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In its heyday, "The Rhode Island Paranormal Society" (TRIPS) was a popular band of professional paranormal investigators based out of Rhode Island. They grew so popular that they got their own TV show.  Sadly, studio executives and entertainment ratings forced the team to have to 'hire' self-promoting wanna-be 'parapsychologists', most all of whom had no skills or knowledge in ghost hunting or debunking hauntings.  Sadly, one such 'ghost hunter', was a self proclaimed Demonologist - Dr. Sten Sarcopolli.  Using the TRIPS team to 'back up' one of his Halloween Special Events in binding a demon, the doctor invited the TRIPS to the live TV filming.  The TRIPS team told the doctor NOT to perform any rituals without professional exorcism priests available, but alas he, and another strange man named Cameron Raine, performed the ritual and flubbed it.  The ensuing demon attack killed half the TRIPS team and all the Demonologist TV show crew, however Raine was able to gain control of the demon.  To this day, the TRIPS team still believes Raine is possessed by the demon that attacked them.


Unfortunately, even more of their investigations of late have led to even more deadly encounters, the latest being from a villainess known as "Mysteria"

Today, TRIPS is still in operation. Cameron Raine helps the team out from time to time still, but Raine said he wouldn't permanently join the team due to his 'medical condition'.  At this rate, can TRIPS afford any more ghost hunting?

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