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Doctor Guile

Fury of the RobotsThe Killer Robots!
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Barry Tyler Guile

Relatively known



75 (at physical death)


16 Jan 2010

1 Aug 2010











Don "Major Deej" Finger

4 Nov 2011


Marilyn Guile (Wife, deceased)

Ronald Guile (Son, Status: unknown)




Dr. Barry Guile was a British citizen born on the Atlantic Island of St. Helena who graduated from Oxford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a double doctorate in Robotics and Electronics. His efforts in robotics led to incredible advances in automation and factory-level automation production and designs. He owned at least 100 patents and when he retired in 1990, he went back a wealthy man to his mansion in Georgetown, St. Helena, where he expected to retire with his wife in peace on their beautiful island they'd both been born on.

Then a man named Goldstein 'became' Governor of St. Helena, seceded and went to war with their once benevolent Great Britain.  Most on the island's populace weren't happy with Great Britain's attention to the island's needs, however, Goldstein used his 'cult of personality' to take the situation to untenable. Amazingly, using hidden highly advanced technology and weaponry, Governor Goldstein held off Great Britain's attempt to regain control of the islands. Great Britain instead created a picket line, but that itself was decimated with highly accurate missile attacks. The island eventually was renamed 'Oceania' and with it, what became the ascent of Governor Goldstein.

Dr. Guile, retired and not wanting to be part of any of this...ignored the whole thing. His mansion was stocked and fully capable of surviving at least 6 months without outside food, services, etc, and even then, he had his own geothermal and solar power systems as part of his mansion's design. He didn't care of St. Helena's radical changes and cared even less for its politics. This all changed when Governor Goldstein demanded Dr. Guile 'visit' him in the new capitol of Georgetown.

At that 'visit', Dr. Guile was immediately told by Governor Goldstein that he'd be pressed into service as the lead robotics engineer for Oceania. Dr. Guile immediately declined only to be psychologically tortured for the next two months while his wife and son were imprisoned and the same done to them. Eventually, in order to save his wife, Marilyn, and son, Ronald Guile, Dr. Guile agreed, but requested that his son and wife be allowed to stay/live in their mansion and obtain whatever they wanted/needed to live there comfortably. The Governor instead made a proviso that if Dr. Guile met the Governor's production goals, Dr. Guile's son and wife would get 'what they deserve'.

For the first decade, up to January 2000, Dr. Guile toiled and worked at feverish paces to build one of the most powerful and enormous robotics manufacturing facilities in the world. He was kept from his wife and son, only being allowed to see them for one hour once a year. Each visit with his wife and son was more difficult each time; the doctor's health was failing and his son had become mentally traumatized as a result of the torture he'd received. His wife was doing her best to keep their son sane, but it was a losing battle. Dr. Guile's wife's health was also waning, even though she wouldn't admit to it.  In January 2000, all that changed thanks to the alien Soltan race's invasion of Earth.

Surprisingly, the Soltan Star Empire did NOT attack Oceania, despite the island's obvious powerful military capabilities. The rest of the world, however, was attacked and subjugated for the next several months until the world's scientists, military and superheroes banded together and fought off the Soltans, sending the Soltans back to space (more to the point, the dark side of Mars).  During that period, Oceania's Governor Goldstein demanded production be doubled; a doubling that was impossible for Dr. Guile to maintain with the limited resources thanks to the Soltan Invasion. As such, Dr. Guile didn't meet the Governor's overwhelming production goals. The result: Dr. Guile's wife was tortured and his son was placed in a special prison in an fog-enshrouded prison island in what was renamed as 'Winston's Folly'. Dr. Guile, to this day, has never seen his son since; his wife, however, is a different story.

