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Gold Minotaur

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Master Warrior of the Minotaurs

Allied Fighters

Allied Fighters Issue 2 (Cameo)

May 2016

Don "Major Deej" Finger

26 Feb 2012





The Gold Minotaur is one of the remaining several dozen immortal Minotaurs left on Earth.

The Minotaurs are a staunch band of centuries-old magically-protected guardians of the Isle of Crete and the millennia-old mysterious miles of labyrinths located under the surface of Crete.

During World War 2 (WWII), Axis soldiers in their invasion of Crete, encountered nearly 100 defending Minotaur 'creatures'. The Minotaurs killed a few hundred Stormtroopers, but soon experienced the full effects of Nazi tanks, bazookas and mortars, unprepared for the devastating effects of the modern Nazi weapons.  The Nazi leader of the strike against the Minotaurs was a notoriously ruthless SS Colonel codenamed: Baron Berlin.  The Baron and his Axis Force thugs slaughtered a majority of the Minotaurs they'd encountered in the fighting on Crete.  


After only 12 Minotaurs were left alive, a man snuck in amidst the Minotaurs and warned them of the Baron's forthcoming massive dual-flanking deadly assault that would easily kill them all.  The man also told the remaining Minotaurs that regardless of the odds, he and his "Allied Fighters" would 'be honored' to fight to defend the Minotaurs if the Minotaurs agreed to ally with them and agree to fight against the Baron and his Axis forces.  The lead Minotaur considered the man's offer an honorable offer, but told him their laws prevent them from allying  in any of man's wars.  The lead Minotaur said that he and the remaining Minotaurs would instead retreat back underground into the labyrinths where they could hide and survive easily for the next few decades if necessary.  The man agreed, offering to help provide cover fire for the Minotaurs to escape to the labyrinths.  With a traditional friendly 'head butt' by the lead Minotaur to the man we all know today as "Major Invader", the Minotaurs made their way down into the labyrinths while the Allied Fighters provided the needed supression fire and a solid line of defense to allow the Minotaurs a solid head start over the advancing Nazis.  After an hour of fighting off the Nazis, the Allied Fighters had to withdraw or be overrun by nearly 600 incoming Nazi Stormtroopers. 

Once at the entrance of the labyrinths, Baron Berlin sent his troops down into the labyrinths only to have his troops systematically slaughtered by deadly traps, poisons and of course being gored by the occasional Minotaur.  After losing over 200 more Stormtroopers and only killing 1 Minotaur in the largely unexplored and unmapped labyrinth, Baron Berlin and this troops were called off  and told to rendezvous and support defense against an allied parachute assault on the northern end of Crete (that was reconned by the earlier mentioned Allied Fighters).  As a result of the Allied assault and pushing the Nazis off of Crete, the Minotaurs were left alone for the rest of the war.  All allied forces on Crete were briefed by the Allied Fighters to 'steer clear of the labyrinths' and 'treat the Minotaurs as Switzerland' (meaning they were considered neutral).


No one saw another Minotaur for several decades thereafter... except for the occasional treasure-seekers, tomb raiders and/or ignorant archaeologists, all of which would be found dead from the labyrinths traps and poisons...or found dead by goring.  The Minotaurs were considered once again a myth, and even though the occasional 'Minotaur skulls', bones or strange magical weapons (which, strangely enough, an unknown magical consortium seems to have been collecting up over the years) were found here and there, it was all white-washed by the local Cretans who did all they could to make the world think that Minotaurs, and all the associated tales, sightings and collectibles of Minotuars was nothing more than one big hoax.

Recently, the current Master Warrior of the Minotaurs, their 'Gold Minotaur', from out of nowhere, contacted Major Invader (by cell phone of all things) and informed the Major that he'd found a 'special lost human' on Crete for him to pick-up and that, with confirmed reports of Baron Berlin's return to the 21st century, that he, the Gold Minotaur himself, was ready to break his own Minotaur laws and ally with the Major and his new Allied Fighters against Baron Berlin, stating:


"It is my duty as the Master Warrior of the last of the Minotaurs where, upon Baron Berlin's defeat, I am to drag him down into the labyrinths of Crete where all remaining Minotaurs will gather and feast upon his mortal flesh all while the Baron is still alive, watching us eat him, limb by limb until we finally rip out his still beating heart and eat it in a final celebration of our vengeance to honor our murdered Minotaur warriors, wives and children who died at the hands of Baron Berlin's Nazis in your World War II".

Major Invader had no argument with the Gold Minotaur, other than he tasked the Gold Minotaur to train with the team's squads to learn how to do teamwork, maneuvers and complex 'human' warfare operations.  Gold Minotaur agreed and once again conducted a friendly "head-butt" with Major Invader to seal the deal...nearly hospitalizing the near centennial-old Major Invader in the process.


Gold Minotaur has since joined the Allied Fighters and is currently in the team's training unit, Zeta Squad!


  • Super Strength

    • Gold Minotaur can hit incredibly hard, enough to dent steel.

  • Charging/Running Speed

    • He can run up to 40 mph in a charging attack (can only go a couple miles in a charging attack before he tires)

  • Thick hide

    • His dense skin provides remarkable protection from physical attacks.

    • provides excellent protection from energy and thermal attacks.

    • provides amazing protection against radiation and magical based attacks

  • Heightened Hearing and Smelling

    • remarkable level of hearing and smelling up to 5 times greater than humans.

  • Horns

    • His fantastically dense bone horns are sharp tipped and can gouge steel on a charging attack.

  • Body Smell and appetite

    • An unfortunate condition of his body is that he produces a musk-like smell that can be easily detected when he is anywhere within dozens of feet.

    • His appetite is unending. He eats constantly and will have no problem stopping what he's doing to go  'grazing' in fields for a snack or eating meat (omnivore). Considers meals with meat as 'feasts'.



  • Body Armor

    • His amazingly strong gold armor provides an additional layer of magical shielding from physical, energy, electrical, heat, cold, magical and radiation attacks. Can take up to the equivocal of a bomb blast without damage.

    • The metal magically regenerates at the amount of 1% per hour.

  • Magical Battle Axe

    • Gold Minotaur's primary weapons is an unearthly 9 foot-long Colossal Minoan Labrys. It is magically protected and considered indestructible.

    • It can amazingly cleave any form of metal other than Titanium or denser metals (where multiple strikes would be required to get through the metal's density)

    • Weights 350 lbs.




  • Labrys Combat (Master)

  • Wrestling (Master)

  • Cretan Martial Arts (fighting) (Master)

  • Cretan History (Master)

  • Mediterranean History (Master)

  • Cretan Labyrinths (Unequal; 10x anyone's knowledge)

  • Food preparation (master)

  • Hunter/Tracking (master)

  • Sex (Human and Minotaur, exclusively) (Professional)

  • Languages (master)

    • He can speak all dialects of English, Greek Italian, Cretan, Arabic and Phoenician languages, even dead languages like Latin and Ephesian.

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