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Master Vantage




Don "Major Deej" Finger

1970s; 30 Jul 2008



Very little is known of this wandering, mysterious mystic. 

His first appearance was in stopping a bank robbery with the daughter (Gravitic Gal) of two super-villains (her parents), helping the daughter with the choice of either being a hero, or a becoming a villain like her parents were.  Thanks to Vantage's aid, Gravitic Gal chose to be a hero. With that, Vantage has taken up legal guardianship of then-teenaged Gravitic Gal and trained her how to use her powers as well as being a better person...and a better hero. 

Recently, Vantage and Gravitic Gal joined forces with several other heroes to aid the new west-coast hero, Protechtor, from being assaulted by numerous villains, thugs and mercs near the legendary base of the recently shutdown super-group known as the ProtectorsVantage, Gravitic Gal and the other heroes stood victorious after the battle.  They also spent the next 12 hours hunting down and apprehending other villains, thugs and mercs that got away from the fight scene, all ending with they and the police dubbed as heroes, all under the watchful and ever present media that recorded everything that day.

Awhile later, Vantage and Gravitic Gal were asked to join Protechtor's new iteration of the Protectors.  Both agreed, so long as the team allowed Vantage to 'come and go' as he please due to his many 'duties elsewhere in the magical plane', as well as allow authorization for which missions Gravitic Gal could go on (which, as of today, Gravitic Gal, no longer being under 18, doesn't need nor desire Vantage's permission).

Since then, Vantage has shown a cool demeanor along with his incredible mystical powers. He has helped train some of the team members, who so desire to learn, combat martial arts skills and combat awareness (as well as the benefits of meditation).  He is humble, quiet and at times creepy, but no one can negate that Vantage has a heart of gold...whenever he does show up, that is...



Power Origin: Magical

Universal Magic

  • Capable of using Universal magic at a remarkable level in several dozen different ways, key of which thusfar have been:

    • Levitation/Flight

      • Can fly at good speed (100 mph) max

      • Can float on air and/or levitate himself

    • Astral Projection

      • Can communicate through the spirit world and show an astral image of himself anywhere within 100,000 miles of a poor or better magical sources (ley line, for example)

    • Shields

      • Can create remarkably strong magical shields against all forms of damage

      • Can create multiple, same-time shields, however, protection quality of the shields drops one rank for each additional shield created and maintained

    • Protection Spells

      • Casts protection fields around objects and/or people.

      • Initial cast can have up to a max of remarkable protection, however, each additional cast to another object/person lowers that protection by one rank per additional object/person.

    • Teleport

      • Can teleport himself and up to 20 others over 300 miles in one port.

      • Can also teleport to his 'own' dimension (as he calls it), but only allows Gravitic Gal and himself to go there

      • NOTE: Dimensional magical travel has been unused since 79 AD; this would be an aberration if this type of travel, magically, exists in the 21st century.

    • Magical Detection

      • remarkable detection across 300 miles distance

    • Magical energy Blasts

      • Remarkable magical energy blasts; range - 300 feet

    • Magical Holding Bonds

      • Remarkable holds on objects/beings; range - 300 feet

    • Magical Immobilization

      • remarkable immobilization on objects/beings; range - 300 feet

    • Illusion Disbursement Spell

      • Remarkable anti-illusion spell, whether if its magical, technological or psychic.

    • Cloud of Darkness

      • Reduces vision for all outside his area of vision, outwards to 30 yards, by a factor of 3.

      • All inside the cloud can see normally (within a 6 foot radius from Vantage)


  • Magical Armor

    • Provides remarkable protection from all forms of damage.

  • Earwig

    • Communications transceiver with 25 mile range

    • Excellent material



  • Arcane Knowledge (Master)

  • Martial Arts: Melee (Master)

  • Martial Arts: Ranged (Master)

  • Martial Arts: Fighting (Master)

  • Martial Arts: Slams/Stuns (Master)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Master)

  • Martial Arts: Initiative (Master)

  • Trans-Dimensional Navigation (Master)

  • Magical Defenses (Professional)

  • Ancient Arcane Civilizations (Professional)

  • World History (Master)

  • Mental Defenses (Professional)

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