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Sierra Watson

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Sierra Watson




late 20s









Max Brown, NYPD Major,  ret. (grandfather)

Meredith Brown, RN, ret.  (grandmother)

Sonya Watson AKA Lady Light (mother)

Benjamin Watson, Secret Agent (father)

Special Agent Watson




Don "Major Deej" Finger

16 May 2015



Sierra was raised in a family of heroes; her grandfather, a highly decorated San Diego policeman, her grandmother a head nurse who routinely volunteered for the"Doctors Without Borders" program, her father a Secret Service Agent and her mother - a superhero!  As she was growing up, she heard all the incredible stories and adventures her parents and grandparents told; the death-defying saving of lives, the seconds-left disarming of a bomb on an airliner, the recovery efforts for the people of the Philippines after being ravaged by a hurricane...all of these incredible stories that Sierra herself wanted to experience.

In middle school, Sierra's powers developed.  Her mother had the power of light projection that could also be turned into lasers, which she could shoot from her hands or eyes; Sierra, instead, only received the power to see in a large cross-section of the electromagnetic spectrum.  When she concentrated, she could shift her vision to see in into spectrums that included infrared, ultraviolet, visible and x-ray.  As such, she was able to see things no one else was able to.  Out into her high school years, she learned to hone her powers, of which she'd told her parents and grandparents about (all of which were happy and supportive about).


When Sierra ran for the track and field team, she became a state-level competitor...for which, each year, she'd have to 'pull out' of the state finals due to 'sickness or injury' at her parents' request to ensure she hid her unique physical endurance and her powers. Sierra was also a straight 'A' student.  Her teachers time and again mentioned her ability of deduction was no less than that of a police detective.  Upon high college graduation, Sierra applied to the FBI Academy out of college and graduated the first in her class.

After graduating from the FBI Academy (following in her father's footsteps), Sierra was assigned to an FBI Investigations team to get her experience. For the next two years, Sierra proved her worth, becoming one of the best investigators in the department.  Upon completion of her experience time, every FBI field office requested her. That's of course when the bottom fell out from under her.


A day after Sierra's supervisor had received nearly 100 transfer requests asking for Sierra to be on their field team, the World Super-Powered Registration Act (WSRA) went into effect. All federal employees, including the FBI, has to submit themselves to blood and DNA tests and automatic registration should one prove be 'other than human'. Sierra, relating the FBI creed citing 'INTEGRITY', went to her supervisor's office and told him she had powers. Being a spineless micro-manager of a man, her supervisor went into a rage about it, screaming and yelling, telling her that she most likely just caused him to either lose his job or be passed over for promotion due to the 'stain' she had now become on his record.  He swore that if she didn't come up with a solution in 24-hours, he was personally going to tell his supervisors to jail Sierra for 'lack of providing her super-powers information' up front on her application form; a sentence that could put her in jail for at least 2 years in a federal penitentiary.


Sierra's mentor during this time was a man of action in the FBI who had 15 years of excellent service and experience in dealing with everything from terrorists to super-villain battles. As an agent-in-training, Sierra was teamed with this man - Special Agent Carl Starlin. As a result, Sierra knew she had to see him and hope he could help her out.  As she stepped foot out the door to ask for his help, she opened to door to see Special Agent Caril Starlin already standing in front of her door..

Special Agent Starlin told Sierra that he too had a power; a mutant "sixth" sense about things were going to happen (limited precognition) and that no one knew about it in the FBI, at least, until a time 'soon to come'.  Sierra told Carl about her powers and what their supervisor said.  Carl smiled and stated, "none of that will matter in the next few minutes". He told Sierra they needed to talk to the supervisor in the next 15 minutes to ensure that their 'future' would finally pan out for them the way it should..  Puzzled, she went to the car with Carl and both went to their supervisor's office. Once there, Starlin barged into the office, gun drawn, telling Sierra to duck.


Their supervisor was being held by an FBI agent who was a shape-shifter and was about to kill the supervisor and take his place, but thanks to Starlin's and Sierra's timely, if not uncanny timing, Starlin was able to shoot and kill the shape-shifting agent, however, Starlin sadly took two bullets to the chest.  As Starlin laid there slowly dying, Sierra told the other agents in the building to set up a perimeter, call special tactics and call for an ambulance, leaving the four of them in the supervisor's office alone.  The shape-shifter was dead and reverted to a sad-sack looking individual that looked more like a drug dealer than an agent. The supervisor was fine, other than a cut to the head where he'd been hit by the butt of the shape-shifter's gun; Sierra was completely unhurt. 


As Starlin was dying, he reached up and gabbed the supervisor and pulled him down to him and said, "Sierra just saved your life from an evil mutant.  She has powers and she SAVED your life, got it? As a reward, you're going to promote her to Special Agent and transfer her to work with the Department of Justice's new secret hero team called the Peacekeepers.  The Peacekeepers will be forming up in the next five days through a person known as Judge Law, whom you already know of.  You're going to transfer Sierra and you'll not get blamed and I can finally die a decent death other than by this malignant tumor that's going to kill be in less than 24 hours from now anyway.  Do the right thing; use Integrity honorably instead of malignantly.  Do it. You know its the right...and only...thing to do in this case....".  With that, Starlin died before the paramedics could even show.


The supervisor, not only did what Starlin told him to do, but also honored Starlin with a rare award and medal citing his saving of lives and stopping an omega-level security threat to the nation and the world (which that mutant may have been).   Sierra was promoted in a formal ceremony to Special Agent and was immediately assigned to the Peacekeepers. The supervisor was also cited for 'excelling in his role as a supervisor' and as such was also promoted to a field manager's position.


Today, Sierra uses her powers, investigative skills and FBI training to the fullest extent ever in the Peacekeepers' Investigations Division.  She leads the team and as such, has been able to use the division's personnel, resources and skills to solve hundreds of cases and find/detect super-villains or unregistered people and bring them into justice.




Power Origin: Mutation

  • Electromagnetic Spectrum Vision

    • Has the incredible ability to see into the following spectrums with little to no effort:

      • Infra Red
      • Ultraviolet

      • X-Ray

      • Visible


  • Standard Uniform:

    • poor physical, temperate, toxic, toxin protection

    • Feeble energy, electrical protection

    • typical radiation protection

  • Shades/Sunglasses:

    • typical light/flash protection (polarized)

  • Belt:

    • 9mm pistol x 1

    • Long-Handle Flashlight (remarkable material) x 1

    • handcuffs x 2

    • magazines of ammunition x 2

    • first aid kit x 1

    • pouches for detective and investigator paraphernalia  x 4

  • Proprietary Peacekeepers Smartphone and Scanner​:

    • range 100 miles


  • Detective (Professional)

  • Ballistics (Professional)

  • Biology (Proficient)

  • Environmental Science (Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Hand-to_hand combat (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Boxing (professional)

  • Martial Arts: Intuition (proficient)

  • Acrobatics (proficient)

  • Environmental Awareness (proficient)

  • Handgun/Rifle Weapons (proficient)

  • Knife-throwing (proficient)

  • First Aid/Triage (proficient)

  • Law Enforcement (professional)

  • Government operations (proficient)

  • Computers (professional)

  • Criminology (Professional)

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