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Green Mountaineers



The Green Mountain BoysLes Baxter's Balladeers
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~40 (once at 124)

Key members are known; others may be known by family name association









Green Mountain Boys

Yankee Minutemen



Don "Major Deej" Finger

15 March 2012


Vernon (Vern) Wentworth (Leader)

Clyde Wentworth

Jason Wentworth

Daryl Wentworth

Sharon Wentworth


Josiah Wentworth (family leader during the 'New Canada' invasion; deceased)

Carol Wentworth (wife to Vernon Wentworth; deceased)

Susanne Wentworth (daughter to Vernon Wentworth; deceased)

General Wallace Wentworth (US Army, retired)



The Green Mountaineers (or the 'Green Mountain Boys' as they were originally called a few years ago) are a patriotic family of militant woodsmen (and woman) that have changed their status from being a criminal 'family militia' comprised of descendants to the Wentworth family name to that of a family of patriotic, national heroes.

The Wentworth family can trace its roots back to 1719, when their ancestors arrived in New England and settled outside of Burlington (now in Vermont).  The Wentworth were a major force in the American Revolutionary War and were members of the state's militia regiment called the "Green Mountain Boys" regiment; a regiment that was key in creating the state of Vermont.  Over the centuries, the family fell more and more out of the political spotlight and instead settled into the hills and towns outside of Burlington and in the Green Mountains of Vermont. They excelled at 'backwoodsman' teachings and lifestyles, however, there was never a time when at least one member of the Wentworth was not in the US military.  Their family's military tradition continues to this day, including the recently retired General Wallace Wentworth of the Vermont National Guard.

A few years ago, the Wentworth inherent family properties were confiscated by a cruel state's attorney named Seth Jenkins (whose family had a long-standing feud with the Wentworth and the family's 'militia' compounds they'd created over the decades. Seth Jenkins, using every form of legal trickery (and paid-off federal judges and Marshals) forced the state of Vermont to take over the Wentworth lands through 'imminent domain'.  Most of the Wentworth scattered to the hills and mountains, residing in other homes and cabins they'd built or obtained over the years, eluding all demands to turn themselves in and be jailed for 'illegal property' use.  The Wentworth lawyers fought the legal fight, but sadly, it eventually wound up with an armed engagement of several federal marshals and the holed-up Wentworth, resulting in the death of four innocent Wentworth men, women and children, as well as the wounding and killing of several marshals and police officers. The remaining Wentworth took to the frontier and lived off the land after that since they were now considered criminals. Interestingly, the local populace considered the Wentworth innocent and 'underdogs' (even 'heroes' according to some) for taking a stand against the corrupt position of the state.

While the Wentworths hid (and collected more weapons and materials), a small army of Canadian terrorists called the United Canadian Empire (UCE) invaded America's New England and made it the UCE's new nation of "New Canada" using nuclear weapons as their weapon of deterrence. The UCE planted several nuclear weapons in key locations in and about New England, threatening to set them off if the UCE's "New Canada" was to ever be attacked or 'liberated' by anyone foolish enough to attempt so. With the United States, Canada and the United Nations unable to effectively respond (or act), a New England vigilante known as "Minuteman" formed a grass-roots group of super-powered and highly-skilled fighters to defuse the nuclear weapons and drive the UCE out of New England. 


Minuteman contacted the Wentworth/Green Mountain Boys (which wasn't easy), asking them to help him form a band of modern day 'minutemen' to help stop the UCE and disarm the nukes, particularly, for the Green Mountain Boys, the nuclear weapon that was located deep in the Green Mountains. The Green Mountain Boys, numbering in, at that time, 122 militia members strong, teamed-up with a young, unknown fellow Vermont hero, Nor'easter, to get the job done. 


With all of the 122 combat-capable Wentworths, led by the family leader, Josiah Wentworth, the Green Mountain Boys (GMBs) found their assigned nuke in a cave up in the Green Mountains.  After they safely disarmed the nuke, the Wentworths were accosted by over 300+ UCE Troopers.  In the middle of all of this, some of the super-powered enforcers in the UCE arrived, invoking more casualties to the GMBs. During this time, Josiah Wentworth was able to refocus a vengeful Nor'easter (who wanted revenge on one of the UCE's super-powered murderers, named Yukon) and instead saved dozens of the GMBs in the process. Sadly, Josiah died in battle.


