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Sadeness (Part II)Enigma (featuring Anggun)
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Krista Kroft




mid 20s









Masters of Maleficence



Donald "Major Deej" Finger

25 May 2014



Karl Kroft (brother, deceased)

Tomin Wilinski (fiancee', deceased)



A Slovakian teenage girl mutant whose powers came to full power upon the death of her beloved younger brother, Karl, in a senseless freak accident (piece of metal that got kicked out from under the tires of a passing car pierced her brother's heart) as he lay dying in her arms. Overwrought in sorrow and despair, her powers projected the same sorrow and despair to everyone within 50 feet of her.  From that day forward, her despair and sorrow grew to such levels that people around her would rather think of suicide rather than live, including her parents and relatives as well as her only true love, her boyfriend Tomin Wilinski.

By the time of her brother's funeral, Slovakian authorities figured out Krista's powers and locked her up in a sequestered wing of a mental hospital in upper state deep in the middle of nowhere.  There, she was sedated and kept away from the others in the hospital. ,When they did wish to talk with her, they had to do so through a computer and microphone/speaker.  They'd diminish her meds that day, leaving a tray accessible through a slot in the door of her cell. Once they conversed, they'd inform her to take her meds and she'd once again be sedated...that is, until a few years ago.

A new doctor took Krista off the sedatives and started conversing (through the computer) about her well-being. After her requests for movie CDs, books and new clothes, she'd actually started coming out of her morose sorrow and despair.  Eventually, orderlies were allowed to attend to her.  One such orderly liked the Goth lifestyle and educated Krista about it.  Soon, she was asking for Goth music, clothes, movies etc., all of which she truly enjoyed.  She started liking the orderly and started fantasizing about kissing him and being with him.  He was friendly, and soon the two had a secret affair going on, resulting in sex. No one else knew.  Krista was the happiest she'd ever been and actually put on a colorful rainbow shirt showing off a new, positive side to her mentality.  The new doctor saw her shift in attitude and, after a few months, stated the he thought she was stable enough to start introducing her into the hospital's population.


Biggest mistake ever. 

After the first two weeks of only limited 15-30 minute sessions in the common area of the mental ward, Krista realized she hadn't seen her orderly boyfriend around. At one point, Krista was being escorted from the common area to her new room when the escort and Krista came around the corner to see Krista's orderly boyfriend having sex with a fellow mental hospital inmate.  The escort attempted to calmly remove Krista from the scene, but the orderly boyfriend instead yelled as Krista saying she was only a 'piece of meat' to him.


As a result, Krista lost control of her powers.


Her powers, now more powerful than ever, projected sadness, anger and disgust outward to the entire hospital grounds. As a result, staff and inmates began either killing themselves, killing each other or destroyed their minds with dark despair and sorrow, leaving them drooling vegetables as a result.  Her escort, with the last bit of wit left in him, shot her in the head, lodging a bullet in her brain and stopping the resulting madness from her powers.


She was medically transported to a local hospital where she received surgery, but sadly, couldn't remove the bullet due to it's location in her brain.  Days later, she awoke in her old cell at the mental hospital, under heavy sedation.  She tried to use her powers, but it hurt every time she tried to use them.  Eventually, her doctor (who'd been stabbed during Krista's power surge), explained that the bullet, although in a dangerous location in her brain, was also short-circuiting her power, diminishing her powers and making it painful for her to use said powers.  The doctor stated that she would be in the cell for the rest of her life.


One night, a strange man teleported into her cell.  His name was Mad Halloween Jack, leader of the evil Masters of Maleficence.  He told Krista he wanted to free her from her cell, but also wanted her to work for the Masters of Maleficnece so that they could 'rule them all' as a result. He stated that her powers were a gift, not a curse, and that he and his fellow teammeates all agreed to have her join long as she promises new to hurt them.  She told him about her diminished powers, which he stated he already knew about and that 'it wasn't a concern' at that time. With that Krysta agreed and Mad Halloween Jack and Krysta left through a portal.

