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Kizwansi Torbuka




Late 40s












Don "Major Deej" Finger

22 Aug 2010



Umea Torbuka (wife, deceased)

Kirae Torbuka (daughter, deceased)

Somo Torbuka (son, deceased)

Jasmine Torbuka (daughter)




Kizwansi Torbuka was born on the South Atlantic British province island known as Saint Helena. From there, he went on to become an African sound systems engineer for a large African science research company in South Africa.  There, Kizwansi, through his own discovery, created an artificial crystal with a lattice structure with properties that allowed for exiting sonic energy from the crystal to be amplified nearly a thousandfold when aimed at a particular refracted facet and crystal thickness. The only issue was that the crystal would be destroyed each time it was used in this manner, making it, at best, a one-shot use item; an item that, for the money and time it would take to form the crystal was basically not cost-effective to most applications.


Kizwansi spent years experimenting and engineering the crystal, hoping to make the crystal capable of surviving the sonic dissonance. Working 18-hour days led to him sacrificing his marriage and children as a result of his obsessive work practices. With his family remaining in Saint Helena, Kizwansi, almost became obsessed with the crystal. That's when a man named Goldstein and his militant socialist forces took over Saint HelenaAscension Island and Tristan da Cunha. and created a new powerful militant manufacturing regime called Oceania, taking over his home island - and subjecting his family to potential danger.


In an attempt to contact his family, he was told they were 'in danger', whereupon Kizwansi tried to get to Saint Helena to actually try and save his family. Instead, Kizwansi was captured by Oceania forces. Once Oceania realized who he was and his work on the artificial crystal, they forced Kizwansi into a form of industrial slavery, making him weaponize his artificial crystal if he ever wanted to see his family alive again.


After years of captivity and endless time spent in the lab, Kizwansi finally devised a way to project sound through his artificial crystal without it shattering the first several to a dozen times. After use in those several to a dozen times, the crystals would not only stop working, but basically disintegrated. The device that he created to allow the crystal's new capabilities was called the Crystal-Audio Interface Neofacet Equipment (CAINE). He built CAINE into two gauntlets and made a backpack to store additional crystals to replenish the disintegrating ones as required. Sadly, at this point, the gauntlets made a LOT of noise, causing a deep low frequency noise emission that was stated to sound like a VERY loud Vuvuzela noise-making horn used in sporting events.  As such, because of this 'side effect', Governor Goldstein disliked the 'weapon' and killed Kizwansi's oldest daughter, Kirae, to express his displeasure.  Overwhelmed with grief, yet knowing he had to do more to save his remaining son, daughter and wife, he put himself into a work frenzy to try to 'fix' the noisy issue. Instead, the multiple tests and lab work he did, subjecting himself and his lab engineers to the crystal's resonating 'Vuvuzela-like' sound started driving them all mad.


After a month of nothing but limited results, Govermor Goldstein demanded results from Kizwansi or he'd kill the rest of his family.


Nearly on the brink of madness due to the sonic effects on his body and nerves, Kizwansi devised a dissonant de-resonator that reduced the 'noise', but also caused the gauntlet's damaging effects to vary in unmanageable and uncontrollable range, effect levels and blast radius. When it came time to perform for the Governor, the CAINE gauntlets basically liquified anything the sonic blasts hit...that is until the crystals overheated and led out a painfully audible frequency that fried the de-resonator device. With blood coming out of everyone's ears in the room, including Kizwansi's family's ears. Kizwansi's family had been brought in to use to either kill them or hand them over to him, depending on this final test. With blood dripping from his own ears, Governor Goldstein himself shot and killed each of his family members then aimed the gun at Kizwansi, shooting Kizwansi. 


The bullet meant for Kizwansi, however, was deflected by a the gauntlet's unexpectedly created sonic resonate shield, one of the byproducts created by the unmanageable sonic resonance Kizwansi's CAINE Gauntlets were randomly producing. It protected Kizwansi from being killed.


