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Black Knight of Glin

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Cedric Ulysses


Known only to several



mid/late 30s










Cedric Ulysses Ulster, Cedric Cecil Comstock, 31st Knight of Glin

Eire Arm



Don "Major Deej" Finger

15 May 2012


  • William Jones AKA William Esker (father, deceased)

  • Marion 'Mary' Ulster (mother, deceased)

  • Desmond FitzGerald (grandfather, deceased)

  • Mary Esker (grandmother, status unknown; presumed deceased)

  • Mable "May" Comstock (Foster mother, deceased)

  • Reginald "Reggie" Comstock (Foster father, deceased)

* Cedric Ulysses Fitzgerald is his current official name. Anyone who digs into his past (or DNA) will discover he was actually born as Cedric Ulysses Ulster. Additional investigations might also turn up his foster name change to Cedric Cecil Comstock. Although Cedric is listed as child in 'current' FitzGerald family/clan formal documents, he is fact 'not' a FitzGerald...officially. Due to him being born as a bastard son by the unwed (and mentally incapable) Marion Ulster, officially, Cedric isn't afforded the official rights as an heir apparent to the FitzGerald family/clan's name, estate or titles. Cedric's doctored documents claim him to be a 'FitzGerald', but several people who helped create the fake documents know the truth that Cedric is only an "Ulster" as far as any past or current Irish and/or United Kingdom laws state.




Cedric Ulysses Ulster was born the bastard son of a William Jones and a Marion UlsterCedric's parents were both institutionalized patients at the Londonderry Psychiatric Hospital, where they'd been held under constant care since their teenage years. 


William Jones got Marion Ulster pregnant while at the same hospital. The hospital 'removed' Marion's newborn son, Cedric Ulster, from Marion's care and had Cedric sent into the foster care system with Reginald "Reggie" and Mable "May" Comstock, with Cedric renamed as Cedric Cecil Comstock.


It wasn't long before Cedric's sociopathic tendencies surfaced.


By age 12, Cedric was placed in a Children's Psychiatric prison after killing both his foster parents. His reason for killing them: they wouldn't let him keep his collection of expensive, stolen knives he'd amassed since five years of age. While in the children's prison, a doctor there did some research and discovered who Cedric's real parents were.  The doctor, in hopes of bolstering his own unaccepted hypothesis about genetic sociopathy, interviewed Cedric's parent, William and Marion at their hospital. As a result, the doctor opened a door that to this day has left a growing murder and mutilation count in its wake.


During the interview, Cedric's doctor discovered that Cedric's father, William, was also an illegitimate (bastard) son of an old, wealthy Irish Nobleman named Knight (not just 'Sir') Desmond FitzGerald, who was also Cedric's grandfather. The family lineage dated back to the FitzGerald and FitzMaurice families of County Limerick, Ireland, since the early 14th century. The last officially titled living member of the clan, Knight Desmond FitzGerald, was known by his title as the 29th Knight of Glin, notably also known by the hereditary title of "Black Knight" or "Knight of the Valley"Desmond did, however, bear a legitimate son/heir apparent with his wife, but Desmond's son and wife both died in a car accident in 1998 (along with the limo driver), leaving Desmond with no heir by the time he died two years later.


Cedric's doctor discovered through DNA testing that Cedric was related to the FitzGerald line through a 'William Jones', whose DNA also identified him also as a FitzGerald.  It was proven (by DNA testing) that William was born the illegitimate son of Desmond Fitzgerald resulting from an unexpected affair with a woman who pretended to be of Irish nobility, but was instead an escaped mental patient officially known as Mary Esker. Mary was taken away to a high security mental hospital after that, from which she was never seen or heard from again. Due to being a bastard son, coupled with the later proven fact of William's own mental instability, William was never allowed to officially become a true 'FitzGerald', but only remain an 'Esker', thus disallowing William "Esker" to ever receive anything as an heir apparent to the FitzGerald family line (by law). To prevent anyone from using this information against his own lineage/clan, Knight Desmond FitzGerald had William's name legally changed to William Jones, thus adding another layer of disassociation to the FitzGerald line. This all changed due to a unique situation in the year 2000 - The alien invasion of Earth by the Soltan Star Empire.


