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American Knight

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Knights Arcanus

MDU Halloween Special 2016

30 Oct 2016

Don "Major Deej" Finger

6 Dec 2008


Ryan Rogers (father, deceased)

Riyanne Rogers (mother, deceased)

Roberta Rogers (sister, status: unknown; presumed dead)




Dan Rogers was born to Ryan and Riyanne Rogers in Los Angeles, California in the United States in the late 1990s.  Dan's father was an actor in Hollywood...and a student of the magical school of Charm as well.  Dan's mother was a Hollywood beautician who used her knowledge as a student of the same magical school of charm to make other stars and starlets look like a million bucks. Both parents had high-paying jobs, and by the time Dan was 4, his family was already had over $5 million in the bank, plus hundreds of stocks and bonds.  As such, Dan was being raised for lack of least until the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth in 2000 and took away Dan's family.

Dan, who was in a 'normal' (non-magical) day care center in Hollywood at the time of the invasion, was whisked away by the daycare providers and taken to an underground club where they remained safe, if not captive for the next month.  Running out of food, the daycare workers one day attempted to search for food outside the club, only to be followed back to the underground club by a squad of Soltans.

The workers and children were all killed, with the exception of Dan, who was knocked out by a dying daycare worker who smeared blood on Dan's face to make Dan look as if he were dead. Hours later, Dan awoke to a man hurriedly carrying Dan over his shoulder, while both were being shot at.  After a few minutes of dodging and running, Dan and the strange dressed man had finally evaded the Soltan troops that had been chasing them.  Dan, awash with questions and fear, was calmed by the strange man who told Dan "Your life has changed, little one.  You nor I can fix what evils have already been done to us prior to this day, but for live.  I know fear is crushing you like a rock right now, but for both our sake, you must be brave and stealthy in order for me to take you to the only place you might have a chance to live past today. Are we understanding each other, boy?".  Dan nodded.

Moments later, the strange man, who finally introduced himself as the Samhain Knight, grabbed up Dan and together they mounted the knight's enormous warhorse "Spirit" and flew off into a portal that took all of them to a safe place designated as "The Hacienda" in Spain.  There, Dan was taken care of my the woman known as Samhain Knight's mother.  After getting cleaned up and fed, he immediately took to checking the Hacienda out.  In an old garage on the property, dozens of old vehicles, engines and sheet metal laid strewn about the space.  There, an old man only known as "Detroit Dan" was working on an old Ford F-150 engine that was running on a form of magic Dan had never seen before - Technomagic.

Within minutes, the happy-go-lucky 'Detroit Dan' and our Dan Rogers were not only striking up a conversation, but working side by side on the engine.  It didn't take long before Dan Rogers started asking some tough questions; 'where are my parents?', 'what's happening to the world?', and 'are we going to die?'.  Sadly, Detroit Dan didn't have the answers, but Samhain Knight's mother did.  Later that night, little Dan's questions got answered.  Sadly, there was no answer as to the status of his parents though.  She said she'd try and find out and she knows that if little Dan's parents were alive, she told little Dan that they'd be looking for him and thus, eventually, they would be together again eventually...if that were the case.

As weeks went by, Dan worked with 'Detroit Dan' and learned the practice of technomagic.  Detroit Dan was a teacher in the School of Technomagic in Detroit until the Soltans came and decimated everyone and everything there. Only a handful of students and staff escaped, of which Dan was one of the lucky ones to have escaped.  Although Detroit Dan wanted to fight, he had received severe damage to his body from the Soltans; wounds that wouldn't heal even with magic, and as such, knew that his best way to help was to use his skills and expertise in building as many technomagic weapons and equipment he could for those that could fight.

Eventually, little Dan was told of his parents' fate; both had been found dead.  Dan was in shock.  The people at the Hacienda tried everything to alleviate little Dan's pain, but it seemed to only make things worse.  One day, Detroit Dan showed up in little Dan's room and told him he was having problems working on a propulsion system for a lifting platform he was working on.  Little Dan, having learned weeks before who to make something like that work, shuffled over and together, Detroit and little Dan worked on the platform.  Not a word was said, but none were needed.  Little Dan was back in the world, however, he swore to himself from that day forward that he'd work hard to help others, just like Samhain Knight did for little Dan that day - saving him from being burned for fuel in a Soltan-created corpse furnace.