Both Dr. Guile and his wife were already in failing health and knew by 2005 that they'd most likely not survive into 2006. In their last 'allowed' 5-minute prison meeting, Dr. Guile and his wife used a secretly coded message to each other that he, Dr. Guile, was going to break her and their son out of their prisons somehow soon and to be ready. Shortly after the meeting with his wife, Dr. Guile initiated a secret plan he'd spent nearly a decade in devising. His plan was to use a small army of specially programmed robots to act as his personal army to aid him in breaking his wife and son out of jail. Dr. Guile even devised a powerful mech combat suit that he was to use to fight his way into the prisons and free his wife and son.

It was a good plan, however, when Dr. Guile finally put the plan into action, Governor Goldstein's 'Champions of Oceania' thwarted Dr. Guile's attempted family jail break.

Dr. Guile was captured and placed in prison where he was psychologically tortured for the next year.  Eventually, Governor Goldstein brought Dr. Guile's wife, now in feeble health at best, and demanded Dr. Guile resume his duties or he'd kill her in front of him. Dr. Guile relented, however, Dr. Guile's wife had other plans.

Dr. Guile's wife, Marilyn, committed suicide with a homemade shiv, bleeding out in front of Dr. Guile, telling her husband to 'liberate St. Helena' and 'save our son' as she died.  Dr. Guile lost his mind and went into a severe depression.

Dr. Guile went to work every day after that, barely a shell of the man he once was. He was constantly watched and every single line of code and action he did was checked twice by others. He met the new production requirement each quarter...but just barely. By 2008, Dr. Guile came out of his depressed state. Dr. Guile started the new line of Oceania Social Units (OSUs) that the Governor wanted to have in every corner of Oceania. Dr. Guile spent the next two years building them, but under severe scrutiny. Still, every single code, every single component Dr. Guile was responsible in making was checked and rechecked to ensure that he wasn't again trying to plot some escape or rescue for his remaining son.

Sadly, Dr. Guile died on 16 January 2010 due to his failing health and heart...but really didn't die.

Back in 2008, Dr. Guile had copied his consciousness into one of the robotics factory's massive data banks. His plan: should he die in his attempt to save his wife and son (in his 2008 attempt to free them), if no data was downloaded to the servers by him and his login codes after six months, Dr. Guile's consciousness would be 'downloaded' into a synthetic brain and that into a powerful, hyper-carbon composite robotics war-machine frame (an experimental design that he 'disapproved' of due to the 'untested hyper-carbon composite material' designs (which actually were tested and proven to be fantastically strong). As such, six months after Dr. Guile's death (and last login) the synthetic brain was created and placed in the war-machine frame, all by automation in the Oceania Robotics Manufacturing Facility, all without a single alarm or alert. After the frame was weaponized with the most powerful weapons, it was coated with special polymers and infused with various unique items to further provide additional defenses to psionic and magical attacks.

Unbeknownst to Dr. Guile at the time, one of the magical items he'd secretly amassed, rather than protect the item's user against magical attacks, would actually amplify the user's brain's neuron activity by 100 fold to perform what would have been typical levels of psionic attacks. Since this new brain was synthetic, the neuron activity was actually amplified by 10, 000 times instead, unlocking new levels of psionic and mental powers to the ingrained 2008's Dr. Guile's memory download, giving him powerful psionic powers.

When Dr. Guile's new body and brain became activated, he was immediately self aware of what and where he was. He 'acted' like a standard robot, going through the motions, with the exception of the last check - final pneumonic duty programming download. Instead, Dr. Guile physically blocked the data spike's entry into his frame's data port and continued as if nothing was amiss. Eventually, a review of security camera footage would show his actions, but at that time, the security coverage at this point of manufacturing wasn't directly monitored.

Dr. Guile left the manufacturing facility...and kept going.

He disabled his tracking devices, destroyed his data download port and made his way to his old mansion where he'd hidden and stored all his personal family items, and hoped that his wife and son would've been set free at.  Instead, his home was gone and in its place, a chemical production plant.  In the ground, a lot of debris was found on the edge of the plant; debris that was once his home. There, he found a damaged picture of his wife, son and him in 1990 at his retirement.


If a robot could cry, he would have.

