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Paul Prichard/Roger Lord




early 30s








Doctor Paul, Roger Lord

The Allied Fighters



Don "Major Deej" Finger

11 Oct 2008


Sonya Prichard (wife, deceased)

Tandy Prichard (daughter, deceased)

Timothy Prichard (son, deceased)

Will Prichard (son, deceased)




Paul Prichard is the son of a US Navy father; a father who won the Silver Star for heroism in the Gulf War.  Paul grew up in a military family, with a mom who was a nurse.  By age 16, he'd seen or been to half the world's nations already, but always considered his family's home in Baltimore, Maryland as the place he loved.  He was an amiable guy, dated girls, took Track & Field and played Football a couple years in high school.  He earned a B+ average in school, but only because he took the hard classes. When he graduated high school, he enlisted in the US Navy and within months, was selected to be a hospital corpsman.  He trained hard, he stumbled a few times, and even got sent to Captain's Mast (non-judicial punishment aboard a military ship) twice, but in the end, he always learned from his mistakes. Eventually, he applied for SEAL team training, and through great effort, became a SEAL team corpsman.

While overseas, 'Doctor Paul', as his fellow SEAL teammates called him, saved dozens of SEAL team members' lives as well as several dozen civilian lives that had, at one point or another, been caught in the middle of whatever fire-fight the SEAL team was in.  He earned several commendations for his efforts, but since most were classified operations, he wasn't allowed to wear said medals or awards. Although he didn't achieve the Silver Star as his father did, he earned the ultimate respect of his fellow teammates.  Although he thought about doing a full 20-year tour, at 8 years, he'd had enough, and left the service.

A year later, Paul earned his nursing degree and went to work as Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.  There, he caught the attention of several doctors, all of which agreed that he needed to work towards a doctor's degree in Internal Medicine.  As he was attending night classes at George Washington University, he met the love of his life, Sonya, who worked for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and was learning to become a medical investigator for her work.  In less than a year, a whirlwind romance, a secretive CIA mission that the two got drawn into, and a pregnancy later and the two were married.  Sonya's work was mostly data-based, allowing her to work from home while she was raising their newborn, Will...and bearing two more children, Tandy and Timothy (who were fraternal twins), 10 months later.

His studies and work at Bethesda kept Paul a busy guy, but he still stayed in excellent shape, running 10K marathons, iron mans and triathlons. He was a happy man.  With their income, they finally moved into a new house in the Federal Hill district in Baltimore.  There, they melded into the community like they'd lived there their whole lives. Paul even earned a Mayor's Citation Award for a "Paul Prichard Day" (on his birthday of 11 Oct) for his volunteering in community events, feeding the homeless and just being a great citizen. That all ended a year later.

While driving back from a community event for kids (for which Paul dressed up in a gaudy 'Captain Maryland' superhero costume while he was hosting the events), Paul had stopped at a red light late that night in an intersection in a bad suburb - Bladensburg.  There, four masked thugs attacked Paul and knocked him out with the butt of one of their guns and stole his SUV-with his family in it.

When he awoke in a neighborhood hospital hours later with a concussion, he was told by the police that his wife and children were dead; they'd been summarily executed and his SUV was found torched a half a mile from the site his family was murdered.  After initial police investigations ruled out Paul, the police quickly tabled the murder investigation due to 'lack of police and funding', leaving Paul and his deceased family without justice...justice that Paul would now take into his own hands.

Paul stole a copy of his family's murder investigation paperwork files and started his own investigation. After months of combing through records, files, identity sites and surveillance data, he finally found a clue to the murderers.  After tracking them down, he found the same crew of thugs right in the middle of performing yet another robbery-murder.  Paul, who brandished his own pump-action shotgun, killed each of the thugs, saving an entire family from the thugs' home invasion.  The police hauled him in for the killing, but the family Paul had saved made him to be a hero. When his case went to trial, the community outcry for "Justice for Paul" overwhelmed Baltimore, and although the district attorneys had every conceivable way of prosecuting him, decided against it, leaving Paul to go free.  The citizens of Baltimore celebrated Paul's release and helped him to start a new life...but Paul was still haunted over then injustices that had occurred thusfar; he decided it was time to bring justice to Baltimore, even if he had to become a vigilante to do so.

Over the next year, Paul secluded himself in an old abandoned cannery and stockpiled weapons, data and gang-related information from the streets.  Finally, in a blaze of one weekend, Paul either killed or left dozens of gang member alive (barely) for the police to arrest, all of which Paul sent evidence, pictures and/or accounts of each gang member's involvement with one or more violent crimes or murder.  The police immediately went into hunt mode for Paul, while again, the community rallied around Paul saying Paul was providing the city's citizens with the justice they deserved.  Eventually, Paul was found by the police at the cannery.  Surrounded, Paul had no way out...until an old man snuck-up from behind him and offered him a permanent way out of his current situation.