At the time of the Soltan invasion of 2000, Cedric was remanded to the same psychiatric prison as before. When the invasion occurred, the power went down and the staff ran away and left the psychiatric prisoners to their own devices. This left the psychiatric prison unguarded and unsupervised. It didn't take long before several dozen psychotic inmates escaped the prison's security and made their way into England's towns and boroughs.  Most of the prisoners were eventually found dead either by defensive humans or simply by the Soltans killing them outright, however, Cedric escaped death during the invasion.


Before Cedric left his psychiatric prison on the onset of the invasion, Cedric's doctor told Cedric that he'd learned some 'very interesting and important information on his 'noble' family lineage' and that he'd hoped to work with Cedric on resolving some theories he'd been postulating. Of course, once the invasion started, the doctor evacuated himself from the prison along with the rest of the staff. Before Cedric left the prison, he found his way to his doctor's office and found the files and notes the doctor had on Cedric's family lineage. Cedric didn't have time to read them at the moment of his escape, but many weeks later, while hiding from the Soltans, he got a co-survivor to read and identify Cedric's true family lineage as that of the noble family, FitzGerald.  When the invasion finally ended several months later, Cedric, who survived the whole invasion, decided it was time to 'meet the family'.


During the same invasion, Cedric's parents, William and Marion, also escaped custody from their psychiatric hospital. William and Marion made their way to William's family estate, the historic FitzGerald Castle.  Once there, William and Marion found William's father, Knight Desmond, dead from a heart attack most likely from the news of the invasion.  William and Marion, stayed at the castle by themselves since the staff up and left as a result of the invasion (and helping themselves to the silver, and hundreds of rare family artifacts and family relics they all stole).  Both William and Marion were happy to live off the apples and garden items on the property and pretend that they were the true 'lord and lady of the manor' with William spouting about his being the new 30th Knight of Glin and a 'Black Knight of Glin'.  That's when Cedric arrived.


 When Cedric arrived at the castle, it was a gutted and damaged place. Bereft of most of the family's furnishings (William and Marion burned the furniture in the castle's fireplaces to stay warm that winter of 2000 (still no power at the castle then)), Cedric became truly upset. He'd expected to have a grand, palatial home where he'd expected his parents and grandfather to greet him like a long lost son. Instead he was introduced to his mad parents, William and Marion. When they first encountered each other, William almost killed Cedric thinking Cedric was a looter. William found an old sword in a lockbox under his father's bed that bore the inscription as 'The Black Knight of Glin Sword', to which William used to actually hold Cedric at bay. After telling each other their true identities, Marion practically fell over herself to hug Cedric telling him that he'd been taken from her at birth against her will.


William didn't like Cedric.


William thought that he could see a 'look' in Cedric's eyes that proved Cedric was not 'right in the head' and that Cedric was only there to take Marion and William's position as 'Lord of the FitzGeralds' away from him. For the first few days, the uneasy tension between Cedric and William was thick enough to cut with a knife; a knife that Cedric happened to find in the house and kept with him at all times thereon. They all agreed to live together in the castle (although with Cedric in a separate wing), until a 'resolution' (according to William) could be achieved.  Cedric, although happy to see his mother, instead, despised his newly found father. Cedric felt that his father wanted to kill him...and as such, knew he'd best kill his father before he got to him first.


After several days of reminiscing and catching up on each other's lives (and a lot of cat-and-mouse word plays and innuendos), William had finally had enough civility. He demanded Cedric remove himself from 'his' (William's) castle and go back to being Cedric 'Comstock' somewhere else.  Cedric said he'd agree to that, but only if he was given one thing - the family sword.


William angrily told Cedric 'no'.

