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Oceania Champions Champion of Oceania Ba

RUNE 101

Oceania Champions Champion of Oceania Ba
Room 101Eurythmics
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Randall Jacob Ruhn II












Professor Ruhn

Champions of Oceania



Don "Major Deej" Finger

18 Nov 2010


Ana Ruhn (wife, deceased)

Alex Ruhn (son, deceased)

Randall Jacob Ruhn III (son, missing)

Clara Ruhn (daughter, deceased)




Professor Randall Jacob Ruhn II once was the greatest experts on the paranormal - that is , until over three decades ago, when demons possessed him during one of his investigations.


Although a secretive man, Professor Ruhn was cast into the TV and media spotlight by way of his incredible discoveries in the paranormal and demonology.  In several instances, he had 'exorcised' demons from homes and locations without incident.  Several years ago, he encountered a demon that did not want to leave; the location was an orphanage.  The demon started possessing the children, hurting them and killing them. 

When the media and local politicians got involved, they ostracized and blamed the professor for not doing enough, even though he'd been working feverishly for days to stop the incursions.  Finally, exhausted and out of options, he unleashed a spell from a grimorie he kept with him; a spell that would take control of the demon, but may also infuse the demon's essence into himself.  

As he cast the spell, he was attacked by invisible claws and what felt like  fiery whips, all slicing at him from all directions.  In the last passage of his incantation, a clawed attack caused him to pause in the recital, distorting the spell.  It vanquished the demon, however, it fused the professor with the demon's powers...and desires. 

Due to his possession, the demon inside him eventually took control of Ruhn long enough to viciously kill Ruhn's own wife and three children (one child, however, may not have been killed, and instead has secretly been listed as 'missing' for all these decades).

In emotional despair over the loss of his family and empowered with control of lesser demons, a hellfire whip and wounds that would not heal properly, he was banished by the first-ever secret cabal of western arcanists (outside of the Conglomerate) to "Inaccessible Island" in the South Atlantic, where Ruhn would never be able to harm anyone if he lost control of his new powers.

Unfortunately, the newly formed rebel nation of 'Oceania' took control of Inaccessible Island and all the island that made up the St. Helena Island system, thus placing him under the control of Oceania.  Within weeks, the Governor, Sir Goldstein, accommodated Ruhn's needs, providing him magical artifacts, wards and runes that aided in controlling the demon spirit trapped in him.  Over the last 20 years,Ruhn had lost control of the demon spirit only several times.  Ruhn was extremely thankful to the governor for his help and swore allegiance to him and Oceania.


Over the next couple of dozen years, he mastered the paranormal and became an arcane specialist.  In controlling demons, he was found to be a one of only a handful of people that could actually breach dimensional barriers by letting out demon minions and beasts to control.  As a result, Ruhn became one of the foremost parapsychologists in the western world (without having to to a part of the secretive magical society known as "The Conglomerate", which he knows exists, but has never interacted with).  He reaches arcane studies at the University of Oceania, and is also a member of the Champions of Oceania super team, but under the code-name of  "Rune 101"!



Power Origin: Magic

  • Demon Summoning

    • Rune 101 can call forth demonlings (more than three, and he starts to lose control of them) to do his bidding.

    • Demonlings are adept at manipulating fire or wielding hellfire to deal fire/toxic damage.


  • Demon Enhancement

    • Ruhn can enchant his summoned demons, enhancing their fire powers, strength and endurance by an entire level of capability.

    • To enchant them, he must take time to say a 30-second incantation. 

    • He uses his Hellfire Whip to transfer the enhancement

    • Demons:

      • Pending on which demon is summoned:​

        • Lesser Demon (minion)​

          • typical fire ranged damage, typical physical protection; excellent energy, temperate and radiation protection, good claw melee​

        • Greater Demon (Protective)

          • good fire or cold ranged damage,good physical protection; remarkable energy, temperate and radiation protection, excellent claw melee​​

        • Beast (assault)

          • remarkable strength and stamina, remarkable physical protection; incredible energy, temperate and radiation protection, remarkable claw melee​​​


  • Hellfire Whip

    • Produces good psionic, physical or fire damage to the target (one from the list, not all)

    • Whip appears in his hand out of thin air, regardless of the environment (space, underwater, etc.)

    • Can flick a good bolt of hellfire from his whip up to a range of 50 yards.  Upon contact with the target, the bolt of hellfire also hits the target with a leveled-loss of the target's psyche for each additional bolt of hellfire until the target temporarily becomes a drooling vegetable (effect of each bolt only last 30 seconds). 

  • Negative Energy Manipulation

    • Can channel Negative Energy from the demon dimension's Netherworld through to a targeted foe. This typical-level manipulation drains the power from that target and slowly transfers it to himself and all nearby allies. The targeted foe's chance to hit, damage and regeneration rate are reduced, while Rune 101 and his nearby allies are healed.

    • Can use the power for typical holds, immobilization, fear and energy blasts.


  • Netherworld Soul Transference

    • One of his most unique powers is also very dangerous, in that, when used, it transfers another piece of a demon's soul from the Netherworld dimension into the target.; resulting in the target being raised from the dead.  If a target falls dead (and still has their major body parts, especially the heart and head), Rune 101 can resurrect them in a simple 20 second spell.  Again, the danger is there is an excellent chance a demon may 'dirty' the freshly resurrected soul (psyche battle between the random demon and the target upon 'rising from the dead').



  • Uniform

    • Provides typical physical, energy and temperate protection

  • Magical Wards (2)

    • Provides Rune 101 with fantastic levels of magic protection and defenses

    • Must be recharged every 2 weeks of the magical protection and defenses will cease

  • Demon Control Relic

    • Small 4 inch x 8 inch arcane relic that Rune 101 keeps on his person at all times​, and only works when within 6 inches of Rune 101's body

    • Requires an incantation to transfer the relic's powers to a particular person or object

    • Provides amazing control over demon control

    • Provides amazing psionic defenses

  • Arcane Flight Boots

    • Wearer can fly up to 100 mph for an unlimited range​

    • Max altitude for humans is 20,000 feet (but only for short, unexerted durations)

  • Ancient Book of Arcane Spells and Incantation

    • Carries a medium sized 800-year old book with him, written in Latin, with thousands of good-level (or less) magical spells, incantations and curses.

  • Communications Earwig

    • Encrypted transceiver with a 250 mile range

    • Battery lasts 2 weeks before recharge is needed



  • Arcane Magic (Master)

  • Parapsychology (Professor)

  • Oceania Lore (professional)

  • Dimensional energy/detection (Professional)

  • Demonology (professional)

  • Whip Melee/Ranged Combat (Professional)

  • Scholar/Teacher (Professional)

  • Leadership (Professional)

  • Media (Proficient)

  • Conglomerate Lore (proficient)

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