The old man was John Brown, the legendary World War II hero known as "Major Invader".  The Major, after disarming and immobilizing Paul, explained that the police will not see things his way, and that whatever life he has now is over.  If he wanted to carry on his work, he'd need to start it as someone new, with a fresh start, someone no one else knew...someone who could clean up Baltimore better than he was able to.  After a tense minute or two, Paul agreed.  The Major then set-up and explained that Paul was going to have to 'die' to stop them from tracking him.  The Major then cut Paul with a jagged blade and took a chunk of meat off Paul's left arm, claiming he had to provide the cops with proof that Paul was dead. The Major then led Paul to a floor hatch (for disposing of fish carcasses in the old days), where they both jumped into the water just as the building exploded (ignited by the Major).  Once in the water, they donned SCUBA gear and the Major led him nearly a 1/2 mile up current to an old boat docking house.  There the Major gave Paul a shoulder bag with clothes, money, new ID, food, keys to an apartment, a letter...and a high-tech costume. When Paul turned to ask the Major a hundred more questions, the Major had disappeared, leaving Paul alone with the bag.

Paul went to the apartment he'd been given, where it was already furnished and even had a stocked refrigerator with his favorites.  When he turned on the TV, the police had mentioned Paul was most likely dead from a fiery suicidal explosion.  The community was shown mourning and in tears...for Paul.  A week later, it was 'confirmed' that DNA evidence at the scene was that of Paul Prichard, and was now considered deceased. 


Paul had read the Major's letter, giving him all he needed to become his new identity, Roger Lord and a new Baltimore superhero; a way he could do justice and live a life of anonymity in the process.  Weeks later, "Baltimore" began his superhero career, this time, not killing criminals, but arresting them or detaining them.  Word spread like wildfire, and once again the Baltimore citizens cheered on this new 'hero'.  Even the police and the mayor realized that "Baltimore" was a good thing for the city.  For the next year, Baltimore save lives, arrested criminals and was even given the key to the city.

Recently, the Major contacted Paul once again. He needed Paul to help him stop an old enemy of the world; the ex-Nazi mastermind from World War II known as Baron Berlin, who'd come back after being 'missing' for the previous several decades. The Major asked Paul to help him now and he had helped Paul then, and be the hero he needed to stop a Nazi madman.  Paul didn't hesitate and has since joined the Major's new version of the Allied Fighters, assigned to the group's Delta Squad.



Powers: None.


  • Armored Chest Piece/Energy Aura

    • Provides excellent physical, temperate and energy protection for chest area

    • Armor is lined with energy cells, used to power the suits Energy Aura and weapons.  Stores enough energy to supply Baltimore with a full power energy aura and weapons drain for 1/2 hour.

    • Energy Aura:

      • Provides excellent physical, energy, radiation, temperate, toxic acidic and light-base attack protection (for life of the chest pieces's energy cells).

      • Can be turned on or off manually or mentally.

  • Helmet

    • Provides remarkable protection from physical, temperate and energy

    • Contains a collapsible oxygen mask and particulate/gas mask filter system with 1/2 hr supply of Oxygen.

    • Contains an internal monitoring system for heat, heart rate, Oxygen supply, power storage level and weapon intensity settings

    • Provides Skype-like video processing (but uses facial feature holo-imagery to change his face to Baltimore's helmet for viewing), full range of communications frequencies, all with a 100 mile range.

    • Provides an amplified loudspeaker for audio.

  • Gauntlets

    • Provides excellent energy blasts for range of 400 yards/remarkable for 300 yards/good for 500 yards.

    • Contain individual energy cells or can run from armored chest piece; individual energy cell gauntlets only provide 6 shots each at an excellent ranking.

    • Provide remarkable protection from physical, temperate and energy attacks.

  • Suit

    • Poor physical and temperate protection

    • Fire-proof, including cape.

  • Alternate weapon: Shotgun

    • Provides excellent shooting and stun damage; contains only 8 shots, 4 per barrel.

    • Doesn't usually take with him for fear of media linking his old identity to his new identity.



Navy Corpsman (Master)

3x knowledge and performance in Field Medicine, field surgery, pharmaceuticals, medical history, biology, psychology

Military (Professional)

2x knowledge of military operations and organization

2x contacts and professional services

2x leadership ability

Physical Fitness (Professional)

additional 1x strength, 1x endurance, 1x psyche

additional 1x swim speed, run speed

Marksman (Professional)

2x agility in shooting, aiming and/or sighting something.

2x knowledge of guns and ammunition

Community Organization (Proficient)

1x knoweldge and contacts to create, execute and perform community events, sports events and social functions

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