An hour later, when all was over, nearly all of the UCE Troopers were either dead or severely wounded, but sadly at a high price. Of the 122 GMBs, only 30+ Wentworths lived to see another day. News reporters arrived at the battle site to see the GMBs/Wentworths and Nor'easter and show the world, on live TV, the results of the battle with the UCE, as well as the massive losses of the GMBs/Wentworths.


During the final part of retrieving the wounded from the battle site and getting them medical aide, Yukon burst through the treeline and stabbed Nor'easter in the chest with an ice spear. Nor'easter was able to save several of the wounded Wentworths and dozens of reporters (as well as a handful of wounded, incapacitated UCE Troopers) from Yukon's rampage by freezing Yukon in a massive ice block; an action that saved everyone at the site, but became the last heroic action of Nor'easter before he died seconds later.


The Wentworths and Nor'easter were eventually identified as heroes in the New Canada incident, and as such were awarded honors, medals and special proclamations, including state and federal honors to those in the GMB that died during battle. As a result of the intense world-wide light now shown on the Wentworths, a handful of dutiful journalists (and Minuteman) did some investigative reporting and exposed Seth Jenkins' ring of corruption against the Wentworth clan. As a result, the supreme court not only dropped all charged against all the Wentworths, but disbarred Seth Jenkins from law in Vermont and put out an arrest warrant on Jenkins should he ever step foot back into Vermont.  The Wentworth property was returned to the clan and reparations were made financially and judiciously. In truth, who would ever want to prosecute a family of heroes that saved the entire state from nuclear annihilation?

After things settled down, Minuteman asked if the remaining Green Mountain Boys if were interested in joining Minuteman's new super-group, the "Yankee Minutemen", permanently.  Initially, the Wentworth clan declined, but after a family discussion, they decided to join.  Since then, the Green Mountain Boys, renaming themselves the "Green Mountaineers" (mostly due to two of them being women) have been a source of state pride for Vermont. Seth Jenkins has become a vocal antagonist to the Wentworth legacy, however, with the revocation of his lawyers license in Vermont, Jenkins has little to no sway on any of this.

The deceased Wentworths from the New Canada incident were laid to rest at the Wentworth cemetery. 


Today, over 40 of the Wentworths (all over the age of 18) have all agreed to band together and help, in time of need, if the call goes out to them. Some continue to live deep in the mountains and hills, but have a flare gun system in place with the local police to signal each other if they happen to need to communicate. Most of the other Wentworths have instead continued living in society as teachers, lawyers, business people, military officers and professional woodsmen (and women).


The Green Mountaineers are proud of their origin and legacy. Even with the fatal blow that the UCE imposed upon the clan's family members, the Wentworths continue to carry on being the protectors of Vermont and New England, even though the Wentworths' reactions aren't very 'liberal' or kind to any malevolent or antagonist person or group.

Woe be it to the UCE should they ever choose to entangle with the Green Mountaineers ever again.



Power Origin: Natural

No Green Mountain Boys nor Green Mountaineers have, or ever had, powers.


  • Standard Equipage:

    • Body Armor​

      • Provides typical physical, temperate and energy protection​

      • Provides excellent radiation protection

    • Sidearms

      • Each Mountaineer carries at least one (1) standard .45 caliber handgun with typical shooting damage

      • 4 magazines of ammo (12 shots/magazine)

      • auto, semi-auto or single shot settings

      • available Sighting Scope can be installed and used to increase agility an additional level

        • normal and night vision capable​

    • Survival Kit​

      • 3 days food/water rations​

      • tree saw wire

      • camouflaged compressed blanket (1)

      • pack of matches (12)

      • compass

      • GPS

      • whistle

      • flare gun (2 flares)

      • mirror

    • Binoculars

      • provides good normal and night vision​

    • Goggles

      • Provides good flash protection​

      • Provides night vision on battery

      • Battery lasts 30 hours

      • contains 2 extra batteries

    • Knives (2)​

      • Combat Knife (amazing material) with serrated edge​

      • Wilderness Knife (incredible material) with hooked edge for cutting rope, wire etc.

