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Lost Six (Instrumental)Enigma
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Darrisa Mysera




mid 20s









Masters of Maleficence



Don "Major Deej" Finger

20 Sep 2008



None known



A Frernch orphaned girl, Darrisa grew up in a cruel, antagonistic French orphanage run by very heavy-handed catholic nuns.  Darrisa slowly grew to hate the nuns and her fellow orphans (who routinely threw Darrisa under the bus to get themselves out of trouble), eventually becoming a dark, suicidal teen.  


After Darrisa's first suicide attempt, she was taken to a French mental hospital.  There, she encountered madness and insanity all about her on a daily basis, coalescing her already dark attitude.


Once night, Darrisa escaped from the hospital and hid in a local tourist attraction: a haunted house.  There, she witnessed kids and teens arrive to a 'scare night' event, where she realized her new potential to get back at people; scare them to death.  She began raiding the house's gift store of horror books and scary stories, becoming more excited with each passage.  That's when she encountered the house's true haunted spirit; the ghost of a tortured little French girl from the 1920s.

Darrisa began engaging the spirit more each time as she hid in the haunted house.  She ate candies and foods from the gift shop, being able to circumvent the security cameras with wires and tricks, making it look like the house's haunted spirits were actually stealing the food and gift shop items.   Eventually, Darrisa decided to raid the local library to find out more about the house's ghostly girl and learned that the girl was believed to be tortured by her evil father and uncle, who were said to be dabblers in dark magics.  Eventually, Darrisa discovered a secret panel in the attic that hosted dozens of black magic books, Ouija boards and dark magic artifacts.  In time, she learned how to call forth dark shadowy creatures, evil spirits and use dark energies.  The little ghostly girl's spirit tried to coerce Darrisa to stop, but it only encouraged Darrisa.

One night, on Halloween, during the haunted house's 'haunted tour', conducted by some of America's famous televised ghost-hunters, "T.R.I.P.S.", Darrisa decided to make her move.  During the live filming in the French haunted house, Darrisa unleashed all the dark spirits she'd learned to control and attacked the TRIPS team.  Calling herself, "Mysteria", Darrisa, wearing an old black leathery costume, scared a few of the TRIPS team to death...literally.  The dark shadowy figures feasted on their dying souls and became bound to Mysteria as her creatures. Most of the TRIPS team wer able to escape, but a few died in the house that night. The little ghostly girl tried to stop Darrisa, but instead, Darrisa ordered her dark spirits to eat the little girl's soul as well...which they did. Although Darrisa initially felt bad, the psycho-chemical stimulus of the kill was almost orgasmic for Darrisa, convincing her that killing the French ghost's spirit, and those of the American TRIPS team, was purely pleasurable. Darrisa knew she'd crossed a rubicon into darkness, but gave in completely to it, becoming Mysteria in soul and well as mind. 


Knowing the old house would be inundated with French police authorities looking for the 'killer', Mysteria left the house and started hiding out in other people's homes, doing the same thing to them night after night, leaving a string of in-home deaths from one city to the next.


Each time Mysteria used her powers to draw forth her shadow creatures, her skin and visage became darker, to the point her entire body was blackened, much like her soul.  She enjoyed killing her victims through her creatures, and eventually started using her newly learned dark energies and spells to kill people herself.  Each time Mysteria killed, her body would respond in a near physically-orgasmic experience; the more people she killed, the more powerful her 'experiences' became.

Recently, Mad Halloween Jack of the Masters of Maleficence encountered Mysteria.  Mysteria attempted to kill Mad Halloween Jack, only for Mad Halloween Jack to instead defeat Mysteria.  Rather than kill her, Mad Halloween Jack offered to teach her even more ways to use her dark magics and powers, creating an even greater series of 'experiences', but only so long as she submitted to him and his evil group, the Masters of Maleficence. Mysteria readily agreed and has enjoyed working with her fellow evil and sadistic partners.

Today, Mysteria cannot get enough of her killings.  She is obsessed and lustful for her 'experiences', thus making her a true psychopath.



Power Origin: Magic (Death)

  • Dark Energy Aura

    • Provides excellent protection against physical, temperate, toxic/toxin attacks

    • Provides remarkable protection against magical and mental attacks

    • Provides amazing protection against energy, dark energy, electrical and/or plasma-based attacks

  • Dark Energy Blasts

    • Excellent level dark energy blasts from hands to a range of 200 feet.

  • Dark Energy Fields

    • Can produce a dark energy field that immobilizes and/or holds targets in a 10' x 10' area with excellent strength for up to 1 minute before it has to be manifested/strengthened again

    • Those living beings entrapped in the field are also drained of their psyche and health at a feeble amount over the time of entrapment.