Over the next several months, little Dan worked hard helping out at the Hacienda.  He admired the knights and their warrior spirit.  He started learning the 'knightly tenants' that each knight lived by; each knight, that is, that was a member of the Knights Arcanus, which was led by Samhain Knight himself.  Little Dan was told that if wished to be a knight one day, he'd have to work hard to become one.  With that, Dan injected himself into being everything a knight stood for.

Within several months, the Soltan Invasion was finally thwarted and Earth was liberated by its own heroes and warriors, specifically, the Knights Arcanus.  Only a few knights survived the invasion, one of which was Samhain Knight.  Many infirmed or incapacitated knights and magical community refugees found their way to new, secluded residence around the world, out and away from the eye of anyone who would want or desire to find them.  Detroit Dan, sadly, was in bad shape.  His health faded and four months after the end of the Soltan Invasion ended, Detroit Dan passed away.  Detroit Dan was buried in the cemetery on the Hacienda grounds.  Little Dan gave the benediction and last words at the burial ceremony.  Little Dan held strong and true through the service...even when every single knight wept at Little Dan's words.

Over the next few years, Little Dan grew up on the Hacienda.  Eventually, the magical school of Charm re-opened in Los Angeles, California, and Little Dan was sent an invitation to join.  Although he wanted to do Technomagic (and had been slowly mastering it on his own time), his only option to attend a magical school was for the Charm school. With a heavy heart, Samhain Knight's mother escorted Little Dan to Los Angeles, set him up in his parents old house (which was in perfect shape; Soltans never destroyed it), and helped him adjust to his new school routine.

On one of the last days of Samhain Knight's mother's stay with Little Dan, she found Little Dan's parents' bank account records.  They went to the bank and discovered that not only was the $5 million still in the bank, the stocks and bonds and interest on the account now exceeded over $8 million! After obtaining Little Dan's parents' death certificates and their Last Will & Testament found in the bank's safety deposit box, all the money was legally transferred to Little Dan, as well as the house, their cars (still at the residence) and a key to a non-descriptive storage location in Pasadena, California.

Upon investigation, the key opened up a magical entry at a storage unit location where thousands of magical relics, charms and books were located.  Most of the items were later identified as 'lost' items over the centuries, with a fair amount of them having questionable 'dark' and 'death' magic associated with them.  After reading journals written by Little Dan's parents, it was made evident that the stroage unit was 'liberated' from Little Dan's sister, Roberta Rogers - a sister Little Dan had never heard of, known about, or seen.


Amongst the items in the space, relatively new journals were located on a table; journals written by Little Dan's parents. The journals mentioned Roberta was a terror as a child and rebelled against everything.  Although Roberta was one of the best students in in the Los Angeles magical Charm school, she was discovered to have dabbled in 'Death' magic, eventually causing her expulsion from Charm school.  Roberta ran away days later at age 16 and was never seen again until 2 months before the Soltan Invasion, where Little Dan's parents, after searching for her for years, discovered her storage unit and took custody of it.


The Journals identified that before Little Dan's parents were to turn over the magical items and books in the magical storage space to the Conglomerate, they wanted to research what they could to ensure there were no booby traps or malicious spells associated with them...and to hope to find more leads on the whereabouts of their daughter, Roberta.  The last entry Little Dan's parents wrote in the journals was a week before the Soltan Invasion, where they felt it safer to keep the storage unit's key in a safe deposit box to ensure Roberta couldn't readily steal it from them, should their fears of Roberta having become the rogue Witch they now believed her to be.


Over the next few years, Little Dan grew up to be teenage "Dan".  Even though he went to Charm school and learned what he was supposed to learn there, he continued his training on evening and weekends at the Hacienda (travelling via magical portals), now under the tutelage of Samhain Knight himself.  Dan, who himself was a great knight, had a different outlook on life as a result of his life experiences.  He wasn't as 'moody' and 'intense' as Samhain Knight; instead, Dan was 'light-hearted' with an 'easy going' California attitude towards all he did.  When it came to his combat training, however, Dan was a fervent, solid performer and one of the best knights as a result.  This caused many fellow knights to feel awkward around Dan, not knowing how to relate to him, or for that matter, beat him in combat.

In his spare time, as a hobby more that anything, Dan 'dabbled' further with Technomagic.  He eventually made a magically and mechanically flying 'surfboard' for fun.  Although he didn't use the technomagic surfboard out in public, he would, on occasion, sneak it out in Detroit Dan's old magically-altered Ford F-150, go out into the Mojave Desert, and run it around out there for fun.