Overwhelmed with guilt and anger (and also being a bit 'twitchy' and slightly unbalanced due to his mental state at the time of his memory download), Dr. Guile spent the next few days stealthily gathering data on what had happened since 2008. Sadly, he discovered about his wife's suicide, however, he couldn't find any more info about his son, Ronald, who was only listed as still residing in prison in Winston's FollyDr. Guile, in his new powerful, weaponized body, used his old codes to 'recall' dozens of his Oceania Social Unit robots that hadn't been code-wiped yet (since Dr. Guile was considered dead, what was the reason to recode them?), and had them converge, again stealthily, to a small islet just off of the fog-enshrouded Winston's Folly. There, he and his dozens of controlled OSUs attacked Winston's Folly in order to save his son.

Dr. Guile and his OSUs all made it into the prison without any incident or resistance; once in the prison, however, they were decimated.  The powerful weaponry in the prison, coupled with two Champions of Oceania doing "guard duty" were on hand to take down Dr. Guile's army.  Luckily for Dr. Guile, a band of resistance fighters, called "The Liberators" were also in and around the island that day and came to Dr. Guile's aid. Sadly, Dr. Guile's son's cell was never found (nor his son, of course), but Dr. Guile, the Liberators and five remaining heavily damaged Dr. Guile-controlled OSUs made it off the island...barely.

After recovering from the failed jail break, the leader of the Liberators, Major Liberator, introduced himself. When Dr. Guile introduced himself as 'himself', Major Liberator went crazy on him.  The two fought for the next ten minutes until finally Dr. Guile and Major Liberator decided to 'talk it out'. In the end, Major Liberator 'tolerated' Dr. Guile's presence, now knowing that Dr. Guile had been coerced with psychological trauma and forced to do what he did to save his family. Major Liberator stated that Dr. Guile had a 'LOT to make up for' and that he could do so by fighting beside the Major's freedom fighters. Dr. Guile was more than happy to do so, wanting to do nothing more than torture and kill Governor Goldstein himself, but also wanted to save his son. To that, the Liberators agreed to bring Dr. Guile into their ranks and planned to free the doctor's son in a massive prison break plan.

Sadly, even though the plan was perfectly executed, not a single prisoner escaped the island alive and the cell with Dr. Guile's son was instead found empty. To this day, Dr. Guile has no idea what the status of his son is, even though there is no record of his death or removal from prison.

Today, Dr. Guile, in his powerful robotic body, continues on as a member of the Liberators, doing everything he can to destroy Oceania, Governor Goldstein and find his son. He still keeps the picture of him and his family. He has announced 'who' he is to the public and the media, all of which Oceania's public relations department has all attributed to 'terrorist false news'. Dr. Guile, although twitchy and seemingly crazy at times, does have a logical mind and a growing appreciation of humanity as he does all he can to help liberate the islands from Oceania as well as delve into the mystery of where his son is and how to save him.




Power Origin: Technology/Magic

Dr. Guile's abilities are related to his robotic frame, the arcane 'Surinam Crystal' and his weapons. The Surinam Crystal and his weapons are listed under 'Equipment'. His robotic frame, however, is his current innate power.


    • Fantastic material frame/skeleton

    • Armoring

      • Incredible protection against physical, energy, temperate, magnetic, toxin/toxic damage

      • Unearthly protection against radiation damage

      • No magic or psionic/mental protection (see Surinam Crystal for those)

    • Physical Capabilities

      • Good Fighting

      • Good Agility

      • Amazing strength

      • Fantastic endurance

    • Run (can't swim)

      • 60 mph​

    • Leaping

      • 250 feet across​

      • 500 feet down

      • 150 feet up


    • Holds the 2008 downloaded consciousness of Dr. Guile. At this stage of his mental health, he had the following statistics:

      • Incredible knowledge and reason

      • Typical intuition

      • Good psyche

NOTE: Dr. Guile was a tad 'unbalanced' due to his psychological stress and torture at the time of his memory download.  He can be 'twitchy' and at times highly emotional, but most of the time, he composes himself and reasserts logic and reasoning, sometimes to the detriment of whatever military operation he is engaged in.



