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RedcoatThe Hit Machine Drummers
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Major Redcoat, Red Coat

UCE Enforcers



Don "Major Deej" Finger

3 July 2012







In 2010, the leader of the United Canadian Empire (UCE), Emperor North, needed an army of killer robots for his empire; an army that would not only be used as soldiers but could also protect Emperor North as guards; guards that would never require sleep; guards that would follow any order he gave them; guards that would kill anyone he wanted killed...even if it was one of his own people.


As such, Emperor North commissioned his empire's chief engineer, Dr. Phlebotinum, to perform the task. 

After two years of work, Dr. Phlebotinum, who'd never made androids or robots before, came up with the Mark I 'Robotic Empirical Defenders' (REDs).  Dressed up in polished boots and uniforms, Emperor North made a comment that they reminded him of 18th century British regular army 'Redcoats', and as such, the name 'Redcoats' was given to the REDs.

Over 250 Mark I Redcoats were made...until Major Deej and the Challengers got into a battle with the UCEMajor Deej and his team (but mostly Major Deej) obliterated the hordes of Mark I Redcoats used to protect Emperor North. The Mark I Redcoats did, however, give the Emperor and Netherbride enough time to escape, retreating back to the safety of the UCE's main base on Wolfe Island.

Once again, Emperor North tasked Doctor Phlebotinum to make more...and better...Redcoats.

Today, the Mark II Redcoats are the current new protectors, guards and Emperor North's Empirical Guard in the UCE. The Mark II design is superior to the Mark I Redcoat design, however, the Mark II design takes more time to construct and far more resources; resources that an isolated island nation such as the UCE doesn't have as much access to as it wishes.


Currently there are about 100 Mark II Redcoats operational.


the Mark II Redcoats are used to guard Emperor North, his vital projects and/or labs or are used as a distraction or force or deterrent to use against super-powered aggressors to the UCE.




Power Origin: Technology (Robot/Android)

Mark II Redcoat Design

  • Robotic Body Design/Armor

    • Body and frame is made from remarkable material

    • body armoring covers vital joints, equipment, processors and generators, providing remarkable physical, energy, temperate and toxic/toxin protection

    • Body has spectacular radiation protection

    • Since its programmed, it has the equivocal of unearthly psionic/mental protection

  • Physical Enhancements

    • Excellent fighting, agility and strength

    • Remarkable endurance

  • Physical Enhancement Overclocking

    • If unencumbered by the musket or hand-held weapons, but instead relies on pure robotic frame's physical enhancements, the Mark II Redcoat can double its actions (2 major actions in less than several seconds, along with 4 non-combat actions (dodging, movement, etc) in the same timeframe)

    • can only be in its overclocked state for 30 seconds before kinetic generator has to perform a check against overloading or system failure each several seconds thereafter

  • Rocket Pack​

    • Can fly up to Mach 2 for 1 hour of total flight time​

    • Max altitude: 20,000 feet

    • Must be refueled after total flight time reached

    • Will NOT carry additional gear other than itself and its own equipment loadout (programmed not to carry things or people, not even Emperor North based on worries of said carried objects being their own 'Trojan Horses' or disguised weapons)

  • Limited AI

    • Can think for itself, but only based on its programming parameters (uses robotic 3-laws, but only for UCE personnel)

    • Poor reason; typical intuition; no psyche (memory core)

  • Sensors

    • Visual sensor provide excellent normal, night, thermal and infra red imagery

    • Visual enhancements provide excellent visual range in telescopic and microscopic conditions

    • Visual protection allows for excellent flash protection

    • A variety of excellent environmental sensors, including radar and movement sensors are constantly in use

  • Communications

    • Receives amazing level encrypted commands and.or data from either Emperor North or Enforcer Alpha or one of their designated authorized technicians

    • Can be programmed to fulfill one or several programs in lieu of additional ordered commands (prevent other-than-UCE entrance to a site/facility; kill identified and recognized aggressors to the UCE's list of aggressors, etc.)

  • Memory/Networking

    • Can store 500 Tb of encrypted data and programming, as well as downloaded imagery, files, data, orders and cyphers.

    • Connects through its wireless communications network of satellites, cell towers or plug-in analog 'land lines' (RJ-12 ports or old telephone connection ports).

  • Kinetic Generator Power

    • So long as the Redcoat's frame is moving, it generates and stores its own power, up to 300 units can be stored and used as needed, with 30 units charging max every several seconds.

  • Language Processing

    • Can translate all major languages and speak them as well (87 languages)​

  • Self-Destruct Codeword​

    • When told a specific codeword verbally or electronically, the Mark II Redcoat will self destruct with a remarkable explosion, destroying any and all components, generators, weapons and/or memory, controls or sensors/communications equipment inside itself​

    • Resulting self destruct explosion can and will affect adjacent areas




Mark II Redcoat Design

  • UCE Muskets

    • Good energy rifles that can be used as excellent energy rifles if left to charge between shots for 12-15 seconds vice the standard several seconds between shots; Range" 400 yards

    • Excellent electrical grenade launcher; range: 200 yards

    • Remarkable material rifle frame

    • Retractable Bayonet

      • Made of incredible material (for piercing damage)

      • Can be retracted in or out from the front of the musket's barrel

  • Belt

    • Musket Energy Packs (6)

      • Each Energy Pack contains 200 units of power (20 shots of good intensity; 10 shots of excellent intensity, etc.)

    • Flash-Bang Grenades (2)

      • good level flash intensity

      • poor level explosion effect

    • Smoke grenades (2)

      • -4 visibility for 30 seconds






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