Seeing his family shot before him, coupled with the new sonic damage he was taking, on top of his slow sonic-induced madness he'd been exposed to over the past stressful while in the lab, Kizwansi's mind finally snapped and commenced blasting everyone and everything in the room.  Governor Goldstein only survived thanks to several on his bodyguards sacrificing themselves by throwing their bodies into the path of Kizwansi's CAINE Gauntlet's sonic blasters, liquifying their bodies upon impact. After liquifying the concrete walls, Kizwansi and two of his lab teammates escaped the building and made their way into the jungles of Saint Helena, where they narrowly evaded and dodged patrols and troops over the next week, at one point, finding a volcanic vent to hide in, causing them burns on their skin as a result. In one event, they met a freedom fighter called Major Liberator; a man who took them in and hid them from the Oceania troops.


After a couple of weeks in hiding, Governor Goldstein announced Kizwansi as a 'terrorist' who had killed dozens of 'innocent' Oceania citizens, including the killing of his own family...all except his only remaining 'favorite' daughter, Jasmine, whom Goldstein showed her hospitalized image on tens of thousands of public social viewing screens all across Oceania's island population centers. He broadcast that in order to 'save' his daughter, Kizwansi had to turn himself in, with his unique weapons fully intact, which would allow for his benevolence to allow for him (Kizwansi) to provide his 'rare' blood type to help save his 'favorite' child, otherwise she'd die (he mentioned that thanks to the 'embargo' against Oceania and the lack of the rare blood type, that Kizwansi was her only hope). 


Major Liberator instead devised a stealthy plan to save Kizwansi's daughter. In a brazen operation, not only did Major Liberator save Kizwansi's daughter, but he also saved a dozen other enslaved Saint Helena prisoners. After stabilizing Jasmine, Major Liberator and his band of freedom fighters, called the "Liberators", worked with a now-mentally 'stable' (relatively) Kizwansi, they worked together to fix and augment Kizwansi's gauntlets, adding the engineering skills of several other Liberator engineers to help stabilize the CAINE Gauntlet's resonance issues. As such, the old familiar 'Vuvuzela-like' sound returned, but nowhere at the decibel level it once was (feeble effects at worst); levels that if wearing simple earplugs would be enough to reduce any effects to anyone immediately around the CAINE gauntlets when their fire off. 

Sadly, Jasmine was breainwashed and betrayed the Liberators, causing the deaths of dozens of Liberator freedom fighters as a result. Major Liberator and several dozen Liberators, as well as Kizwansi, were able to escape, but just barely. The Oceania troops took Jasmine (and a few others recaptured amongst the Liberator ranks) back to Oceania, where Jasmine broadcast about her 'traitor' father while she stood aside Governor Goldstein, calling Goldstein as her 'new' father; a father to her, a 'Big Brother' to all others in and about Oceania.  To this day, Jasmine is still under Goldstein's control. Kizwansi and Major Liberator, on dozens of occasions, have attempted to rescue her, but has always resulted in failure and/or traps. Jasmine is still a brainwashed propagandist now in the control and employ of Oceania.

Since then, Kizwansi has teamed with Major Liberator to not only get his daughter Jasmine back, but to fight against Goldstein and the Oceania forces.

Today, "Vuvuzela", as he is now called, operates with the Liberators freedom fighters, using his CAINE gauntlets and thousands of his self-created artificial crystals as weapons.  His mind is psychotic and delusional at times, but in moments of clarity, he is still an engineering and scientific genius. His fellow lab scientists he escaped with have helped to 'fill in the gap' to maintain, adjust, augment and repair the gauntlets, as well as 'crystalize' the artificial crystals, using  Kizwansi's designs and training. Vuvuzela HATES Governor Goldstein and is obsessed with taking down Oceania in an attempt to bring back what he believes to be what was once Saint Helena; a Saint Helena that he believes is the island world his wife and child would have wanted to see return.