    • Swiss Knife​

      • 27 functions; remarkable material​

    • Earwig

      • Encrypted communications transceiver earpiece​

      • Provides comms within 25 miles range without satellite/tower access

      • Provides unlimited comms range with satellite/tower access

      • 3 day battery

      • 2 backup batteries

  • Special Weapons/Equipment:

    • Vernon (Vern) Wentworth (Leader)

      • Sniper Rifle

        • good shooting damage; excellent with explosive tip ammo

        • 600 yard range

        • 3 ammo magazines (12 bullets/magazine); 1 of the 3 magazines is explosive tip​

        • 4 unique bullets:

          • radiation bullet (good shooting damage, feeble radiation damage over time)​

            • radiation can be used for tracking with mini geiger counter​

      • Mini Geiger Counter

        • 2 mile range

        • Can read feeble or greater radiation

        • accuracy increased for each 100 yards of closeness the source is

      • Iron Gauntlets

        • incredible material gauntlets

        • provides an additional level of damage to any melee impacts with a person/object

      • Psychic scrambler headgear​

        • Tricorn hat has good psychic filters in the hat's design, providing good psionic/mental protection​

    • Clyde Wentworth

      • Drones

        • Two drones​

          • Reconnaissance only; remarkable vision, normal, night, thermal and infra red

          • Range: 20 miles

          • Power for only 1 hour of flight per power pack

      • Multi-Purpose Assault Weapon (MPAW)

        • Rifle

          • Excellent shooting damage​/burst

          • 20 bursts/drum

          • range: 400 yards

          • 3 drums

            • 2 standard ammunition​

            • ​1 rubber (non-lethal) ammunition​

        • Grenade Launcher

          • 5 explosive grenades (remarkable AoE)​

          • 1 smoke grenade (incredible visibility effect)

          • 2 incendiary grenades (remarkable heat/fire AoE)

          • 1 knock-out gas (remarkable effect)

          • 1 flash grenade (excellent flash effect)

          • range: 100 yards

        • Flamethrower

          • remarkable heat/fire effect​

          • range: 200 yards

        • Laser

          • amazing level energy/heat beam

          • 1 shot

          • range: 1000 yards

        • Knockout Darts

          • good sleep toxin upon impact

          • range: 100 feet

          • Each dart impacted on a being/person adds an additional level of the toxin's effect (i.e, 3 darts=remarkable sleep toxin effect)

        • Weapon made of amazing, lightweight composite materials

    • Jason Wentworth

      • Shotgun

        • Good AoE blast effect​

        • semi-auto fire

        • Range: 100 yards

        • 12 shots/loadout

        • 8 pouches of ammunition (2 loadouts per pouch)

        • amazing composite materials

      • Traps/Mines

        • Mines (10)

          • good level explosive (compounded in more in same area to a max effect of incredible damage)​

          • AoE effect; can either be triggered with contact or remotely (0.5 mile range)

        • Ensnarements (web)​ (4)

          • excellent strength immobilization​

          • lasts 30 minutes before dissolves

          • AoE effect; can either be triggered with contact or remotely (0.5 mile range)

        • Knock Out Gas Trap​s (4)

          • Excellent intensity knockout gas​

          • AoE effect; can either be triggered with contact or remotely (0.5 mile range)

        • ECM (1)​

          • Remarkable electronics scrambling​

          • AoE effect; can either be triggered with contact or remotely (0.5 mile range)

          • Lasts for 10 minutes and affects only up to 20 foot radius

        • Glue Trap (1)​

          • When exposed to the glue, person/object will have to fight against good levels of gooey glue to move/operate​

          • Should decrease movement (strength versus effect)

          • Lasts 10 minutes before dissolving

          • AoE effect; can either be triggered with contact or remotely (0.5 mile range)

      • Flight Pack

        • Good airspeed (400 mph)​

        • Max altitude: 2000 feet ASL

        • Max range: 50 miles (w/o additional weight); -10% range for each additional 40 lbs of weight over standard/specialized equipment and body weight

    • Daryl Wentworth

      • Knives (10)

        • Amazing material

      • Flechettes (60)

        • Remarkable material

      • Retractable Mace (2)

        • Fantastic Material​

      • Explosive shoulder spikes​ (8; 4 per shoulder harness)

        • Each spike acts as a grenade

        • Spikes are camouflaged to look like a shoulder spike on his shoulder harness

        • contains excellent level explosive damage​

        • AoE effect; can either be triggered (with a 4 second delayed timer only) or remotely (0.5 mile range)

        • One entire shoulder harness detonation can create an amazing level explosion, imposing AoE effects (4-second timer) to adjacent areas as well

