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Silver CRIMSON Black

Multicolor Abstract
Silver Crimson BlackZach Hemsey
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Unknown (except to Galaxon and a few others)

Villain/Itozian Robot?











HAL 9000 Automoton, Rouge Exiler

Galactic Expatriates



Don "Major Deej" Finger

29 Nov 2009







An dead race of beings, in the final century of their existence, wanted to create a line of law enforcement robots so as to prevent the death of the race's citizens. These robots were programmed to enforce the race's/planet's universal laws. These robots were designed to not only combat, overcome, and administer judgement against the race's/planet's criminals. Criminals were either subjected to a death sentence or were sent into a static bubble that would sustain life support, but would imprison them for however long the robot's programmed sentencing deemed them to be 'bubbled' as it became to be called.

These robots were called Exilers.

A few hundred years ago, the race/planet that built the Exilers all died. There is no record (other than that of the Exilers, who were programmed to never say anything negative against their creators) as to how the race's/planet's beings died, but it is rumored that all of its citizens were considered 'guilty' by the Exilers, thus a planetary extinction. From there, some of the Exilers decided to leave the planet and continue to impart their 'justice' unto the universe (they were programmed for 'universal' justice). These travelling Exilers continued to impoart their justice to each of the planets and solar systems until those Exilers were either destroyed or they moved on.


One such travelling Exiler, Celeros, in an encounter with the Soltan Star Empire and a particular super-powered Soltan mutant known as Cor Turgo, resulted in an epic battle that resulted in not only Celeros being defeated and imprisoned, but a majority of Celeros memory circuits being severely damaged in the process. Other than its baseline functions and primary orders (universal justice), Celeros went 'tabula rasa' (empty of it own knowledge and existence) from the damage imparted unto it. The damaged Celeros was imprisoned on the Soltan Star Empire flagship and had been kept there for years while technicians attempted to access and reconstruct Celeros' memory to find Celeros' planet of origin. Eventually, this was interrupted when the flagship was called to respond to an Omega priority alert to help support a failing invasion of a planet called 'Earth'.

In 2000, Earth was invaded by the Soltan Star Empire. For the next several months, Earth's forces underwent massive casualties until Earth's militaries and superheroes (and some super villains) allied together to take the fight to the Soltans. When the Soltan flagship arrived in Earth's orbit resulting from the Omega priority call, the flagship was immediately damaged by an alerted group of Earth's defenders and sent crashing down through the atmosphere into the Sahara Desert. There, some Soltan troopers and engineers survived, as did several now freed prisoners from the flagship's prison wing, one of which was Celeros.

Celeros awoke from the crash with no knowledge of what had happened to it up until the crash or even who or what is was. It's body and  memory processors were severely damaged as a result of the crash. Celeros was only capable of baseline functionality (movement, speech, defense, auto-reflexive offensive, core language bank, etc.) as it emerged from the wreck. It only attacked and killed anyone who attacked it due to its auto-reflexive defensive and offensive programs still in full operation, even though it didn't realize what and why it was killing his attackers.  Dozens of minutes into Celeros' re-awakening, Cor Turgo AKA Master Universe AKA Galaxon, who'd been imprisoned onboard the same crashed flagship (and considered a destroyer and traior to the Soltan Star Empire) encountered Celeros. Knowing Celeros was VERY powerful even in its current broken and damaged state, Cor Turgo peacefully attempted to communicate with CelerosCeleros did not recognize Cor Turgo, and as such, Cor Turgo asked Celeros, "Do you know what or who you are?"  Celeros, severely puzzled, looked at itself in the superheated-sand-turned glass-like-mirror and upon seeing its reflection, replied "Silver...Crimson...Black?" referring to its colors of its body. Cor Turgo acknowledged Celeros as just that - 'Very well. You are Silver Crimson Black then'. Cor Turgo was the first to not receive death in encountering Celetos and for the first time, Celeros, now calling itself Silver Crimson Black, was finally able to talk to someone to help it get answers.

After several other ex-imprisoned 'galactic expatriates' emerged from the crashed flagship, Cor Turgo introduced 'Silver Crimson Black' to the fellow expatriates, explaining to them SPECIFICALLY that it had no idea what it was or its history and that for now, all of them needed to 'accept' that or their death was certain at Silver Crimson Black's hand. After each of them 'acknowledged' the danger of daring to remind Silver Crimson Black who or what it was (most likely immediately resulting in their death and or defeat), they all left together with new goals of taking over Earth and finding their way off-planet to resume their own destinies of conquest and revenge back at their homeworlds and/or against their enemies.  Silver Crimson Black immediately latched onto Cor Turgo, now calling himself Galaxon, using Galaxon as his guide (and master) through all of the 'new' experiences it was absorbing. Eventually, when it came time to help Silver Crimson Black with his damaged body, armor and memory, Galaxon quickly realized the old memory units could, with time and materials, be repaired. The information on those memory units might help Galaxon to find Celeros home planet; a planet that had mythically been considered an 'El Dorado' of extremely rare elements, minerals and metals, all of which Galaxon could use to armor himself in an armor that would make his unstoppable.  As such, to this day, Galaxon still retains Celeros' old damaged memory units and as of this writing, are only 20% repaired, none of which even identifies anymore of Celeros' origins. Galaxon has kept the Memory unit removal a secret from everyone, yet, the rest of his fellow "Galactic Expatriates" team have deduced that Galaxon is definitely hiding something further about his control and knowledge of Silver Crimson Black.