Power Origin: Natural.

He has no powers.


NOTE: Kizwansi is mentally unstable and is currently psychotic and delusional. As a result, his psyche is considered to be incredibly fractured, making mind control and illusion-casting on him extremely difficult to perform on.



  • Body Armor

    • Provides good protection against physical, temperate, energy, toxic/toxin damage

    • Provides remarkable radiation protection

  • Helmet

    • Provides visual and audio incredible protection against damage

    • Lenses provide natural, night, infra red, ultra violet, electrical trace and thermal vision

  • CAINE Gauntlet (2)

    • Amazing composite material gauntlets devices versus all forms of damage except magic and psionic/mental

    • V-Crystals (40 per gauntlet)

      • Each gauntlet is loaded with up to max of 40 V-Crystals

      • V-Crystals are special, artificial crystal only made/designed by Kizwansi Torbuka and his engineering team)

      • Each crystal contains 10 crystal units of power for use in the gauntlets; once each crystal's units of power are used up, the crystal disintegrate and must be replaced in the gauntlet for it to continue to function

      • When loaded with V-Crystals, each gauntlet can be used to provide any of the following upon command, so long as the crystals provide enough crystal power to perform to function:

      • Sonic Barrier/Shield

        • Incredible physical, energy, toxic, temperate and radiation protections

        • Barrier/Shield can expand from 20 square feet (20 crystal units/several seconds) to 40 square feet (40 crystal units/several seconds)l from either gauntlet (both gauntlets can be used at same time)

      • Sonic Burst

        • Can fire up to incredible sonic blasts (energy damage) to a single target attack or

        • Can fire up to excellent sonic blast (energy damage) to an area effect (30-degree) arc

        • Requires 1 crystal unit for each damage point (ex: Excellent damage = 20 crystal units, incredible damage = 40 crystal units, etc.)

        • Max range: 200 yards

      • Liquifying Bolt

        • Amazing sonic/plasma bolt that causes any material of incredible or less material strength to lose molecular cohesion and either melt or change state to liquid

        • Max range: 250 yards

        • Requires triple the crystal units of power per shot (150 crystal units)

      • Sound/Voice Focused Amplification & reduction

        • Can increase or decrease ambient sounds to typical levels 

        • Can access sounds from up to 1 mile away to amplify (ex: For amplification, can lock onto a person's voice a mile away and amplify it around the gauntlet so that it sounds like its being broadcast on a public announcement speaker/loudspeaker)

        • Requires 6 crystal units per several seconds of use

      • Tight Beam Signal

        • Can emit a tight 1" diameter frequency-based beam of excellent power for a max range of 20 miles

        • Can pulse it to act like a Morse-code signal

        • Requires 20 crystal points for each several seconds of use

      • Stun Burst

        • Can emit a good level stun burst to all in area of effect

        • Range: 200 feet

        • Requires 25 crystal points for each burst

  • Backpack and Shoulder Crystal Storage

    • 80 in backpack, 40 in each shoulder set, totaling 160 crystals

    • grouped into 40-count crystal bundles

  • Utility Belt

    • Carries a variety of tools, emergency rations, survival equipment, matches, mirror, compass, etc. (think military pouches)



  • Sonic Engineering (Doctorate)

  • Sonic Energy (Doctorate)

  • Crystal Physics/Formation (Professional)

  • Mechanical Engineering (Professional)

  • Physics/Chemistry (Professional)

  • Lab Operations (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts-Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts-Slam/Stun (Proficient)

  • Computers (Proficient)

  • Academia (Proficient)

  • Survival (Proficient)

  • SCUBA (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Swahili (Professional)

    • Zulu (Professional)

    • Xhosa (Professional)

    • Afrikaans (Professional)

    • English (Professional)

    • French (Proficient)

    • Spanish (Proficient)


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