On his 17th birthday, Dan was given the Knight's Challenge; a task that would test his qualification to be a true knight of the Knights Arcanus.  Not only did Dan pass with flying colors, but he did it in the 2nd best time ever - 2nd only to his mentor and master, Samhain Knight.  As a result, Dan became a member of the Knights Arcanus.  During the naming ceremony, Dan asked to 'wait' for his new title to be given; he felt that his new title needed to be something associated to who he was and what he represented.  As such, Dan simply accepted his new title as 'Sir Dan Rogers' until a formal title could be found. A week later, Dan completed his studies at the magical Charm school with honors as #5 in standing against his fellow 105 classmates.


Months later, Dan rad into an old friend of his dad, Jerome Josten.  Mr. Josten was his dad's agent for getting acting gigs.  When Mr. Josten say Dan, he said he swore he was looking at a mirror image of Dan's dad, Ryan.  After talking for awhile, Mr. Josten mentioned an old 1980s TV series his father did called "American Knight", and how it would be ironic if Dan could act and play the part of his father in a modern day version of the show; a show that Mr. Josten said still had a large clique of fans from back in the day; a clique that would have daughters Dan's age by now.  Dan raised an eyebrow, and with the skills he'd learned from the magical Charm school, gave a casting call that left shivers down Mr. Josten's spine.


The next day, Dan, using a tad bit of his 'charm' magic, was able to 'influence' the TV executives, and within a week, a pilot episode for the new "American Knight" TV series was ordered.  Dan was cast as for the lead as the American Knight.  Overall, the story and script were okay, but what generated viewers was Dan's masculine and developed body.  The premiere episode exploded off the ratings chart, making it the #1 show for the last three years.  Dan used his "American Surfboard" (his technomagic board he'd created) as the means by which he'd travel around the show.  Tech geeks thought is was the coolest thing to see a flying board, while action-adventurist enjoyed Dan's 'live action' sword fighting and melee TV scenes, while most girls (and even boys) were love-stricken with his brilliant smile, his muscular body and his youthful vitality.  Mr. Josten and the TV network made a killing off the profits.


During the 2nd season of filming 'American Knight', Dan, while filming, saw a child being abducted while he was being filmed during a flight sequence.  Dan, without pause, raced to child and tackled the abductor to the ground with a leap from his flying board - all of which was filmed.  Withing days, Dan was a hero, and soon thereafter, through no fault of his own, he was filmed live fighting side-by-side with the other Knights Arcanus, making him a superhero overnight. It was then that Dan knew that "American Knight" was DEFINITELY to be his official knight title for the Knights Arcanus.

Today, the "American Knight" continues making lots of money as the #1 TV show hero in the "American Knight" TV series, fights alongside his fellow Knights Arcanus, is constantly seen out partying and dating new women every other night and contributes the rest of his waking hours to help orphans...and learn a little bit more about technomagic....




Power Origin: Magic (Charm)



  • Limited Self-Illusion

    • Dan can created several illusions of himself to confuse his attackers.  These illusions can operate independently and even talk, but once they are attacked, the illusion of the figure discorporates.  Dan can only maintain this spell for a minute's time, before he gets worn from its use. 

    • Maximum range of the illusory duplicates of himself - 40 yards.

  • Charm Spell (always on)

    • Dan has an excellent field that emanates 20 yards from himself that makes others near him 'happy to see him' and 'amenable'.

    • To anyone with a lesser psyche, Dan can manipulate them to do standard and/or mediocre tasks, all to his desire ("Hey, Randy, I'm suddenly hungry. Go get me a burger combo at Fast Eddy's").  Should Dan ask someone in range of the charm field, however, to do something against their moral code or nature (i.e., shoot themselves dead), this would cause negation of the effects of Dan's charm field as well as make that person immune to the charm field thereafter (unless the charm field is later enhanced to an all new level).

  • Self Image Illusion (always on)

    • In truth, Dan is a true Hollywood looking type of guy, but in the battles he gets in, he gets cut up and bruised - not good for the next day's filming of a close-up face shot.  As such, Dan is able to offset anything other than his innate handsomeness, even with film.

    • This spell is constantly running with a remarkably strong self-image illusion that makes him look like a young 20-something year old Hollywood "10" with a smile that melts women with but a glance.  He has to recharge this spell once every 3 months using a one-hour incantation or he reverts back to whatever he looks like at the time of the spell's failure. It takes another hour to redo the spell.  Thusfar, no one outside of the Knights Arcanus, not even his agent, has seen him without the spell on.