  • Magical 'Surinam Crystal'

    • Amazing material crystal

    • Provides the following to the standard human user:

      • Good psionic and magical protection against attacks

      • Typical mental bolt psionic damage (range: 60 yards)

      • Typical mind reading (range: 6 feet)

    • Provides the following to Dr. Guile with his Artificial Brain:

      • Incredible psionic and magical protection against attacks

      • Excellent mental bolt psionic damage (range: 20 yards)

      • Excellent mind reading (range: 20 feet)

  • Guile's Multi-Weapon 'Boomstick'

    • Energy Cannon

      • Remarkable energy damage

      • 25 shots/magazine

      • Range: 250 yards

    • Explosive Grenade Launcher

      • Excellent physical/force damage to affected area

      • 10 shots/loadout

      • Range: 350 yards

    • ECM Shot

      • Excellent electro-magnetic targeted shot (affects only target)

      • 25 charges

      • requires 1 hour recharge of gun

      • Range: 150 yards

    • Rifle

      • Good shooting damage

      • Single shot or burst; 50 single shot/magazine; 7 bursts/magazine

      • Range: 400 yards

  • Electronics Suite

    • Remarkable vision in all spectrums

    • Remarkable hearing/audio/loudspeaker

    • Remarkable ECM protection for all electronics

    • Video recording, streaming, playback

    • Incredible encrypted communications, worldwide via tower, satellite and/or microwave transceiver; 25 mile range otherwise

    • Remarkable tactical/fire control tracking system

    • Can control up to 10 drones and/or Guilebots at a time

  • Power Unit

    • Perpetual Kinetic Engine

      • Contains 5000 units of stored energy

      • Generates 200 units/minute

      • Housed in fantastic armoring

  • Flight Jet Pack/Rocket Assist

    • Can fly up to 700mph

    • Range: unlimited so long as power in Perpetual Kinetic Engine/Storage

    • Attitude: 45,000 feet

    • Rocket Assist allows for 14-17 second burn to boost/launch up to Mach 1.5 (1000 mph)

  • Guilebots (3 to 6 at a time)

    • Support and combat drones/robots that Dr. Guile can control

    • STATS:

      • Incredible frame

      • Excellent armor

      • Excellent control

      • Excellent agility

    • Energy Guns

      • Good energy shot

      • Can fire over 100 shots on bot's charge

    • Missiles (3)

      • Can fire off excellent explosive (AoE) damage missiles

      • Range: 700 yards

    • Flight

      • 350 mph max speed

      • Range: 100 miles

      • Max Altitude: 10,000 feet

    • Run/Swim

      • Max: 40 mph/52 knots



  • Robotics (Doctorate)

  • Electronics (Doctorate)

  • Mechanical Engineering (Professional)

  • Metalwork (Professional)

  • Communications (Professional)

  • Video/Recording Systems (Professional)

  • Computers (Master)

  • Networking (Master)

  • Encryption (Professional)

  • Manufacturing (Master)

  • Production (Master)

  • Quality Control (Professional)

  • Finances (Professional)

  • Academia (Professional)

  • St. Helena Lore/History (Professional)

  • World History (Proficient)

  • Oceania (Professional)

  • Militant Socialism (Professional)

  • Leadership (Proficient)

  • Kit-Bashing (Professional)

  • Flight/Engine Systems (Master)

  • Navigation (Proficient)

  • Magic Relics (Barely Proficient)

  • Architecture (Proficient)

  • Technical Engineering/Designs (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Master)

    • French (Professional)

    • German (Professional)

    • Russian (Professional)

    • Slovakian (Professional)

    • Greek (Proficient)

    • Spanish (Proficient)

    • Italian (Proficient)

    • Chinese (Proficient)

    • Japanese (Barely Proficient)

    • Swahili (Barely Proficient)

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