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Tamei Maieri

Relatively unknown













Kalei Maieri (Mother, deceased)

Mako Maieri (Father, deceased)


Kaha Koa



Don "Major Deej" Finger

5 Feb 2014

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Tamei is the son of Kalei and Maki Maieri both of whom were born on Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean in the 1970s; the same Bikini Atoll that was the subject of United States Nuclear testing in the 1940s and 50s. The inhabitants of Bikini Atoll, Tamei's grandparents amongst them, where evacuated from their home on Bikini Atoll and taken (eventually) to live on Kwajalein Atoll. In the 1970s, the U.S. government allowed the 'evacuated' residents to return. It didn't take long before the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission discovered (too late) that dangerous levels of strontium-90 and 11-fold increases in cesium-137 were all over the food and plant life on Bikini Atoll., irradiating and poisoning the inhabitants.  Many women had miscarriages or lost their babies; Tamei's parents both survived their births, but were highly irradiated, surprisingly with no physical or biological side or long-term effects on them.

In Kwajalein Atoll, the Maieri family lived a basic life, but annually, the US government would always run a full series of medical tests on the family, as well as give them 'compensation' money for their exposure; money that eventually exceeded three million. They denoted that Tamei, even though born of two highly radioactive parents, wasn't radioactive. This, of course, stymied the government doctors, who ramped up tests on Tamei, designating him as 'BA122/138-95-13' in the government records. As for the money, Tamei's parents only used a portion of their 'compensation' money to live a normal lifestyle, but they did use about $400,000 of that money to send their son to Hawaii to attend private schools. Although Tamei didn't want to go, he was sent with a guardian to watch over him.

While in Hawaii, Tamei, at age 13, began to turn blue. His skin and hair took a blue tint, making him stand out amongst his classmates. The government doctors were immediately contacted, discovering that Tamei was now showing mutant powers...mutant powers to control water.  Tamei was initially scared, but in time, he became comfortable using his powers to entertain others (tourists) for money and/or attention. It seems this extra attention he desired led him to want to get acting lessons. Against the government's wishes to be 'public' with his powers, Tamei became quite the 'registered' celebrity in Honolulu.  That, of course, became quite fleeting when his powers caused a death.

At age 17, after getting a role in a local Hawaiian movie company's as a lead actor, Tamei became quite the local celebrity, however, along with that celebrity came the inevitable bad direction most actors followed: drugs.  Sadly, one day, on set, after taking drugs all night and still being high on set during filming, he was yelled at by the director, wherein Tamei used to powers to destroy the set...and drown the director.  By the time the police arrived, he was already using his powers to 'wave-ride' out to sea.

For the next several years, Tamei was hunted by the US government, US superheroes, and the military, hounded at every turn.  He was found all over the South Pacific Ocean area and was eventually caught in a superhero battle in Tahiti. Tamei was incarcerated in a high level prison in Hawaii, but within weeks, he was broken out by a Polynesian elder god of the underworld called Milu.

Milu wanted Tamei to join him in taking over the Hawaiian Islands (with other super-powered villains). Initially, Tamei just wanted to go home and see his parents, however, Milu told Tamei that they were now dead, thanks to the US government (in truth, Milu killed them and made the government look like they'd killed them, just so as to gain Tamei's trust and sympathy). Tamei of course was furious to hear Milu's story and decided to join him, so long as the US government was made to pay.

Milu and Tamei and several other Polynesian super-villains/demi-gods attacked the Hawaiian Islands and actually took them over for a few weeks. The international military forces of the Pacific, along with the Pele-empowered Pacific League superheroes, defeated Milu's forces and Tamei, chasing them to the Hawaiian island of Niihau, where Milu, to this day, continues to use as a base of operations.

Tamei was humiliated for his involvement with Milu (he had no idea of the carnage Milu wanted), however, his humiliation again turned to anger after consistently being hounded to be captured and jailed. As such Tamei, now calling himself "Tangaroa", took the path of villainy, basically attacking any government ships, soldiers or sailors who dared to bother him. He rarely attacked local Polynesians, but always left a swath of destruction wherever he fought. 

Today, Tangaroa takes up 'squatting rights' in the South Pacific isles of his choosing, staying for as little as a few hours or as long an a month, coercing others to give him what he wants (penthouse hotel rooms, feasts/dinners for a king, free stuff, etc.) or he'll simply 'kill them'.  He's been known to be quite the 'lady's man' and enjoys the company of local island girls wherever he goes.  Tangaroa, in combat, is fierce, especially against anyone or anything related to the United States. He has no qualms killing anyone who gets in his way. He is also know to run off if the fight gets to hard.

On a side note, Milu has started striking up a conversation with Tangaroa, offering him more power...and authority as a warlord on Micronesia.

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Power Origin: Mutant

Water Control/Water Body

Can control water up to remarkable levels, totaling over 300 square feet of water control

Can turn body into water or human/mutant form

Can travel at typical speeds in water (60 mph)

In water state, he in enhanced to remarkable levels across the board

LIMITATIONS: Water state. When in a water state, he can also take the properties of water; being flashed into steam, turned to ice, etc. He can usually reform, but cannot unless he is liquid or a high-humidity steam environment.

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  • Acting (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Tahitian (Professional)

    • English (Professional)

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