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Xia Xiang




Early 30s










Xian Xiang AKA Ryoko (twin brother)


Champions of China



Don "Major Deej" Finger

6 Nov 2018




Xia Xiang is a master of dual Chinese Jian swords and a (failed) Olympic gymnast (that went under a different name).


After the Olympics closing ceremony, Xia's gymnastic team was sent home in disgrace. With no future in the Olympics and only one way out of being sent to live and work in the darkest, deepest and most unsafe uranium mines in all of China, a government 'request' was issued for Xia to be sent to Beijing. Once there, she learned her twin brother, Xian, saved her by telling the government about their mutant abilities. As such, their trainer and handlers basically told Xia that if she worked hard, she would be allowed to be part of their secretive team of superheroes...but only if she became the best at whatever it was they wanted her to be. Knowing any effort less than perfect would mean a death sentence to both her and her brother, she agreed to their terms.


Xia worked harder than she ever had before. She worked harder than when she trained for the Olympics. She was tested with various forms of weapons, martial arts and physical tests to see what she was the best at. Surprisingly, Xia was told she was exceptionally gifted in dual swordsmanship. As such, for the next few years, she trained for over 16 hours a day relentlessly, honing her athletic abilities, her acrobatics skills, her swordsmanship and, of course, tested to see her dedication to the party and China. She was smart enough to know any chink in her armor would be exploited and used to send her and her brother out of the program, and as such, quickly became the best female warrior seen in decades.


Upon Xia's graduation day, she was awarded, by the Chinese Premiere himself, with one of the most prized (and dangerous) weapons in Chinese history: the Autumn Jian Golden Jian Twin Swords.  Forged from Gold Dragon scales folded hundreds of times, the swords were legendary, magical...and unbreakable. She was awarded the swords and requested to take a vow of lifetime service to China and the party.  She was extremely honored to have been awarded the swords and as such, a majority of her anger and fear melted from her being. She instead began to believe that she and her brother were instead 'destined for greatness' as only a Chinese legendary hero would be.  As part of her ceremony, she was renamed "Ryoto".


Today, Ryoto and her twin brother, Xian AKA Ryoko, an archer and fellow Champions of China teammate, work together in the name of the people of China to protect said people and the Chinese nations from the world's evils and to protect the innocent.  She is a very reserved hero. She is definitely a tool of the Chinese State. Ryoto is highly dedicated to her twin brother, but keeps her emotions in check to ensure that he doesn't compromise a mission with sibling-based emotional ties (even though you'll see her brow furrow when she is upset/emotional about him). 

Ryoto is a very focused person in combat even out of combat (introvert). She loves watching fish (Koi) swimming in ponds, tanks and pools when she wants to be alone, otherwise she'll train for hours on end. Thusfar, she doesn't seem to have any relationships or hook-ups, making a veiled comment that her brother 'doesn't need to see what she sees and does in the bedroom'.




Power Origin: Mutant

  • Sibling Symbiotic Sensory Exchange

    • Has the remarkable ability, along with her brother (AKA Ryoko), to see and sense through each other's own senses when within 300 yards of one another.

    • Can see, hear, smell and 'feel' (nerves, cold, heat, etc.) what each other is experiencing in immediate time.

    • As such, both can use each other's senses to be directly applied to their physical skills (example: Ryoko sees a target through Ryoto's eyes that he can't see himself; he can shoot, fully aware of Ryoto's target's location in reference to where Ryoko himself is)

  • Sibling Tracking

    • Can 'feel' the direction/location of brother (and vice-versa for the brother to his sister) up to 1 mile away.



  • Champions of China Uniform

    • Provides poor physical protection

    • Provides typical energy, temperate and radiation protection​

  • Autumn Golden Jian Swords (2)

    • Unbreakable material (supposedly made from multiple Gold Dragon scales folded onto each other)

    • Legendary and priceless

    • Made around 500 BC

  • Visor/'Shades'

    • Provides normal and night vision​

    • Provides excellent flash protection

    • Polarized for diffusing sunlight

    • Designed to see a visual glow from any tracker arrow/arrowhead when in visual range

  • Belt

    • Survival Pack​ (1)

      • 2 days rations​

      • wire saw (remarkable mat'l)

      • mirror

      • matches (20)

      • thermal blanket (poor thermal protection)

    • Emergency Beacon (1)

      • 25 mile range

      • 3 day battery once activated

      • Chinese military frequency

    • Trackers & Tracking Unit​

      • 6 trackers (10 mile range; 2 hour battery life once activated)​

      • 1 Tracker Unit (15 mile range; 3 hour battery life)

    • Smoke Grenades (2)​

      • Black smoke grenades lowers visibility by 2 levels​

      • Lasts 30 seconds each

    • Earplugs (2)​

      • Provides excellent hearing protection against sonic arrow attacks​

    • Ryoto 'Champion Coin' souvenirs (50)

      • Hands out to kids and fans (mostly at bequest of the government)​

  • Knives (2)​

    • Non-ferrous, non-metallic composite material amazing material strength, lightweight fighting knives​

    • Hidden in boots



  • Swordsmanship (Professional)

  • Archery (Proficient)

  • Olympics (Professional)

  • China History & Lore (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Acrobatics/Tumbling (Professional)

  • Gymnastics (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • Chinese (Master)

    • English (Proficient)

    • Japanese (Proficient)

    • Mongolian (Proficient)

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