After meeting the rest of the team, Mad Halloween Jack was able to give her a pain neutralizer that would diminish the pain she felt when she used her powers. It still hurt and still kept her powers diminished and shortened in length, but she didn't feel as nauseous as she was before. She requires this once a day, otherwise the pain comes back.

After discussions about their role and the group's plan to take over the world, she asked that she'd do anything they wanted if they'd simple bring her boyfriend orderly to her so she could talk with him one more time.

The next day, her boyfriend orderly was kidnapped and taken to Krysta at the grand ballroom in a secret underground location called 'The Crypt', deep enough that her powers didn't affect anyone above ground.  There, Krysta demanded that the orderly boyfriend apologize for what he'd said and stay with her and love her like a true man for the rest of their natural lives.  He spat in her face, called her a freak and swore that she, of the hundreds of 'screwed-up girls and women' at the hospital, was the worst 'lay' he'd ever had and that she should be ashamed of herself for being other than 'goth to the max'.  She kissed him one final time and then used her powers to make him so suicidal that he stabbed himself with his own pen over 100 times under he died.

After that, she worked with the Masters on several important missions now using the code-name Sadness. Mad Halloween Jack was able to devise a spell that prevented their fellow teammates from succumbing to her powers, however, the spell had to be redone on each one of them once a month or her powers would affect them. The only one of the group that wasn't infected by her powers was Briarfire. To this day, no one knows why.


On one of the team's missions, Sadness had her first encounter with a superhero called Captain Albany.  When Sadness used her powers on him, it was a true battle, leaving her with several broken bones and him eventually stabbing himself to death with a shard of steel. Interestingly enough, this made Sadness feel more alive than ever.  She enjoyed the pain and suffering, relishing her morose recovery.  It was then that she decided the only ones worthy of her powers were superheroes and that she intended to fight them to 'feel more' than ever.

After several superhero battles, Sadness learned to taunt the heroes using any slight she could muster to get them mad at her, even threatening the heroes that she'd go to the middle of cities and let people kill themselves. In their attempts to stop her, some heroes failed, some succeeded by entrapping her and carting her off to a remote location.  Regardless, Mad Halloween Jack always got her out. Now, however, she relished the pain, the sorrow and the suffering; she'd became the embodiment of actual sadness.

Today, Sadness resides in a far underground corner room of "The Crypt" with provisions provided by the creature Briarfire.

Sadness' goal is simply: inflict maximum pain to experience and relish the pain inflicted on her.  She is a true sadist and emotionally out of control. She longs for a 'true man' to stay and live with her forever, such that she's abducted several young men to be hers, all of which instead eventually chose death instead of a life with her...much to her...sadness.



Power Origin: Mutant


Emotion Projection

Sadness has the remarkable (previously amazing) power to project an associated emotion to any and all within a (now) 300 yard range (previously 1 mile).

Each person/being in range must try to overcome the effects against their psyche until they are out of range or are instead overcome by whatever emotion she is projecting.

Currently, Sadness only projects sadness, despair and sorrow. She has, on a rare occasion projected anger and envy. 

Psychic Protection
She has a incredible mental resistance.

Any who try to mentally control her or shutdown her brain must first overcome each emotion she's mastered to project, which currently are 1) sadness, 2) despair and 3) sorrow. Failure to overcome even one of those emotions will cause the emotion(s) failed to engulf the psychic for up to a minute's time before the psychic can attempt to escape the emotional projection and try again to stop Sadness mentally.


  • Cape and Hood

    • Provides her with poor physical, temperate, radiation and electrical protection.

    • Provides feeble energy and magical protection.

  • Emergency Transmitter

    • When activated, sends out a signal that can be detected from any communications tower or satellite

    • Power for the transmitter allows for 5 days of signalling before the battery goes dead.


  • Goth lifestyle (Proficient)

  • Mental Hospital operations/staff (Proficient)

  • Cemetery Caretaker (Proficient)

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