    • Sharon Wentworth

      • Archery Compound Bow (1)

      • Archery folding Longbow (1)

      • Quiver of Arrows (2)

        • Arrow ranges: 250 yards

        • Quiver 1:

          • Total of 30 standard arrows

          • typical ranged-edged/shooting damage

        • Quiver 2:

          • Total of 20 specialty arrows

            • Explosive (excellent damage)​ (4)

            • Glue (incredible intensity)

            • smoke (remarkable intensity) (2)

            • electrical (excellent energy)

            • ECM (remarkable magnetic/energy)

            • Acid (Incredible toxin) (2)

            • Freeze (excellent cold)

            • Firebomb (excellent heat explosion)

            • Flash (excellent intensity) (2)

            • Net (good immobilization) (2)

            • Sonic (good sonic energy)

            • Cable/rappelling (excellent strength cable; 400 yards long) (2)


  • Vernon (Vern) Wentworth (Leader)

    • Leadership​ (Professional)

    • Marksmanship (Master)

    • Guns/Rifles (Master)

    • Hunting (Master)

    • Tracking (Master)

    • Sniper/Initiative (+) (Professional)

    • Wilderness/Survival (Master)

    • Forest animals/foliage (Professional)

    • Military (Professional)

    • Instructor/Teacher (Professional)

    • Stealth (Professional)

    • Mountaineering (climb mountains) (Professional)

    • Law (Professional)

    • Civil Defense (Proficient)

    • Government (Proficient)

    • Law Enforcement (Proficient)

    • Environment (Proficient)

    • First Aid (Professional)

    • CPR (Professional)

  • Clyde Wentworth

    • Marksmanship (Professional)

    • Guns/Rifles (Professional)

    • Hunting (Professional)

    • Tracking (Professional)

    • Wilderness/Survival (Professional)

    • Military (Professional)

    • Stealth (Professional)

    • Drones (Professional)

    • Martial Arts (Dodge/Evade) (Proficient)

    • Marathon Running (Proficient)

    • Engineering (Professional)

    • Weapons Designs (Proficient)

    • Ammunition Making (Proficient)

    • Mountaineering (climb mountains) (Professional)

    • First Aid/Medical (Professional)

  • Jason Wentworth

    • Marksmanship (Professional)

    • Guns/Rifles (Professional)

    • Hunting (Professional)

    • Tracking (Professional)

    • Wilderness/Survival (Professional)

    • Martial Arts: Judo/Karate (Professional)

    • Military (Professional)

    • Stealth (Professional)

    • Tactical Combat Techniques (Professional)

    • Explosives (Professional)

    • Gasses/Toxins (Proficient)

    • Electronics (Proficient)

    • Mountaineering (climb mountains) (Professional)

    • Pilot, fixed and rotary wing; instrument rated, multi engine rated (Professional)

    • Security Systems (professional)

    • First Aid (Proficient)

  • Daryl Wentworth

    • Marksmanship (Professional)

    • Guns/Rifles (Professional)

    • Hunting (Professional)

    • Martial Arts: Fighting (Professional)

    • Martial Arts: Wrestling (Holds/Escapes) (Proficient)

    • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Proficient)

    • Wilderness/Survival (Professional)

    • Military (Professional)

    • Stealth (Professional)

    • Business (Proficient)

    • Knife fighting (Master)

    • Mountaineering (climb mountains) (Professional)

    • Axe Throwing/Competitive (Master)

    • Wood Projects (Proficient)

    • Metal Projects (Proficient)

    • Custom Cars/Motorcycles (Proficient)

    • First Aid (Proficient)

  • Sharon Wentworth

    • Archery (Master)

    • Marksmanship (Professional)

    • Guns/Rifles (Professional)

    • Hunting (Professional)

    • Tracking (Professional)

    • Wilderness/Survival (Professional)

    • Military (Professional)

    • Stealth (Professional)

    • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Proficient)

    • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade) (Professional)

    • Rappelling/Climbing (Professional)

    • Mountaineering (climb mountains) (Proficient)

    • Engineering (Professional)

    • Weapons Designs (Proficient)

    • Ammunition Making (Proficient)

    • Politics (Proficient)

    • House Construction (Proficient)

    • Handyman/person (Professional)

    • Electrical Systems (Proficient)

    • First Aid (Proficient)


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