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The Death of an AlienMoonlight Heroes
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Not relatively known



Over 100 years












Don "Major Deej" Finger

1970s; 19 April 2009


None stated



Thesilis is one of the few surviving Nentaxians in the galaxy. Their world was invaded by the Soltan Star Empire over 150 years ago.  Theselis was secretly born in captivity during the Nentaxian's Soltan occupation.  Any newborn Nentaxians, due to the their dark energies, were taken by the Soltans to be used as power-sources for the Soltans' dark energy weapons.  This usually resulted in a 90% mortality rate for all newborns.  Thesilis (meaning "hopeful one" in Nentaxian), being secretly born was able to be raised for his first 12 years hidden from the Soltans.  During this time, Thesilis was trained and taught every single piece of information that Thesilis could store in his brain at that age. Eventually, however, Thesilis was found by the Soltans.

In a daring display of combat, dozens of Nentaxians attacked the encroaching Soltans, sacrificing their lives to allow for Thesilis to be launched into space towards what was expected to be a wormhole that would take him to someplace on the other side of the galaxy...or kill him; no one was sure.

Thesilis successfully escaped being captured by the Soltans and got catapulted into the wormhole.  There, Thesilis' ship disintigrated leaving Thesilis exposed to the effects of the wormhole - a wormhole that he was stuck in for the next 20 years. Nentaxians were resilient beings, capable of putting themselves into hibernation for long periods of time if needed.  Thesilis placed himself in hibernation for which, eventually, Thesilis emerged from the wormhole into the dead of space - right in front of a Soltan Star Empire flagship.

Thesilis was brimming with unique energies, all of which were keeping it alive while it was floating in space in his hibernation state.  The Soltans scanned Thesilis and decided to bring him aboard onto one of their cruisers' quarantine labs.  There, Thesilis was experimented on for a few days until finally their experimentations awoke Thesilis from his hibernation.  Thesilis exuded waves of dark energy power setting off Soltan sensors throughout the cruiser.  In an attempt to put Thesilis back in hibernation (or kill it, either way), they fired energy rifles at Thesilis.  Thesilis instead absorbed the energy blasts he was shot with and returned the blasts as converted into dark energy at an incredible level of power.  The Soltans immediately put all of their troops, weapons and forces into action to contain Thesilis.  The end result: the Soltan Cruiser blew up in a fiery explosion killing every single crew member.  Thesilis, however, was found floating in space amidst the cruiser's debris.  THe flagship captured Thesilis and place him in their most powerful prison cell, cutting Thesilis off from any energy at all.

For many years, Thesilis was poked, proded and experimented upon, at times creating violent dark energy 'incidents', sometimes resulting in the deaths of the scientists involved, but still, Thesilis remained captured and unable to escape.

In the Earth year of 2000, the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth. Several months into the invasion, the people of Earth actually fought back.  The Soltan flagship, the one that had Thesilis imprisoned within it, was called to Earth to help turn the tide against the planet's 'Terran' uprising.  Within minutes of warping into Earth's orbit, the flagship was so severely damaged by Earth's forces that the flagship burned itself while entering Earth's atmosphere and eventually crashing into the Sahara Desert, utterly destroyed.  Amidst the several dozen survivors of the flagship's crashlanding, Thesilis emerged, energized from the atmospheric burn, the kinetic energy of the impact and the fiery energy of the ships explosions thereafter.  Thesilis was able to convert this energy into 'healing energy' that it was able to use to keep itself alive.

Thesilis saw several other non-Soltan prisoners emerge from the wreckage and used its healing energy to help each one heal. Once such survivor, Galaxon, detested the Nentaxian's provided 'help' and in one strike, knocked Thesilis nearly 1/4 mile away from the crash site's epicenter.  The unconscious form of Thesilis was found by some of Earth's peacekeepers called G.U.A.R.D.. GUARD brought Thesilis to one of their facilities in South America and kept in contained until they could figure out what it was (which, luckily, another alien species working with GUARD, a Sistarian, told GUARD that Nentaxians were kind and benevolent beings and that, when treated with respect and love, would do almost anything for their friends, family or loved ones).

Over the next several years, Thesilis was treated with respect and compassion, all working together to help learn more about each other.  Thesilis had tried to fly out in space from Earth, but realized he could only do so for about an hour of time only before he began to freeze up, rhus its plan to 'get home' was impossible.  Thesilis needed help, but mostly, he needed help in performing a darker desire that now existed in Thesilis' soul - the desire to wipe out the Soltans race. This was NOT a normal attitude of Nentaxians, or at least, not what he was taught how to be and think, but Thesilis' thoughts dwelled on nothing but revenge and wanton death towards anything Soltan.  As such, Thesilis, who admired and respected the people of Earth, did all he could to help them out, including help apply alien tech to their weapons, armor and even helped in engineer Earth's first star cruiser, Terracer 1.

