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Oceania Champions Champion of Oceania Ba


Oceania Champions Champion of Oceania Ba
Hand of SteelGeorge Leousis
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Carbon Knight, Clockwork Knight

Champions of Oceania



Don "Major Deej" Finger

3 Jan 2009




CWH-X-10-1010 is an experimental Oceania Robotics Unit that was originally designed for heavy lifting and hauling.

A decade ago, one of the Oceania robotics engineers, without authorization, decided to test a new low-level Artificial Intelligence (AI) program to test in creating a more automated the Construction Work Heavy (CWH) robot.  Once the program was loaded, it was discovered by the Master Engineer, who considered it a virus and not an experiment.  The engineer was summarily killed (with over 120 energy blaster shots) and the affected robot was sent to repair to be wiped.

That same night, a sentient robotic hero known as the "Carbonite" snuck into Oceania (not an easy thing to do) to save one of his teammates from his super group. Sadly, Carbonite was detected and blasted to bits by the Oceania Defenses.  The teammate Carbonite went to save actually made it off the island, but died of his injuries 12 hours after being rescued by the Royal Navy.

As for the obliterated remains of Carbonite, the troops took its remains back to the same robotic repair shop as was the seemingly inactive CWH bot, which was only one table over.  Being 3am in the morning, most of the robotics engineers were still asleep.  That's when the CWH bot awoke with its new limited AI operating its large frame.  Seeing the obliterated Carbonite on the table next to it, it deduced it was there to 'fix' Carbonite.

For the next 2 hours, CWH conjoined parts with itself and Carbonite to make one complete and new AI-controller robot frame.  When the engineers arrived to work, they saw what was happening and sounded the alarm.  When that happened, the mixed code from Carbonite, coupled with the limited AI programming of the CWH bot made it believe that it was a 'Protector' bot designed to 'protect' the citizens of Oceania.

Rather than attack, the new combined bot attempted to protect the engineers.

Seconds before the Oceania Defense Forces were about to open fire and 'obliterate' this new bot, Governor Goldstein happened upon the site and saw the manner in which the robot was acting.  IT was trying to protect the engineers, not attack the troops.  Governor Goldstein told the troops to hold their fire and went to talk with the new robot.  After several minutes, the Governor deduced that the robot was indeed a new life-form, once that wanted to protect Oceania and its citizens and, if required, destroy anything performing harm on Oceania and its citizens.

As such, the new robot was allowed to work with a band of engineers to design a new body, armor and weapon.  After several weeks of effort, the robot was put through hundreds of trials to ensure its loyalty to Oceania.  It passed every single trial.  As a result, the robot's name was changed from CWH-X-10-1010 to "Steelworks" and made a member of the island's elite super-group, the Champions of Oceania.

A decade and a half ago, a contingent of heroes attempted a raid on Oceania.  During the raid, a hero who had known Carbonite was engaged in battle with Steelworks.  During the battle (which the hero was losing), the hero said an old line that he once told Carbonite "You may be built as a robot, but I bet you've got a heart of gold hidden in there somewhere!".  As such, Steelworks stopped inches away from pounding the hero to death.  Instead, Steelworks carried the severely beaten hero to a safe, shoreline cave and gave him an emergency beacon that Steelworks re-calibrated to the old super group's emergency beacon frequency.  When the near-death hero asked Steelworks if it knew what happened to Carbonite, Steelworks said "Carbonite is no longer alive, but his old programming exists within me. It's told me to tell you not to come back looking for it . Ever. That is all I can tell you.". Steelworks then flew off...and killed two other superheroes and a dozen G.U.A.R.D. troopers in the remaining skirmishes of the battle.

Today, Steelworks is still a Champion of Oceania and a staunch loyalist. Its kill record is over 100 humans now and doesn't seem to be slowing down.  Governor Goldstein seems to have the utmost faith in Steelworks and has, at times, given Steelworks extremely difficult tasks to perform; tasks that required the highest level of loyalty...and the lowest level of morality.  As such, Steelworks is a true killing machine...or is it...

On a side note, it seems that a robotic freedom fighter calling itself "Carbon Knight" that fights with the 'Liberators' seemed to have received a majority of Carbonite's AI but was placed in what was a severely damaged, yet now fully repaired construction bot at found at Carbonite's original battle site.  As such, this new 'Carbon Knight' seems to be fighting to 'protect the people of the isles', which in Carbon Knight's case, is the citizens of Saint Helena and the neighboring islands and NOT Oceania. The two have yet to meet... 




Power Origin: Technology

Robotic Design

  • Composite Steel Frame and Armoring

    • Incredible psionic resistance versus Steelwork's AI network (Carbon Knight's integrated AI prevents an otherwise unearthly psionic resistance)

    • Unearthly versus radiation attacks

    • Amazing protection and endurance versus Physical, energy, toxic, acidic and temperate attacks

    • Provides 22 out of 24 hours of operation (2 hour recharge with standard conventional electrical grid)

  • Super Strength

    • Incredible strength, able to life over 30 tons without effort

    • With the battle sword, capable of amazing levels of edged damage

  • Jet Boots/Rocket Pack

    • Capable of flight up to 600 mph with jet boots, Mach 1.5 with Rocket Pack

    • Max range of 500 miles with either jet or rocket propulsion (unladen) ( -25 miles to range for each additional 400 lbs.)

    • Maximum altitude 60,000 feet

  • Satellite/Cellular Communications & Networking

    • Capable of unlimited range encrypted telecommunications and satellite feeds up to a max  of 1Pbyte/sec data transfer rate.

    • Capable of world wide access to nearly all (other than highly encrypted) computer networks

    • Can visually display video and screen feeds 3 feet in front of its body for others to readily and easily see/view

  • Full Light Spectrum Viewing

    • Can see into UV, IR, visual light, and X-Ray frequencies

    • Eyes can become 1 million lumen search lights (excellent light level)

  • Logical Computer Processing

    • Can reason at incredible levels

    • Can deduce and operate intuitively only at good levels

  • Tactical Fighting 

    • Remarkable fighting ability using programmed fighting techniques, styles and tactics



  • Battle Sword

    • Unearthly material strength

    • Laser-sharpened cutting edge

    • weight 500 lbs.



  • Robotics (Master)

  • Technological Manufacturing (Master)

  • Robotics design (Master)

  • Giant Sword Melee (Master)

  • Electricity (Professional)

  • Electronics (Professional)

  • Search Techniques (Professional)

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