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Operations Division

Operations Division

Operations Division Leaders

Op Div Leaders

Ops Team 1 Lead
Amelia Amhurst

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Ops Team 2 Lead
Cameron Constantine

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Ops Team 3 Lead
Troy Travis

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Ops Team 4 Lead
Zuria Santos

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Operations Overview

Op Div Oerview
  • Each Operations Team comprises of hand-picked, specialized Legacy Corps personnel (several in number) from any of Legacy Corps' subdivisions, to include:

    • Mercenary Specialists

    • Espionage Specialists

    • Transportation Specialists

    • Computer/Cybersecurity Specialists

    • Communications Specialists

    • Weapons Specialists

    • Security Personnel (graduates of Legacy Corps Operations training)

  • Operations team leaders are designated by the TRUE leader of Legacy Corps, Omega Commander.​

  • Each Operations Team leader is completely responsible for their assigned missions, having carte blanche to do whatever is necessary to complete their assigned mission. Omega Commander, however, will most likely have something to say if the mission didn't go off as professionally as possible.

  • Operations teams coordinate with a particular Base or Site that would be best associated to the mission's parameters. As such, equipment, weapons, fake identification cards, and supplies the active Operations team needs will be stored or supplied from said base or site.

  • Extraction protocols can be coordinated from bases or sites; they don't have to have a transportation specialist on the team just for extraction needs. Bases or Sites assigned for extraction will have all necessary comms and equipment necessary to support their assigned Operations teams for extraction.

  • Operations Teams are primarily used for highly profitable, highly skilled mission needs.

  • Smaller missions (spying, intel gathering, courier runs, shadowing, etc.) are done as non-Operations Team missions assigned to smaller teams of other personnel.

  • Operations teams split the profits from their mission's profits, but only after Omega Commander gets his cut.

  • Once an Operations team completes a mission, reports are made and are filed away in an ultra-secure location only known to Omega Commander (no one else knows its location).

Legacy Corps Mercs IV.jpg
Legacy Corps Mercs II.jpg

Mercenary/Security Personnel

  • Legacy Corps mercenaries are highly training Security personnel.

  • Security personnel are successful graduates of basic Legacy Corps operations training.


    • Mercenaries have good physical traits and typical reasoning, intuition and psyches.

    • Mercenaries have skills to include:

      • Sharpshooter (Professional)​

      • Hand-to-Hand (Professional)

      • Martial Arts (Dodge/Evade) (Proficient)

      • Martial Arts (+Initiative) (Proficient)

      • Military Tactical Operations (Professional)

      • Legacy Corps Operations (Professional)

      • Stealth (Proficient)


    • Have typical agility and strength

    • Have good fighting and endurance

    • Security Personnel have skills to include:

      • Sharpshooter (Proficient)​

      • Hand-to-Hand (Proficient)

      • Military Tactical Operations (Proficient)

      • Legacy Corps Operations (Proficient)

Merc/Security Personnel

Tech Division

Tech Division Leaders

Tech Div Leader
Ryan Reese

Weapons Lead
Ansul Anhauser

Equipment Lead
Diego Delgado

Cool Stuff Lead
Jake James

Mystery Person Silhouette.png
Mystery Person Silhouette.png
Mystery Person Silhouette.png
Mystery Person Silhouette.png

Tech Division Overview

Tec Division
Tech Div Leaders
Tech Div Overview
  • Tech Division has several divisions:

    • Weapons

      • Standard weapons (small arms, rifles, knives, tasers, etc.)​

      • Armoring (body armor, shields, etc.)

    • Equipment

      • Computers/Cybersecurity

      • Transportation/Vehicles

      • Communications

      • Mission Support Equipment (night vision goggles, trackers, remote devices, cameras, etc.)

    • Cool Stuff

      • Specialized and unique weapons, armor and systems devised that are provided as one-shots to certain specialists and/or Operations Team members.​

  • Tech Division personnel rarely get assigned to Operations Teams, but it can happen.​

  • Tech Division personnel usually have professional level (at least) reason/knowledge skills specific to their specialty.

PR/HR Division

Public Relations/Human Resources Division

PR/HR Division Leaders

PR Lead
Karen Cross

Mystery Person Silhouette.png

HR Lead
Beatrice "Betty" Branson

Mystery Person Silhouette.png

Training Lead
Lionel Caruthers

Lionel Caruthers II.jpg

PR/HR Division Overview

PR/HR Leaders
PR/HR Overview
  • Public Relations Division

    • This is a powerful branch of Legacy Corps that is designed to keep Legacy Corps' secrets as 'secret' as possible.  They have a network that has 'fake' sites, buildings and offices as well as associated 'fake' executive personnel and links that lead to many who are trying to spy on Legacy Corps instead find 'dead ends' or viable associations instead. Even the CEO and COO are 'fake' executives and are NOT in charge of Legacy Corps (THEY answer to Omega Commander, not the other way around).​

    • Public image is very important to Legacy Corps and have worked hard to gain contracts with governments, militaries and major businesses. One of the biggest endeavors is to ensure that everyone knows that there is 'no' Omega Commander in Legacy Corps.  Sadly, several groups know otherwise (GUARD, Canis, Knights Arcanus, etc.)

  • Human Relations Division

    • This is Legacy Corps' recruiting office for the 'fake' and 'classified' segments of Legacy Corps.  They are active in not only helping to find talents that would fit into Legacy Corps' operations, tech, and or PR/HR divisions, but also with hiring and paying personnel that help to support missions, 'fake' facilities and/or any particular Legacy Corps 'distractions' (mobs, protestors, events, social media accounts, etc.)

    • Human Relations also identifies and assigns training as needed for Legacy Corp personnel based on the each Legacy Corps' personnel profile.

  • Training Division

    • Led by Lionel Caruthers, the Training Division is required for every single Legacy Corp recruit.  They must pass the basic training to be allowed to be part of Legacy Corps.  The basic training is NOT easy and includes key elements such as:​

      • agility and strength training to get physical abilities to typical levels

      • fighting and endurance training to get physical abilities to good levels

      • Basic Legacy Corps skills training includes:

        • Sharpshooter (Proficient)​

        • Hand-to-Hand (Proficient)

        • Military Tactical Operations (Proficient)

        • Legacy Corp Operations (Proficient)

      • Additional divisional training for operations, Tech and PR/HR are also available and taught in the training division (or is provided from 3rd party educators if required).​

Bases and Sites

Bases & Sites

Legacy Corps has over 15 worldwide office locations to serve your business needs. Click on any of the blocks below to see an image of the base, information about the base and who the base leader is.

Base 4
Base 5
Base 6
Base 7
Base 8
Base 9
Base 10
Base 11
Base 12
Base 13
Base 14
Base 15

Australia (town name, state)

Legacy Australia base.jpg

Base Leader
Lisa Lambert

Mystery Person Silhouette.png

More to come!


Berlin, Germany

Legacy Berlin base.jpg

Base Leader

Mystery Person Silhouette.png

More to come!


Chicago, Illinois, USA

Image by Sean Pollock

Base Leader
Mikhail Michaelson

Mystery Person Silhouette.png

More to come!

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