Today, Silver Crimson Black still has no idea or knowledge of its past life. It follows Galaxon's orders, understanding that Galaxon is its only 'trusted' guide. The moment Galaxon betrays that trust, Silver Crimson Black most likely will need to attach to another authority figure (most likely another of the Galactic Expatriates). It is curious and will take time to 'study' things in hasn't experienced or catalogued (example, it spend an hour watching and recording dandelions and its reaction to the wind and floating white seedlings). It knows better than to stop and study/analyze things when it is under attack or required to perform an action, but if it has time, it takes in the beauty of things like a child does at times, sometimes enough to 'protect' the studied items until its 'analysis' is over...after which it determines the purposefulness and usefulness of said studied item as to whether it requires additional protection...or destruction, but not in contradiction to Galaxon's input/orders.

On a side note, Galaxon uses a couple of his fellow Galactic Expatriates as his bodyguards/protectors; currently, Silver Crimson Black is doing just that - protecting Galaxon from anyone else's attacks against him.




Power Origin: Technology (Robot)

  • Body Design

    • Remarkable strength capable of lifting over a ton

    • Can run up to speeds of 60 mph

    • Can leap up to 1/2 mile across after several smaller bounds

    • Can operate without oxygen

  • Armor and Systems

    • Armor

      • Unknown and extremely rare alloy presumed to be from its home planet

      • Incredible protection from physical and toxic/toxin attacks

      • Amazing protection from energy, heat and cold attacks (including plasma)

      • Fantastic protection from radiation and magical attacks

    • Systems

      • Its targeting system in amazingly fast and powerful, capable of controlling his biological and cyborg parts to an equivocal level of fighting and agility.

      • Due to several redundant systems in his body (biological as well as robotic; he has 2 internal power generators with a 20% capacity emergency backup); as a result its endurance and stamina are amazingly powerful.

      • Vision:

        • Can see in all spectrums of light including thermal and night vision

      • Incredibly powerful taste, auditory and balance sensors.

  • Flight

    • It has anti-gravity units allowing it to fly, swim and move in space

      • In air: up to 600 mph in the atmosphere

      • In water: 35+ knots

      • In space: 700,000+ mph (depending on gravity influences and slingshot efforts)

      • Their design is alien in nature and seem to have no end limit to range.

    • In addition, it has booster chemical rocket packs on his back, allowing him to accelerate up to Mach 2.5 in the atmosphere or 1.2 million mph in space for a total of 1 minute before the fuel is expended. The pack would require physical replacement of the fuel with fully charged modules for continued/additional flight.  He uses these as a means of escape if needed.

  • Cyber-Electronic Networking

    • It can interface with nearly any computer or communications system that has less than excellent security features to its network/components.  As such, once into the system, its cyber-electronic database and processing allow it to rapidly control all facets of a computer system in less than a minute.

    • Due to its continuous interface with Earth's Internet and Satellite systems, it has access to amazing amounts of data for learning, reasoning and academia, just short of what is behind the firewalled networks it can't hack.

  • Energy Blasters (gauntlets)

    • Can fire excellent energy blasts every few seconds from both gauntlets, or can fire two remarkably powerful energy blasts per minute per gauntlet, or one incredibly powerful energy blast per minute.  Anything else more powerful than this will most likely overheat its gauntlets' circuitry and power supplies.

  • Plasma Missiles

    • Can fire a total of 10 amazingly strong plasma energy missiles per day only. Each missile, once locked onto target with his amazingly accurate targeting system, will travel up to 3000 mph to a range of 3000 yards before the plasma charge completely dissipates.

    • Takes over 1.5 hrs to recharge each individual missile.




It contains no additional equipment. See Powers for innate capabilities.



  • Aerial/Space/Zero-G Combat (+Fighting, Agility) (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • ALL OF THEM; GALACTIC AND EARTH (70,000 languages and dialects) (Master)​

NOTE: All of its specialized skills and talents have been lost due to its damaged/removed memory units; only the language memory and flight combat knowledge has been retained in undamaged subsystems.

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