • Remarkable toxic/toxin protection

      • Incredible energy, temperate, psychic/mental protection

    • Innate fighting skills are good

    • Innate agility skills are good

    • Innate strength is remarkable

    • Innate endurance is incredible







  • Japanese Lore/History from 500 to 1500AD (Master)

  • Weather dynamics/nature (Master)

  • Aerial combat (+ Fighting) (Professional)

  • Marital Arts: Slam/Stun (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Ranged Attacks (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Agriculture/Farming (Professional)

  • Leadership (Professional)

  • Military/Army Building (Proficient)

  • Japanese Architecture (Proficient)

  • Japanese Ancient Weaponry (Swords, Knives, etc.) (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • Japanese (Master)

    • English (Proficient)

    • Korean (Master)

    • Russian (Proficient)

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