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(Can't You) Trip Like I DoFilter; The Crystal Method
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Crystal Galloway

Not publicly known















Don "Major Deej" Finger

30 Oct 2007







Crystal Galloway is the daughter of two super-villains.

As she grew up in her 'tough love' home in Seattle, Washington, she began to hate and despise her parents.

Just shy of age 16, Crystal's parents demanded she join them in a bank robbery.  They gave her a gravity control suit stolen from GUARD to use in the robbery, since Crystal had no super powers. Despising that her parents wanted to drag their only daughter along on a lowly, stereotypical 'bank robbery' instead of hosting what was expected to be Crystal's 'Sweet 16' party left Crystal quite upset.  Crystal roared at her parents telling them how unfair it all was and declined going along with them on the robbery. Both Crystal's father and mother hit her and threatened to kill her if she ever dared to question them again. Crystal relinquished...but she wasn't done with her parents...not by a longshot.


Crystal instead concocted her own dark plot to get even with her parents.

On the day of the robbery, as Crystal and her parents were making off with the money, Crystal had planned to simply kill her parents as they exited out onto the street, but instead the police arrived...far earlier than she'd planned.  With her parents in a pitched fight with the police, using their low-powered super-villain abilities, Crystal instead went out the back of the bank with the money only to have a mysterious unknown superhero, named Vantage waiting for her at the door.  She was about to fight him, when Vantage instead asked her if she wanted to get away from her abusive parents...or rot in jail with them.  He told Crystal he was giving her a choice that few would ever get the opportunity to make...but it was a choice that he'd only allow her 10 more seconds to make up.


It took only 3 seconds for Crystal to drop the bag of money, go back inside the bank, and instead, attack her parents from behind and beat them into unconsciousness with her powers, all right in front of the police. Vantage arrived on the scene praising "Gravitic Gal's" heroism, as well as introducing Crystal as a new superhero.  Crystal went to the back, brought back the bags of money and turned them over to the police.  When the hostages asked why 'Gravitic Gal' was in the robbery, Vantage stated, she was acting as an 'agent' for him so as to alert him where they were to pull off the robbery. Everyone seemed to accept Vantage's explanation. As part of the police investigation later on, they found, strangely enough, no video cameras were found operational or recording during any of the robbery, inside nor outside the bank.

Vantage took Crystal to a small, yet eloquent fancy restaurant for a simple cheeseburger and milkshake (her favorite) prepared and ready for her.  He then gave her $1000 (what was to be reward money for capture of any bank robbers) and after they ate, he told her to go off and have a good time.  He also gave her a key to an apartment that was two blocks down the road, paid up for the month.  Vantage told her that the apartment was hers, the money was hers and if she so chose to, he would be happy to teach her how to be a superhero...or he would never see her again and let fate decide her future.

She chose to be trained as a superhero.

She hated the physical workouts, the acrobatics, the learning of laws and rules and 'being careful not to hurt innocents in battles', yet each time she got upset, he always reminded her of what her potential was. Regardless, training Crystal was no easy task for Vantage. She'd train by day for 12 hours, and then return to her apartment...and sleep for the other 12. Over the next two months, Crystal trained relentlessly, wanting to be the best, but each day she was also wanting real action, not training.

Most of Crystal's training was done in what Vantage called a 'gravity void'; a strange place with  purple sky with large floating islands of rocks, with gravity fluctuations randomly popping up.  The gravity fluctuations helped Crystal in learning about gravity and how to control her new powers by examples. 

Her day finally came when Vantage took her down to San Francisco City Hall to have her registered as an official superhero. Crystal had never 'achieved' anything on her own in life, and as such, her superhero registration meant the world to her. Minutes after getting her new identification card, Vantage told Crystal that they were needed to help a fellow new superhero named "Protechtor" in fighting off dozens of super-villains in San Francisco. 


This was her moment to prove being a hero.

Vantage opened a portal to San Francisco where both Vantage and Gravitic Gal arrived with several other heroes to help save Protechtor. 12 hours and dozens of of villains later, Gravitic Gal, Vantage, Protechtor, the police and a few other 'protecting' heroes stood in victory over the defeated villains. 


