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John Doe/Brian?













Masters of Maleficence



Don "Major Deej" Finger

13 Sep 2009







A "John Doe" from Albany, New York's Memorial Hospital burn unit, has since become the horrific creature known as 'Briarfire".

In 2012, The Albany District Hospital admitted a man found under a highway overpass with 3rd degree burns across 70% of his body.  What partially charred few clothes left identified the twenty-something year old man as a member from the local 'Fire Angels' motorcycle gang.  Even though the doctors did everything they could, they didn’t expect him to live. The man was left in a recovery ward, where they pumped him full of morphine to make his last few hours on Earth as painless as possible.  When the nurse went in to check on him, she found the fifth story window open and the burn victim gone.

Forward to 2013.

In a string of robberies and arson at museums and churches up and down the US east coast, a variety of religious artifacts were discovered to have been stolen prior to the fires.  No one was able to find any accelerant that would have fueled the fires. Instead the investigators found only burnt footsteps in the tiles or flooring leading up to stolen item locations. One witness in Virginia stated they saw a being - the “devil himself”, fly from one of the churches as it went up in flames. 

That being was Briarfire.

Back in 2012, the day “John Doe” was reported in the newspaper as being admitted to the Albany hospital, a handful of mages from the villainous arcane magic group known as Arkaenus, entered the victim’s hospital room through his fifth floor window and took him to one of their nearby secretive underground temples.  There, they turned "John Doe" into a winged creature with sharp spines across his charred, fiery body. The mages had done this same action in the past remaking bums and destitute people into mystically created creatures they can control.  During the transformation, however, “John Doe” broke loose from its bonds just as the ‘controlling’ spell was about to be cast.  It killed several of the Arkaenus mages before it escaped and fly off into the night.

For the next few weeks in 2012, people from all around Albany and upper state New York reported dozens of deaths of “Fire Angel” biker gang members, all from fire, dagger-like or a combination thereof type wounds.  A couple of the victims, prior to their death, said they were attacked by ‘the devil’ itself. 

Back in 2013, the creature was tracked down and contacted by another evil organization – the Dark Overlords.  Although three old Dark Overlords mages were able to subdue the creature, two of them lost their lives in fighting it.  The last mage attempted to reason with the creature, asking what it truly wanted.  In a deep, throaty voice, the creature said ‘revenge’.  After some discussion, the mage was able to convince the creature to accompany him to their location to talk with the 'overlord' leader of the Dark Overlords, Lord Stygian.  It reluctantly agreed to do what Lord Stygian wanted it to do so long as it was allowed to eventually exact its revenge.

At the Dark Overlord’s secret location in "The Crypt" (their base of operations), the mage introduced the creature to Lord Stygian, a powerful demonic being trapped in the “Dimension of Exile”, looking to be free upon Earth and make the world a living Hell of his own design.  It asked the creature if it wanted revenge against humanity or whether it had other motivations.  The creature said “all humanity”.  Lord Stygian then offered the creature a chance to be an overlord if it passed his trials.  Days later, the creature, now called “Briarfire”, completed its trials and was promised that if it helped Lord Stygian get the relics needed to open the portal between Earth and his “Dimension of Exile” that it would personally aid him in subjugating humanity and making it pay.

Long story short, the band of new Dark Overlord's that formed their 'avante guard' (for which Briarfire was part of) betrayed Lord Stygian in an attempt to kill Stygian and steal his powers. As such,Stygian's  dimensional portal imploded, leaving Stygian possibly dead and the magical energies released lost to the betrayers. Briarfire, during this whole event, was on guard duty in the cemetery and had no idea what had transpired until after the implosion occurred. It was angry with the betrayers, but knew there was little it could do other than leave, but the new leader, Mad Halloween Jack, again, offered to help Briarfire with his revenge.  As such, these 'avante guard' members decided to drop the "Dark Overlords" name and instead create their own malicious and sinister organization based on world domination - The Masters of Maleficence.


Today, Briarfire reluctantly follows his fellow teammates, but has instead started taking out its revenge on Arkaenus and 'others'; a revenge that according to local police detectives, from recently released rape and murder files of an undercover FBI agent's family that occurred while said agent was working undercover in the Fire Angels motorcycle gang. 


Could this be our Briarfire?


Well don't ask the FBI...the file is now reclassified as TOP SECRET and no one wants to talk about this investigation...but if you spoke with the agents assigned to the case, you could see in their eyes that they are if Hell were chasing them...



  • Innate Abilities

    • Incredible strength and amazing endurance

  • Arcane Fire

    • Briarfire can shoot remarkable magical flames from its body with incredible speed

    • Range 400 yards

    • Can encompass itself with a sheath of fire, providing remarkable physical, energy, magical, temperate and radiation protection.

  • Body Thorns/Projectiles

    • Body has dozens of briar-like spikes all over it, however, when engaged, it can grow hundreds more vine-like briarsacross its skin surface

    • Briar thorns are amazing material strength

    • Briarfire can project the briars from its arms/hands up to 50 mph of speed infusing good damage along with feeble poison over a minute's period of time.

    • range is 200 yards

  • Flight

    • Can fly up to 80 mph for over 300 miles before tiring

  • Mental Protection

    • Requires incredible psychic powers to even attempt to breach the surface of Briarfire's mind

    • Amazing mental acuity and single-mindedness.

  • Environmental Awareness

    • Has a remarkable ability to 'feel' all environmental conditions withing a 1/2 mile radius.

    • Can 'feel' presence of other living things within a 1/2 mile

  • Danger Sense

    • Has a danger sense that automatically sets its initiative to first actions/reactions (think spider sense, but not as strong).



  • Rune of Dislocation

    • Prevents others to magically track or detect Braiarfire's location.



  • Tracking/Hunting (Professional)

  • Language: English (barely understands it , but has trouble talking it) (Proficient)

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