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Oceania Social Units (OSU)

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Oceania Government Intern Badge.png
HijackBladerunner 2049 S/T
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This Oceania Social Unit (OSU) is unique for use in the public sector.  OCEANIA TECHNOLOGIES UNLIMITED has CREATED this exciting mechanoid line for use with Oceania's social order and security.

This latest model series features a much kinder exterior, thus PROMOTING HAPPINESS AND WELL-BEING.

Its carbon titanium shell is a PLEASING TITANIUM LOOK and resistant to all forms of corrosion, ensuring a LONG SERVICE LIFE.

All citizens can REST EASY knowing that their friendly neighborhood OSU will also respond to THREATS TO THE POPULACE, conducting arrests or creating SAFE ZONES in case of any UNGOODTHINK developments.  


At OCEANIA TECHNOLOGIES UNLIMITED we TAKE PRIDE in administering to our citizens' needs, such as Governor Goldstein and the Champions of Oceania.

We hope you TAKE AS MUCH PRIDE in our products as we do, and we look forward to meeting THE DEMANDS OF TOMORROW, today. 

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