  • Psychic Scrambler/Confusion

    • Dan can emit an attack against an aggressor/target within 10 yards of his location (in visual sight) that can cause a good-sized headache that affects the target to the same level of pain in waves of anguish every several seconds (until the aggressor/target passes out due to the pain).

    • This same attack also creates a typical level of confusion to the aggressor/target that may cause them to lose focus and potentially even attack his allies (if not morally distasteful in the target's mind; i.e., his fellow soldiers, in the target's mind, were already considered deplorable people that the target couldn't stand in the first place).

  • Limited Illusory Invisibility

    • Dan can project to an area only 6 yards in radius from himself an illusory field that makes him invisible to the typical biological, non-enhanced, naked eye.  This does not work against electronic sensors, cybernetic eyes, robots, androids, video cameras, and any other form of electronic monitoring and sensor equipment.





  • Body Armor

    • Using several 1 inch by 1 inch technomage magical energy generators all throughout his armor, Dan's 'plastic' (poor material) armor is actually bathed in a magical field from head to toe providing him an excellent level of physical, energy, thermal, cold and radiation-based damage.  It also provides remarkable levels of magical protection (against magical attacks and weapons).

    • The magical energy generators have to be replaced and/or recharged normally once a year, or sooner if the armor is ever damaged greater than 50%.

  • TechnoSword

    • Technosword is a plastic (poor material) sword hilt that contains an incredibly powerful magical energy generator  (looks like an AA battery pack to the untrained eye).  The energy field, when activated, creates an amazingly strong field around the plastic sword with a corresponding incredibly powerful, laser-sharp energy blade capable of slicing through steel.

    • Energy Generator has to be replaced/recharged every 2 months.

  • Energy Shield

    • Dan has a fantastically powerful magical energy shield that is created from an ancient Arcane school shield rune that is attached to his gauntlet.

    • Activates and deactivates by thought.

    • The shield automatically activates when fantastic levels of magical energy are being released at excessive levels (not leaking or swirling about) within 75 yards of the rune's location. If the shield activates this way, he can quickly deactivate it with but a thought.

    • Never requires to be recharged.

  • Surfboard

    • The Technomagic-powered surfboard is made out of aluminum and steel

    • When activated (by thought), a protective energy field envelops the surfboard and its rider(s) with the same level of protection as Dan's Body Armor (see above) until the surfboard is depowered (by thought).

    • Maneuverability of the board is completely based on the rider(s) agility using the board's center of gravity and shifting thereof (much like a real surfboard or motorcycle). A novice attempting to control the surfboard themselves would normally fail miserably if not fatally.

    • Can fly up to speeds of 200 mph

    • Maximum altitude of 2,500 feet (freezing/frost /lack of oxygen issue).

    • Technomagic energy generators have to be replaced every 2000 miles of use.



  • Swordsmanship (master)

    • 3x knowledge of sword fighting

    • 3x fighting skill

    • 2x block skill

    • 2x knowledge to repair sword and shield

  • Combat - Knight​ (professional)

    • 2x melee fighting (independent of sword, not compoundable)

    • 2x agility in melee combat​

    • 1x initiative in combat

  • Technomagic Surfboard Rider/Driver (Master)

    • 3x aerial melee combat from board (independent of sword and combat - knight skills)​

    • 3x agility in flight

    • 2x perception while in flight

    • 2x knowledge to repair

  • Acrobatics (master)

    • 2x agility for non-combat (dodge, balance, non-combat throwing, etc.)​

    • 2x fighting for evasion

    • 1x perception of area 20' radius from position 

  • Charm Spellcasting/creation (professional)​

    • 2x psyche for creating/casting Charm spells​

    • 2x knowledge of creating charm spells/potions/relics

    • 2x duration for all glam-based spells created

  • Technomagics (proficient)​

    • 1x knowledge of technomagic spells/casting​

    • 1x knowledge of power generation

    • 1x reason in integrating mechanical, technical and magical functions and abilities together

  • Actor (proficient)​

    • 1x knowledge of acting/movie productions​

    • x10 people known in this business

    • 1x popularity

    • 1x resources (pay)

  • Philanthropist​ (proficient)

    • 1x knowledge of fund raising/donations/charity drives​

    • 1x knowledge of finances, tax laws

    • x10 people known in this business

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