In an epic around-the-castle fight-and-chase battle, both Cedric and his father William attempted to kill each other. It only ended when both William and Cedric came upon Knight Desmon Fitzgerald's bedchamber. There, Cedric saw, for the first time, the rotting corpse of his grandfather, left to rot in his own bed. His grandfather was never buried and never taken from his deathbed.  The stench of decayed flesh was overwhelming to both William and Cedric, who continued to fight across the bedchamber. At one point, Cedric upturned his grandfather's rotting, maggot-ridden corpse up onto a charging William; William freaked out, dropped the family sword (which he'd been using to chase Cedric with about the castle) and began beating on the gooey corpse of his father...allowing Cedric enough time to grab up the family sword and stab his father, William, through the heart. Both William and Knight Desmond's corpse fell unto the floor entangled in each other's bodies. Marion, Cedric's mother, came into the bedchamber screeching at the top of her lungs for losing William. After several minutes of grieving, Marion slowly walked towards Cedric, who wincingly held the family sword between him and his mother. Marion, seeing that her son didn't trust her, and that her love, William was gone, slowly turned and walked to the bedchamber balcony...and leapt off, splatting to her death on the stone ground four stories below.

Cedric was now the only living bloodline being left in the FitzGerald family line, although, by law, still not a 'FitzGerald'.

Not long after Cedric buried his parents and grandfather (with grave markers and everything on the edge of the property), a constable arrived at the Fitzgerald Castle.  The constable was told a creative tale of Cedric being Knight Desmond FitzGerald's grandson and that the Soltans 'killed' his parents and grandfather.  Thanks to looters, the 'family historical' books and lineage paper were destroyed, thus unable to prove who he was in documents. The constable, who was also a trained detective, as well as a deceitful, profit-seeking bad cop, asked for money to keep things quiet and help 'back-up' Cedric's claim. Cedric agreed and once the power and the banks were opened again, the constable, through his contacts, got Cedric access to the family fortune and safe deposit boxes and was rewarded with his 'hush money'. The constable also was able to have falsified document created proving Cedric's 'legitimacy' towards the family name.  Cedric gave the constable a 50-acre plot of family land on the Isle of Man for his troubles, where the constable soon thereafter 'retired' with his 'new' fiancé, never to be seen again.

During all of this, while combing through the castle, Cedric discovered the actual family lore and heraldry books hidden in the catacombs, along with other family treasures, including ancient 'Black Knight' armor from the 14th century and even some magical relics stored in wooden boxes that were at least several hundred years old. Cedric soon took to learning about the lore and also that the 'relics' and sword were magical in nature.  His grandfather, Knight Desmond, kept the sword under his bed because its energy (as identified in Knight Desmond's secret journals that Cedric found) was providing Desmond with proximity-based magical regeneration. At the time of the Soltan Invasion, the ley lines of England were decimated and drained of magical energy; energy that was used for the sword to regenerate Desmond's aging frame were gone and drained. With the the sword's regeneration powers negated, Knight Desmond succumbed to his own old age and numerous ailments that all came back to eat at his body, mere days after the invasion had commenced. Now, after the invasion, the sword was re-energized more than ever before (read more about this in the Soltan Invasion webpage). As such, Cedric started using the sword in the same manner making Cedric stronger, larger and loaded with never before utilized stamina. As for the rest of the family's relics, there was even more to discover.

Cedric learned that the family's hidden relics provided new 'abilities', 'protections' and 'metamorphic' capabilities allowing Cedric to empower the family's old ancient armor into a powerful, modern-looking version that provided amazing levels of protection and skills.  Cedric spent the next several years learning how to use those new powers to not only become a 'Black Knight' (learned through dozens of old documents written by generations of previous Knights of Glin/Black Knights that listed detailed instructions on knightly combat, techniques and how to use a sword and shield to the fullest effects. To test out his new skills, Cedric also started hunting down those that had stolen from his family. It took nearly a decade, but most everything of value that had been stolen from the FitzGerald Castle was found and retrieved...sometimes at the expense of the thief's life by the blade of Cedric identified only by a handful of witnesses over time that simply described him as 'some form of dark, medieval knight with a sword and shield'. Cedric simply called himself the "Black Knight".