In the last 10 years, the people of Earth wanted to do more that wait for another Soltan Invasion (which they'd driven off the Soltans in 2000); they wanted to take the fight to the Soltans. The Soltans that had fled Earth went and based themselves on the dark side of Mars.  From there, most believed the Soltans would stage their next attempt at invading and taking over Earth. A fair amount of people on Earth wanted instead to take the offensive and take down the Soltan base on Mars.  Sadly, the politicians and governments of Earth decided instead to 'build a better defense'.  Those that wanted differently became members of a pro-offensive movement - a movement that eventually gained enough people and support to engage a bold secretive plan of 'commandeering' Terracer 1 and taking tens of thousands of troops, fighters, missiles, weapons and even some nuclear weapons to Mars and destroy the base there.

Amazingly, the pro-offensive movement was able to pull off its goal...with Thesilis as one of those joining in as a pro-offensive crew.

Today, Thesilis is considered a 'Starfighter' aboard the Mars-bound Terracer 1.  He is considered an Engineering Officer for the ship (since Thesilis helped build the engines) and has also been added to the super-powered group of the Starfighters capable of being the tip of the spear in the offensive once it starts.

Thesilis is a kind, smart and generous tentacled Nentaxian who also has a deep-seeded hatred of Soltans. Thesilis has no issue in killing Soltans, but does have reservations hurting or killing any other 'intelligent' beings.  Instead, Thesilis will subdue and/or combat his enemies to the brink of death...but not kill them (again, except Soltans, who he'll outright kill). He is a dedicated member of the Starfighters. He's used his 'healing powers' on hundreds of occasions to help heal others hurt.


Thesilis hopes that one day he'll be able to have multiple wives as his society allows, so he can help respawn his race again and again!



Power Origin: Natural/Science

Enhanced Nentaxian Physiology & Abilities:

  • Enhanced Physiology

    • As a result of exposure to the wormhole's radiation and energies, Thesilis has the following enhanced capabilities:

      • Fighting is at a good level (up from poor)

      • Agility is remarkable (up from typical)

      • Strength is excellent (up from poor)

      • Endurance is incredible (up from good)

  • Enhanced Abilities

    • Flight

      • good flight speed in water, air and space (up from feeble air only)

    • Tough Hide

      • Good physical, toxic/toxin and temperate protection (up from poor level)

      • Excellent energy and radiation protection (up from typical level)

    • Dark Energy Manipulation

      • Can generate incredible level amounts of dark energy to shoot, shape, ensnare/immobilize, grapple with hold and/or shield (20 x20 area) themselves at a range of 400 feet (up from poor level to include a shield of only 2x2 and a power range of only 4 feet distance max)

    • Senses​

      • Good normal, infra-red, ultra-violet, thermal, energy trace vision​ (up from From having only feeble ultraviolet light vision)

New Powers:

  • Energy conversion

    • Can convert any energy (up to remarkable levels) and convert it to dark energy for use in dark energy manipulation (see above)

  • Dark Energy Storage

    • Can now store up to 400 units of dark energy max at any given time

    • Can bet recharged from new energy conversion power (see above)

  • Dark Energy Aura

    • Can form a remarkable dark energy field around himself

    • Provides remarkable protection from all forms of damage

    • Requires 3 units of dark energy over time to maintain

  • Teleportation (Short Range)

    • Can teleport self up to 4 miles away maximum

    • Can only do once an hour

    • Required over 40 units of stored dark energy to perform each feat

  • Environmental Senses

    • Has an environmental sense that, when turned on, can sense life, energy and any typical movement up to 400 feet away

    • Requires 3 units of dark energy over time to maintain

  • Healing

    • Using dark energy, it can heal others (not itself) at a remarkable rate (30 units of healing over time)

    • Requires 1 unit of dark energy for every 1 unit of healing provided


  • Communications & Translation Device

    • Remarkable material​

    • Range: 300 miles max

    • Battery life: 3 days

    • Translates up to 50% of Earth languages and 50% of galactic languages


  • Nentaxian Lore/History (Master)

  • Engineering (Professional)

  • GUARD Operations (Professional)

  • Starship Design, Engineering and Piloting (Professional)

  • Aerial combat (+ Fighting, Agility) (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (proficient)​

    • Spanish (proficient)

    • Portuguese (Proficient)

    • Nentaxian (Master)

    • 5 other unidentified galactic languages (Proficient)

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