  • Wraiths

    • Mysteria can create up to 10 Dark Energy Wraiths with the following abilities:

    • Poor physical capabilities all around; feeble intuitive, reason or psyche-based abilities

    • Bodies are ghost-like; no physical damage can hurt them unless its magical-based; only magic-based and light (positive) energy can damage or hurt the wraiths.

    • Wraiths can claw and bite for feeble magical/physical damage.

    • The wraiths meld with shadows making them remarkably hard to detect in the dark or in shadowy locations.

    • Wraiths can operate in light, but have typical stealth (opaque) in normal light; can be fully seen in ultraviolet light.

    • Wraiths can fly at good speed, with unlimited altitude.

    • Wraiths can phase around solid objects through 'shadows'; if a door is closed, but there is a small gap under the door that has a shadow, the wraith can enter via the shadow area. Wraiths cannot go through solid walls; only through directly connected shadows or darkness.

  • Soul Vampirism

    • Both Mysteria and the Wraiths can perform this, but Mysteria likes to use her wraiths to do the dirty work for her.

    • Wraiths attack souls (psyche) at typical levels of damage; once a being's psyche is absorbed by a wraith, the wraith will gain rank level healing.

    • Once a wraith has absorbed a soul, it then brings the soul to Mysteria by simply flying through her. Mysteria then obtains a rank-level psyche health and rejuvenation (healing) increase for each soul she receives from each wraith; victim's souls are stored in Mysteria until fully digested within a 24-hour period; after 24 hours, the soul in dead and no longer capable of being removed from Mysteria and saved.

  • Soul Transfer

    • If Mysteria's body ever dies, she automatically and remarkably transfers her soul to another nearby living person (not animal, vegetable or mineral) withing 300 yards and takes over that person's psyche if she wins a mental match with the person she's transferred into.  As such, Mysteria will NOT be able to use her powers at all until she's adjusted the new host body to withstand dark magics, which normally takes 2 months minimum (if the host is healthy and doesn't have ailments).

    • Once a new body is magically adjusted, Mysteria will have her same scary look she had in her previous body; darkened skin white eyes, etc.

  • Dark Portal Teleportation

    • Can teleport using a dark portal, to teleport herself no greater than 2 miles away.

    • Each portal use after the first one costs her 25% of her health and a loss of a rank of her powers for up to 24 hours, limiting her to a max of four jumps, but on the 4th jump, she may die as a result (if she was already healthy; dead if unhealthy (not at full health)).

    • Cannot transport living beings with her, but can carry at least 100 lbs of non-organic material with her.

  • Senses

    • Can see into astral place (with concentration and no distractions)​

    • Has normal and night vision

    • Can sense magic and magic users of typical or higher power within 1 mile of her location.

    • Cannot detect magic of poor or lesser power or use.

    • Has unearthly sense of navigation in regards to Dark Portal transportation utilization


  • If attacked by any light based powers, or positive, religious energies, Mysteria will receive double the damage normally induced.

  • When she injests a soul/essence/psyche, she receives a psycho-chemical overload that can cause her to loose concentration (psyche-based willpower and control) for a few seconds. if the soul/essence/psyche is of a remarkable level, she may bodily convulse and not be in control of her thoughts or body for several seconds thereafter (almost like a fully blown orgasm).


  • Leather Body Suit

    • Provides typical physical, temperate and radiation protection

    • Provides poor energy and magic protection

  • Belt Skull Wards (4)

    • Two wards provide presence detection (movement) at a good level for a range of 10 yards. Once activiated, lasts for 10 minutes before it needs a magical incantation recharge.

    • One ward is a fear ward; any being that comes within 10 yards of this ward is overwhelmed at a good psyche level of fear, making them either want to flee or fall to the ground frozen in fear. Effect lasts for 1 minute. The ward's charge lasts for 10 minutes before it needs a magical incantation recharge.

    • One ward is a dark ward; when a being comes within 10 yards of this ward, a powerful darkness field encloses upon the 10 yard radius of the ward, dropping visibility by a factor of 4, lasting for 10 minutes before the ward fails and it has to be recharge by means of a magical incantation.

  • Belt/Fist Spikes (4)

    • Incredible material; can pierce objects up to excellent strength

    • Each spike on the belt also is removable and can be fastened to Mysteria's gloves, used as spiked 'brass knuckles'.


  • Death Magic (Professional)

  • Psychology of fear (Professional)

  • Acrobatics (Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Street Fighting (Proficient)

  • Stealth (Proficient)

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