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Don "Major Deej" Finger

1975; 30 Dec 2008



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Demon Lord

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Don "Major Deej" Finger

1975; 30 Dec 2008



Demoneist is a scrawny yet intelligent parapsychologist gestalted with a powerful ultra-dimensional demon-lord that has been loosed into our dimension by a greedy, vainglorious TV show Demonologist.

The celebrity Demonologist, Dr. Sten Sarcopolli, was the host of a reality cable TV show called "Demonology", wherein the host would go to iconic locations and 'ward off' demons by performing unlicensed exorcisms, all the while using another cast member, Parapsychologist Cameron "Rain Main" Raine as the butt of all of the host's jokes and commentaries.  Being a highly watched show, 'Demonology' was in the top 25 rated cable TV shows in the nation.

Dr. Sarcopolli, although a knowledgeable demonologist, was also an amateur in the field, and in most cases, looked for ratings for his show rather than actually properly perform any exorcism or proper demon-related investigation.  Most of his 'exorcisms' would fail within weeks, leaving those susceptible to the believed-exorcised demon facing all new levels of evil. 

The end-of-season episode (which he was already approved for another two seasons by the cable network he worked for), Dr. Sarcopolli wanted to show his viewers his 'vast' abilities by calling forth and binding a demon as part of a live TV event.

To prepare for the live show, Cameron Raine was tasked to setup the binding ring for the ceremony.  Cameron denoted to Dr. Sarcopolli that the ingredients used for the binding ring were wrong, and he'd have to go out and find the correct materials which would have resulted in at least a two-hour delay of the show.  Dr. Sarcopolli chided Raine for daring to delay 'the greatest event in his life's work' and ordered Raine to use the improper ingredients anyway.  Raine protested, wherein Dr. Sarcopolli mixed the ingredients himself, constantly telling Raine that he was lucky to still have a job as comedy relief, but and that he was going to dock half of Raine's pay for the next season as a result. Raine pleaded with the doctor to stop, but was ignored. Raine instead started working on something he'd hoped he wouldn't have to use if the situation got out of hand.

At the beginning of the show, the doctor would talk-up his experiences and the event they were about to have unfold before the viewers, all the while berating Raine.  Raine was often derided by the doctor, who at times referred to Raine as a 'demoneist': a person who was so awkward and messed up that he'd even scare away demons through his geeky-like actions.  Raine, throughout the first part of the show kept reminding the doctor of the mistake he was about to perform only for the doctor to willfully berate Raine as an 'amateur'.  

Halfway into the live TV show, Dr. Sarcopolli used his spells to conjure the haunting demon.  When the demon appeared and began cursing at the doctor, the doctor told the demon that it was bound and was unable to perform any action against him and his crew.

The demon immediately obliterated the doctor's body with a blast of hellfire.

The demon, who called itself Demon Lord Q'zok,  was now free to do what it wanted on Earth.

The TV crew and producers died next, all the while with the cameras still rolling for the world to watch as the horrific event continue to spill out before their eyes.

Raine, who had earlier prepared a contingency if something like this was to happen, quickly spoke a spell from an ancient tome that was to weaken and possibly send the demon back to where it came from.  Once Raine completed the spell, Q'zok fell to the ground, weakened, but still on Earth.  Instead the demon started speaking a spell that would open a portal for his demon army to come through to Earth.  Thinking quick, Raine used his last-ditch plan; possess the demon and force it back. This would result in Raine's death, but he knew the sacrifice.  As Raine and Q'zok forged spell after spell to counter each other, a freak combination of their spells gestalted the two into one body, allowing Raine a moment's control over the demon, wherein he reversed the portal spell and fused it permanently with a security spell, through which only through Raine's utterance would allow the portal to reopen...ever.  Moments after sealing the portal, Q'zok took over its own body again and flew out of the building and into the night. 

Q'zok had been severely weakened magically thanks to Raine, however, Raine's spirit still resided in Q'zok's body.  Every several days, Q'zok would be so depleted in his willpower and control that he'd revert back into Raine, who's retained his own body during this transformation.  Raine would have the demon's powers, but was in control...that is, until Raine would either pass out from exhaustion, go to sleep or willed it to happen, in which Q'zok would transform into its own body and take control again.  This cycle of control continues to this day between the two of them.