The media dubbed her a true 'hero' showing restraint against killing the villains, yet compassion for saving innocents caught in the crossfire.  As such, "Gravitic Gal" became a media sensation overnight. 

Days later, Crystal was asked if she wanted to join the latest iteration of new heroes reforming an old super-group called the "Protectors". She agreed, however, Protechtor found himself in a tough position in regards to custody from Crystals's parents.


Crystal's parents wouldn't turn over legal rights to Crystal and the court couldn't find her any other family member alive to be a  guardian in of her, not even volunteers wanted to be a guardian for a superhero teen girl. As such, Vantage volunteered to be her 'guardian', thus allowing Crystal to live with Vantage and the rest of the team out of the newly revamped Protectors HQ located on the coastline off the Presidio in San Francisco.

Vantage told Crystal that her preliminary training was over, however, her greatest trials were just beginning.

Today, Gravitic Gal is a member of  the Protectors, continuing to try hard everyday to be a good hero.  She has an aggressive and dark personality, and is very flirtatious with other young men and teens.  She likes to party and loves the attention she gets from mainstream and social media, however, she's expressed on several occasions that if things don't go 'her' way, she'd make others pay, leaving a volatile reactionary of a young woman.

As for Crystal's parents, they were sentenced to prison for 15 years.  The problem: they just escaped prison last week.



Power Origin: Normal/Technology

All her powers are based on her costume and equipment.



GUARD Gravity Control Suit (Experimental)

Designed by GUARD for Aeroguardians to use in Search & Rescue (SAR) missions, but proved to be too powerful for the actual needs of the team. Left in experimental state. Stolen by Crystal's parents.

  • Gravity Control

    • Can create an excellent gravity field in and around objects up to 200 feet away, lifting them up so long as the combined weight in the field doesn't exceed 2000 lbs (1 ton).

    • Can move, hurl or direct objects in the gravity field with excellent control (agility).

    • Objects in gravity field must be within her line of sight; once outside of her sight, her control drops to feeble levels.

    • Can crush an object/person in a gravity field, thus applying up to excellent physical force upon any and all contained in the field.

    • Can expand a gravity field inside an object/person with excellent strength, causing it to explode from the inside (this can get messy)

    • On a rare occasion, she's able to create a gravity singularity with Incredible gravity damage from its epicenter, extending outwards. Those caught in the singularity's gravity field become attached to the shell of the singularity, imposing incredible damage over time until the object or person is dead or collapses/implodes unto itself.

  • Gravity Flight

    • Using gravity to lift herself, she can propel and fly at over 400 mph so long as she's able to control her powers.

    • With her existing costume, she is limited to fly above 2,000 feet due to possible suit damage due to the air's ambient cold

  • Self Sustaining power source (belt)

    • belt contains its own self-replicating neutron energy source , thus providing endless power to the suit's features​

    • Belt is made of incredible material and is capable of withstand like-damage, as well as remarkable temperate, energy and radiation damage

  • Body Suit

    • Provides (for the areas covered up) typical physical, energy, temperate, toxic toxin and radiation protection.​

    • Shoulder disks (amazing material strength) can be used, with her gravity control powers, as projectiles or operate like a Frisbee. When used as a weapon, she can increased the max damage to be up to remarkable physical damage.  These are not 'sharp-edged'.

  • Earwig

    • 25 mile transceiver communications range​; unlimited within cellular tower range (on Earth)

    • Made of excellent material


  • Villain Life (proficient)

  • Gravity Control with objects (proficient)

  • Gravimetrics (proficient)

  • Prison operations (proficient)

  • Theft/burglary (proficient)

  • Acrobatics (proficient)

  • Aerial Combat (proficient

  • Martial Arts: Melee Combat (+Fighting) (proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Meditation (+10% health/heal rate when meditating) (proficient)

  • Language:

    • English (Professional)​

    • Spanish (proficient)

    • French (Proficient)

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