Recently, Cedric came across a young woman who was part of a movement called the "Eire Arm"; a 'terrorist' group that wanted Irish independence but in a militaristic way. Cedric began falling in love with her and actually joined the Eire Arm as the "Black Knight" to aid in her group's revolution. Sadly, in 2017, in a lethal raid, Cedric's new love of his life died being shot by a British soldier's gun. Cedric, as the Black Knight, killed and mutilated the soldier and his fellow troops; all 12 of them. After burying her (on the castle's property, next to his grandfather's grave), Cedric had a 'talk' with the Eire Arm's influential leader, "Taoiseach". Taoiseach had powers that controlled weak minds; Cedric was one such weak mind. As a result, The new "Black Knight" took his place as a powerhouse member of the Eire Arm. Eventually, Cedric was influenced to 'donated' the FitzGerald Castle to the Eire Arm, where, through backwater real estate deals (courtesy of CANIS), earned the Eire Arm nearly $560 million in pure profits. Cedric removed all of his family's documents and critical relics and moved into his own estate in Ireland, newly built with a massive secret underground training stadium and a 'family reflection room', where he'd taken the exhumed bodies of his parents, grandfather and girlfriend and entombed them in beautiful stone-carved mausoleums. Once that was done, Cedric was free to tell the media and the world that he was the last true living FitzGerald and that he, as the 31st Knight of Glin, would now be known as the "Black Knight of Glin", invoking his title as a means to draw and recruit even for new followers into the Eire Arm's ranks.


To this day, no one has challenged Cedric's familial claim.

Today, the Black Knight of Glin fights alongside his Erie Arm comrades. He is a cruel, sociopathic killer.  He is truly dedicated to the Eire Arm and Taoiseach. Cedric equally despises and hates England and all who oppose the Eire Arm.  He fights with an unbridled fury and doesn't know when to quit.  He isn't particularly smart. His association with civilization and civilized behavior are alien to him, as much as computers are (he can't even send an email). He considers himself the 'Lord of the FitzGeralds' the 31st Knight of Glin and the next true Black Knight. Scholars and fellow nobles have yet to dive into Cedric's ancestry to deduce/affirm his title, role and claim to the FitzGerald bloodline, but then again, in the grand scheme of things, no one really cares one way of the other. The one day that someone makes that connection, however, the truth will unravel Cedric's grand plan of legally being the last of the Irish nobleman line of FitzGeralds...and then the world will see what a REAL sociopath the Black Knight of Glin truly can be...




Power Origin: Magic (Alteration School of Magic)

  • Magically Enhanced Body 

    • Thanks to the family's magical relics, Cedric will have the following powers so long as he reapplies the effects of the relics once a year (spring solstice):

      • Remarkable fighting (with sword, fists, shield, all using a variety of new and mostly old combat techniques used by knights of the past)

      • Excellent agility

      • Remarkable strength

      • Amazing endurance

  • Running/Leaping/Swimming

    • Can run at excellent speeds (60 mph)

    • Can leap up 55 feet, across 100 feet and down 140 feet

    • Can swim at 45 knots

  • Enhanced Vision

    • Can see 4x further in normal vision

    • Has night vision

    • Has spectral sight (can see spirits and ghosts and anything from the astral plane)



  • Armor

    • Modern magical Alteration of original 14th century armor done by Cedric

    • Amazing physical, toxic/toxin, temperate, energy and radiation protection

    • Fantastic magical protection

    • Excellent psionic/mental protection

  • Sword

    • The actual legendary Sword of the Black Knight of Glin

    • Magically cast/created in the 14th century

    • Unearthly material strength (virtually unbreakable)

      • blocks and/or deflects any attacks up to wonderous levels​

      • carves through anything up to wonderous material strength

    • Magical Energy Regeneration

      • Amplifies Ley Lines and ambient magical energies into regeneration powers over time in range

      • Range: dependent upon magical energy its channeling

      • Normally, currently on Earth, it channels ambient magical energy from the nearest ley lines (example: typical magical energy) and transforms it into regeneration powers, regenerating at a 6% rate per minute (fully healed from near death for a typical person in about 30 minutes), so long as the sword is within six (6) feet of the person being regenerated, otherwise, no regeneration at all

      • can be used against things in the astral plane

  • Shield

    • Forged in 16th century for the 6th Knight of Glin

    • Forged of magical materials

    • Provides spectacular magical protection

    • Provides fantastic physical, temperate, toxic/toxin, mental/psionic and energy protection

    • Can be used against things in the astral plane



  • Knight Combat Tactics (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Combat (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Blocking/Charging (Professional)

  • Psychiatric Hospital Operations (Proficient)

  • FitzGerald Family Lore/History (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • English (Professional)

    • Gaelic Irish (Professional)

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