Although the world watched the events that happened, they instead believed the doctor and his crew faked the whole thing.


Since only ashes were left of the doctor and the crew, conspiracy theorists started stating that the doctor and his crew 'skipped out' with their money and were living it up big in some 3rd world country, rather than believe they'd been killed by a powerful demon.  The show, obviously, was cancelled forthwith. 

Raine, when he is in control, has worked tirelessly to undo the unique gestalt spell, but to no avail.  Instead, he has tattooed a mystical symbol on his chest, preventing Q'zok from controlling or summoning other demons itself.  Q'zok, on the other hand, went out to search for a way to destroy Raine's gestalted spirit from itself.  In its search, it found the Masters of Maleficence.  There, it has promised to aid them in their actions so long as they discover a spell or means by which to undo Raine's control of its body. Q'zok is said that he'll do ANYTHING to break the gestalt bind . . . so that it can remake Earth into its own version of Hell.

The dichotomy of these two it extreme; Raine looks to stop Q'zok, and Q'zok want to make Earth a living Hell.  To this day, these two are locked in spiritual battle; the true question is, who will eventually win out?


  • Raine's Powers when in his own body:

    • Protection

      • Incredible resistance to fire, radiation and magic

      • Excellent protection versus energy, electrical, cold, toxins and mental attacks

    • Increased Capabilities​

      • Excellent endurance

  • Q'zoks Powers when in his own body:

    • Protection

      • Fantastic resistance to fire, radiation and magic

      • Incredible protection versus energy, electrical, cold, toxins and mental attacks

    • Flight

      • Wings from back allow for flight up to 200 mph at a max altitude of 80,000 feet​

    • Increased Capabilities​

      • Remarkable fighting and agility​

      • Amazing strength and fantastic endurance

    • Claws & Talons​

      • Can rend up to remarkable materials, causing incredible damage​
    • Prehensile Tail​

      • Strong 7 foot tail with excellent strength​

  • Powers that both Raine and Q'zok can use in either of their two forms:

    • Magical Fire (Hellfire)​

      • Hellfire Blasts​

        • Remarkable magical fire (energy, magical or temperate) damage with a range of 300 feet​

      • Hellfire Aura​

        • Provides remarkable protection versus physical, energy, mental and magical attacks​

        • Anyone within 6 feet of the aura when its on will receive poor heat damage due to heat radiation

      • Hellfire Sword​

        • Can manifest a fiery magical sword that does remarkable magic or fire damage​

    • Increased Capabilities​

      • Magical intuition is remarkable in detecting magic within 300 feet

      • Excellent vision protection

      • Can see in dark (night vision)

    • Demon Gestalt Transformation

      • Raine has a human body (magically altered) while Q'zok is a demon body (also magically altered)

      • The two can change to each other's bodies at will

      • Q'zok is usually forced to change withing 5-6 days back to Raine doe the Anti-Demon Magical Ward Tattoo on their chest (see below).

      • Raine usually changes once he falls asleep or lapses into unconsciousness. He does not like to change into Q'zok until he has no option or is simply exhausted and needs sleep.

    • Anti Demon Magical Ward Tattoo​

      • On both Raine's and Q"zok's chest, a magical anti-demon ward is tattooed on their chest

      • When Q'zok is in charge in his body, the ​ward does minor damage to Q'zok over time, forcing him to be exhausted, forcing Q'zok to transform to Raine, usually within 5 to 6 days max time.

      • The ward's effects do not affect Raine when he is in his own body.





  • Raine:

    • Arcane Magic (Professional)

    • Demonology (Master)

    • Education (Professional)

    • Movie Productions (Proficient)

    • Alchemy (Professional)

    • Parapsychology (Master)

    • Metaphysics (Professional)

    • Languages:

      • English (Master)

      • French (professional)

      • Arabic (professional)

      • Latin (Professional)

      • Spanish (Professional)

      • Russian/Cyrillic (Professional)

      • Demon (Proficient)

  • Q'zok:

    • Arcane Magic (Master)

    • Dimensional Magic (Proficient)

    • Leadership (Professional)

    • Aerial Combat (Professional)

    • Languages:​

      • All Earth languages, including dozens of dead languages​

      • Demon (Master)

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